WWE RAW Results – February 7, 2005

Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results

Date: Monday, February 7th, 2005

Location: The Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan

Results by PowerWrestling.com

Start of the Show:

For the first time ever, Jim Ross welcomes us to Tokyo, Japan! The night starts with Eric Bischoff coming to the ring. “He’s back and better than ever..” still. A course of boos meet the GM as he heads into the ring. Bischoff says he is one of the most powerful and respected men in wrestling and he is the General Manager of Raw. A guy next to him translates and the crowd boos even more. Bischoff says they are going to make history by broadcasting from Tokyo, Japan! He says they will bring them the biggest Raws anyone has ever seen, tonight we will see icon vs. icon as Ric Flair fights HBK, Shawn Michaels! The crowd pops HUGE for HBK! He then promotes the world heavyweight championship match as well. For some reason, people boo the translator. Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho needs no translation he said!

Submission Match

Referee: Jack Doan

Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho

The music of Chris Benoit hits and he is met with a chorus of cheers! Jericho heads to the ring for this special submission match!

The start:

The two men lock up and meet in the corner. Collar and elbow tie up takes them to the outside of the ring where they break. They climb back in and the two shove and talk nose to nose. They are separated and continue again. Waist lock take down by Jericho, quickly countered, the two lock again and they chain wrestle and reverse to the crowd’s delight. Benoit gets an early advantage with a hammer lock but Jericho rolls out and goes for an early walls, it does not work. The men roll through, both trying to gain submissions, they roll out and the fans pop huge. They lock up again and Jericho throws some clubbing blows before dropping Benoit on the top rope, Jericho goes for the springboard but Benoit tosses him over the ropes. Both men are on the apron, and they start climbing the ropes together and battling. Rights, lefts and headbutts are thrown until both men go flying off the second rope and land hard on the outside.

Mid Match Notes:

When we come back from commercial, Jericho goes down hard from a chop from Benoit. Benoit nails a snap suplex slamming Jericho to the mat. The two men chop back and forth until Benoit slaps a german suplex on Jericho, hitting one before Jericho gets a arm and rib cage hold on Benoit, who does not submit. Benoit counters with a semi overhead belly to belly suplex. Benoit follows up with two german suplexes before Jericho gives him a drop toe hold counter into a half boston crab. Benoit is in pain and reaching for the ropes as Jericho is a little bloody from the headbutts. Benoit makes the ropes and uses them to place Jericho is a sharpshooter from the ground. It fails, so Benoit clubs him in the back and gives him 3 consecutive german suplexes! Both men are down as Doan counts for some reason. Benoit is up first and he calls for the headbutt! He climbs the top rope and nails the headbutt right on the arm and lower back of Jericho. Benoit gets up first and he goes for the crossface but Jericho gives him a jawbreaker followed by a clothesline. Jericho goes for the lionsault, but lands on his feet and goes for the walls, both men battle until Jericho gives Benoit a slingshot into the corner. Jericho makes a run at Benoit but he runs right into a crippler crossface! Jericho crawls to the ropes in pain, bleeding, inching close and closer. Jericho makes the break and goes for the walls of Jericho but the two man tangle up. Benoit gets the arm of Jericho through his legs and he locks the crossface yet again!

The finish:

Benoit moves his way around the body of Jericho trying to make the crossface even more painful. Jericho’s body is contorted and his head is busted open, he has no choice but to tap out!

Winner: Chris Benoit

The two men shake hands to the delight of the Japan crowd!

WWE Superstars talk about the tour..

Highlights are shown of the tour of Japan as we get to see some beautiful sights. The fans are extremely excited and they all thank the WWE.

We cut to Evolution in the back as Flair talks about how the ladies were treating him well last night. He says they run the wrestling world, even Japan. Flair says they are all going to win their matches tonight. HHH seems a little off, Flair asks him what is wrong. HHH says he’s been thinking about Batista, and he says the more he thinks about it, maybe Batista should stay here. He can’t make up his mind on what he wants Batista to do. Flair says what HHH said was genius (about Batista going to Smackdown and winning that title) Flair goes on to talk about ruling both rosters, HHH says he is going to talk to Batista about the whole idea.


Christian is walking around with a Japanese reporter, he says that he loves all his peeps here in Japan, or as he likes to call them; “jeeps.” They end up walking into Stacy Kiebler and Christian tells the Japanese guy that she can answer some questions about him. The guy asks Stacy where he can talk to Randy Orton! Christian says that Randy Orton is not a legend because he has not defeated Christian. He also poses a lot, and thirdly, he is one head shot away from ending his career! Stacy steps in and also asks the reporter to write a fourth fact, that Randy Orton can beat Christian’s butt anytime! Christian tells the guy not to write that and talks to Stacy about a match tonight. When Stacy leaves, Tyson asks Christian why he wants to face Orton tonight and Christian says “I’m not, you are.” Christian then says he has a plan to make the front page of the papers tomorrow.

Referee: Jack Doan

Batista vs. Maven

Maven comes down to the ring and says by now, everyone knows what happened at the Royal Rumble. He says the one question is WHY wasn’t he in it? Because everyone knows he would have won it! He says he would have tossed Batista.. he does not get very far before Batista comes to the ring.

The Match:

Maven jumps the gun and attacks Batista from behind. He runs off the ropes though and runs right into a spinebuster. Batista picks Maven up, slams him with the Batista bomb, and pins him.

Winner: Batista

As Batista is in the ring, Smackdown highlights are shown of the Big Show, who said that Batista has been a big fish in a very small pond. He says if Batista comes to Smackdown, he will find out what a great white shark can do!

Batista wants answers:

Batista finds Bischoff and demands to know what is going on with these Smackdown promos because he is starting to get pissed off. Bischoff says he will get to the bottom of it, but before he does, he has to talk to Batista. He says he saw Teddy Long’s offer and he tells Batista not to do it! He says that Raw is the premier brand, the heavyweight title is the premier title, and so on. He keeps on going but Batista tells him that he has made his point.

Tag Title Match

Referee: Chad Patton

Tajiri and William Regal vs. La Resistance

The start:

Regal starts things off against Conway, they go back and forth with arm holds. Crowd is hot for Tajiri when he gets tagged. He kicks Conway in the face with a baseball slide dropkick. Tajiri then nails a headscissor followed by a drop toe hold, tagging Regal, who drops a viscious knee. Grenier breaks the count and Conway gains control in his corenr. Regal however fights back onto the get hit in the gut with a shoulder block from Conway.

Mid match notes:

Grewnier is tagged after Regal goes down to a hard arm drag. Grenier gives a cheap shot to Tajiri, but this allows Regal to drop toe hold Grenier, but there is no Tajiri. Regal puts on an STF, and finally Tajiri is tagged. He comes in and goes buck wild with kicks and bulldogs on both La Resistance members. Tajiri nails an inzeguiri to the head of Grenier, but Conway breaks the count. They both whip Tajiri off the ropes but he nails a double springboard back elbow!

End of the Match:

Tajiri is hauling ass in the ring. He places Grenier in the tarantula, but Conway cracks him in the back with a double axe handle. Conway goes after Regal on the outside, but Regal drops him with an overhead suplex/powerslam for a huge pop. Grenier has the flag in his hands and he takes a swing at Tajiri and misses. Tajiri nails the mist in the eyes of Grenier. Grenier drops to his knees and Tajiri kicks him LITERALLY right in the front of his face. Tajiri makes the cover and gets the one, two, SAN! Or something?

Winners and NEW tag team Champions: William Regal and Tajiri

2005 Hall of Fame Inductees:

A video package is shown for all of the 2005 inductees to the Hall of Fame. They are as follows:

Paul Orndorff, The Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff, “Cowboy” Bob Orton, and “The mouth of the south” Jimmy Hart!

Ric Flair then makes his way to the ring as the fans in Japan bow to him! He is followed by Shawn Michaels who gets the largest pop in the history of the entire world!

Legends Match

Referee: Chad Patton

Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels

The start:

The crowd cheersd as both men stare down. Flair gets an early cheap shot and works HBK in the corner with a back elbow followed by chops and right hands! Michaels blocks a shot and turns the tables for a ton of chops. Flair goes off the buckle and high into the air with a back body drop. HBK then clotheslines him over the top rope. HBK follows him and chops him at the security rail before Flair gets a thumb to the eye. Flair then runs into a back body drop on the outside!

Mid Match Notes:

Flair is rolled into the ring where he tries to call a timeout. As HBK approaches him, Flair thumbs him again. Flair knocks him down with a chop and gets a two count. Flair sets him up in the corner where he chops like a machine. HBK fights back with rights and lefts before coming off the ropes and hitting him with a hard one. Flair flops, HBK covers for a two count! Flair gets a boot to HBK’s gut, he whips him off the buckle and chop blocks him. Flair works on the ring and woo’s the crowd! HBK gets up but Flair sendsa him down with a shot to the knee. Flair sends him to the buckle and then gives him another knee shot. Flair slaps on the figure four! HBK in in pain as the crowd erupts!

Flair is rolled into the ring where he tries to call a timeout. As HBK approaches him, Flair thumbs him again. Flair knocks him down with a chop and gets a two count. Flair sets him up in the corner where he chops like a machine. HBK fights back with rights and lefts before coming off the ropes and hitting him with a hard one. Flair flops, HBK covers for a two count! Flair gets a boot to HBK’s gut, he whips him off the buckle and chop blocks him. Flair works on the ring and woo’s the crowd! HBK gets up but Flair sendsa him down with a shot to the knee. Flair sends him to the buckle and then gives him another knee shot. Flair slaps on the figure four! HBK in in pain as the crowd erupts! HBK finally reverses and the two separate. The two men are down, Flair is up first and he goes to work on HBK who pulls himself up by the ropes. Flair chops away and goes back to the legs. Flair sets HBK up for a suplexz, HBK jumps out and rolls Flair up for a two count. Flair goes for the figure four again, HBK gives him a small package for two. The two men tango, Michaels gets a backslide for an Ichii and a Ni! (one and two, possibly?) HBK then nails an inzeguiri. The two men get up and chop back and forth all over until Flair nails HBK in the knee again. Flair goes to the top and we know what happens next, HBK tosses him off. Michaels nails a flying forearm, nips up, and gives Flair a back body drop followed by a bodyslam. HBK climbs the top rope and nails the elbow drop!

The Finish:

HBK tunes the band up in the corner and he connects with the jaw of Ric Flair with the sweet chin music! HBK makes the cover and gets the three count!

Winner: Shawn Michaels

All American Diva Fashion Show..

The King comes to the ring to introduce the All American Diva’s. First Maria comes to the ring in some cowboy gear. she represents the WEST! King says he would like to noback ride her! Representing to streets is Victoria! She comes out in biker chick kind of stuff, but it’s hot, especially around the ass area. Last but not least, representing the sunny beaches of America is Christy Hemme! She comes to the ring in a bikini! Yay for Japan! The King is about to speak on the rules, but the music of Simon Dean hits. He says there is no way they are going to waste valuable air time on this fashion show, oh no! Not when he can talk about his product to an International audience. He says Japan could really use it. He says what is this? The year of the water buffalo? He says just because they like sumo wrestlers, they don’t have to look like one. Akebono, a Japanese sumo star, stands up and almost comes to the ring. (they showed him before, the fans went nuts) Simon tells him to calm down, he sits down. Simon then goes on and mocks all three girls, saying they are fat have rolls, and are cows. The King steps in and Simon calls him “King Ding” Simon says he is upset because he has been packing on the pounds. Simon says he’s upset because he can’t lose right, isn’t that right, “Burger King..?” Simon goes to say more but Christy pops him square in the nizzos, sending him down. King then plugs the Divas and they dance all around and flirt with the King.


HHH tells Batista that he wants to talk to him. He says they saw the thing with the Big Show. He says these Smackdown guys are laughing at him. He says the match between them would be the biggest match ever, but he and Ric were thinking it might be best if he does go to Smackdown. He says if Batista goes to Smackdown, he can shut all those mouths and then Evolution would run the entire business. Flair pumps it up a bit and then they all focus on the world title match tonight.

Coach is with Edge. Edge says he is getting overlooked again because everyone wants to know where Batista is going to end up. Edge says HHH, in the WrestleMania commercial, overlooks him as well. He says the real story here, is about him, Edge and him walking out of Japan the world heavyweight champion.

Referee: Jack Doan

Randy Orton vs. Tyson Tomko

The start:

The two men lock up, Orton gets a side headlock takedown. Tyson gets to his feet, Orton reverses into a spinning drop toe hold. Orton comes off the ropes, ducks a blow, and nails a shoulder block. Tyson kicks out of a pin and picks Orton up, dropping him with a spinning over the shoulder power slam. Christian comes of the ring with Stacy, Orton looks and Tyson knocks him with a clothesline, sending him tumbling to the ground on his head. Orton is turning into a marshmellow as Tyson kicks away at his head.

Mid Match Notes:

Tyson punches away and goes for a pin for a two count. Orton tries to use Tyson to pick himself up but Tyson laces into him sending him back down. Orton is visibly hurt again as Tyson slams his head off the mat numerous times. Tyson picks Orton up, and Orton gives him an uppercut followed by the inverted backbreaker. Orton pumps himself up and he goes buckwild on Tomko clubbing him in the chest. Afterwards, he staggers, but he nails a dropkick!

The Finish:

The two men are exchanging blows back and forth until Tyson makes a run at Orton in the corner, Orton uses the ropes and rolls over the back of Tomko into a cradle pin, the referee makes the count and Randy Orton gets the win!

After the match, Orton is celebrating but he is dazed. Stacy is happy, but all of the sudden Christian gives him a blow to the back of the head. He and Tyson hold Orton and slap him around. Tyson picks up Orton and Christian nails him with the unprettier. Christian stands over Orton as if he’s just won the world title. They leave as Stacy looks concerned. The referee calls for the EMT’s as Raw goes to a commercial break.

When we come back from the commercial break, we see Orton trying to stand and walk out on his own but he cannot do it. He is helped out of the arena.

Edge heads to the ring to his alter Bridge music as this may be the biggest night of his life! The world title match is minutes away!

World Heavyweight Title Match

Referee: Mike Chioda

Edge vs. HHH (c)

The start:

The two men lock up and they roll around, getting early headlock takedowns and headscissor takeovers. Both men break, the crowd pops. They lock up again, Edge controls with a side headlock, HHH reverses, Edge reverses, both men do the double back to belly stand up for a pop. HHH is stuck between the knees of Edge but he stands on his head and pops out, clobbering Edge. HHH works Edge into the corner, but Edge reverses a whip and he nails HHH with a hard shoulder charge in the corner. He sends HHH to the other buckle and he tries again, but Edge misses and nails the ringpost. HHH then takes him to the other post and he tosses him against the steel two more times!

Mid Match Notes:

During the break we see that Edge sent HHH torqued over the turnbuckle followed by a suplex to the outside. Now Edge is working on the back of HHH. He picks HHH up but HHH hits a single arm DDT. Both men gets to their feet and they toss right hands. Edge gets control but HHH nails a facebuster off the ropes sending Edge down hard. HHH goes to counter but Edge snaps him off the ropes. Edge climbs the top rope and nails a missile drop kick for a two count. Edge thought he had it. Edge kicks HHH in the ribs, but as he comes off the ropes HHH drops him with a spinebuster. He makes the cover and Edge noLY kicks out at two. Edge flips out of a back suplex and he nails HHH with the Edge-O Matic for a two count. Edge climbs the second tunbuckle and comes off, but HHH kicks him in the gut. HHH goes for the pedigree but Edge drops him over the back. Edge sets up for the spear but he runs into a HHH high knee! HHH makes the cover but only gets a two count.

Edge is a little dazed as both men stagged to their feet. Edge works over HHH and places him in that submission move. HHH screams in pain as Edge applies more pressure. The crowd actually tries to fire up HHH and they get behind him and he makes the ropes with a lunge. HHH is trying to pull himself up with the ropes but Edge pulls him off. Edge makes a run at HHH but HHH ducks and Edge slams into Chioda with a shoulder block. Edge nails a neckbreaker and covers HHH but there is no referee to make the count. Flair brings in a steel chair but he gets speared for his efforts. Edge takes a look at the chair and he picks it up! HHH ducks a blow and nails Edge with a back suplex. All men down, including the referee! Both men CRAWL towards the steel chair as the referee is still out-cold. Both men are crawling towards it but Batista shows up and takes the chair out of the ring. Batista turns with the chair, Edge gets on the apron, HHH knocks Edge off the apron and he crashes into Batista. HHH tosses Edge back in the ring. He kicks him in the gut and goes for the pedigree. Edge reverses again and nails an implant DDT!

Both men are down but Edge is to his feet first. Edge sets up for the spear in the corner. He makes his run but Batista slides into the ring, intercepts Edge and nails him with a spinebuster.

The Finish:

HHH and Edge are both slow to their feet, but the third time is a charm for the champion. He kicks Edge in the gut and plants him with the pedigree. Chioda is alive now and he makes the count to three for the champion!

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion; HHH

What are Batista’s REAL Intentions?

After the match, Batista is at the side of HHH, helping him up. All looks well for the men as they hug. Batista raises the hand of the champ but as he does, he stares at HHH’s gold world heavyweight title. HHH notices and the two men stare at the belt and then one another as the show goes off the air.

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