**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown! Taping Results

Ryan Clark

Thanks to Brian Sahlin of PWInsiders for these:


Nunizo defeated some guy who’s name I didn’t catch (sorry).


Paul London defeated Shannon Moore

Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas defeated Carnival Freak & Tony Silontro (like the spice, I can’t spell to save my life)


Smackdown started out with the ring decorated red, white, and blue and Orlando Jordan already in the ring. He introduces “the greatest champ of all time” as balloons and confetti fall. JBL along with the rest of the cabinet make their way to the ring. He rambles about how Nashville should be happy to see a winner in JBL instead of losers like the Tennessee Titans. Then he goes on about how he beat 3 of the greatest wrestlers when YOUR OLYMPIC HERO Kurt Angle comes out along with Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak to crash the celebration. Kurt says that not JBL but rather Kurt Angle is the greatest champion of all time (oh it’s true it’s true). Kurt says the Armageddon 2000 he beat SIX men in a Hell in the Cell match, which is way more impressive than a normal fatal four-way. JBL is quick to remind Kurt that he had just lost his handicap match when it was 3 on 1 and said, “My, how the mighty have fallen”. Kurt then says, “Well if you’re so sure of yourself, then why don’t we have a match for the title tonight bucko”. Yes, Kurt said “bucko”, and sure enough a “bucko” chant started. You read right, “bucko” chant. JBL says the idea of JBL vs Kurt Angle was a great idea……just not tonight, for JBL has given himself the rest of 2004 off to relax. Not so fast, for GM Theodore R. Long makes his way out, noting the GM says if anyone gets a vacation or not, and no vacation for JBL, for he would indeed have to right Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship, right here in Nashville, TN.

First match saw Rey Mysterio & RVD defeat Kidman & Akio. (non-title I think). Good but very short match, win came from 5-star on Kidman.

Torrie Wilson in Uncle Sam attire came out to show a video that recapped last year’s “Christmas in Baghdad” and noted next week they we’re going back overseas. (Torrie looks very nice).

Then, out of the crowd comes Heidenreich. He throws a chair into the ring, sets it up in the middle, sits down, and we are all treated to a “poem by Heidenreich”. Basically just says even though he lost his match to the Undertaker, he has twice ruined Taker’s chance at the title, so Heidenreich feels he has a 2-1 advantage over Taker.

Backstage we see Booker T and Eddie Guerrero walking and discussing that even though neither won the title, they are on the same page, and need to stay that way because they are teaming together later tonight. Things start to get a bit heated when Eddie says next week in Iraq, Latino Heat has to fly solo. Booker takes offence, saying he’s going to have a “Booker T-off”. Eddie’s looking pissed, but Booker says he was just pushing his buttons and everything is cool, and both go off hugging and laughing going to their match.

Orlando Jordan is outside of GM Long’s office door, but Michelle McCool is in the way saying that the GM doesn’t want to talk and the title match is still on. As Orlando turns around , Luther is in his face, saying that JBL isn’t great. They cut a pretty funny little promo where each one says how good their employers are (JBL gives money to chairty, Kurt Angle is kind to animals,….etc.) Then Orlando says JBL gives full benefits (Dental Plan , Health Insurance..so on) Orlando asks if Kurt gives Luther any benefits, Luther gets mad and says it doesn’t matter because Kurt is going to win tonight.

Booker T & Eddie Guerrero defeated Kenzo & Renee Dupree. This match went on longer than the earlier tag match, Booker and Eddie seemed to work real well with each other, though nothing spectacular happened. Eddie hits the frog splash on Kenzo.

Back in JBL’s locker room, where the cabinet is gathered, and Orlando comes back to give JBL the grim news that the GM has kept the match on. Well, turns out JBL is happy the match is still on, saying he knows he can beat Angle and the rest of the cabinet agrees. Then Carlito, alone, walks in. He tells JBL that he sees how the GM is treating him unfairly, and that the GM has also had a grudge on Carlito ever since his debut. Carlito says that after tonight when JBL keeps his title, that Carlito and JBL need to have a talk about how they will fix their problem. Carlito then takes a bite of an apple, Bashams swarm to Carlito thinking he’s about to spit, but Carlito smiles, chews, and walks off.

Time for the Tough Enough winner. Al Snow is in ring along with a table and the Tough Enough trophy. He then calls out both Miz and Puder. No long recap of the dumb challenges (thank God!). This was quick and to the point. Puder is the winner. Miz says it sucks that he lost but the experience has shown him that the WWE is where he belongs and will continue to pursue it. Puder is then allowed to say something but, I didn’t get it cuz some jackass behind me was screaming “Puder!!” at the top of his lungs the whole segment. Al Snow congratulated Puder one more time and said that he talked to Theodore Long and Puder is one of the 30 participants in the Royal Rumble.

Backstage in Kurt’s locker room, Kurt continues to say he is the greatest champion of all time. He is sure he will win, and says he knows that if JBL’s boys try anything funny that Jindrak and Reigns will have his back. Jindrak says he does, but Luther starts to complain of back pains, and says that JBL gives his staff medical benefits. Angle, confused , told Luther to quit talking because he needs to concentrate on the match.

Main Event: Kurt Angle vs. JBL for the WWE Championship.

Pre match : GM Long comes out to do commentary along Tazz and Cole.

Joy, in Santa outfit, comes down throwing candy canes to the audience, along with the announcer. Kurt and Co. come out first. JBL and the cabinet are next to come, and was JBL is walking up the ring steps, he spots Joy, who offers him a candy cane. He readily accepts, which ticks off the image consultant, Amy Weber. Catfight on the outside starts, with tops flying off left and right. GM Long then gets on the mic and decides to ban everyone from ringside. (oh, wow…..we may have a clean finish here).

Kurt Angle defeated JBL via DQ (JBL keeps the title).

Not really a good match , Kurt did all he could to carry it but even Kurt seemed a bit off, some good parts to match but not great by any means. Finish came when Kurt had the Ankle lock applied (for about the 3rd time) and Orlando Jordan comes in, Kurt actually flipped Orlando over the ropes without ever letting the ankle lock go, and when the Bashams came down they were quickly intercepted by Jindrak and Reigns. It was looking like we might get a clean finish, but Orlando clocked Kurt with the title while the ref was distracted but the Bashams Jindrak & Reigns brawl. JBL makes cover as ref turns around only to get a 2 count. OH BOY it will be a clean win for sure now….right? Angle grabs the ankle lock yet again, but this time Orlando breaks it up with the ref looking, who immediately calls for the bell. (Darn it all!)

Post Match: everyone gets into the ring to fight when….”WEEELLLLL , it’s the Big Show”

Show comes into ring and clears house. Giving choke slams to Jindrak, Reigns, Double choke slam to Bashams, and to top it off, an F5 to Orlando. JBL, who made it out of the ring with his belt, was laying on the floor scared with Big Show staring him down and motioning that the belt was all but his for the taking……and here is where Smackdown ends.

….after everyone left the ring, Tony Chimmel gets on the mic and orders JBL and Orlando back to the ring (restart the match…..nope but….) there will be a special handicap CASKET match with…..THE UNDERTAKER. JBL says he probably has a broken ankle and Orlando has internal injuries so they can’t possibly wrestle rig….BONG!!

Undertaker defeats JBL & Orlando Jordan in a handicap casket match.

JBL and Orlando pretty much worked Taker over the whole match but finish came when Orando held Taker up for a free shot, but Taker ducked and Orlando has booted in the face by JBL. Taker choke slammed JBL, then took the limp body of Orlando and closed the casket on him, ending the match.

Post Match: Undertaker wasn’t done as he tombstoned JBL and threw JBL on top of Orlando Jordan and closed the casket again (or tried to, but casket wasn’t big enough to fit both)

Taker does his pose, slowly makes his was up the ramp, stops at the top, puts one fist up to a roaring ovation and walks to the back. Chimmel thanks us for coming and says that we can watch ourselves on Thursday on UPN.

It was an ok show. Crowd wasn’t as hot as they could have been (maybe we were all depressed from the MNF game, especially those of us who were in the 20 degree weather for nearly 4 hours for such a bad ending to the game) I would have to estimate 9,000-10,000 people in attendance but I could be being generous with that figure.

Biggest Pops:


Big Show


Tazz (very loud cheer when he came down before the start of the show)

Kurt Angle (big pop for “bucko” chant)

Biggest Heat:


Dupree & Kenzo

Orlando Jordan


Kurt Angle (yes I know i have him under pop, but he really did get both, cheers for getting at JBL, but boos when he said he as greatest champ)

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