WWE RAW Results – February 28, 2005

Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results

Date: Monday, February 28th, 2005

Location: The Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island

Results by PowerWrestling.com

WWE RAW Opener:

Monday Night RAW opened up with a video package highlighting Batista’s turn on Triple H last week, and choosing to face him for the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania 21.

In the arena:

The music of Triple H hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring dressed for action, as the World Heavyweight Champion. Triple H got on the microphone as the fans chanted for Batista. Triple H stood in the ring silent for a while and then asked if there was one person in this arena that thinks for one second he is afraid of Batista? The crowd erupted as Triple H went on to say that he guesses that they think that at WrestleMania, Batista is going to beat him to become World Heavyweight Champion. Triple H said he wanted to remind them who he was. He is Triple, He is the Game, he is the best in this business. That isn’t a damn catchphrase to sell tee shirts that is fact, plain and simple. He said there is no one that can do what he does better than him. Batista sat under the learning tree for two years, and now suddenly he is the guy? Triple H said Batista is a child. He is a 300lb child, and in this ring, he is his father.

Triple H said that suddenly, the boy thinks he has what it takes to beat a man. Triple H said he will slap him down, and beat some sense into the ingrate son, and will teach him a lesson that he will never forget! Batista has been doing good, he’s on a roll, but at WrestleMania, Triple H is going to teach him the difference between doing good and being good! Triple H threw down the mic as the music of the Hurricane hit.

Non Title Match

Referee: Mike Chioda

The Hurricane vs. Triple H (c)

The match:

Triple H attacked the Hurricane as he was getting in the ring and sent him outside and went to work with right hands and then threw him into the ring steps. Triple H continued to hammer away on the Hurricane on the outside and then dragged him up the aisle way. Triple H then gave him the Pedigree on the ramp. Triple H got back on the mic and said his lesson starts tonight. He walks through that door and his ass is his. He said he will beat Batista within an inch of his life. You know why? Because he is that damn good.

Winner – No Contest

Referee: Michael Chioda

Chris Benoit vs. Muhammad Hassan

The music of Chris Benoit hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring, and he is out for some retribution against Muhammad Hassan, who was accompanied by Daivari.

The start:

Hassan and Benoit locked up and Benoit went to work with right hands and kicks in the corner. Benoit gave Hassan a clothesline to the back of the neck and then a snap suplex and some chops. Benoit sent Hassan head first to the buckle but he began to fight back with right hands. Benoit knocked Hassan down with a big right hand and then hit a back suplex.

Mid-match notes:

Benoit continued to hammer away with right hands and then went for the Crossface but Daivari got on the apron and Benoit chased him around the ring but Hassan blindsided him with a clothesline and then drove him into the ring apron. Back inside, and Hassan choked Benoit as the fans chanted USA. Hassan scored with a snap suplex and made the cover for two. Hassan locked in a rear chin lock on Benoit as Daivari screamed at the referee to ask Benoit if he wanted to give it up. Hassan stomped Benoit some but Benoit fought back with some chops. Hassan sent Benoit to the turnbuckle, sternum first, and then gave him a back breaker for two.

Hassan locked in a body scissors on Benoit in the middle of the ring as the fans started to get behind the Canadian Crippler. Benoit fought out with right hands and then got Hassan in a cradle for two. Benoit with a backslide for a near fall but Hassan came back and went for a suplex but Benoit floated over and went for the Sharpshooter but Hassan escaped and then Benoit hit two German’s and went for the third but Hassan held onto the ropes and then the referee got down. Daivari handed the ring bell to Hassan and Benoit gave him another German, but Hassan still has the bell. Benoit went up for the headbutt but his head went right into the ring bell! Hassan then made the cover and referee came to, and made the count but Benoit kicked up!

The Finish:

Benoit scored with some chops but then Hassan hit a low blow and the referee saw it and called for the bell and Hassan has been disqualified.

Winner by disqualification, Chris Benoit


Shawn Michaels and Edge will go head to head in a Street Fight, and Batista is only minutes away from the arena, but what awaits him when he arrives tonight?

Hall of Fame:

We are taken to a video to announce the newest induction to the Hall of Fame. We roll through the other inductions for this year, and joining them for this year, Hulk Hogan!


Batista is shown arriving at the arena, and then Coach comes up to him and said that Triple H said he is going to beat him within an inch of his life. Batista asked if he was mad and fired up? Batista said he would thank him…for unleashing the animal.


Triple H was shown watching the monitor and Flair came in to tell him Batista was there. Flair asked if he was going to beat the crap out of him, but Triple H said he had a better idea…


A look was taken at Christy Hemme with footage from her shoot with Playboy magazine. It will be released on March 7th.

Intercontinental Championship Match

Referee: Jack Doan

Gene Snitsky vs. Shelton Benjamin (c)

The music of Shelton Benjamin hit in the arena as he made his way down as the Intercontinental Champion. We were shown footage of last week when he went to work on Gene Snitsky with a steel chair, and he will be going one on one with Snitsky again here. JR said if Shelton gets disqualified tonight, he will lose the title!

The start:

Benjamin and Snitsky locked up and Snitsky threw him to the corner and kicked away at him but Shelton came back with kicks of his own and went for a sunset flip but Snitsky picked him up by the throat. Snitsky scored with a side walk slam for two. Snitsky locked in a sleeper but Shelton escaped and then walked right into a power slam.

The Finish:

Snitsky went for a pump handle but Shelton floated over and hit an inverse DDT. Shelton went for a cross body but Snitsky caught him and then hit a big boot sending Shelton outside. Snitsky beat on him on the outside and then grabbed the chair and went to nail Benjamin but Shelton ducked and drop kicked Snitsky sending the chair outside. Shelton scored with a big DDT and then hit the Stinger Splash and then the T-Bone Suplex for the win!

Winner and still Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin

Major Announcement:

Jim Ross announced that there will be a major announcement for WrestleMania and we go into a video package, and Rowdy Roddy Piper is back and Piper’s Pit returns at WrestleMania, and his guest will be Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Referee: Chad Patton

Chris Masters vs. Jobber

The music of The Masterpiece hit in the arena as Chris Masters made his way down to the ring, and he is set for action against some jobber. We were informed that last week, Masters actually broke the nose and orbital bone around his eye, and had to undergo surgery.

The match:

Masters went to work with kicks and punches and then sling shotted him into the bottom rope and then choked him. Masters hit snake eyes and then a clothesline to the back of the neck. The jobber fought back with right hands but Masters hit a Polish Hammer to the face and then locked in the Full Nelson for the win.

Winner – Chris Masters

The Aftermath:

Jim Ross made his way towards the ring as we are taken to a video package highlighting the Rock’s role in Be Cool.

In the arena:

Jim Ross is in the ring with Batista for an interview.

Jim Ross is in the ring and announces the number one contender, Batista. Batista makes his way down to an ovation from the crowd and last week, he chose to stay on RAW to face Triple H at WrestleMania, and turned on Triple H, power bombing him through a table. Ross said he is sure that the question that is on everyone’s mind, is that why did he decide to stay on RAW and to face Triple H for the World Title. Batista said it was real simple. Ever since he joined Evolution, RAW has been about Triple H. it didn’t bother him, but things change. When Orton won the World Title at SummerSlam, it was all about Triple H. When he won the Royal Rumble, it was all still about Triple H. Last week, he made a decision. He chose to do something about it. He said last week, the Game got played. JR said now he has made the decision, does he have any second thoughts? Batista took the mic and asked if he looks like he has any second thoughts? Batista said ever since he won the Rumble, he knew he was staying here on the number one show, and there was only one person he wanted to face and beat, that being Triple H. The fans heavily chanted for Batista as he went on to say that he is not taking Triple H lightly. He is probably the best in the business, a ten time World Champion. He said he is bigger, better and smarter than Triple H. Batista said at this moment, Triple H might be the man, but at WrestleMania, he will beat him, and officially become the man.

The music of Triple H hit as he came out with Ric Flair as the World Heavyweight Champion. Batista took off his jacket and unbuttoned his shirt as Triple H and Flair slowly made their way down the aisle. Triple H whispered to Flair and they got on opposites sides on the outside of the ring. Triple H and Flair both got inside and Batista knocked Flair down but Triple H was ready for him. Batista was ready to fight but Triple H backed out of the ring and then Batista went to work on Flair and gave him the Spinebuster. Triple H again got into the ring and Batista was ready for him again. Triple H again backed out of the ring as the crowd booed him heavily. Batista gave him the thumbs down again and then grabbed Flair and gave him the Batista Bomb in the middle of the ring. Triple H got on the apron as Batista stood over Flair and begged Triple H to get inside, but The Game again backed down as the fans heavily chanted for Batista. Triple H backed up the aisle angered as Batista posed on the turnbuckles signalling the title was his at Mania.


Triple H is backstage ranting to Bischoff that no body does that to Ric Flair, and Batista is going to get his ass kicked. Triple H said next week, it’s going to be Batista going one on one with Ric Flair, and he is going to make sure that Batista gets what is coming to him.

Referee: Jack Doan

Chris Jericho vs. Maven

The music of Chris Jericho hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for singles action against Maven.

The start:

Maven and Jericho locked it up and Jericho went to work with some shots to the back and then stomped away at Maven. Jericho went to work with kicks and punches in the corner, and then some chops. Lawler noted that Superstar Billy Graham is in the house as Jericho hung Maven up in the ropes and then hit a springboard dropkick to knock Maven outside.

Mid-match notes:

Jericho tossed Maven back inside and kicked him in the ribs and went for a bulldog but Maven ducked and then sent Jericho face first to the buckle. Maven choked Jericho over the middle ropes and then slid outside and choked Jericho some more. Maven made a cover but Jericho was in the ropes.

The Finish:

Maven slapped Jericho around but Jericho came back with a back elbow and then went for a clothesline but Maven ducked and then Jericho hit the running enziguri. Jericho went for the Lionsault but Maven moved and Jericho landed on his feet and then went up top and hit a reverse elbow and then locked in the Walls of Jericho for the win.

– Chris Jericho

The Aftermath:

Jericho got on the mic and said that he came out here with an agenda, and he is going to make a statement. He said some of the biggest matches in history have already been announced. Jericho said everyone wants to make an impact, and be a part of history, and so does he. A match that will involve Y2J and five other elite Superstars, and one solid steel ladder! Jericho had a gleam in his eyes and said no more as his music hit and made his way to the back.


Christy Hemme was shown walking through the backstage, and we are going to have the revealing of her Playboy cover up next!

WrestleMania 21:

John Cena was shown in a court room in a take off of a Few Good Men, questioning John Bradshaw Layfield. I WANT THE TRUTH! YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH! Really good stuff.

In the arena:

The music of Christy Hemme hit in the arena as she made her way down to the ring for the unveiling of her Playboy cover. Christy got on the mic and said that this is a very exciting night in her career. She said she would not be here or have the opportunity to pose for Playboy if it wasn’t for the fans, and she is very grateful. She said she’s here to show a new side of Christy Hemme and then unveiled the huge cover, and she looks great on it. The music of Trish Stratus then hit as she made her way down as the Women’s Champion. Trish got in the ring and looked at the cover and then took the mic. Trish said that once again, Christy is out here trying to steal her spotlight, and it’s starting to piss her off. Trish said tonight is a special night, and it’s not everyday that you are on the cover of Playboy, and she looks marvellous and sexy. Trish said that something is not quite right and then got down on her knees and pulled out a can of spray paint. She started to spray the cover and then Christy slapped Trish but Trish then scored with the Chick Kick and said her head is so hard that it broke her shoe! Trish then grabbed the spray paint and wrote SLUT on the back of Hemme and then left.


Superstar Billy Graham was backstage with Stacy Keibler and Candace, and Graham said that is huge news that Hogan was being inducted. Randy Orton came in and shook hands with Graham and said it was great having the Superstar at the live events this week. Graham said last year, Orton did a great job beating Mick Foley, but this year he should step out and be something unique and original. He said he wants to do something that no wrestler has done before. Orton thanked him for the advice, and then looked at the cover of the latest Smackdown! magazine with the Undertaker on the cover!


Maria was backstage with Edge and asked how he was feeling. Edge said that Shawn Michaels is so worried about his challenge to Kurt Angle at WrestleMania, overlooking him again. Edge said he beat Michaels at the Rumble, and he gets to vent all his frustrations on Shawn. Michaels wants to overlook Edge and look towards WrestleMania? Well he is going to make sure that the Heart Break Kid doesn’t even make it to WrestleMania!

Street Fight

Referee: Earl Hebner

Edge vs. Shawn Michaels

The music of Edge hit in the arena as he made his way out in his street clothes and he is set for this street fight with the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels.

The start:

Michaels went to work on Edge with right hands and then ripped off Edge’s shirt and whipped him with his leather belt. Michaels wrapped the belt around his fist and hammered the head of Edge with it. Michaels kicked Edge in the ribs and then stomped the back of his head. Michaels sent Edge to the ropes and hit a back body drop and then clotheslined him to the outside. Michaels slide out and knocked Edge over the barricade and followed him through the crowd and Michaels gave Edge some chops and right hands and then sent him back over the barricade.

Mid-match notes:

Michaels took a camera from someone at ringside and took a picture of Edge and then grabbed a trash can and nailed Edge in the head with it. Michaels pulled a ladder out from under the ring and set it up in at ringside but then Edge came in and knocked Michaels down with a shot from the trash can lid! Edge hammered away on Michaels with right hands as the fans chanted for HBK. Edge sent Michaels back inside the ring and grabbed a steel chair. Edge got back inside the ring with the chair and then Michaels knocked Edge down with a chop.

Edge came back and DDT’ed Michaels into the set up chair, and Michaels was sent to the outside and he is a bloody, bloody mess as we go to commercial. Back on RAW and Edge has Michaels in a choke and body scissors in the in the middle of the ring. Michaels is bleeding everywhere and he comes back with a knee lift and clothesline to take Edge down. Michaels’ face is a crimson mask and he goes outside and gets the ladder in the ring. Edge dropkicked the ladder into the face of Michaels and made the cover for two.

Edge went up top but Michaels threw the ladder at him, knocking Edge all the way to the floor. Michaels dove through the ropes onto Edge and then tossed him back inside. Michaels picked up the ladder and put it in between the top and middle ropes in the corner. Michaels chopped Edge and then whipped Edge towards the ladder, but Edge put on the brakes and then have Michaels a drop toe hold right into the ladder, and made the cover but Michaels kicked out! Edge set up the ladder in the corner and scored with a splash off the ladder and made the cover but Michaels again managed to kick out!

Edge grabbed a steel chair but Michaels took him down and then catapulted him into the ladder. Michaels crawled towards the chair and picked it up and whacked Edge in the head with it, sending Edge crashing to the floor. Edge went under the ring and emerged with a kendo stick and got back inside the ring. Edge swung at Michaels but Michaels ducked and went to work with right hands and then a flying forearm. Michaels with an inverted atomic drop and a big right hand and he then grabbed the Kendo stick and whacked Edge across the skull with it. Michaels went up top and came off with the flying elbow drop and both men are down.

The Finish:

Michaels pulled himself up and then started to tune up the band for some Sweet Chin Music. Michaels went for it but Edge ducked and then gave Michaels a low blow with the steel chair! Edge rolled to the outside and grabbed another chair and then got back inside the ring. Edge put one chair under the head of Michaels and went for the one man Conchairto but Michaels then hit a low blow of his own to save himself. Michaels grabbed a chair and went to hit Edge, but Edge came back with the Spear and made the cover but Michaels kicked out again! Edge couldn’t believe it and then started to tune up the band himself, and went for some Chin Music but Michaels hit it on Edge and the made the cover for the win!

Winner – Shawn Michaels

The Aftermath:

Kurt Angle came out of the crowd and hammered away on Michaels! Angle hit a belly to belly overhead and he has Michaels blood all over him as he ripped off his shirt and put Michaels in a chin lock showing his bloody mess of a face and then hammered away on him on the mat. Angle hit the Angle Slam on Michaels and then stared down at him and Angle looks intense. Angle grabbed the microphone and got down near Michaels’ face and said that as far as his challenge at WrestleMania is concerned, he accepts! Angle threw down the mic as police officers made their way down and Angle backed out of the ring and into the crowd and he has Michaels’ blood all over him, and these two men will go head to head at WrestleMania! Michaels was shown in the ring a bloody mess and Angle looked very pleased with himself as RAW went off the air!

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