WWE RAW Results – December 27, 2004

Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results

Date: Monday, December 27th, 2004

Location: The Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, MS

Results by Carl Walsh of PowerWrestling.com

Start of the Show:

Highlights are shown from last week where Eric Bischoff announced the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE world title. After this he comes out live and he hypes up the match even more. He says that the last man to get loose from the cage has the greatest chance of winning. He says all 6 members of the match will have a beat the clock night! He says they will ALL have one on one matches with an unknown opponent tonight. The man who beats their opponent the quickest gets to be the last man to come out of the cage!

Christy comes to the ring as she is the official timekeeper for the show.

Bischoff then says that if any one of the opponents LOSE tonight they will be replaced in the chamber by the person who beats them! He also says there will be a special guest referee in the chamber as well. More on that later he says.

Referee: Chad Patton

Chris Jericho vs. Christian

The start:

The two stare off and Jericho does not want to waste time so he goes for a rollup and backslide right off the bat, both for two counts. Christian nails Jericho with a right hand but he comes off the ropes and gets taken down into the walls! Christian quickly gets to the ropes. Christian gives Jericho a sunset flip and the roll back and forth for several pin combos.

Jericho regains control after a few pin attmepts as he slams Christian from buckle to buckle before dropping him with a back body drop. Christian reverses in the opposite corner and he chokes away on Y2J. Christian gives Jericho a snapmare for a two count. (yes, really.) Jericho fights back but christian reverses a blow and nails his inverted back/neckbreaker. Christian is in control wasting away some of Jericho’s time.

Mid match notes:

Jericho gets the crowd behind him and gets to his feet out of a sleeper. He throws elbows but Christian grabs him by the hair and takes him down. Four minutes gone by now as christian places Jericho in a chin lock. Jericho fights back again with some hard chops and a kick to the chest of christian. Christian tries to toss Jericho over the top rope but he lands on his feet. Jericho shoulders christian and then throws him HIGH over the top rope sending christian crashing down hard! Tyson attends to christian but Jericho climbs the top rope and splashes both of them down! 5 plus minutes are gone on Jericho’s clock as WWE take a commercial break.

Evolution is the back:

Evolution is in the back and they do a bit of talking about the whole night. HHH acts a little scared and Batista says he is not scared and then HHH quickly says he is not scared either. HHH bets Batista $100 that he beats his opponent quicker than Batista! Flair says they need to focus on the elimination chamber and make sure both of them make it to the match so Batista can help HHH walk out with the title.

Orton is then interviewed by one of the new chicks. He pretty much says he is going to win quickest and walk out with the title at New Year’s Revolution. His music hits and he heads to the ring to face his mystery opponent!

Referee: Earl Hebner

Randy Orton vs. Maven

The start:

Time to BEAT: 10:47 set by Chris Jericho.

Maven pulls Orton in the corner and wastes some of his time. Orton comes flying back but Maven headlocks him and takes him down with a shoulder block. Orton nails a dropkick and goes to the top but Maven meets him there. Rights and lefts are fired back and forth until Maven thumbs Orton’s eye and kicks him off the apron to the outside. Maven picks Orton up and sends him shoulder first into the steps! Maven rolls him back in the ring and covers him twice for two counts. Maven mounts Orton and nails away on him before mocking Orton to the fans. MAven picks Orton up and gives him a dropkick to the chin. Maven then puts Orton in a body scossor. Orton works his way out of it.

Mid match notes:

Maven nails Orton with a back elbow and then he goes back to the headlock. Orton gets back to his feet but Maven clubs away at his chest with forearms. Orton works back to his feet once more and he elbows away but Maven tosses him to the outside of the ring. Outside the ring Randy Orton fires back and he gives Maven a side Russian legsweep on the hard mat outside! Orton rolls back inside the ring as the crowd chants his name. Maven tries to get back into the ring but Orton pulls him through the second rope and gives him an implant DDT! Orton baseball slide kicks Maven and then tosses him back in the ring. Orton goes to the top rope and he comes off with the cross body! Maven rolls through and grabs the tights but Orton tosses him off. Orton calls for the RKO but Maven reverses into a backslide.

The finish:

Orton reverses the backslide and nails Maven with the RKO. He makes the cover and he gets the win in 6 minutes and 14 seconds!

Winner: Randy Orton in 6:14

Referee: Jack Doan

Non title match

Lita (c) vs. Molly Holly

The match:

Molly slaps Lita early on and she kicks her around a bit. Molly then grabs Lita by the hair and gives her a hair toss helicopter. Molly beats on Lita in the corner until placing her in a choke. Lita reverses into a takedown and she nails Molly with HARD right hands in the face. Lita then stomps on the gut of Molly before droppking her with two clotheslines. Molly gets an elbow up in the corner but as she runs at Lita, Lita kicks her in the gut and gives her a SICK DDT. Lita covers Molly and gets the win.

Winner: Lita

After the match:

Gene Snitsky appears in the ring and Lita books. Snitsky chases her down and they go through the back. She closes a few doors on him until she locks one on him. He says he just wants to play. Bischoff shows up and asks him if he is having fun. He says he is having a blast! Eric says he will have more of a blast at the pay per view, when he faces KANE!

Referee: Mike Chioda

Simon Dean vs. Rosey

The match:

Rosey pulls Simon into the ring knocking him down hard. Rosey takes him down a few times before giving him a huge bodyslam. Rosey whips him off the ropes but Simon sunset flips over him. Rosey does not go down and he sits right on the face of Simon! Rosey rushes at Simon who moves. Simon then works on the leg of Rosey banging it off the ring post. Back in the ring Simon works over the leg of Rosey but Rosey tosses him into the corner. Rosey works on Simon and catches him in mid air slamming him to the ground. Rosey climbs the top rope and goes for a VaderBomb but he misses. simon Dean then puts on a weight belt to help him lift Rosey! He tries, but Rosey falls right on top of him! Rosey then grabs the belt but the referee grabs it. Rosey and the ref toggle with it allowing simon to roll Rosey up for the 3 count!

Winner: Simon Dean

Referee: Chad Patton

Edge vs. Eugene

The start:

Time to BEAT: 6:14

Edge hammers away while Eugene is playing the crowd. He rolls him up twice and then gives him a backslide, all for two counts. Edge clubs away on eugene who didn’t even get his jacket off yet. Edge whips Eugene who reverses and gives Edge a hip toss followed by a drop toe hold. Eugene works on the arm of Edge who bats him away and clubs Eugene with hard right hands. Eugene is whipped to the ropes but he holds on, Edge runs at him but misses and goes flying to the outside. Eugene takes off his jacket and Edge rips the security rail in anger. Edge gets back in control in the ring with clubbing blows. Edge gives Eugene a snapmare takeover and places him in a headlock wearing him down.

Eugene fights back but Edge grabs the hair and takes Eugene down for a two count. Edge picks eugene up and gives him a standing dropkick for another two count. Edge then goes to a rear chin lock as the clock is down to 2 and a half minutes to beat Orton’s time. Eugene works his way out the back of Edge and he drops him with the electric chair drop! Eugene almost gets the 3 count. Eugene is whipped off the ropes but he runs opposite of Edge! the two run like idiots until Eugene goes outside the ring to give the fans high fives! Edge is pissed off as Eugene is wasting time! Edge comes out of the ring to chase Eugene. Eugene dissapears under the ring! Edge stands in the ring huffing and puffing. Eugene comes out the other side of the ring and tells the crowd to shush. Edge kicks him in the back of the head!

Mid match notes:

Back in the ring Edge covers for two. He and Eugene go back and forth. Eugene goes for a rock bottom and stunner but doesn’t get it. Edge nails the spear but Eugene flies out of the ring! The clock expires on Edge as he did not beat Orton’s time! Edge snaps and goes outside the ring and he beats Eugene’s head off the stairs numerous times. Back in the ring Edge thinks he has it all figured out but Eugene nails him with a stunner!!!!!!!

The finish:

Eugene makes the cover slowly but only gets a two count. Eugene snaps and goes buck wild on Edge but he misses a blow and hits his knee off the top turnbuckle. Edge works on his knee and then places him in a modified Figure Four leglock. Eugene screams in pain before finally tapping!

Winner: Edge, but did NOT beat Orton’s time

Bischoff is on the phone with someone.

He is talking to this person and he says “you will be hear tonight?” With the flights being cancelled all around the country and he didn’t think his special referee will show up. Coach shows up and gives Eric a late Christmas present of Coach sunglasses! He puts them on Eric, who does not look happy to see the coach. Eric takes them off and asks the coach why he is here. The Coach says he wants to know who the special guest referee is! Eric says he will be surprised like everyone else, but when all the elimination chamber members find out, they will NOT be happy about it.

Referee: Jack Doan

Chris Benoit vs. Viscera

The start:

Time to BEAT: 6:14

The two men lock up and Viscera backs Benoit into the corner quickly. He chucks Benoit across the ring. They lock up again and Benoit goes for the arm but Viscera clubs him down hard. Benoit gets the arm, Viscera misses a clothesline, Benoit hits him with a baseball slide dropkick but then runs into a back elbow. Benoit comes chopping but Viscera nails him with a spinning heel kick!

Viscera gets on top of Benoit and he forearms away at him. Benoit gets to his feet and throws elbows to no avail. Viscera tosses him outside the ring wasting Benoit’s clock time. Viscera slams Benoit against the security rail before clubbing the back if his head some more. Benoit chops back and rolls into the ring where he clubs away at Viscera. He makes a run at Viscera who nails him with a modified Samoan drop. (sick)

Benoit comes off the ropes and gets the arm of Viscera but Viscera picks him up and gives him a sidewalk slam. Benoit gets squashed in the corner from Viscera and Benoit falls flaty on his face.

The finish:

Viscera makes at Benoit with a 1 minute and 45 seconds remaining. Benoit ducks and nails a german suplex on Viscera! He quickly jumpa at the opportunity and puts Viscera in the crossface with a 1 minute and 40 seconds remianing! Viscera stays in the hold for what seems like ages! With only 30 seconds left on the clock, Viscera finally taps! Benoit has the new lead time!

Winner Chris Benoit in 5:4!

Stacy comes to the ring!

Stacy gets on the mic and starts to thank the fans for an awesome 2004 year. She says she will bend over forwards and backwards for the fans in 2005. At this time, Muhammed Hassan and Khosrow Daivari hit the ring. Stacy goes to say she is not finished, but Daivari grabs the mic and tells her off in Arabic screaming at her! He then gives the mic to Hassan who puts on a CLASS A promo (you have to see it to believe it, it was excellent.) If you didn’t see it, it was basically about predjudice but it made some really excellent point. Hassan is totally solid on the mic.

While he was talking Daivari made his way to the booth of J.R and the King. He takes control of the talking and says that it’s people like these two guys that make Americ so hateful, the good old boys, filling people’s heads with propaganda. King gets up and says he is going to propoganda Daivari’s face with his first! Hassan tosses King on the table twice and when J.R tries to get involved Diavari clocks him across the face! Hassan and Diavari then stand in front of The King and the King stands tall but does not fight. When we come back from commercial, J.R has a nice shiner on his cheek.

Referee: Mike Chioda

Batista vs. Rhyno

The match:

Time to BEAT for Batista: 5:43

The two men lock up and Batista gets control early. Rhyno reverses and the two go back and forth with head holds before Batista takes Rhyno down hard with a shoulder block. Batista slaps the face of Rhyno telling him to get the hell up. Rhyno clocks him across the face and Batista looks pissed off. Rhyno comes off the ropes and nails Batista with a NASTY Gore! He only gets a two count though but Rhyno regains control with kicks to the gut but he runs right into a Batista spinebuster!

Batista picks Rhyno up and drops him with the sit down powerbomb. There is still 3 minutes left so he says he is going to drop Rhyno again since he wants HHH to have the fastest time. Batista lifts Rhyno up and drops him again. He pins Rhyno and has a new record time!

Winner: Batista with a new record time of 3:02

Special Guest Referee?

Bischoff is talking to Candice when the Coach comes in. He says the special guest referee is HERE! Bischoff asks how he knows and the Coach says “How can I not know?!” the two have a laugh and smile and Hassan and Daivari come in. They say they want J.R and the King in the ring next week. Bischoff says he cannot do that but next week they will have a debate instead! Hassan is upset with the debate but Daivari convinces him in Arabic that it is a good thing. Bischoff leaves to greet his guest referee.

HHH is in the back bitching to flair about Batista’s time. Batista comes in and HHH asks what the hell he thinks he is doing by beating the clock. Batista said Rhyno pissed him off, so he did what he had to do and he is sorry. HHH goes on a tirade and Batista says “NOW, YOU are starting to piss me off.” Huge pop for this. Flair calms the two down.

When we come back from commercial, all the men who wrestled earlier and won are sitting at ringside to watch the Game take on his opponent. Batista has the quickest time at 3:02 for the man to be released last in the Elimination Chamber. HHH comes to the ring and gets on the apron staring down all the men who are sitting. Batista is now sitting with them. Shelton Benjamin comes out!!!!

Referee: Mike Chioda

Shelton Benjamin vs. HHH

The match:

Time to BEAT for HHH: 3:02

HHH gets a quick shot in and he unloads on Benjamin before choking him with the ropes in the corner. HHH tosses Benjamin outside the ring before throwing him extremely hard into the steel steps. HHH rolls him back in the ring for a two count. HHH mounts him and punches his lights out before giving him a sick spinebuster for another two count. HHH is in good control but there is only 1:30 remaining as Benjamin counters a sleeper by running the Game into the turnbuckle. HHH kicks Benjamin in the gut and he goes for the Pedigree but Benjamin gives him a back body drop. HHH puts Benjamin in a sleep with 45 seconds left! Bejnamin starts to fall asleep and he starts to faint! With 10 seconds left the referee starts his count, he gets to three with no time left on the clock but Shelton’s foot is on the bottom rope!!!!!!

HHH did not beat the time of Batista! HHH argues with the referee but he gets hit with a stinger splash, Shelton rolls him up for a close 2 count. Benjamin fires away on HHH and he hits his spinning heel kick for another two count. Benjamin catches a kick to the gut and HHH goes for the pedigree but Benjamin reverses into a inverted neck/back breaker! Benjamin climbs the top rope but Flair hits the ring like a maniac! This allows the game to run at Benjamin but Benjmain jumps over him and hits the T-Bone suplex! He covers HHH but Flair still has the referee distracted horribly. Benjamin clocks Flair and then rams his head off the turnbuckle. This allows HHH to get up in time and when Benjamin turns around, HHH nails him with the Pedigree and gets the win!

Winner: HHH, but did not beat Batista’s time

The special referee is…

Eric Bschoff comes to the ramp right after the match and says without further wasting of time, the special guest referee is HBK Shawn Michaels! HBK gloats in his referee suit as all members of the chamber do not like the decision!


– All 6 men in the elimination chamber match had to beat the clock tonight. He who won their match the fastest would be the last let out of their cell at the pay per view.

– All six men won their matches.

– Batista had the fastest time with 3:02 over Rhyno.

– The special guest referee for this match will be Shawn Michaels!

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