WWE RAW Results – January 10, 2005

Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results

Date: Monday, January 10th, 2005

Location: The Office Depot Center in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Results by Carl Walsh of PowerWrestling.com

Start of the Show:

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the NEW World Heavyweight champion; HHH!

HHH walks to the ring in a suit, Flair closely behind. The Game has some cuts on his forehead but is all smiles with the world title around his shoulder.

HHH gets on the mic and asks the crowd to hear their excuses. He says “come on, let me hear it?” Is it politics? Favoritism? He says there is NO man who can do what he can. He says go ahead, name one, I don’t care what show, what title they have, and so on and so forth. He says there is a sign that says “HHH is God” in the crowd. He says in this ring, he must just be. He then goes on to talk about the match last night and then mentions that he is now a 10 time champion. He says people in 2004 thought the Game was over when Chris Benoit got lucky, but now it is 2005 and one bestseller, one hit movie, and one world title later, he seems to be doing pretty good.

Flair gets on the mic and hits up HHH a bit. HHH then gets back on the mic and he talks about a team player, a man who is part of Evolution, and HHH is proud to say that he is a friend of this BEAST; Batista!

Batista comes out in a suit as well as HHH claps for him inside the ring. As soon as Batista hits the ring, Randy Orton’s music hits and he comes to the ring as well. He stops on the ramp with a mic in hand and he has something to say. Orton says he is sorry to interupt HHH’s love story, but he is telling only one side of the story. HHH stops him and tells him that celebrations are for winners, and Orton is a loser. Randy Orton says he got pinned by HHH, but AFTER Batista had been eliminated and Batista helped illegaly. Orton says that Batista has HHH’s back but it’s sad that HHH does not have his and he has the footage to prove it. HHH questions him and says he has no such footage of himself NOT helping Batista in a time of need. HHH says that he has no such footage and they should just leave. HHH goes to leave but Batista grabs him by the arm and says he wishes to see the footage. Randy rolls the footage and we see the clip last night of when Orton RKO’ed Batista and pinned him. HHH was in the corner at the time and could have clearly gotten up to help Batista but he fell back down and did not help.

HHH makes a bunch of excuses about how his knees buckled and he lost a lot of blood. HHH is clearly lying! Orton says Batista does not believe him and neither does he. He says “you had no energy?” Then check this out! It shows HHH after the match celebrating with plenty of energy. Orton goes on to DEMAND a world title match tonight but Bischoff comes out and cuts him off.

Bischoff says that Orton deserves a title shot, and so does Batista, so they will face in a number one contender’s match tonight. HHH tries to say that Orton cannot challenge him for the title but Bischoff says that was all liften when HHH lost the title!

Referee: Mike Chioda

Royal Rumble Qualifier

Shelton Benjamin vs. Maven

The match:

Maven gets right down to business slamming into Shelton early. MAven then gets tossed into a corner and Shelton goes for the Stinger Splash but MAven moves and Shelton jumps on the ropes. The ref’s back is turned and Maven nails Shelton in the crotch extremely hard. Maven then hits a neckbreaker and goes for the pin but gets a two count. MAven does a few arm drags and take downs but Shelton fights back with right hands before giving Maven a a HIGH back body drop followed by a knockdown. Maven is in the corner and Shelton nails him with the stinger splash! He goes for the T-Bone suplex but Maven backs out it with elbows. Shelton goes to kick Maven who yells “not tonight” and he whips Shelton’s leg but Shelton does his whipping leg kick bouncing Maven off the ropes. Maven comes back off the ropes and Shelton nails him with the T-Bone exploder suplex to get the win!

Winner and Rumble Qualifier: Shelton Benjamin

Hassan comes to the ring:

Muhammed Hassan comes to the ring with Daivari and they stop and take a look at the announce table where King proceeds to get up and offer up a fight. J.R tells him to sit down because this is not the time or place.

Hassan gets on the mic and talks a bunch of junk then Daivari does the same but Hurricane comes out to stop this mess!

Referee: Jack Doan

Muhammed Hassan vs. The Hurricane

The match:

Hurricane starts it off early making Hassan miss. Daivari distracts though and Hassan is able to get a nasty clothesline on the Hurricane before going for a pin for a two count. Hassan places Hurricane in a headlock but Hurricane fights out using his head. Hassan whips Hurricane off the ropes who ducks a blow and nails a side kick, clothesline, and a neckbreaker. The Hurricane goes to get Daivari off the ropes and he scares him off. Hurricane goes for the shining wizard but misses allowing Hassan to hit his face plant finisher. Hassan covers the Hurricane and gets the win.

Winner: Muhammed Hassan

Batista in the back:

Batista is sitting on a coach thinking stuff over when HHH comes in. HHH tells him despite everything that has been said tonight, and despite all the crap that Orton put in his head, HHH has his back tonight against Randy Orton. He says it won’t only be an honor to fight with Batista in the ring, but Batista also deserves it as well. Batista asks him if he means that and HHH says he does.

Referee: Chad Patton

Royal Rumble Qualifier

Rhyno vs. Edge

The start:

Edge starts it off early with some clubbing blows but Rhyno reverses and works over Edge in the corner with shoulder charges before dropping him with a back body drop. Edge is on the apron and Rhyno makes a run at him but Edge clubs him in the face with a forearm. Back in the ring Edge gives Rhyno a back body slide and takes him down bowing him around the ringpost. Edge is in control kicking around Rhyno before placing him in a neck and choke hold. Rhyno fights his way to his feet with right hands only to get taken down again. Rhyno fights back some more and finally gets a shoulder block taking Edge down. Edge runs at Rhyno in the corner but Rhyno gets a shoulder up. Rhyno then powerslams Edge and covers him for a two count.

Mid match notes/Finish:

Rhyno picks Edge up off the ground and he plants him with a back body suplex fror another close two count. Rhyno sets up for the Gore but he runs right into the boot of Edge. Edge sets up in the other corner for his spear and he nails Rhyno with it! Edge then places Rhyno in that submission move that we have seen as of late. Before long, Rhyno taps!

Winner: Edge

The AfterMath:

Edge grabs the mic and says people think he should be really happy right now, qualifying for the Royal Rumble and all, but what would have made him happier is if he was not superkicked and cost the world title last night at NYR! Edge then tells HBK to get his primadonna ass out here!

When we come back from commercial Edge is still yelling for HBK to come out again. He says they are back from commercial so now Shawn can come out to get his precious TV time. Edge goes through all the lists of being screwed and tells HBK to get his ass out there now. The music of HBK hits!

HBK says for a guy who complains so much about being “screwed”, Edge sure is bitter. Edge asks if that is a joke, HBK says it’s a shame. HBK says that he doesn’t like Edge because Edge complains about everything and feels the world should roll over and give him everything. HBK starts to talk about how everyone was out for him at one time too. “You screwed Bret” chants start in the front row. HBK addresses them and tells them Canadians to stay in their own damn country. The crowd pops! HBK tells the guys that he is getting TV time, so they need to buzz of! Classic. HBK then turns to Edge and tells him he needs to stop complaining about the past and start looking toward the future instead. HBK says Edge needs to win the Rumble, go to WrestleMania and EARN the world title. HBK asks if any of this is getting through to Edge. Edge says he does need to look to the future, and maybe he needs to slap some sense into himself, but he likes this idea much better (slaps Michaels in the face) The two get into it and brawl all over the place as the officials try to separate them!

When we come back from commercial HBK and Edge are STILL brawling all over the merchandise stands in the arena!

Please welcome: Simon Dean!

Simon comes to the ring and says the state of Florida is known for so many great things. Their lovely beach, warm weather, and now, their over population of ugly fat people. He says their beaches are filled with so many fat people that Simon thinks they are beached wales! Simon says he can change all that with one of his NEW fat burning pills. He says the sad news is that he does not have enough to give all the fat bohemoths in Florida. But one lucky superstar will get a free sample tonight. He says he is thinking of a 300 plus pound man, known to wear a mask, you know the freak he is talking about. (Everyone thinks it is Rosey) But the music of KANE hits! Simon Dean is shaking like a leaf in the ring as Kane appraoches. Kane takes one of the pills and smiles as if he likes it but Kane then makes a sour face and spits it out! He says it’s the worst thing he has ever tasted, he asks Simon if he has actually tried one! Simon tries one and Kane shoves a ton in his mouth before punching them all out! Kane beats on Simon in the corner but Simon ducks under a blow and strikes Kane who is not phased at all! Kane gives Simon a big boot and grabs Simon’s weight belt! simon gets a shot in on him but Kane chokes him and toys with him about to chokeslam him until Snitsky gives Kane a chair shot to the spine followed by a club to the throat. Kane is bleeding from the mouth and it seems that Snitsky re-injured his throat. Snitsky grabs the weight belt from Simon Dean and he whips Kane all over with it as Kane is bleeding badly from the mouth. Snitsky leaves as the damage is done as we go to commercial break with Kane bleeding from the mouth in the ring!

Flair believes Batista believes Orton:

Flair comes in the office of HHH and he tells HHH that he thinks Orton is getting to Batista. He says they need to do something about all of this because they need Batista on his side. HHH says he wants Flair to go tell Batista that his record has not been stellar against Randy Orton. Flair says he will do it then turns asround and says “Wait, you want me to tell him THAT?” HHH says Batista does good with negative reinforcement. Flair agrees and goes to tell Batista this.

Referee: Mike Chioda

Christian and Tyson Tomko vs. Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho

The start:

Jericho and Christian start things off in this tag team match up. The two lock up and Christian gets the early hand with some rights followed by a side headlock. Jericho fights out only to get knocked down by Christian. Christian comes off the ropes but Jericho sweeps his legs and goes for an early walls. Christian pushes out but Jericho gains control with knife edge chops to the chest of Christian. Jericho eventually nails a running inzeguiri but he cannot capitalize as he is hurt from last night. He tags Benoit though who chops Christian and takes hiwn down with a forearm. Christian reverses in the corner to work on the ribs and torso of Benoit. Christian scoop slams Benoit and gets a two count. Christian goes for a diving splash but misses allowing Benoit to hit a snap suplex.

Mid match notes:

Tyson is tagged in and he and Benoit go back and forth a bit until Tomko gains control slamming Benoit to the mat VERY hard. Benoit fights back and is about to tag but Tyson clocks Jericho in the face. Tyson throws Benoit to the ropes where Christian low balls him sending Benoit to the outside. Tyson then regains control in the ring as Benoit’s injured ribs are in trouble. Tomko works over Benoit some more before giving him a powerslam. Tomko covers but Jericho breaks the count. Christian is tagged and Benoit is in more bad shape as Christian throws blows to the ribs of Christian. Benoit tries to fight back but it is to no avail as Christian isolates him while distracting Jericho. Tyson is tagged back in and he covers Benoit for a two count before placing him in a reverse chin lock.

Tyson sets up for a big boot but misses allowing Benoit to nail him with a release german suplex! Jericho is tagged and he goes buck wild on Tomko taking him down with a drop toe hold followed by his knee. Somewhere in there he clocked Christian in the mouth before giving him the springboard dropkick. Jericho nails the bulldog on Tomko but he misses the lionsault before running into a right hand from Christian allowing Tyson to give Jericho the Bossman Slam. He covers but Benoit breaks the count!

The Finish:

All four men hit the ring and Benoit nails away on Christian with chops. Christian gets in a blow and holds Benoit for Tyson. Tyson runs at Benoit but Benoit ducks and Tyson kicks Christian off the ropes! Christian bounces off right into the crossface and Tomko turns around into the Walls of Jericho! both men tap!

Winners: Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho

Batista did not like the motivation..

Flair returns to the office of the champ and tells HHH that Batista was not happy about the words of motivation. Flair says he thinks Batista is doubting the backing of Flair and HHH. HHH says he will PROVE tonight that he is backing Batista all the way because they are Evolution, damnit!

Referee: Candice Michelle

Lingerie Pillow Fight

Maria vs. Christy Hemme

The match:

It was awesome. Lilian got involved and all the girls whacked people with pillows. It ended when Lilian and Christy wheel barreled Maria and Christy did an awesome flipping pin thingy bridge awesome. It was sweet. Big pop when Lilian grabbed a pillow and fought.

Winner: Christy Hemme

Referee: Earl Hebner

Number One Contender’s Match

Randy Orton vs. Batista

HHH and Flair come to ringside as they claim they have Batista’s back tonight!

The start:

Collar and elbow tie up to start the match, the two men are equal until Batista throws Orton off the ropes and plants him down hard. Randy Orton fights back with rights and left, then he slides out of a powerslam kicking Batista in the chest but as he comes off the ropes, Batista knocks him down hard again. Batista works over Orton in the corner with elbows nearly beheading Orton before choking him against the ropes with the use of his knee. Batista is in control until Orton gives him a standing drop kick sending the monster to the outside! HHH and Flair go attend to Batista as WWE go to a commercial break.

Mid match Notes:

When we come back, Orton was railing on Batista but Batista turned the tables on the outside of the ring by taking Orton down hard. Batista rolls Orton back in the ring and covers him for a two count. Batista then hammers away on the forehead of Orton before slamming him shoulder first into the steel post. Batista then takes full control working over Orton on the outside before dropping him with a neck breaker in the middle of the ring for a two count. Batista places Orton in a choke and Orton inches his way to the ropes finally making it there. This pisses Batista off who clubs Orton in the back several times before kicking him in the head. Batista picks up Orton and drops him with a powerslam for an EXTREMELY close two count as Orton will NOT give up.

Orton STARTS to finally fight back but Batista plants him with a spinebuster ending his hopes. Batista then sets up for the powerbomb but Orton fights his way out and hits a DDT planting Batista’s head right into the mat! Orton pulls himself up as Batista gets to his feet. Batista makes a run at Batista but Orton drop toe holds him onto the turnbuckle. Orton fires away in the corner with viscious right hands followed by a ton of stomps to the ribs. Flair gets on the apron but Orton knocks him down and hits Batista with the neck and back breaker. Orton calls for the RKO but Flair is on the aprong yet again as Hebner tries to hold him out of the ring. Orton goes for the RKO but Batista throws him off!

The Finish:

HHH gets on the apron with a chair as he is trying to give it to Batista. Batista screams at HHH that he does not need the damned chair! He will NOT take it! Meanwhile, Orton crashes into Batista knocking him into the chair and HHH at the same time sending HHH flying off the apron. Orton rolls up Batista and gets the 3 count!

Winner and Number one Contender: Randy Orton

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