TNA Impact! *SPOILERS* For February 26th!

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TNA Impact to air Friday February 25th:

As usual hour number two had no opening video package. Mike and Don spoke on camera about something I am sure was important. Backstage Abyss sand Jeff Hardy brawled through the pre-show catering area, using anything they could get their hands on.

(1) Team Canada members Petey Williams, Eric Young and Bobby Roode (w/Scott D’amore and Johnny Devine) defeated Dustin Rhodes and the NWA World Tag Team champions America’s Most Wanted (“Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm and “Wildcat” Chris Harris)

Team Canada brawled with AMW and Rhodes around the ringside area. D’amore got in the ring to interfere but he was backdropped by Rhodes. Devine grabbed the flagpole hockey stick and went to hit Rhodes but Harris stopped him. More flag pole shots came but Roode got the pin after hitting his back of the head clothesline. This match was a brawl from bell to bell.

Shane Douglas spoke to Raven about his Destination X Bullrope match with Dustin Rhodes. Raven philosophized on Rhodes’ fate at the PPV.

(2) Chris Sabin defeated Cassidy Reilly.

Reilly still had his broken fingers taped up but it didn’t slow him down against the former World X Division champion. Sabin took to the air hitting Reilly with a tope to the floor but on return to the ring he was grounded by dropkick from Reilly. Reilly applied a reverse Boston Crab/surfboard combo but Sabin refused to submit. Reilly went for a handspring elbow but Sabin hit him in the back with a knee. Sabin went back on the offensive but Reilly countered out of the Cradle Shock with a Blue Thunder Driver for two. Sabin stopped Reilly short of victory by hitting the second attempt at the Cradle Shock.

“Alpha Male” Monty Brown came to the ringside area and joined Mike Tenay and Don West for commentary.

(3) Kid Kash (w/Lance Hoyt) defeated Buck Quartermain.

Kash and Quartermain traded chest chops and Quartermain hit Kash with backdrops as the fans told Hoyt he sucked. Quartermain moved out of the way of a Kash cross body block which sent Kash to the floor. The fight went to the floor and as Kash grabbed the referee, Hoyt hit Quartermain with a boot to the face. Hoyt then tossed Quartermain back in the ring for Kash to pin but it took the double underhook piledriver to pin Quartermain. When the match ended the house lights went down and Trytan appeared again, pointing at Brown and Hoyt.

The New Age Outlaw talked to BG James about some business, leaving Konnan standing confused. Tenay and West talked on camera.

(4) “Primetime” Elix Skipper defeated Chris Candido (w/The Naturals)

Skipper had control until an Irish whip allowed the Naturals to grab both ankles, forcing Skipper’s face into the mat. Candido took over with a Davey Boy Smith suplex, a legdrop and a running knee to the head. Skipper hit a spinning heel kick, followed by a backdrop. However his top rope trip got interrupted but the Naturals, Candido hit a huricurana but Skipper didn’t get pinned. Skipper hit his walk the ropes huricurana but the Naturals got on the apron and distracted Skipper. Candido went for a rollup but the pin only led to Skipper hitting the Play of the Day despite the Naturals attempts to break it up.

NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett came to the ringside area for commentary and walked into a huge chorus of boos from the crowd. The number one contender Diamond Dallas Page came to the ring for his scheduled match. As usual DDP made his way to the ring by going into the crowd. Jarrett left the announce table and DDP left the ring and immediately went for Jarrett and the fighting went into the crowd. At this point The New Age Outlaw and Kevin Nash got involved once more and all were sent to the locker rooms by TNA security and officials.

A pre-taped interview of Mike Tenay and Diamond Dallas Page talking about his recovery from a severe neck injury three years ago, winning the WCW World title from Jeff Jarrett and the Destination X matchup.

(5) Michael Shane, Frankie Kazarian, “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels defeated NWA World X Division champion AJ Styles, Ron Killings and Sonny Siaki.

Before the match even began, they took the final commercial break. The bad blood between Styles and Daniels from Sunday was evident even in this match with four other X Division wrestlers. Out of commercial Styles went to lock up with Daniels but Kazarian hit Styles in the back of the head. Daniels beat Styles down and tagged in Shane but Styles recovered fast, hit Shane with some moves and tagged out to Killings. Killings hit Shane with a running power slam and went for a superplex. But Daniels distracted the referee as Kazarian locked his arms around Shane and Killings hit the mat hard. Daniels, Kazarian and Shane took turns working on Killings but none could get the pin even after Kazarian hit a cool looking springboard legdrop followed by a floatover kick to the chest.

Kazarian and Killings collided mid ring and Killings finally made the tag to Siaki. All six men fought in and around the ring. Daniels had Styles set for the Angels Wings but Killings broke that up. Siaki had Shane ready for the Siakialypse Now but Kazarian distracted him long enough for Shane to hit the superkick.

After the tapes stopped Daniels called out Styles and everyone fought all over again.

Matches announced for Destination X PPV:

-NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Diamond Dallas Page

-Ultimate X Match for the World X division title held by AJ Styles as he faces three opponents TBD

-Abyss vs. Jeff Hardy, Falls Count Anywhere in Universal Studios

-Raven vs. Dustin Rhodes in a Bullrope match

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