WWE RAW Results – December 13, 2004

Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results

Date: Monday, December 13th, 2004

Location: The Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama

Results by Carl Walsh of PowerWrestling.com

Start of the Show:

Eric Bischoff heads to the ring with the world title around his shoulder as he is back in control! He gets on the mic and says he comes back from a well deserved vacation and he is left with THIS? Bischoff says one man clearly made his opponent tap out and that is Chris Benoit, a shot of Benoit is shown. He then talks about Edge and HHH and shots of them are shown as well. He tells all the men that Vince McMahon has chosen him to make this decision. HHH stops him halfway through that sentence, HHH says one man once said that in order to be the man you’ve got to beat the man. He said that he walked in with that title and was never pinned, and he did not submit. All men start arguing until Edge punches Benoit in the face. There is a HUGE brawl that ensues. Bischoff says that there will be a rematch from last week with HHH and Batista vs. Benoit and Jericho and Edge will face Randy Orton NEXT! He said as soon as he gets control of his show again, THEN he will make a decision about the world title.

Referee: Mike Chioda

Randy Orton vs. Edge

The start:

The two men lock up with no real advantage and a break. They lock again and Orton gets a side headlock on but he is thrown off the ropes, Orton with a shoulder block sending Edge down to the mat. Edge regroups with himself and the two get ready for battle again. They lock up again, back and forth action ensues with some leapfrogs, it ends with Edge in a bridge roll up for a two count. The fans chant at Edge as they lock up for a third time and nothing really comes out of it again. Finally the 4th time we throw some blows and Edge goes down with a hip toss and drop toe hold from Orton who then clotheslines the head off of Edge sending him over the top rope and to the outside.

Mid match notes:

When we come back from commercial break Randy Orton is stomping a hole in Edge outside of the ring before chucking him off the steel ringside steps. Orton tosses Edge back in the ring. Edge goes to attack but a snapmare takeover from Orton stops him. Orton chokes the life out of Edge for a minute or two as Edge screams in pain reaching for the ropes. Edge gets out only to catch an uppercut from Orton. Orton tosses Edge to a corner and he is ready to charge him but Edge pulls the ref in the way, Orton stops, Edge rolls out of the ring and then rolls back in where he nails Orton with some hard right hands. Edge then gives Orton a sliding dropkick off the apron to the outside!

Orton slowly starts climbing the apron but Edge gives him a spear to the side of the back and ribs sending Randy Orton flying into the barricade. Orton looks outcold as Edge rolls him back in the ring, Edge goes for a pin but Orton barely gets his bottom foot on the rope. Edge then unloads with right hands several times before placing Orton in a choke. The fans get behind Orton who tries to wiggle his way out. Randy Orton starts to go out and the ref raises his hand but Orton checks in. Orton wiggles around the ring and finally breaks the leg hold he was in, but he is still in a chin lock. Orton fires away, Edge meets him back, Orton comes off the ropes with as cross body for two, a couple misfires and both men connect with a clotheslines sending them both to the mat!

When both men get back up at nine, Edge nails a dropkick and climbs the top rope and comes down only to catch a sick dropkick in the midsection from Randy Orton! Both men are slow to get to their feet as the fans chant for an RKO. Edge throws a punch and Orton follows, back and forth dukes all over the ring until Orton gains control, throws Edge off the ropes, nails a dropkick and then hits his back and neckbreaker for a two count. Edge reverses an irish whip but Orton flies over his back with a crucifix pin for two. Back and forth action until Edge ducks a blow and nails Orton with the Edge-O Matic for a two count. Randy gets up and goes for the RKO, Edge ducks and gives Orton a backslide and gets a two count, VERY close. Edge then runs at Orton only to get a flapjack on the turnbuckle face first. Orton then nails Edge with a powerslam and goes to the top rope! Orton comes flying off with a body block but he crashes and burns!

The Finish:

Edge sets up for the spear in the corner, but when he runs at Orton, Orton drop toe holds him face first onto the turnbuckle. Orton then goes for the RKO but Edge counters and goes for the implant DDT, but Randy reverses that and nails a quick RKO! Orton covers Edge and gets the victory!

Winner: Randy Orton

More Batista and HHH arguments:

Flair is in the back and he is telling HHH that he has to go confront Bischoff with words. HHH says he is going to do just that until Batista comes in and says he wouldn’t do that if he were him. HHH asks why but Batista has a good explanation, instead of arguing Batista makes a point that it would be better if HHH goes out there and beats ass tonight and stands tall in the middle of the ring SHOWING why he should have the title. HHH says he likes that and smiles.

When we come back from commercial break, the WWE Divas are in the ring shooting shirts at people’s balls and faces! They continue to physically abuse fans with a cannon while J.R and the King talk about the world title situation. It’s at this point that Snitsky hits the ring scaring the women to death. Snitsky said not to be scared like the rest of the Raw roster who is too afraid to face him in a match. He says they are just afraid he will do to them what he did to Kane. He then talks about the baby a little. He then says he likes to have fun, he LOVES to have fun. He says tonight, he is going to have some fun, with them! He says he is not going to hurt any of them, he just wants to dance and shoot the T-Shirt gun. He says to hit the music and he dances a little like a moron. He then asks Christy to show him how to work the gun, she is about to and then he grabs her by the throat. He then says that he is not having fun unless someone is suffering and that someone is Christy! He has her by the throat until Lita’s music hits. Lita tells Snitsky he is not a real man for picking on women, but she has some good news. She heard from Kane and he says he is coming back, and when he does, he is going to beat the living HELL out of Snitsky! Snitsky drops Christy and runs towards Lita, Lita gets through the entrance way but when Snitsky goes to go through giants flames pop up and block him! He tries again but the flames stop him once more!

Christian in the back, FOLEY SHOWS!

Christian is getting his make-up done as he talks about his stupid costume from last week. He runs into Eugene who freaks out because he is getting to meet Captain Charisma! Who is not as good as Aqua man but it still one of the best super heroes ever! He asks for an autograph and christian is about to give it to him until the camera pans and we see Mick Foley!!! this freaks Eugene out even more as Eugene says Mick Foley is one of his favorite superstars next to the Rock and Papa Shango. HAHA. Mick says he has a surprise for Eugene and they walk away. Christian is still going on about this Captain Charisma thing.

Simon is signed, Benoit gives it to Bischoff

Simon Dean is given an official contract by Bischoff in his office, he signs, not much is said, but he is now a real superstar. Dean leaves and Benoit barges in. He says Bischoff better not give the title away because then he will be as shallow as everyone really thinks he is. Benoit says he doesn’t want the title given to him, he wants to fight for it, just like he has fought for the past 18 years!

Referee: Earl Hebner

Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho vs. HHH and Batista

The start:

Benoit and HHH start things off, HHH backs Benoit into a corner and rights and lefts fly. Benoit gets the upperhand and chops away, HHH reverses and throws some clubs. Viscious back and forth action until Benoit drops HHH with a back body drop. HHH however runs Benoit into the corner where Batista tags himself in the match. Batista is in control with a choke on Benoit. Benoit comes off the ropes and baseball slides under Batista following up with a dragon leg whip. Benoit tags Jericho who quickly goes down to a clubbing blow from Batista. HHH is tagged back in, but jericho rolls out of the corner to even things up. Jericho and Batista lock up, HHH comes off the ropes and drops Jericho, but Jericho hiptosses him next time around. Jericho knees HHH in the face and then pummels him in the corner. Back and forth action until HHH nails a high knee before tagging Batista.

Mid match notes:

Batista gets Jericho in the corner where he shoulder charges him to death. Batista then pulls h im off and whips him back into the buckle spine first, Jericho falls down hard. Rear chin lock by Batista as Y2J chants start up. Jericho gets up and gets a chop in but then he runs into a giant elbow by Batista; 2 count. HHH tagged back in and both men beat on Jericho in the corner of the ring. Batista chokes him with a tag rope until he’s nearly caught. HHH gives Jericho a giant vertical suplex and a knee to the face, Benoit breaks a 2 count. Jericho goes BUCK wild in the corner and he fires away on ALL men. Batista goes down off the apron, HHH catches a few right hands, and Batista catches another blow. Jericho works his way out of the corner where he runs off the ropes, HHH sets up for a back body drop but Jericho kicks him square in the chest before running over and knocking Batista AND Flair off the apron with elbows and right hands. Flair is upset as all hell and he rips off his jacket and heads to the ring. He gets in the ring but HHH stops him and pulls him out of the ring telling him that they cannot be disqualified in this match and Flair needs to cool it. Flair is agreeing as we head to a commercial break.

When we come back Benoit is slamming away on HHH in the corner of the ring until HHH knees him in the knee. HHH goes for a blow but Benoit ducks and nails HHH with 3 German suplexes! Benoit calls for the headbutt, but he has to knock Batista and Flair off the apron, this forces him to crash and burn. HHH gets the tag but Benoit does not. Batista then gives Benoit a sick powerslam for a two count. Benoit then gets whipped into the buckle harder than I have ever seen. HHH is tagged back in and he whips Benoit off the other buckle just as hard. HHH covers him and Benoit is BARELY able to kick out. Benoit hops back up and chops the hell out of HHH but HHH gets him in the abdominal stretch. Benoit screams in pain as Jericho tries to get the crowd into it. Batista and HHH hold hands to double the pressure. They do it again but Hebner catches them and breaks it up. Benoit still cannot tag but he gets forearms and chops all over HHH. Benoit tosses HHH in the corner but he runs right into a boot. HHH climbs the top rope but he jumps right into a double boot to the mouth from Benoit. both men struggle to make tags, but they both get them! Jericho knocks HHH off the apron and he unloads on Batista, who catches him, but Jericho rolls out and chopblocks Batista. Jericho goes for the walla but Batista tosses him off. Jericho somewhere in there nails the inzeguiri after sliding out of the powerbomb. Jericho then nails the lionsault, knocks HHH out of the ring, and tags Benoit!

The finish:

Benoit climbs the top rope where he nails Batista with the headbutt! He then puts Batista in the sharpshooter! Batista is about to tap but HHH runs at Benoit but Benoit gets him in the crossface! HHH is about to tap but Batista picks up Benoit and slams him with a spinebuster. Batista makes the cover and gets the win!

Winners: Batista and HHH

HHH upset?

HHH looks a little pissed off that Batista won the match where as HHH was trying to impress Bischoff in the ring.

Foley Speaks:

Foley is on the way to the ring (most likely to promote a God damned book.) Raw has announced this as a “special announcement” all night. He then plugs the book but says that his announcement is NOT about the book. He says he has been pretty much a Raw guy but next week he is going to make a little trip to Smackdown. The fans boo, but Mick tells them to take a look at the Titan Tron. It’s a video package all about the WWE heading to Iraq for their 2003 trip. Mick Foley says he might not seem like a war guy, since he is mostly against war, and he still has his Kerry bumper stickers in his garage. (Alabama boos, they are a red state.) Foley then says he wants to go over there though and be a part of all this and he is VERY proud to do so. As this happens, Muhammed Hassan has some music played and he comes to the top of the ramp with Daivari, INSTANT HEAT.

Daivari says something in Arabic. Hassan then speaks saying that all people will listen to him now. He cuts a damn good promo but the people “what” the hell out of him. Dumb ass fans. Hassan says that that he is a prisoner in his own country and he used to support America, but after 9/11. After he speaks, Foley asks him if he likes America for the freedom it brings, giving him the ability to shoot his mouth off.

They REALLY get into it after that with back and forth political words. Foley tells him that he’s pissing him off, but many people have died so this ass can shoot his mouth off. He says people cvan run their mouth off EVERYWHERE, except in this ring. He says some call it the squared circle, but he is going to call it Foley Island! Mick Foley begs them both for a fight telling them when they enter Foley Island they will get a fist in the mouth and a boot in the ass. Hassan is JUST about to do so but then he stops. He then gets on the mic and says “no, because I will not fight a man I do not respect.” Hassan then leaves.

Todd is with Trish:

Trish says: “how do you think I feel, Tom?” Todd corrects his name. Trish says she is the best women’s wrestler there ever was. She says Lita practically had to kill herself to beat her. She said she will get her rematch and take her title back.

Bischoff is with some chick:

When Edge barges in. She was hot, something like Rashell? Edge goes on to say that he deserves the title tonight. Bischoff asks why, Edge says he should have been voted in at Taboo Tuesday instead of HBK, he then says Benoit’s feet hit the floor first but because of Orton it was a three-way. He bitches some more, and Eric Bischoff says he has some good news for Edge. Following the next match, he is going to make his decision. Edge says “and…” Bischoff says he is going to give Edge something he never has before! Edge thanks him, but we all know it isn’t the title, but Edge thinks it is!

Referee: Chad Patton

Tomko, Christian, and Maven vs. Eugene, Regal, and Shelton Benjamin

Christian and Eugene start the match off. Christian slaps Eugene in the face and kicks him in the gut before man handling him in the corner. Christian whips Eugene who reverses and nails Christian with a back body drop. Eugene reaches in his pants and he has socko! Maven runs in and gets an airplane spin, Christian then gets one as well. Maven gets tossed over the tope rope, but Tomko gives him a rough clothesline. Christian gains control and he chokes the hell out of Eugene. Tomko is tagged in and he slams Eugene hard with a powerslam for a two count.

Mid match notes:

Christian’s team has their way with Eugene as Maven gets his shots in. Eugene fights back with right hands and headbutts but Christian is tagged in and he gains control once again. Christian goes to suplex Eugene but Eugene gets him in an inside cradle for two. Backslide for two, but christian gains control with a snapmare takeover. Eugene works his way to his feet and almost gets a tag but Christian hits eugene’s team mates and then tags Maven in who covers Eugene for a two count. Maven places Eugene in a rear chin lock for what seems like an eternity. Eugene works his way to his feet but is clubbed down again by Maven. Eugene then kicks Maven in the gut and he nails a stunner! Benjamin is tagged in and he cleans house off the top rope on Maven before nailing Tomko and sending Christian out of the ring. All hell breaks loose, Benjamin misses the splash in the corner but he hits the T-Bone exploder suplex on Maven, he covers but Christian makes the save.

The finish:

All hell breaks loose again and outside the ring Eugene places Socko on Christian. Back in the ring Tyson Tomko is setting up for a boot on Benjamin, he misses and catches a super kick to the face. Maven rolls up the Intercontinental champion though and he gets leverage enough to get the pin!

Winners: Maven, Tyson Tomko, and Christian


Bischoff is about to leave to head to the ring when he sees HHH at the door. Bischoff gets a little scared but HHH is not mad, he is sad, in fact, he is nearly in tears. HHH begs for the title, says Bischoff has to do the ring thing, says he is a household name, a nine time champion, the man. He says the title is his life. He nearly cries. Bischoff says he will take it all into consideration showing some empathy for the former champion.

Bischoff makes his decision:

Easy E heads to the ring to tell us all who the champion is going to be (or not…) Bischoff says it is time to make this decision. He calls out all three men who come to the ring separately. When all men are in the ring, but HHH brought his posse with him. Bischoff says he told him to come alone. HHH says they are one and all. He says when Evolution wins, he wins and together they all have more wins than these other two guys combined, so the choice should be a little easier for him to make now. Bischoff says he wants to talk about his choices. He says his first option was Benoit’s option to have a rematch tonight but that will not happen. He then says he could go with Edge’s theory and just give it to him, but that is just not right. He then says at Janury 9th at New Years Revolution, they will have a match that will prove without a shadow of a doubt who will be the world heavyweight champion. IN SOMETHING HE LIKES TO CALL THE ELIMINATION CHAMBER!

He says it will feature Benoit, Edge, HHH, Chris Jericho, and Evolution’s own Batista! And last but not least, Randy Orton! Bischoff then leaves the ring as Evolution stares on. Everything combusts in the ring! All men stomp on Benoit until Jericho comes out! HHH is at the bottom of the ramp looking on when Orton comes from behind, throws him into the steps and tosses him in the ring! Orton beats on HHH and calls for the RKO but Batista clubs him. Batista goes for another blow and misses and Orton nails him with the RKO!

End of show.

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