WWE RAW Results – November 22, 2004

Ryan Clark

The following report was written by Carl Walsh of PowerWrestling.com:

RAW Results – 11/22/04

Buffalo, New York

WWE RAW Opener:

Shelton Benjamin was shown backstage and Trish was shown in a towel, and Shelton asked what she was doing here, and she said she was taking a shower. Shelton said he has a six man tag match tonight, and William and Eugene need him. Trish asked what about her? Shelton said she is the biggest slut on RAW! Vince then walked in with a look of shock and he said it was scandalous. He said the mould of America is disintegrating before his eyes. The racial overtones, you may not know this but Shelton, you are African American. He said this is the WWE, not the NFL, and this sort of thing could bring the downfall of civilization as we know it. Shelton said Vince needs to lighten up, and walked off. Vince then asked is Shelton is gone, and then Trish dropped her towel and jumped on Vince and Monday Night Football music played and Vince asked if we were ready for some wrestling! Awesome stuff. The fireworks then went off in the arena for the start of RAW as Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcomed us to the show.

In the arena:

The music of Chris Benoit hit in the arena and he made his way out to the stage. Benoit got on the mic and said yes, that is the kind he is talking about, the kind of energy he wants to feel. Benoit said tonight, it’s his turn to run Monday Night RAW! Benoit said he didn’t know what to expect when he showed up, and he was taken aback by the asskissers in the back, so he is going to simplify things. He put a piece of paper on his door and anyone who wrote their name down, will get a match. Right here tonight in Buffalo, Maven will get to go one on one with the man who cost him the World Title last week, Gene Snitsky! It seems that Batista wants to avenge his loss at Survivor Series, so he will face none other than Chris Jericho! And Lita, lovely Lita, well she wants to face Molly Holly and Trish Stratus, so tonight; there will be a Triple Threat for the Women’s Title! And then there is Jonathan Coachman, poor pathetic Jonathan Coachman. Well he wanted and is going to get a real match, with good old JR! All of you here tonight might of noticed, high above the ring, a fifteen foot high steel cage, you know after all the interference last week, there will be no excuses, which is why he will be facing Triple H for the World Heavyweight Title! The fans heavily chanted for Benoit as he said it was time to get the show rolling!

Referee: Michael Chioda

Gene Snitsky vs. Maven

The music of Gene Snitsky hit in the arena and he made his way down and glared at Benoit, and he will be going head to head with Maven!

The start:

Maven went to get in the ring but Snitsky knocked him back out. Maven then hotshotted Snitsky and went to work with right hands and a dropkick and then clotheslined Snitsky to the outside. Snitsky threw a fit on the outside of the ring. Back inside, and Maven scored with a boot to the head, but Snitsky came back with a big clothesline. Snitsky then stomped away at Maven in the corner.

Mid-match notes:

Snitsky went outside and trapped Maven’s head between the ring post and his knee. Back inside, and Snitsky hit an elbow drop for a near fall. Snitsky locked in a half Boston crab and drove his knee into the back of the head of Maven and then drove his knee into the canvas. Snitsky went for another elbow, but Maven moved. Snitsky stayed in control and threw Maven into the ringpost and then went to attack Maven, but Maven moved and Snitsky went into the steel steps.

The finish:

Maven fought back with shots to the leg of Snitsky and then hit a modified side Russian leg sweep and headed up top. Maven came off with a cross body and went up again and hit a bulldog from the second rope for a close call. Maven went up and under on Snitsky, but Snitsky turned around and hit a boot to the face. Snitsky then went for the Pumphandle Slam and scored with it and made the cover for the win.

Winner – Gene Snitsky


Evolution were shown in the back, and Triple H said this is crap. Flair said that they threw everything at him last week, but he walked away the champ. They said they have his back. Triple H then said Batista has his back? Just like last week with Maven? Triple H said Batista is here for one reason, at Survivor Series he told him to make sure they won, but it didn’t work out so well, just like last week. And now he has Benoit in a cage, and Batista said he has his back? Well excuse me if I am not so excited about it. Batista said he needs to calm down and went to walk off, but Triple H pulled him back. Batista said he needs to get ready for his match, and Triple H said $100 that he loses that too!

In the arena:

Stacy Keibler was in the ring shooting tee shirts into the crowd. Stacy then got a mic and said that she has something they will find extremely interesting. She pulled out the new ECW DVD and asked who wanted it. The music of Simon Dean then hit in the arena and he walked out with a DVD of his own. Simon said he had to come out here, because when he heard her say ECW, he had to come out here to show them a DVD that they actually use, because ECW stands of Eating Causes Weight Gain. Simon then plugged his Simon System DVD. He said not only will you lose weight, but you will feel great. He said that girls like Stacy are not interested in fat disgusting slobs like you; they are interested in guys like me. Isn’t that right Stacy? Stacy said she didn’t date guys who look in the mirror more than she does. Simon said Stacy is only kidding, and then backed her into the corner. The music of the Hurricane then hit, and he charged down the aisle. The Hurricane got the mic and said that threatening a lady and calling people fat, the Hurricane needs to ask, whatsupwitdat?! Simon then kicked Hurricane in the gut and worked over him but Hurricane fought back with a back drop and clotheslined him down. The Hurricane was then given a low blow by Dean, who went into his bag and pulled out a weight belt and proceeded to hit the Hurricane with it until Rosey stormed to the ring. Simon then retreated up the aisle and Rosey stared him down and Stacy helped up the Hurricane.


Backstage there were two chicks and they were talking about Batista and Triple H. I have no clue who these chicks are. Batista is then shown with Flair, and Batista is real angry. Flair said Triple H didn’t mean what he said. Batista said he knows Triple H meant it, and if he thinks he can talk to him like that again, he is dead, DEAD, wrong.

Referee: Jack Doan

Batista vs. Chris Jericho

The music of Chris Jericho hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring and he is set for action against the monster, Batista, who was accompanied by Ric Flair.

The start:

Jericho and Batista locked it up, and Batista backed him to the corner and went to work with forearm shots and then used the ropes to harm Jericho. Batista then whipped Jericho to the corner but Jericho fought back. Batista then drove Jericho to the buckle but Jericho again came back, until Batista scored with a big boot to the face, and then choked Jericho with his boot.

Mid-match notes:

Jericho hit a dropkick to the knee of Batista and then hit a running dropkick on Batista in the corner. Jericho then hit a springboard dropkick to knock Batista outside, and then scored with a crossbody over the top on Batista. Back inside, and Jericho hit a crossbody off the top onto Batista for two, but Batista came back with a side slam. Batista went for a powerbomb, but Jericho reversed into a sunset flip for two. Jericho was distracted by Flair, and then walked right into a spinebuster.

The finish:

Batista then tied Jericho in the tree of woe and pulled back on the neck of Jericho from the outside, which saw the referee ring the bell to signal the disqualification.

Winner by disqualification, Chris Jericho

The Aftermath:

Batista would not let go of the hold. He then went inside the ring and gave Jericho a clothesline to the back of the neck and he stood over Jericho with his hands in the air.


Batista was shown with Flair, and Triple H clapped at Batista. Triple H asked for his $100. Batista said the bottom line is, Jericho is being carried out and he walked out. Triple H said the bottom line is that he blew it, he lost. The problem is he has a million dollar body and a ten cent brain. Triple H said he needs someone he can rely on, so maybe he should find someone. Batista told Triple H to screw it and stormed off. Triple H told Flair to talk to him, but Flair said, with all due respect, you better back off Batista.


Todd Grisham was backstage with Edge and they showed footage of him attacking Christian last week on RAW. Edge said he was trying to make a point, he has a lone wolf mentality, he stands on his own, and he wants a shot at the World Title. But oh no, Benoit has given himself a shot at the title. Edge said he deserves a shot. Edge asked if Todd doubted him. He said lets do a little poll. He came across Christy and Maria and asked them, and Christy said no he didn’t. Edge said he is going to ask again. Christy said she is sorry. He said try apologising to her mirror every morning. He then came across some guy, and asked him. The guy said no, and Edge then grabbed him and Benoit broke it up. He said if Edge has a problem with him, why doesn’t he do something about it? Edge said to hell with him, and walked off.

Referee: Earl Hebner

The Coach vs. Jim Ross

The music of the Coach hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring, set for action with Jim Ross. The Coach got on the mic and said JR can only avoid the Coach for so long. Coach said the sooner JR has his heart attack, the better off we will all be. Coach said he is going to take him behind the woodshed and kick his ass! Benoit then got on the Tron and he said there has been another misunderstanding. He didn’t think JR meant Jim Ross, he thought it meant Just Rhyno!

The match:

Rhyno stormed to the ring and Coach hit him with the mic and then went to work on him in the corner with right hands and Coach was relentless. Coach then argued with the referee and Rhyno stormed out of the corner with the Gore to pick up the win!

Winner – Rhyno


Backstage, Lita was shown walking and she is set for her match for the Women’s Title, and that is up next!

Note: The Women’s match was up next but we lost net coverage at the time. Trish pinned Molly Holly after Lita hit a DDT on Molly and Trish stole the victory. Lita then beat up Trish after the match before being restrained by referees.

In the back, Ric Flair was trying to talk to Batista about keeping Evolution together. Batista said he was sick of waiting for his time and maybe one day he would be great like HHH said, but at what price?

Referee: Jack Doan

Christian and La Resistance vs. Shelton Benjamin, William Regal, and Eugene.

The start: Regal and Conway start out and Conway quickly gets Regal in the corner where he and Grenier stomp away on Regal. Grenier comes in and Regal gets him in an armbar before tagging Eugene who drops an elbow on the arm of Grenier. Christian gets a trip up on a running Eugene and he hits the ring to wear Eugene down. Eugene fights back with elbows but Christian hits him with a back elbow in the face before tagging Conway. Conway places Eugene in a modified rear chin lock and Eugene reverses it and headbutts Conway in the gut a few times. Conway gets a boot to his face though before knocking down Regal with a cheap shot. Eugene finally gets a tag in to Benjamin who goes wild with back body drops, inverted backbreakers, a splash on Conway, and a top rope clothesline on Grenier. Benjamin goes for the cover but Tyson Tomko grabs his foot to stop the pinfall.

Mid match notes:

Christian makes a run at Shelton Benjamin who tosses him over the top rope! Christian lands on Tomko, but as shelton turns around he gets nailed with a double team move by La Resistance (spinebuster hold, clothesline).

The finish:

Regal and Eugene hit the ring and work on La Resistance. Conway gets nailed with a stunner from Eugene and this is followed by the T-Bone suplex by Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin makes the cover and gets the pin for his team!

Winners: William Regal, Eugene, and Shelton Benjamin

Another Muhammed Hasaan promo is shown. It had to do with airports and strip searches, semi interesting.

Referee: Mike Chioda

Steel Cage Match

Edge vs. Chris Benoit

Prior to the match we get a shot to the back where we see Batista walking down the hallway with his bags in hand. We see Flair running after him screaming at Batista asking him if he’s lost his damned mind. We see a room where HHH is lying face down and not moving. Flair yells something about HHH demanding an apology from Batista and Batista destroying HHH. Doctors come in and say that HHH is unconscious. It’s apparent that Batista did a number on him. Benoit runs to the back and says he doesn’t care if he has to drag the carcass of HHH to the ring because tonight he is becoming the world heavyweight champion. Ric Flair says something about HHH being nearly dead. A dcotor tells Benoit that HHH is outcold and not going anywhere. Flair says if Benoit touches HHH he will have a lwsuit the size of Texas, he will be owned!

At this point Edge walks up to Benoit and starts talking about how he would have made the most of his title shot, but it looks like Benoit won’t. Benoit says he has a lot of anger inside and since there is a steel cage out there he might as well wrestle in it. He then books himself vs. Edge in the steel cage, NEXT! Benoit shoves Edge to the ground and leaves the room as doctors continue to check on HHH.

The start:

Benoit unleashes early on Edge with some right hands. Benoit whips Edge off the ropes and he takes him down with an elbow. Benoit kicks away at Edge a little bit until Edge gets in a shot to Benoit’s face. Benoit reverses in the corner for a world of chops on Edge. Benoit beats Edge’s head off the buckle a few times but Edge reverses an irish whip sending Benoit hard into the turnbuckle. Edge then gains control with a vertical suplex. Edge tries to escape the cage via the top but Benoit catches him and chops away at Edge who is sitting on the top rope. Benoit tries to leave the cage but Edge gets a hold of him.

Mid match notes:

Benoit is in a bit of control as he places Edge under the rope lying against the cage. Benoit then runs and gives Edge a baseball slide kick face first into the cage! Benoit tries to slap on the crossface but Edge reverses and tries a crossface of his own! Benoit quickly escapes and puts Edge in a slingshot sending him off the turnbuckle. Benoit takes Edge down and tries to climb the cage but Edge grabs his feet and Benoit falls crotch first onto the turnbuckle. Edge knocks him into a tree of woe and Edge wastes away on Benoit with clubbing blows. Edge runs at Benoit again but Benoit gets a foot the the face of Edge.

Edge gets thrown to the corner by Benoit but when Benoit runs at Edge Edge gets an elbow up in the face of Benoit. Both men go down! We then get a shot in the back of Batista who is watching a monitor.. we thought he had left.. what the hell is he still doing here??

When we come back from commercial Benoit’s head is busted wide open and we see that it is from a slingshot from Edge sending Benoit face first into the backbrace of the steel cage! Edge is in control mounting Benoit who tries to put on some German suplexes but is unsuccessful. Edge has Benoit’s blood all over him as he stands above Benoit taunting. Edge lifts Benoit up and he slams his face off the cage. Edge picks Benoit up and he slaps away at Benoit trying to humiliate him. Edge lays Benoit out and he taunts a bit before climbing the cage. Edge gets VERY high up but Benoit gets up and is able to get an ankle of Edge. Benoit pulls the feet of Edge who slams face first off the turnbuckle. Benoit then slaps the Germans on Edge and he drops him FIVE times!!!!

Benoit gets up and he claims he is NOT done. He calls for the headbutt!!!!!! Benoit climbs to the top of the cage and he gets halfway over the top but Edge grabs Benoit by the ankle. Both men end up standing on the turnbuckle where Benoit headbutt’s Edge about 7 times in the head! Edge falls off the top rope and Benoit follows up with a huge headbutt! He covers Edge who kicks out! Benoit slaps on the crossface but Edge is able to roll to the ropes. Benoit ran at Edge but Edge uses Benoit’s own momentum to allow Benoit to run right into the cage! Benoit is suck between ropes and the cage where Edge goes nuts on him slamming into it several times. The door opens at some point and Benoit uses this slamming in into the face of Edge! Both men are down again!

The finish:

Both men are slow getting to their feet but Edge is slowly getting up quicker. He runs to spear Benoit but he actually spears the side of Benoit and Benoit goes HEAD first through the cage door! He is declared the winner!

Winner by escape via door: Chris Benoit

Batista is shown in the back watching the monitor again. Flair comes and says that HHH is on his feet and Batista better get the hell out of here. Batista says forget it! He says he is going to the ring and HHH better come out there because Batista will finish what he started and Flair better decide who’s side he is on!

When we come back from commercial, Batista is in the ring begging HHH for a fight. Batista says he is not after HHH’s title, at least not tonight, tonight, he is just after him! The crowd starts to chant “Batista!” (Too bad it’s all a work, trust me.) HHH comes down the ramp with Ric Flair and a doctor restraining him! HHH finally gets in the ring and the two stand toe to toe with Flair yelling like a nut. There is a mic put in between them and HHH goes “Batista, I’ve got one thing to say to you.. nice work.” Told ya. The two then laugh and hug! Flair pulls out money and gives it to the doctor. HHH says that he was worth every single penny. HHH says it was an awesome plan and the whole crowd bought it hook, line, and sinker. HHH says it was all good but tonight’s big man, the MVP, is Batista! He says Batista deserves an academy award for this, or maybe a slammy! HHH says Batista still should have beaten Jericho though. Batista looks a little weird as HHH continues. HHH goes on and on but the music of Randy Orton hits! Orton comes to the ramp and says that he will be the RAW GM next week! He says he is going to give HHH two options. The first is that he and HHH face off one on one and if Orton wins, the title belt stipulation will be lifted. HHH says that nobody wants to see that, but the crowd goes nuts. HHH then says “ok, so they wanna see it, soooooooo no, it’s not going to happen.” Orton then says since HHH did not take option number one, he will have to take option number two and fight everyone behind door number one. (points to the ramp) Half the Raw locker room empties out! Orton then goes on saying that there will be a battle royal involving HHH and all the Raw superstars! He tells Batista and Flair that they are in it as well. He then says, “Oh and one more thing… it’s for the world heavyweight TITLE!!!!!!!!”

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