HHH On Stern Recap: Chyna Sex Tape; & Lots More

Ryan Clark

The following is a recap from PW insiders:

HHH was a guest on Howard Stern’s national radio show on Wednesday morning.

Here are bullet points from his appearance:

· Earlier in the show Howard mentioned how much he enjoyed Blade-Trinity and thought HHH was good in it. He spoke of HHH as if he was a household name and did not mention his wrestling affiliation until speaking of him for several minutes. Howard mentioned he heard HHH thought Wesley Snipes was a pain in the ass on the set and wanted to ask him about it.

· Howard mentioned he had AA (a Stern fanatic) who always shows up when Howard has a wrestler on. He was on last time The Rock was on and had “human liquid balloons” thrown at his bare rear end to allow him to be in the studio. This morning he agreed to get into the Robospanker (which is a remote controlled spanking device). AA was also wearing replica WWE belts. The deal was AA needed to answer HHH related trivia and each wrong answer meant he would be “Robospanked”. AA was in a thong of course and wound up getting all the questions wrong and was spanked 6 times and Howard told him that he could meet HHH if he stayed in the Robospanker. Artie Lange and a character called “Evil Dave Letterman” (who was sitting in) kept calling him a “homo” for wrestlers. Several Stern regulars called in to goof on him.

· HHH then walked in the studio and kidded that AA knew nothing about him and might have just wanted to get spanked anyway and used HHH as an excuse.

· HHH goofed on him and called him Champion of the Ass Spankers

· HHH asked AA if he ever wore the belts naked in his room. AA said never naked, but he does wear them at home and Howard dismissed him afterwards.

· Stern told HHH he liked Blade-Trinity a lot and thought he was great in it.

· Stern asked if HHH was following The Rock and HHH said he rather be the first HHH then the next Rock.

· Stern and HHH goofed on Hogan and his bad acting and movies.

· HHH mentioned he would never leave wrestling. Stern tried to get HHH to put down The Rock for leaving wrestling but HHH did not bite.

· HHH mentioned he is not taking acting lessons and feels the WWE is great training for films.

· Stern asked HHH if he would ever play a gay character and HHH said he would.

· They goofed that he might have already had sex with a man named Chyna and HHH said she was a completely different person when they dated then she is now.

· They played the clip of Chyna singing months ago on Stern and HHH said that was not singing.

· Stern mentioned HHH and his girlfriend Beth O. recently appeared on a show together. HHH kidded that he had Beth’s number and he actually took it out of his wallet and Stern was shocked he actually had it. HHH said it was because he wanted to set up Beth and Howard with a skybox at the next big Garden event.

· HHH talked about Snipes being rude to everyone on the set but him. He mentioned that it might be because HHH is a 6-4 wrestler and Snipes knew HHH would not put up with it.

· HHH witnessed an argument between Snipes and the director that almost became physical. HHH said Snipes took advantage of several stuntmen by working stiff but not with HHH.

· Howard asked if HHH cheated on Steph with Jessica Biel and of course he said no and mentioned Steph was listening so he kidded about being careful how hot he said Jessica was.

· Stern brought up HHH workout book and that it was imprinted by Simon and Schuster. Howard said HHH should have wrote about sex with Chyna instead.

· They spoke about a few workout routines.

· Chauncy Hayden from Steppin Out magazine called in and said HHH needed confirmation that Steppin Out was not a gay magazine before HHH would give him an interview a few months ago.

· A racist caller called in and put down Snipes and HHH ripped into him.

· A caller said HHH is usually rude to his fans and is no “Dwayne Johnson” towards his fans. Howard stuck up for HHH by saying he was in a diner and was eating and that the caller was rude to interrupt.

· Another plug for HHH book, another mention by Stern about how he is uncomfortable that Beth gave HHH her number and finished with various plugs.

· At the finish they talked about Chyna and the sex tape quickly and if HHH was ok with Waltman being with her and HHH said yes.

A great appearance by Hunter and Stern treated him as a star and not another wrestler.

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