WWE RAW Results – November 15, 2004

Ryan Clark

RAW Results – 11/15/04

Indianapolis, Indiana

Report By: PowerWrestling.com

Tag Titles: 3 Team Elimination

Referee: Jack Doan

La Resistance (c) vs. Eugene/Regal vs. Rhyno and Tajiri

The start:

Rhyno starts off against Rob Conmway and Rhyno gets things started early with a hip toss and shoulder block taking down Conway hard. Rhyno pounds on him in the corner until Conway gets a right hand in to gain a little control. Conway fires away in the corner on Rhyno but Rhyno fires back and whips Conway off the buckle to give him a back body drop. Tajiri is tagged in and he baseball kicks Conway in the face. Eugene is then tagged by Conway. Tajiri shakes Eugene’s hand but reverses into a waist lock, Eugene reverses into a snapmare, the two then go on to put on a SHOW with about 30 pin combinations. Amazing stuff. Both men get an ovation from the crowd after it’s all said and done, all two counts. Eugene gains control with a side headlock but he is taken down by Tajiri who places him in a Mexican surfboard as Raw goes to a commercial break.

Mid match notes:

When we come back we see Eugene riding Tajiri like a pony around the ring. Eugene goes to shake his hand but Tajiri kicks him in the thigh a few times. Rob Conway tags himself in and Tajiri kicks the crap out of him until La Resistance use a cheap shot to gain control. Grenier is tagged in and he nails Tajiri with a few vertical suplexes before taking it to him on the mat. Tajirir gets a boot to his face and rhyno tags himself into to maul the hell out of Grenier with explosive clotheslines followed by a belly to belly suplex. Rhyno sets up for the gore but misses and hits the turnbuckle. Grenier covers him and Conway holds his foot outside the ring! Rhyno gets pinned and he and Tajiri are eliminated.

Regal hops in and gets on the attack with a northern lights suplex for a two count. Eugene finds his way back in and Grenier gains control slamming Eugene’s head off the corner turnbuckle several times. Eugene pumps up and does the Hogan point thing but Conway grabs his fott and pulls him out of the ring. Regal is arguing with the ref while La Resistance give eugene a double clothesline outside the ring. Conway is tagged in and he takes control of Eugene holding him back from tagging Regal until Eugene hits a Rock Bottom! Grenier is tagged and Eugene is barely able to get a tag to Regal! Regal comes in and goes buck wild on both La Resistance members with elbows and uppercuts. One of them gets him in a chokehold while the other gets the flag but Regal moves and Conway crushes Grenier with the flag! Regal tosses Conway out of the ring and hits the big knee on Grenier.

The Finish:

Regal can make the tag but he does not. He tags in Eugene instead! Eugene comes in the ring as Regal knocks Conway back down. Eugene gives Grenier the people’s elbow and we have new tag team champions!

Winners and NEW Tag team champions: William Regal and Eugene

Eugene and Regal Celebrate:

William Regal is in the back talking to that new hot diva Maria. He’s all excited and she asks where Eugene is and he says he had to put Eugene in the locker room because he is over excited. Eugene then comes up behind all them and pours chocolate milk all over both of them screaming and yelling. The chick looks awesome with chocolate milk all over her. Eugene tells Regal they have to go celebrate because they are like the British Bulldogs and Legion of Doom Now “What a ruuuuuuushhhhhhh!” Eugene runs away and Regal checks out the breasts of that interview chick. He says luckily he always comes prepared and he whips out a hankerchief and wipes her chest with it! Eugene comes back and stares at the beautiful things but Regal goes “Eugene no, you’ll go blind!” Eugene covers his eyes and Regal says he would not miss losing an eye!

HHH gives Maven a choice:

Maven goes to his office, seeing some chick along the way and inviting her there later for a visit. He says it’s good to be the GM. He goes in his office to find HHH. The two talk and HHH offers Maven a spot on Evolution. At first Maven says he is keeping his title shot tonight. HHH reminds him of Snitsky last night and how he got attacked. Where were his friends then? HHH says MAven could take the long shot and go for the title injured or he can join Evolution, which is a sure thing. HHH says he always tells the truth and that is why people around here hate him because some of them cannot handle the truth.. HHH makes the offer VERY clear. He tells Maven that he can give him everything he ever wanted. He also tells him that his friends will turn on him if he happens to win the world title. Could he be right? What will Maven do later tonight?

Referee: Jim Korderas

Lita vs. Molly Holly

The match:

Lita and Molly lock up and Lita gets shots in early on Molly following up with a suplex. Lita whips Molly to the corner. Molly foes for a dropkick but misses, Lita stomps away on her stomach a bit before going to a roll up for two. Lita clotheslines Molly in the corner and whips her to the other, but she misses a splash hitting the turnbuckle head first. This allows Molly to hit her cartwheel splash followed by a suplex and a rear chin lock choke. Lita fights back with right hands but Molly takes her down with a kick to the gut. Lita comes off the ropes with a headscissor and clothesline followed by a monkey flip and side russian leg sweep for two. Molly fights back with a kick to the gut. Molly takes a swing at Lita but Lita ducks and gets her in a headlock into a fall down choke! Molly taps out instantly!

Winner: Lita

Trish comes out:

Trish comes out to the ring with a nose piece on. She asks Lita if she’s happy because it is her fault she has to wear this THING on her face, her beautiful face. She tells Lita that she is going to pay, right NOW. Molly attacks Lita from behind as Trish hits the ring. Lita DDT’s Molly though and then shoves Trish right in the nose with an open palm sending her flat on her ass on the canvas. Funny as Trish’s pants were a little too low and her “crack” made an appearance! Lita leaves the ring laughing as Trish screams and cries in the ring!

Coach is in the ring and he calls out J.R as the match by Maven was made earlier tonight. Coach seems confident. JR takes of his glasses and tie and he heads to the ring. The two are about to lock up but Maven comes on the Titan Tron and says there has been a little mistake. He says he is going to face another J.R, but the J is silent, but there is an R…. an RKO!

Randy Orton vs. Johnathan Coachman

The match:

Coach tries to run out of the ring but J.R trips him! Coach barely makes it out of the ring and he jumps over the railing where he finds from Randy Orton. He looks up slowly and sees Orton is still there. He tries to book but Orton pulls him out of the crowd and tosses him over the railing. He brings Coach in the ring where he punches him in the guy and then picks him up and drops him groin first on the ropes! He then shakes the ropes to the delight of the crowd. Randy Orton then grabs Coach by the face and he acts like he is going to give him a huge punch but instead he pokes him right in the eye! This is followed by a european uppercut and RKO for the 3 count and victory!

Winner: Randy Orton

Return of the E&C

Edge and Christian are in the back and they are not too happy about teaming up with each other. They both say they are a leader and winner. Christian reminds Edge that he actually pinned HBK. Christian leaves and Edge says he is going to give the people a five second pose. He holds his five fingers up and counts down from five leaving his middle finger at the camera.

Orton tries to talk Maven out of it…

Orton comes to the back where he finds Maven. He thanks him for the match against Coach, he mocks Coach a bit and then asks Maven if he is ready for his shot of a lifetime tonight. Maven looks around oddly and Orton asks him if he really is thinking of joining Evolution. Maven says he doesn’t know. Orton tells him not to make the same mistake he did. Maven then asks Orton how long he held the IC title when he was in Evolution. The two argue a bit. Maven says tonight he has a big choice to make but he also questions Orton’s motivations. Orton asks what he means. Maven explains that while HHH is the champion, Orton has no shot, but say someone like ME (MAven) wins it, Randy is back in the hunt. He asks Randy is he is looking out for Maven, or himself. Maven walks off.

Referee: Mike Chioda

Edge and Christian vs. Benoit and Benjamin

The start:

Christian attacks Benoit from behind to start the match but Benoit gets a knee to his gut. Benoit takes Christian in the corner where he chops the crap out of him. Benoit then whips Christian right off the corner and he beckons Edge to get in the ring. Benoit tags Benjamin who sends Christian flying with a flap jack for a two count. Christian gets a shot to the eye in and he tags Edge who throws rights all over Benjamin. VErtical suplex by Edge for two. Edge clubs the neck on Benjamin and sends him in the corner where the two go back and forth with rights. Benjamin fights out of the corner but catches a boot to the face and a clothesline from Edge who tags Christian.

Christian works on Benjamin in the corner choking him a bit. Christian tries to give Benjamin a monkey flip but Benjamin lands on his feet and gives Christian a powerslam. Benjamin covers but Edge and Christian double team him to hold him off. Edge comes in and Shelton hits a face buster on him before tagging Benoit. Edge slides out of the ring not wanting anything to do with Benoit. Christian tells him to get the hell back in the ring. The two shove outside the ring until Benoit and Benjamin give them a double baseball slide kick to send them to the mat!

Mid match notes:

When we come back Edge has Shelton Benjamin in an arm bar leghold submission. We see that during the break Christian low balled Shelton sending him to the outside where Tyson Tomko got a few shots in. Shelton gets out of his hold but Edge knocks him down hard. Benoit makes the save on a pin but Benjamin is still in trouble as E&C give him a nice double team slam in the middle of the ring. Christian is tagged back in in the process and he places Benjamin in a natural arm bar as Benjamin cries in pain. Benjamin fights back but he gets kicked in the gut by Christian who follows up with a single arm DDT. Edge is tagged in and he and Christian go for an old school elevation strike but Benjamin moves and Christian goes flying into the turnbuckle hard. Benjamin then throws a kick at Edge who catches it and does his spinning wheel kick.

Benoit is tagged in and he goes BUCK wild on Christian with a few back suplexes. Christian tries to take him down and does for a bit but Benoit counters, throws Christian into Edge and then gives Christian 3 german suplexes! Tyson Tomko gets on the apron and he punches Benoit and holds him for Edge. Edge runs to spear Benoit but Benoit moves and Edge spears Tomko! This allows Benoit to give Edge the 3 German suplexes as well!

The Finish:

Christian attacks Benoit in the corner as Benoit was about to go up top to hit Edge with the headbutt. Out of nowhere Shelton comes however and crushes Christian with the splash followed by a T-Bone! Benoit goes to the top and hits his headbutt on Christian followed by the crossface! Christian has no help from Edge so he is forced to tap out!

Winners: Chris Benoit and Shelton Benjamin

The aftermath:

Benoit and Shelton leave together as Edge snaps and kicks christian in the gut. He then beats his ass and throws him into the ringpost shoulder first. He then starts screaming about how everything is EVERYONE’S FAULT! IT’S ALL EVERYONE’S FAULT!

Flair gives Maven some incentives:

Flair hits the room of the GM for tonight and tells him to make the right choice tonight. He then calls in some ladies and they get all over Maven, who seems to be swaying towards Evolution.

Referee: Jack Doan

Lingerie Pillow Fight

Christi Hemmi vs. Stacy Kiebler

The match:

The chicks are hot. They use pillows. Christy pins Stacy after they brawl on a bed. This match ruled.

Winner: Christy Hemmi

Batista thinks?

Batista comes into HHH’s locker room where he tells him that he has a serious question because he has been doing some thinking. HHH says he knew something was wrong, he knew he smelled smoke, he tells Batista to stop thinking. He then says he is kidding. Batista asks HHH why he just does not go out there and kill Maven. HHH explains that all the guys in the locker room will come out there to make sure Maven wins. Batista says he just doesn’t get it. HHH again tells him to stop thinking and then tells him he’s joking. HHH gives him a pat and then goes off. Batista looks odd after HHH leaves. What is he thinking?

Simon System:

Simon is on again and he has some fat guy in the ring with him. He mocks this fat guy and says he is disgusting just like all the guys in the back who are fat. Rosey comes out! Simon says Rosey is not fat, he is just a big guy. He then takes back his words and says “Who am I kidding, you are FAT, and disgusting just like all these people here!” He asks Rosey if he wants to try a power bar, Rosey grabs in and shoves it down Simon’s throat! He then shoves Simon in the corner and goes to splash Simon but Simon pulls the other guy in the way and Rosey splashes him. Rosey then gets clocked with a supplement bottle from Simon and then gets powder thrown in his face. Simon books!

Benoit and Jericho tell Maven to do the right thing:

Benoit and Jericho head to Maven’s office where they tell him to do the right thing. Jericho says not to believe HHH because he is a liar. Benoit gets in MAven’s face and says it took him 16 years to win the title, blood, sweat, and broken bones. The sacrafices he and his family made JUST for that world title. He says it isn’t about the cars and women, it’s about the desire and the title. He tells Maven to do the right thing and leaves.

WWE World Heavyweight Title

Referee: Chad Patton

Maven vs. HHH (c)

The start:

HHH gets on the mic and tells Maven it is time to make his decision. He says Maven is out here in his gear and that is all fine and dandy. He says if Maven wants to have a match then that is fine but after it is all said and done Maven can go back to jerking the curtain. He says he is either with Evolution or against them. Maven says he is only down with one thing and that is being the world heavyweight champion. Batista and Flair go into the ring and this brings Jericho and Benoit out!

The two men lock up and HHH takes Maven down with a shoulder charge. Maven then leapfrogs HHH and hits a hip toss followed by a drop kick to HHH sending him to the outside. Jericho and Benoit toss him back in the ring! HHH takes Maven down but MAven fights back with right hands. MAven climbs the top rope but Batista knocks him off. Patton sees it and throws Batista out! Flair comes in the ring and shoves MAven and he is ejected too!

Maven gets some shots in but runs into a high knee from HHH followed by a spinebuster! HHH covers Maven but Jericho and Benoit pull HHH’s legs!

Mid match notes:

Jericho distracts the referee while Benoit throws HHH into the steps. Back in the ring HHH gains control but as he goes for a Pedigree on Maven, Benoit distracts the referee and Jericho nails HHH with a bulldog and the lion sault! Maven covers HHH for two! There is more action until HHH finally nails Maven with a pedigree after dropping Maven with an atomic drop. HHH goes to cover Maven but Jericho puts MAven’s foot on the ropes! The referee suspects something and kicks Jericho out! As he is trying to get Jericho to leave Benoit hits the ring and gives HHH a German suplex followed by a headbutt! Maven goes to cover HHH again but Edge comes to the ring and attacks Benoit. He then goes to spear someone and misses taking out the referee!

The finish:

This is where ALL hell breaks loose. EVERYONE hits the ring and a huge brawl ensues. Ric Flair throws the title belt to HHH but Orton hits the ring and knocks HHH out cold with it! The referee gets up and is about to make the count.. 1…2…, Flair pulls the referee out of the ring! Orton pummels Flair but Snitsky hits the ring and clotheslines Orton down to the mat. He then goes in the ring and stares at both Maven and HHH. He then big boots Maven in the jaw allowing HHH to give him the pedigree. The referee is back up and he makes the count for the pin!

Winner and STILL World Champion: HHH

HHH exits the ring and sits on the ramp with his world title as Benoit, Orton, and Jericho stand above Maven letting HHH know that his time is running thin!

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