WWE RAW Results – March 7, 2005

Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results

Date: Monday, March 7th, 2005

Location: The RBC Center in Raleigh, NC

Results by PowerWrestling.com

The Heart Break Kid:

Shawn Michaels makes his way to the ring as highlights are shown last week of Kurt Angle’s beating on HBK. HBK grabs a mic and starts the party. He says despite what happened at the Royal Rumble, he was really hoping that Kurt Angle and himself could go to WrestleMania, put on a wrestling classic, tear the house down, and leave them all with something to remember for years to come. LAst week, Angle changed all that. HBK goes on to reflect on last weeks attack by Angle. HBK says he has been beaten many times but he is a doormat for nobody. He says Angle came to his house, so he had to go to Angle’s house as well. They roll the footage of HBK on Smackdown. HBK says it has been a long time since he has felt rage, but he is feeling it now, and it stems from doubt. He says Kurt Angle, despite all his olympic medals, championships, he’s never had the chance to go to the biggest stage of them all and display his ability against MR. WRESTLEMANIA! He says this is the WWE, where they make dreams come true, and at WrestleMania, Angle will get his chance to find out why they call him The ShowSTOPPA, and we will find out who is the greatest performer of their generation. Angle comes on the Titan Tron and says HBK hit it on the head. He says this goes all the way back to 1996, he says it was the year he trained his ass off, broke his neck, and still won the gold medal. He says it ate him up that people were always asking him when he would go pro, when you would put on a clinic like Shawn Michaels, and so on. He says if he started in the WWE earlier, he would have shattered all of HBK’s records. Angle says on Smackdown, in 4 weeks, he will accomplish everything HBK has in his entire career. He then says it’s hard to hit sweet chin music when your ankle is snapped in two. HBK stares at the screen and does not reply.

We cut to the back where HHH is coming to the ring for singles action.

Non Title Match

Referee: Earl Hebner

Rosey vs. Triple H (c)

The start:

HHH charges at Rosey on the apron but Rosey gives him big right hands knocking him down. Rosey throws blows at him and whips him off the ropes. HHH goes for an early pedigree but rosey back drops him and then sits on him. Rosey splashes HHH in the corner but misses a moonsault. HHH counters and dives on Rosey with right hands followed by a naked choke. Hebner calls for a break so HHH runs off the ropes and knees Rosey in his side sending him to the outside. Outside the ring, HHH tosses Rosey into the steel steps sending them flying.

Mid match notes/Finish:

HHH tosses Rosey back in the ring where he gives the huge man a spinebuster right in the middle of the ring. HHH hovers above Rosey before lifting him up and planting him with the pedigree. HHH slowly makes the count to get the victory.

HHH slides under the ring where he grabs a sledge hammer. He rolls back into the ring and eyes Rosey up. He runs at Rosey and gives him a shot right in the side of the ribs! HHH grabs his world title, gets on the apron, and leaves the ring with his arms raised in the air. EMT’s attend to Rosey.

They show a recap of Christy Hemme posing nude for Plasyboy. We posted the photos earlier today and promise you can get them at the link at the bottom. Just backstage behind the scenes stuff shown on RAW

Winner: HHH

Ric Flair is sitting in the back when HHH comes in. He holds the hammer and says “I love this thing!” He says he can feel their ribs crack right through the handle. Flair is kind of not interested. HHH asks him what is wrong and Flair shrugs it off before finally telling him that he is upset that HHH made the match against Batista last week. HHH calms him down and tells him that he won’t be alone and that he is the man and that HHH is going to bring his friend. (the Hammer) Flair calms down and says he is feeling it now!

6 man “Money in the Bag” Match?

Jericho, Benjamin, Benoit, Christian, and Edge are all in Easy E’s office. They are all asking each other what the hell they are doing here. Bischoff comes in and says that last week, Jericho proposed a 6 man ladder match, and Bischoff granted the request. Edge thinks this is B.S and he goes to leave but Bischoff tells him it’s fine if he wants to leave and pass up the world title shot. At WrestleMania, 6 men will fight in a “Money in the Bag” match. A contract in a suitcase will be hung above the ring. The 6 men will fight for the briefcase and if they will, they can use that contract to get a world title match ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, in the next 12 months. He says they wsill all have a match tonight, Jericho vs. Edge, Benoit vs. Shelton, and Christian, Christian says he’s so good at ladder matches he has the night off, right? Bischoff says there is a 6th man and Christian will wrestle him next.

There is a ladder in the ring after the break. Christian comes to the ring and he awaits his opponent. The ladder is taken out and put outside the ring as this is not a ladder match. Pyro hits and the sixth man for the ladder match is KANE!

Referee: Jack Doan

Kane vs. Christian

The start:

Christian tries to get the early upper hand but Kane throws him in the corner and then beghind to beat him around. Christian avoids a splash in the corner as Tomko gets a cheap shot clothesline in on Kane. christian steps on the throat of Kane and when he turns, Tyson gives Kane another shot to the head.

Mid Match Notes:

Kane begins to fight back, Christian ducks a blow and jumps on Kane’s back with a sleeper hold. Kane struggles to stay on his feet, but he eventually turns the sleeper into a nice sidewalk slam. He tosses Christian to the corner and splashes him, he whips him to the other corner and then gives him a titl a while powerslam. Kane calls for the chokeslam but Christian ducks, only to run into a big boot! Kane goes to the top but Tomko distracts him, Kane comes off the rop rope but christian rolls out of the way.

The Finish:

Christian runs at Kane only to get a hand around his neck. Kane drops Christian with a chokeslam. He makes the cover and gets the victory.

Winner: Kane

After the match, Tyson grabs the ladder that was at ringside and he clocks Kane in the head with it! Kane goes down but as christian and Tyson walk up the ramp, Kane sits up and stares them down!

Orton to make his challenge!

Orton is in the back asking Stacy how he looks. She says he is hot. He says he is going out there soon. She asks if he is sure he wants to do this. He says when he goes out there, he will make his official WrestleMania challenge!

When we come back from the break, The King is eating a toasted sandwhich from Subway! They then go on to hype some WrestleMania stuff.

Referee: Chad Patton

Edge vs. Chris Jericho

The start:

The two men circle the ring before locking up. Collar and elbow tie up takes them to the corner where there is a break. They circle and lock up again, Jericho gets the upper hand, Edge reverses, Jericho yanks the arm of Edge and puts him in an over arm wristlock taking him to the ground. Edge gets to his feet and backs Jericho into the corner where he wails away. Jericho ducks a blow in the other corner before giving him an arm wringer on the ropes. Jericho comes back into the ring with a dropkick before putting Edge in an arm bar submission.

Mid Match Notes:

Jericho chops away on Edge, but Edge gets a rake to his eyes. He turns Jericho around before charging his back several times. Jericho fights his way back, hitting a running enziguiri. Edge falls on the ropes, Jericho goes for his running knee but Edge rolls out of the ring. He instead nails Edge with a springboard dropkick! Edge falls to the outside and Jericho comes over the top with a cross body block as WWE go to commercial break.

When we come back from the commercial break, Jericho is stomping away on Edge. The ladder is still outside the ring as the two battle. Jericho chops Edge in the corner before splashing him with a clothesline in the other corner. Jericho climbs the top rope but Edge knocks him down before tossing headbutts at him. Edge climbs the top rope and devliers a superplex sending both men crashing to the floor! Patton starts his 10 count. Edge gets up first as he drives his knee into Jericho before slide kciking his ribs sending him outside the ring. Edge jumps off the steps with a double axe handle. Back in the ring Edge places Jericho in a body scissor, Jericho rolls out and throws right hands to the face of Edge. Jericho comes off the ropes but he runs into a the knee of Edge. Edge places Jericho on the ropes and tries to mock his running knee but Jericho gets up and gives Edge a clothesline. Jericho fightsd back and nails Edge with a hurricanranna , Edge runs into a boot and Jericho missile dropkicks him right on the arm. Jericho nails his bulldog before getting to his feet. He misses the lionsault, lands on his feet, and runs into a big boot from Edge. Edge makes the cover and gets a two count. Edge tries to work over Jericho but Jericho reverses the blow and tugs on Edge’s arm. Jericho applies the walls but Edge kicks him off, Jericho and the referee collide! the two men get up slowly and try to gain the advantage. Jericho runs into a boot from Edge in the corner and Edge sets up for the spear. He runs at Jericho, but Jericho ducks and Edge goes flying to the outside. edge grabs the ladder and brings it in the ring. Jericho gives him a drop toe hold and a lionsault on Edge’s lower back. Jericho makes the cover but there is no referee! Jericho goes for the corner but Edge nails Jericho with the ladder below the belt!

The Finish:

Edge picks Jericho up after hitting him with the ladder. He plants Jericho with an implant DDT and makes the cover. The referee is back to life and he counts Jericho down allowing Edge the win!

Winner: Edge

Picking opponents?

Bischoff is in the back with the Coach. Eric Bischoff says for the following weeks, HHH and Batista will choose each other’s opponents. Next week, Batista will pick HHH’s opponent, so on and so forth! The Coach says it’s a great idea!

Orton makes his challenge…

Orton talks about his father and how he will be honored this year going into the Hall of Fame. He says he is proud and excited for his father. He says his father always said if you want to stand alone, you have to do something unique. He says he thinks he did that when he came in and tried to make himself a legend killer. He says he made some decisions that were not right, but it’s all about making an impact. He says he is going to do what no man has done. LEgend Killer vs. Legend, he will defeat… The Undertaker. He says Taker is 12 and 0, the phenom, most definitely a legend. He says he is going to put an end to the Taker’s winning streak. He says at WrestleMania 21, the legend will become a myth courtesy of the legend killer. Eric Bischoff’s music hits and he comes to the ring to a DEAD reaction. Bischoff says congrats for challenging the Undertaker for WrestleMania. He says it will be one hell of a night. Bischoff then goes on to say how Raw will go undefeated in those matches. He says the board will give him extra stock options, he thanks Orton. Orton then talks to him about WCW and how they beat Raw so many weeks in a row and so on. Orton says that makes him.. somewhat of a legend.. Bischoff gets the hint and goes to turn around but Orton turns him around and plants him with the RKO!

Referee: Earl Hebner

Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris Benoit

The start:

They chain wrestle to the ground before metting in the corner. Benoit chops away as Shelton punches Benoit. The fight goes to the outside where Shelton gets tossed down. Benoit goes for a suicide dive but Shelton moves and Benoit crashes right into the ladder taking it down and BREAKING it! Back in the ring, Shelton comes off the tope with a clothesline sending Benoit down.

Mid Match Notes:

Benoit reverses and nails Sheltonm with two German suplexes. He goes for a third, but Benjamin reverses and rolls himk up for a two count. Benoit knocks him down and then hits three more german suplexes! Benoit climbs the top rope and goes for the headbutt but he misses. The two men fight back and forth for a bit.

The Finish:

Benoit gets a semi crossface, Shelton reverses, Benoit goes for the sharpshooter, Shelton reverses. Shelton goes for a kick, Benoit grabs his foot, Shelton goes for his counter kick, Benoit ducks it and jumps on the crossface! Benoit holds it down as long as he can. Shelton rolls through but Benoit re-rolls through and holds on for dear life. Shelton is forced to tap out!

Winner: Chris Benoit

Hassan wants in:

Hassan storms into the office of Eric Bischoff as Daivari complains hardcore. Hassan says he wants in on the ladder match at WrestleMania, and he is not included due to discrimination. Bischoff kind of blows him off and Hassan says this is not over with.

Tajiri and Regal are looking at the center fold in Christy Hemme’s Playboy. Trish comes and steals it and looks at it and makes funny noises.

When we come back from commercial break, Christy comes to the ring. She gets on the mic and says that she has something to say, but she needs to say it personally. She calls Trish out. Trish comes to the ring and gets on the mic saying she knows what Christy wants to announce. She says she wants to announce her Playboy coming out this Friday (We have ALL the pics posted at the link below. We gurantee you). Christy says she challenges her to a women’s title match at WrestleMania 21. Trish blows it off saying she is a 6 time world champion, but she eventually accepts. Christy says she has been trained by someone, someone Trish knows very well! Lita comes to the ring and stares Trish down. As she does, Christy grabs Trish by the hair and plants her with the Twist of Fate!

Referee: Earl Hebner

Batista vs. Ric Flair

The start:

The two men lock up and Batista tosses Flair outside the ring with a shove already. Flair tries to lock up again but Batista tosses him a mile. Flair woos, Batista screams, Flair gets scared and thumbs Batista’s eyes. Flair chops away and punches but Batista does not flinch. Batista tosses him off the ropes and nails him with a shoulder block. Batista then tosses Flair over his head with abck body drop. He works Flair in the corner, Flair flops. Batista hits a sidewalk slam but HHH distracts Batista and this allows Flair to chop block his knee.

Mid Match Notes:

Flair is in control as he chop blocks Batista again and then he works on the knee dropping elbows on it and kicking it several times. Flair sets Batista up for the figure four and he snaps him in it! HHH provides pressure with Flair but Batista is too strong and he turns the figure four right away. Flair chops away, Batista feels nothing. Batista fights himself out of the corner but runs into an elbow. Flair climbs the top rope and Batista chucks him off. Batista hits a powerslam but he does not cover Flair. He tosses Flair off the ropes and nails him with a spinebuster. Batista does the thumbs up, thumbs down thing.

The Finish:

HHH runs into the ring but Batista avoids the blow and tosses him to the outside. Batista sets up Flair for the powerbomb. He plants him and pins him.

Winner: Batista

HHH rolls into the ring and takes the knee of Batista out. He kicks him a few times. HHH heads outside the ring where he finds another sledgehammer! He takes a swing at Batista’s head but Batista stops the blow with his hands. Both men are holding the sledgehammer and Batista snatches it away! Batista then yells that he does not need it and breaks it over his knee! HHH scampers off as Raw goes off the air.

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