TNA Impact! *SPOILERS* For February 18th!

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TNA Wrestling Impact taping Tuesday February 15, 2005 to air over the next two weeks. The journey to Destination X begins today where we could find out who will compete in the Ultimate X, why Monty Sopp (Billy Gunn who Don West called the New Age Outlaw) and Sean Waltman (X-Pac, Syxx, Syxx-Pac) are in TNA and who will take on NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett. For the first time after a PPV the entire building was filled, which I like seeing. Not on the show in a wrestling capacity: Jeff Hardy, D-Ray 3000, Alex Shelley, Simon Diamond, Glen Gilberti, Sonjay Dutt and Amazing Red.

TNA Impact to air on Friday February 18th:

The show began with a video package recapping Sunday night’s PPV event. Mike Tenay and Don West spoke on camera probably about the PPV and today’s events. They replayed the TNA Goes to the Super Bowl footage.

(1) Ron “the Truth” Killings (w/3LK’s BG James and Konnan) defeated Michael Shane (w/Frankie “the Future” Kazarian)

Joke of the evening, Kazarian came to the ring with a “Mad Libs” book in his back pocket. Shane seemed like he was still smarting from the loss to James and Jeff Hammond but he got some assistance from Kazarian to even things out in his favor. Shane had control until he went to the top rope and Killings stopped him and brought Shane off with what appeared to be a fisherman buster in to a shoulder breaker. Killings got his second wind even as Kazarian got on the apron to interfere. Killings countered out an attempted Shane waistlock and ran Shane into Kazarian. With Kazarian out on the floor, Killings hit the scissor kick to win the match.

To go to commercial a Destination X teaser, telling the fans the Ultimate X would be on the PPV. Back from commercial Shane Douglas spoke about the Iron Man Match between AJ Styles and his guest “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels. Daniels claimed Styles got the win by luck. Douglas said it was Daniels who asked for the overtime. Daniels said he wanted in the Ultimate X match at the next PPV and would go through the entire X Division if DOA Dusty Rhodes made him.

(2) The Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas w/Chris Candido) defeated Buck Quartermain and Lex Lovett.

The Naturals isolated Lovett from the opening bell and kept the beating going despite encouragement from Quartermain. Lovett got the tag to his partner after hitting Douglas with a Lexbuster. Quartermain and Lovett had victory in his grasp but Candido dragged Quartermain to the floor and beat him down as Lovett got hit by the Natural Disaster. As the show went to commercial the fans showered the former World Tag Team champions with a “YOU SUCK” chant.

Back from commercial, Tracy Brooks found Dustin Rhodes and America’s Most Wanted in Dusty’s truck. Dustin found a Bullrope and handed Traci a contract stating he wanted Raven at Destination X in a Bullrope match. Abyss then shoved a contract down the front of Tracy’s pants.

(3) Phi Delta Slam (“Brother” Bruno Sassi and Big Tilly w/Trinity) defeated Mikey Batts and Kid Romeo.

Batts and Romeo were definitely outweighed by PDS. Batts took every shot PDS hit him with and wouldn’t be pinned. Somehow tagged out to Romeo, who didn’t fair any better as Sassi hit him with a sitout powerbomb and Tilly came off the top wit ha frog splash.

JB told the fans the Victory Road PPV DVD was now on sale and could be given away.

Back from commercial DOA Dusty Rhodes and Tracy Brooks came to the ring with what Borash called a “huge announcement.” Rhodes said Hardy and Abyss will face off in a Falls Count Anywhere in Universal Studios. Rhodes immediately went off on Jeff Jarrett and his cello usage on Sunday Rhodes announced Jeff Jarrett will defend the NWA World title and he will face Diamond Dallas Page at the PPV. Page took the mic and professed the NWA World tile was his and “IT’S TIME!” He then badmouthed Jarrett who shockingly made his way to the ring. Jarrett did agree that “it’s time”, for DDP to leave the ring so Jarrett could finish his victory celebration. Once again the fans chanted DROP THE TITLE! Jarrett said the Super Bowl incident could happen again. DDP called Jarrett to the ring and the punches began to fly as TNA officials tried to break them up. DDP got Jarrett’s guitar and was ready to hit Jarrett when the New Age Outlaw (Billy Gunn) came out and jumped DDP. Jarrett and NAO beat down DDP until Kevin Nash came out to even the sides. DDP got a hold of Jarrett and hit him with a Diamond Cutter. Now we will have to listen to “Its Times” chants from now until the PPV, joy.

NWA World X Division champion AJ Styles joined Mike and Don for commentary during the next match.

(4) Chris Candido defeated Shark Boy and Chris Sabin in a three way dance.

Sabin and Shark Boy took turns beating on Candido who held his own against the two X Division competitors. At one point, Candido had Sabin in a sleeper as Shark Boy got Candido in a sleeper. Sabin backdropped Candido from the ring to the floor and then focused on Shark Boy. Sabin locked in what looked like a reverse Indian Deathlock, but before a submission happened Candido crawled in the ring and covered Shark Boy to win the match.

(5) “Alpha Male” Monty Brown wrestled Lance Hoyt (Kid Kash) to a no-contest.

Hoyt tried to match power with Brown but failed and retreated to the floor to regroup with Kash. During the action the show went to commercial and Hoyt stalled for time on the floor, getting Brown angry. Hoyt finally got back in the ring after Brown left if to get him and drag Hoyt back to it. But on the way back Kash and Hoyt changed Brown’s plans and went on the attack with a stiff clothesline and a POUNCE dance impersonation. Hoyt hit a side slam but Brown came back with a back suplex, a clothesline and a fallaway slam. Kash got on the apron but Brown punched him and Brown was hit with a Hoyt thrown clothesline. Brown fought out of an inverted Razors Edge and hit the POUNCE but the house lights went down and Trytan made his first appearance on Impact standing at the top of the heel entry way. The show ended with Brown standing in the ring looking back at Trytan.

During the switch over for the next taping, Jeremy Borash had a kid named Austin in the ring with the NWA World title belt and the TNA girls. JB took several minutes throwing shirts and PPV mini-posters

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