WWE RAW Results – January 3, 2004

Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results

Date: Monday, January 3rd, 2005

Location: The Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York

Results by Carl Walsh of PowerWrestling.com

Start of the Show:

Eric Bischoff is shown in an empty room with the WWE World Title and he says this Sunday Raw is going to crown a new world champion. He says last week on Raw, all six men in the match beat the clock, but this week, he says they will all have a chance to beat each other! Batista vs. Benoit, Edge vs. Jericho, and HHH will face off against Randy Orton! We get right down to the action as Batista heads to the ring!

Referee: Chad Patton

Batista vs. Chris Benoit

The start:

The two men lock up and Benoit is thrown to his back early on. They lock again and Benoit is forced to the corner where Batista gets a few shots in to the gut of Benoit. Benoit baseball slides under Batista and gives him a dragon leg whip. Benoit goes for the sharpshooter but gets tossed off. Benoit drops a few chops but Batista picks him and and gives him a backbreakers. Batista removes the buckle padding but Benoit sneaks behind him and nails 3 german suplexes! Benoit climbs the top but gets down as Batista rolls outside of the ring. A fight ensues outside where Batista gains control.

Mid match notes:

Back and forth action until Batista picks Benoit up off the top rope with a fisherman suplex! He holds him high in the air before dropping him and covering for a two count. Batista puts Benoit in a half crab with the knee on the neck of Benoit. Batista picks Benoit’s hand up and slaps it off the mat but the referee stops him. Back up, Benoit tries more chops but he eventually runs into a spinebuster. Batista covers for two separate two counts. Benoit gets to his feet and fights hard, Batista grabs the foot of Benoit, but Benoit pulls off an inzeguiri! Batista tries to get up but Benoit dropkicks him in the face and covers for two. Batista reverses a Benoit hold but Benoit slips over his back and nails another German suplex! Benoit goes to the top and drops the headbutt but only gets a two count on the beast! Benoit comes off the ropes and takes the knees of Batista out with a dropkick. Benoit comes off the ropes but Batista grabs him in a spinebuster but Benoit drops out and lands into the crossface! Batista screams in pain but he is able to STAND to his FEET with Benoit hanging on! Batista takes Benoit to the corner of the exposed turnbuckle and he hits Benoit’s head off it it 4 times before dropping him on it!

The finish:

Batista waits for Benoit to get up and when he does, he kicks him in the gut, lifts him in the air, and drops him with the Batista bomb! Batista makes the cover and gets the victory!

Winner: Batista

Backstage Stuff:

When we come back, Flair is in the back talking up Batista to HHH and how he picked Benoit up out of the crossface. Batista comes in and Flair says the plan is set for the Revolution. Batista says he is behind the Game, but he wants his $100 from last week. HHH looks at Batista and says “huh.” Batista says they made a bet last week and Batista beat his guy quicker, so HHH owes him $100. HHH turns to Flair and tells him to give Batista a hundred bucks. Flair goes to do it but Batista tells him to put it away. Batista says Flair didn’t lose the bet, HHH did and he wants HHH to give him a hundred. HHH, with a smirk on his face, whips out a hundred dollar bill. Batista looks at him and says “when will you get a sense of humor? I’m just joking man” and walks away.

Maria is in the back with Snitsky! Highlights are shown of what Snitsky did to Kane. She asks him how he feels about his match and he says he is surprised actually that Kane is still alive. He says he has a surprise for Kane though. He asks Maria if she likes surprises and then he tells her something in her ear and she runs away. He says he guesses she does not like surprises. He then says he hopes Kane is watching because he has a surprise for him tonight. Because Kane brought it on himself, and whatever happens tonight, IS NOT HIS FAULT.

Edge is in the back with Bischoff and he says he cannot believe Bischoff is doing this to him. Bischoff says he thought Edge and Jericho would have a good match. Edge says it’s not that, but why did Bischoff make HBK the special guest referee? Bischoff says when Edge speared HBK at Taboo Tuesday, he added six weeks to HBK’s recovery time and forced him out of events, which cost Bischoff revenues. Now he is going to make them revenues up by having HBK as the ref. Bischoff then suggests that Edge take his anger out on his opponent because his match.. is NEXT!

Edge vs. Chris Jericho

The start:

The two men lock up and are equal until Jericho gets a mat takedown before putting Edge in an STF and then then putting him in a surfboard! they break and edge gets the upper hand with a right hand. Edge works on Jericho in the corner with forearms but Jericho fights back with hard chops. Jericho knocks Edge down with a back elbow and goes to work until Edge gets a shot to Jericho’s jaw. Jericho baits Edge at the ropes and Edge runs only to get tossed outside! Jericho tries to slide at him but misses and the two clothesline each other down to the mat ass WWE take a commercial break!

Mid match notes:

When we come back, Edge has Jericho in a rib hold after we see that he dropkicked him in the gut. Jericho gets out but Edge kicks him in the gut and gives him a single arm DDT for a two count. Edge goes back to rest holds as he works Jericho over with a painkiller arm wrench. Jericho fights back and gives Edge a hard flying forearm followed by a shoulder block and bulldog! Jericho shakes cobwebs and goes for the lionsault but misses! Jericho however nails a Hurricanranna and gets a two count! Edge hits him but Jericho nails Edge again and then drops him with the inzeguiri! Edge falls on the ropes and Jericho goes for his running knee but Edge gets up and boots Jericho right in the face! Edge covers but only gets a two count. Edge goes for the spike DDT but Jericho reverses and getsd the northern lights suplex for two! Jericho pulls Edge down and goes for the wall but Edge kicks him off! Jericho then nails Edge with the falling headlock slam and he punts Edge in the ribs! Jericho climbs the top, Edge meets him, but Jericho drops him face first! Jericho comes flying off the top rope but misses! Edge sets up for the spear now but Jericho leapfrogs it and edge crashes face first into the turnbuckle!

The finish:

Jericho, after diving away from the spear, jumps on the shoulders of Edge and goes for the victory roll. However, the roll only gets halfway through and Edge has the legs of Jericho. He grabs the ropes and uses them to get the 3 count!

Winner: Edge

Orton says he will win!

Coach is in the back and he recaps the matches tonight thus far. He then says, can Randy Orton beat HHH? Orton shows up and says that in 2004 HHH took everything from him, but in 2005, Randy Orton will take all that HHH has! He says that will start tonight as he will get the 1,2,3, with the RKO.

Referee: Mike Chioda

Non Title Match

Sylvan Grenier vs. Shelton Benjamin

Before the match, Maven hits the ramp as Shelton Bejmain ins about to get into the ring. Maven sits down with J.R in the King and La Resistance gets the upper hand on Benjamin.

The match:

Grenier is in control early as shelton was distracted. Grenier gets Shelton in a hold as Maven says he has been calling shelton for two weeks to ask for a title shot. Full nelson of Benjamin from Grenier. Benjmain gets up and the two exchange rights and lefts until shelton drops Grenier with a back body drop and forearm! Shelton then nails the stinger splash but Conway gets on the apron and distracts him. This allows Grenier to hit a dropkick on Benjmain who runs into Conway. Grenier goes to apologize to Conway but Shelton leapfrogs him and smashes Conway with a double axehandle smash. He then does his super spinning heel kick to Grenier and follows up with the T-Bone exploder suplex to get the victory.

Winner; The Intercontinental Champion: Shelton Benjamin

After the match, Shelton stares Maven down hard and Maven yells that he will have Benjamin in 6 days!

Arab-American Debate!

J.R and the King are announced with cheerts and then Hassan and Daivari make their way to the ring filled with boos. Since this really will not be all that much fun, I’m going to hit the high point and tell you if any action happens:

– First question for Hassan and Daivari: Do you feel Arab American’s have been persecuted in this country since 9/11?

USA chants all over as Hassan tries to speak. Hassan says America is a racist nation. He says this country was founded on slavery. He says they have been discriminated against post AND pre 9/11. He says American’s used the tragedy As an EXCUSE to display their discrimination. He says if they went to the Times Square new years bash they would have been questioned, searched, harrassed, or worse.

The King is asked to rebuttal. He says are there racists in this country? Absolutely. He says however, they are all over the world! He says he has no problem with Hassan speaking his mind, but last week he called the tropps cowards, he says that is unacceptable. He says these people don’t hate them because they are Arabs, but because they are loud mouthed Jackasses! Daivari goes nuts in Arabic. Hassan says most Arab Americans are not like him, in fact, most Arab Americans make him sick! “Asshole” chants prevail. Hassan says he will not embrace a racist nation. J.R shakes his head and Hassan tells him that J.R is the kind of guy he is talking about. Hassan says that it pisses J.R off that Hassan is just as American as him, as apple pie, as Mickey Mantel, as J.R’s Sooners! He says J.R, behind his back, badmouths Hassan and his people. J.R says that there is no perfect country in the world, but as far as J.R is concerned, in America, you love it, or BY GOD YOU LEAVE IT!

Hassan gets in the face of J.R and the King and he strikes J.R in the face! King tries to help but he is held up! Daivari holds The King as Hassan takes off his belt and punches the King in the gut and then right across the face with it. King goes flying to the outside of the ring and he is busted open! Hassan then chokes J.R with the belt as Daivari screams in Arabic until the King gets to his feet and takes his belt off trying to scare them off. King can barely walk, but Hassan and Daivari laugh and walk away!

When we come back it’s the Coach by himself as J.R and The King are being tended to.

Referee: Jack Doan

Trish Stratus vs. Victoria

The match:

Trish starts things off early with some insane pummeling of victoria in the corner. Trish flips her by the hair and then lifts her by the hair and slams her on her back. Trish covers for a two count. Victoria fights back but Trish gains control and chokes Victoria down in the corner. Trish picks her up by the hair and lifts her into a choke on the top rope! Trish is very aggressiver as she kicks away at Victoria giving her no chance to catch her breath. Trish drops Victoria on the bottom rope and she goes for the bulldog but Victoria drops her with a back drop suplex. Victoria gets a roll-up for a two count. Victoria then starts to nail Trish with rights, lefts, and clotheslines! Victoria takes Trish down and shakes her ass. She goes for her moonsault but Trish gets the knees up. Trish then kicks Victoria right in the head and she covers her for the win!

Winner: Trish Stratus

After the match:

Trish says Lita should take a good look at this because all the hard work Lita had done will be for nothing when Trish breaks yet another record and becomes the 6 time Women’s champion! this bring Lita to the ring who slaps Trish right in the face! the two get into it like nuts! Lita gains the upper hand in the corner as she chokes the life out of Trish. Lita rolls Trish over and she punches the crap out of her face! At this point in time, pyro’s go off and both girls look on stunned, what the hell is going on? Lita starts to choke the LIFE out of Trish but Snitsky hits the ring! Snitsky gets a slap in the face from Lita but this allows Trish to kick Lita right in the face. Snitsky smiles at Trish and then goes to grab a chair! He pulls Lita towards the ropes and it looks as if he is going to break Lita’s neck! The music of Kane hits though and he is BACK!!! Snitsky meets Kane halfway up the ramp and the two exchange blows. Kane gets the upper hand and smashes Snitsky’s face off the steps! Snitsky hightails it out through the crowd as Kane stares him on. Back in the ring, Kane helps Lita up and Lita looks a bit scared but she smiles. Kane tells Lita he is going to kick Snitsky’s ass. She seems somewhat happy to see him but the two do not embrace.

Coach says that J.R and the King have been take off to be looked at but he confirms that The King will go one on one with Hassan this Sunday!

Christy is shown in the back and she is doing a photo shoot and it looks pretty damn good. Eugene shows up and tells her she has pretty red hair like Lindsay Lohan. He says Lindsay is here in Long Island! Hemme then asks if he likes Lohan and he says he does! She asks him to sing and he turns on his walkman and sings the start to one of her songs! Regal shows up and asks him to stop singing. He says he has a match against Christian next! Christy asks Regal if she can get eugene pumped up a bit. Regal agrees. Christy walks off with Eugene and Regal looks around and then picks up the headphones! He puts them on and starts singing Lindsay Lohan songs! (that rumors starting one..) CLASSIC FUNNY STUFF. eugene and Christy come back and catch him in the act!

Referee: Mike Chioda

Christian vs. Eugene

The start:

The two men lock up and Eugene gets the upper hand with a shoulder block. He then “Hogan’s it” and that costs him until Christian runs off the ropes and Eugene picks him above his head and slams him! Cover by Eugene for a two count. Eugene bangs the head of Christian off of all three turnbuckles. Eugene climbs the top but Tyson grabs his foot allowing Christian to throw him off. Christian throws Eugene to the outside and Tyson slams him into the ring. Back in the ring, Christian gets Eugene in a headlock and works him over a bit slapping him in the head. Eugene gathers strength and nails christian with the Rock bottom!

Mid match notes:

Eugene makes the cover but only gets a two count. Eugene snaps and gives Christian an airplane spin but Christian rolls out and goes for the unprettier. Eugene reverses and places Christian in a double chicken wing. He drops Christian and tosses Tomko out of the ring who came running at him! Tyson tries to climb back in but Regal holds his foot and Eugene clocks him!

The finish:

Tyson Tomko gets up and nails Regal right in the mouth causing him to bleed. Eugene and christian go through several pin combos for two counts. Eugene is in the corner and Christian runs at him but Eugene jumps up and rolls him up! christian however does not roll all the way and Tyson grabs his hand allowing him to pin Eugene!

Winner: Christian

Batista jokes some more..

Flair and Batista are ready to go to the ring with HHH until he tells them that he is going out alone tonight. He says that at Revolution, he will need to face four other men and he will need Batista’s help, but tonight, it’s only one man and he is going to prove that Orton was just a tag along for Evolution. Batista agrees and Flair gets ready to head to the ring. Flair leaves and Batista says they will sit back and watch HHH do his thing… unless Orton starts to really kick his ass.. Batista smiles and the Game turns back around and Batista slaps him jokingly on the chest and says “but we know that won’t happen.” He then tells HHH to lighten up!

This just in: J.R is back at the announcer table!

Referee: Chad Patton

Randy Orton vs. HHH

The start:

The two men stare each other down for a bit until they lock up. HHH gains control early with a knockdown but Orton leapfrogs and nails a dropkick! Orton takes control and then rolls HHH up with a cradle out of the corner for a two count. Orton clocks HHH with a forearm and covers him again. HHH gets a boot to Orton in the corner and he takes control with some clubbing blows. The two exchange back and forth in the corner and then fight to the other corner, it’s a fist fight! Orton goes for an early RKO but HHH rolls out of the ring and regroups with Flair!

Mid match notes:

When we come back Orton is on top of HHH in the corner giving him a ton of blows to the face. Orton then pulls HHH off the corner and whips him over the corner rope to the outside! Orton follows and tosses HHH back in the ring. Flair gets into it a little and calls for Orton but Orton ignores but it’s just enough time for HHH to give Orton a hangman. Orton fights back with a shoulder block but HHH comes off the ropes and nails Orton off the apron sending him into the security railing!

Flair gets involved on the outside and he stomps away on the ribs of Orton. Back in the ring HHH works on the ribs before kicking Orton right in the ribs! HHH is in totla control of Orton in the corner with shoulder charges to the ribs of Orton. HHH pulls Orton out of the corner and drops him for a two count. HHH throws Orton off the ropes and knees him right in the ribs flipping Orton over. HHH covers Orton twice more but only for two counts. Orton is thrown to the outside as Flair gets in the ring to distract the referee. HHH goes to injure the ribs of Orton more but Orton slips out and throws HHH into the steps and ringpost head and knee first. HHH gets back in the ring and makes a run at Orton who gets a knee up. The two men exchange like mad dogs until Orton gets the better of it and hits a european uppercut followed by a powerslam for a two count. Orton then drops HHH with the inverted backbreaker and it’s another two count!

Orton climbs the top rope and he crashes onto HHH with the high cross body! He covers but only gets a two count! Orton calls for the RKO, but HHH ducks out and puts on a sleeper, Orton reverses into a sleepr and then bangs HHH’s head off the buckle before going to a super sleep! The Game moves Randy around until Orton and the referee collide head to head! the referee is down and HHH is given the ring bell by Flair! HHH wait and goes to take a swing but misses! Orton knocks him down, punches Flair in the face and then clocks HHH with the ring bell! Orton is standing tall until Batista comes to the ring and nails him with a clothesline! Benoit intercepts Batista and take himk outside the ring where he bangs his head off the steps!

The Finish:

Shawn Michaels comes to the ring! He has a referee shirt on! He looks at the fallen ref and decides he is going to take over for his own. However, as he is checking on him, Edge comes to the ring and sets up for a spear on HBK who does not see him! Edge runs for the spear but he is knocked over by Chris Jericho! Jericho tosses Edge outside the ring and then throws himself over the rope rope landing on both Batista and Edge! HHH gets up and sees HBK and he starts to argue with him. Randy gets behind HBK and calls for the RKO! He goes for it but HHH throws him off and goes for the pedigree! Orton sweeps his legs out and flips over for a pin but only gets a two count. When both men get up, Randy Orton nails the RKO on HHH. HBK makes the count and Randy Orton wins the match!

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