Triple H-OTR Recap: Trashes Bob Holly; Juicy Details Inside

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Triple H on OTR

Segment 1

Landsberg asked Trips if Paul Levesque considered himself a success. Trips said yes, but he doesn’t see that as a stopping point. He sees outlets like Hollywood as another opportunity. Landsberg said Trips was a hard worker, even before he was on the writing team. Trips said he doesn’t consider what he does to be work. Landsberg mentioned that JR says people don’t understand the pressure Trips is on. Trips said McMahon is the hardest working guy he knows.

Landsberg asked him if Trips does what’s best for the Company or what’s best for his career, because there’s a point where he won’t be what’s best. Trips said he understand he won’t always be on top, and that everything goes through McMahon, no matter who you are. He said people on the outside think he uses his power to put himself on top, but those people don’t see him and what he’s actually doing.

Trips said he looks at Flair who did a lot of stuff that he should’ve said no to, things that weren’t in his character’s best interest, but he kept going to the top because of his ability. Trips said when he got together with Stephanie, Vince initially felt it wouldn’t be good. Trips went to the Undertaker, who told Trips to do what he wants.

Segment 2

Trips said that Shawn Michaels is a totally different guy since embracing God, which he felt may be hard for people to believe. He said Shawn used to be an angry young man. Trips had a falling out with Michaels for a few years, but after HBK talked to Kevin Nash, Michaels called up Trips and they worked everything out.

Triple H said he was one of the lucky people who got to meet his hero in Ric Flair. Landsberg asked if Trips could fire Flair if he had to and was in the position was in the position to do so. Trips said he would. They showed the footage of the Ric Flair tribute. Trips said it was all impromptu. He said the wrestlers were led out by Michaels and Tommy Dreamer (apparently, that was Dreamer’s idea). Stephanie and Shane decided they wanted to go out too and put Flair over. Trips didn’t want to be the only guy that didn’t go out there, so McMahon told him to go out last.

Segment 3

Landsberg said the top question they get from fans is, why isn’t the company trying to make that mega star like they were 10 years ago (Landsberg mentioned Austin and the Rock). Trips said they are trying, but it’s hard. The problem is that a lot of the guys are green. He said guys like Randy Orton, John Cena and Batista are still trying to learn.

Trips said Brock didn’t screw the company, but he screwed himself. Trips did say that Brock did what he wanted to do. Brock didn’t like the constant crowd interaction. He said the one problem he had with Brock leaving is that a lot of guys sacrificed to put him over, and he crapped on those people by leaving.

Trips said he still tries to keep in touch with Sean Waltman, but doesn’t with Chyna. Landsberg complimented Triple H on his nails.

Segment 4

Trips said he loved doing the movie. He said McMahon wants the workers to branch out into movies. Trips said a lot of people had problems with Wesley Snipes perhaps because he was always in character on set. However, Snipes was nice to Trips. Hunter said movies were the next logical step for wrestling and it always fans to see the wrestlers in a different way. Trips said he didn’t want to do an autobiography because he figures that’s something that should be done at the end of a career.

Landsberg threw out a couple of names for Triple H to comment on. He asked if Chris Jericho could be a star on Smackdown. Trips said he could be a big star anywhere. Landsberg asked why Bob Holly wasn’t fired. Trips said it may have been a last chance deal for Holly. Trips said what Holly did was inexcusable.

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