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  • Management Announce The Main Event Stipulations

    » When contracts were drawn up for the main event for IPW:UK Return of the Dragon it was decided that in order to justify allowing such a volatile matchup, as well as allowing Stevie Douglas to effectively book himself into a match that he wasn’t scheduled for, there should be stipulations on it all.

    The smart German that he is, Stevie Douglas last Friday submitted his stipulation for the match. If he is successful in gaining the decision in the match (by pinfall, submission or knock out) he will receive Aviv Maayan’s acclaim as the best British High flyer (despite not being British) as well as Maayan’s #1 contendership to the IPW:UK title. This has since been approved, on the basis that it is fair in correlation to the requests submitted by the three other participants.

  • The Promised And Delivered – Aviv Maayan Interview!

    » We promised it, and today we deliver it – the first IPW:UK online interview, this time with the Best of British: High Flyer contest winner Aviv Maayan!

    IPW:UK: Thanks a lot for taking this time to sit down with us Aviv.

    Aviv Maayan: No problem, its always a pleasure!

    IPW:UK: Ok, first question is the one you were about to answer after your victory at Best of British 1 before you were attacked by Stevie Douglas (a subject we will move onto later) – how did it feel to win the first ever Best of British match and become the first #1 contender for the IPW:UK title?

    Aviv Maayan: It was an honour just to be considered as a Best of British competitor and take part in the match let alone win the thing!

    I was in the ring with some GREAT names, like Jonny Storm and Spud, both of whom I have a hell of a lot of respect for. Myself and Spud had to work together to take out Jonny Storm, but it felt good to pin Spud all by myself and earn back some of the confidence I lost when he defeated me at the FWA’s BUIII last year.

    The concept of the match at first seemed a little strange but it was a great match to take part in – you won’t catch me doing it again anytime soon though, I was exhausted afterwards!

    IPW:UK: After the match you were attacked by ‘New Superstar’ Stevie Douglas, who claims that if he was in the match (Stevie was denied a place in the BOB match due to his nationality, German), he would have beaten everybody, including yourself. Your thoughts?

    Aviv Maayan: Well if taking someone out with a steel chair after they had taken part in a near 30 minute match is a sign of superiority, then I guess he is correct. I am of course being sarcastic – Stevie Douglas has got something wrong in his head for sure, the fact he is going round saying that it was some sort of injustice he wasn’t allowed in the BOB match proves this. The match was to determine who was the Best of British which Stevie Douglas certainly isn’t. He is a very impressive competitor and if it was an international contest then he would definitely stand a chance but he is going down the wrong path attacking me when it was a match made by management, not me.

    IPW:UK: Well you have a chance to see how good Stevie is live and in person, as he challenged you to a Tag Team Tornado match for March 20th. Stevie even went so far as to drop out of the Round Robin tournament he was booked at the show to challenge you AND is even flying in Super Dragon to tag with him! You accepted his challenge on the night and promised the fans that you would find a great partner. Now we know for a fact that you have been asking around internationally even as far as afield as Japan for a partner, can you tell us now who your partner will be?

    Aviv Maayan: Well, at first I wanted Spud to be my partner because I think he is a great competitor, but I was told right away by IPW:UK management that he was confirmed for the Round Robin. I wanted to use a fellow British competitor but then I realised that I needed to use my brain and get someone in who knew Super Dragon like the back of their hand – so I made money no object. I’ve studied Stevie Douglas for a couple of shows and I’ve got his style pegged down but Super Dragon is someone I knew I needed some outside backup for. So, after meeting him back in November, I got in contact with the IWS and CZW superstar Sexxxy Eddy who then put me in contact with a guy by the name of EL GENERICO. I called him up and Generico was more than happy to come to the UK and help me take out Stevie and Dragon and I’ve heard that they have had quite a heated rivalry up and down the USA!

    I even spoke to some of my friends at other promotions in the UK and beyond and they have agreed to let Generico work in some warm-up matches since he wants to be at 100% and jetlag free for his contest on the Sunday for IPW:UK.

    IPW:UK: Wow, El Generico – that’s a great choice and considering the history between the two men, including a brutal tag match at CZW’s Cage of Death 6, it seems that for somebody of such a young age you really do have your head screwed onto your shoulders. However, as you may or may not know, IPW:UK management (in conjunction with yourself, Stevie, Generico and Super Dragon) are placing some extremely important stipulations on this match, and more specifically the decisive pinfall, submission or KO. We have been informed, and it has been confirmed that Stevie Douglas’ stipulation is that if he gets the decision in the match he will TAKE your spot as the Best of British: High Flyer AND #1 contender to the IPW:UK title, how do you feel about that?

    Aviv Maayan: I’m happy for them to sign any stipulations they want. As you know, we all have one stipulation and in regards to mine, I’ve actually added one that states if I get the pinfall, Stevie Douglas can never raise his German flag in IPW:UK ever again – he would be REMOVED from the IPW:UK roster. I think that would be just retribution, don’t you?

    IPW:UK: And finally Aviv do you have any messages for the fans looking forward to the first ever Tornado Tag Match in IPW:UK History?

    Aviv Maayan: Yes I do – Stevie Douglas you will pay for your actions at BOB1. You stole something from me I will never get back; my moment of glory – bad sportsmanship is something I take VERY seriously. As for Super Dragon, you putting your nose into a situation you don’t belong in isn’t clever. I’ve heard all the stories and I’ve read on the internet about how you are going to “dominate me” in this contest, but let me assure you that anything you do to me, you can expect it back ten fold. You do not intimidate me and with El Generico by my side we should be an unstoppable team. This match will be MAKE or BREAK for the future of Aviv Maayan, the Best British high flyer!


    — It is now confirmed that the Make or Break No DQ, No Countout Tag Team Tornado main event for IPW:UK Return of the Dragon will be Aviv Maayan and El Generico vs. ‘New Superstar’ Stevie Douglas and Super Dragon.

    — Two of the four stipulations have been added for this match;

    If Maayan Wins: Stevie Douglas is removed from the active IPW:UK roster.

    If Douglas Wins: Stevie Douglas replaces Aviv Maayan as Best British high-flyer AND #1 contender to the IPW:UK title.

    If Dragon Wins: TBC.

    If Generico Wins: TBC.

  • Therefore the current card stands as:

    MAKE or BREAK – No Rules Tornado Tag Team Match

    ‘New Superstar’ Stevie Douglas & PWG Champion Super Dragon vs. Best of British: High Flyers Winner Aviv Maayan & El Generico

    The Round Robin Tournament

    Spud vs. Martin Stone

    The Round Robin Tournament

    Martin Stone vs. ???

    The Round Robin Tournament

    ??? vs. Spud

    Tony ‘Superstar’ Sefton vs. ???

    Plus, Andy Boy Simmonz, former Ring of Honor Champion Samoa Joe and many more.

    — IPW:UK presents “Return of the Dragon” Sunday March 20th 2005, at Orpington Halls, Orpington High Street, Orpington, Kent, England. In a later than usual presentation, doors open at 6:30, bell rings at 7:00. Tickets are twenty pounds for ringside, ten pounds for general admission. Ringside fans also receive 20% off of all official IPW:UK merchandise on proof of ticket. For information about IPW:UK, click here: http://www.ipwuk.com/ or e-mail Daniel Edler: daniel@theinteractiveinterview.com.

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