WWE RAW Results – March 14, 2005

Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results

Date: Monday, March 14th, 2005

Location: The Arena at Gwinnett Center in Atlanta, GA

Results by PowerWrestling.com

Start of the Show:

Chris Jericho comes to the ring for the Highlight Reel. There is a ladder in the ring, Jericho climbs to the top of it and begind to speak about how everyone wants to climb the ladder and one day become the World Champion. Jericho then says he is going to win the money in the bag match and become the world champion once again. He says his guest tonight is the man who had the guts to challenge the Undertaker at WrestleMania. The legend killer… Randy Orton!

Jericho starts to talk to Orton about how this is WrestleMania, and this is the Undertaker, who is 12-0 at the big dance. Orton says he knew it would be a challenge, but he knows Undertaker is a future Hall of Famer and so on. Orton says he wants to be just that, a future Hall of Famer. To do that, he needs to end the winning streak of the Undertaker. He says there are a lot of people who don’t think he can do it, but he surprised everyone when he beat Mick Foley and when he became you youngest champion ever. He says the Undertaker will find out that Randy Orton is full of surprises. Jericho says that he likes surprises as well and he has a surprise for Orton tonight. A man who has faced the Taker, a man who lost to the Taker at WrestleMania, Jake the Snake Roberts

Jake Roberts comes out to the ring as the WWE shows highlights of him. The crowd chants for him as he shakes Orton’s hand. He gets on the mic and says “damn it’s good to be back.” He can noly talk without smacking his lips. He says he knows Randy’s grandfather and father, and they were both great wrestlers. Jake goes on to say that it’s all about timing. He says Orton was good because he had the championship belt, but he doesn’t have it now… he says he is here to do a favor to Randy’s father because he needs to connect his brain to his mouth because he is talking out his ass. He says not to bite off more than he can chew. He says it’s out of respect, and to be careful. Orton has the mic now and he talks about what it means to defeat the Undertaker. He then reminds Jake that he was one of the Undertaker’s victims. He asks Jake how he felt when he left the ring that night.. cold… empty… afraid? Orton says he will feel none of it because he is here to make an impact. He says after WrestleMania he will make a bigger impact than Jake has made his entire career. Jake says if Randy wants an impact, he has 2 feet of impact for him. Jake goes to grab the snake but Orton grabs his hand. Jake turns him around and gives him a clothesline! The crowd chants for the DDT but as Jake goes for it, Orton reverses and nails the RKO. The crowd boos but Orton keeps his cool, brushing off his shoulder.

Handicapped Mat

Referee: Jack Doan

Christian and Tomko vs. Kane (c)

The start:

Both Christian and Tomko jump on Kane early but he turns it around by giving Christian a flapjack flat on his face. Kane works Christian in the corner with uppercuts to the chin of Christian. Kane picks Christian up for a slam but Tomko comes in and gives Kane a big boot to the chin. Tomko is tagged in and he gives Kane a bunch of big right hands before burying the shoulder into Kane in the corner.

Mid Match Notes:

Christian is tagged back in but Tomko distracts Kane allowing Christian to give him a reverse DDT for a 2 count. Tomko is tagged back in as Christian tries to pulls the legs of Kane into the ring post but Kane pulls Christian in chest first. Kane turns around and clotheslines Tomko followed by a few blows and a sidewalk slam. Kane climbs the top rope to hit a big clothesline! Christian is nowehre to be found as he ran up the ramp claiming he was hurt.

The Finish:

Kane sets up for the chokeslam on Tyson Tomko, Tomko stands and Kane plants him with the chokeslam. Kane makes the cover and gets an easy three count!

>Winner: Kane

After the Match:

Christian comes to the ring and grabs a ladder from underneath the ring. Kane topples over the top back first and when he looks at Christian, christian runs away! Kane grabs the ladder and throws it in the ring. He runs at Tomko with it and crushes him across the chest!

Wasn’t his Fault…

Gene Snitsky is shown with Ric Flair. Ric goes through a list of stuff that was NOT Snitsky’s fault. Snitsky agrees with every word Ric says. Ric says that when Snitsky crushes Batista tonight, it won’t be his fault either. Snitsky says he likes where Ric is going, but what he will do to Batista tonight will be ALL HIS FAULT.. GRRR.

When we come back from commercial break Christy Hemme is with Lita. Lita says she is doing well, but she needs to learn how to defend Trish’s kicks and how to hit a few of her own. Lita says she brought along two people to help her out. Tajiri and Regal are there and are willing to help, under one condition, that she signs Tajiri’s copy of Playboy. She does and then Tajiri throws some kicks. She then tries and they are pretty weak. Regal tries to help her out by motivation and tells her to give it all she’s got. She kicks him in the balls! Regal goes down as the ladies say they will get him some ice.

Rockers Reunion?

HBK is in the back getting his gear ready. Marty Jannety walks in and thanks Shawn for inviting him to Raw. Shawn says he has a big match Thursday but he cannot make his return there, he has to make it right here on Raw! He says he talked it over with Bischoff and tonight will be a Rockers Reunion against La Resistance!

Non Title Match

Referee: Mike Chioda

Edge vs. Shelton Benjamin

Before the Match:

Edge attacks Benjamin on the ramp before he can even get to the ring. Edge takes him down, beats him up, tosses him into the Titan Tron, and then chokes him with his jacket at the top of the ramp. Edge then tosses Shelton down to the ring where he throws him into the steps before crashing him into the security wall. Edge then holds the head of Shelton before cracking him many times in the chest with clubbing blows. He then sends him head and shoulder first into the steel ring steps.

Edge finally throws Benjamin in the ring where he clubs the crap out of him some more. The referee restrains Edge but Edge makes a run at Shelton and knocks him down again. The referee asks Shelton is he wants to start the match several times. Shelton struggles to his feet and he says he wants to fight. The referee RINGS THE BELL.

The start:

Edge runs at Shelton as the bell is rung. He knees Shelton in the side of the head sending Shelton hard to the mat as WWE go to commercial break. When we come back from the break Edge is all over Shelton in the middle of the ring with a headlock and body scissor. Edge picks Shelton up placing him on the top rope. Edge gets some shots in before climbing up with him. Shelton fights back knicking Edge off the top rope with a headbutt! He comes flying off the top rope with a lariat, he covers Edge in a prayer but only gets a two count.

Mid match notes:

Edge gets back on top but Shelton fights back until Edge hits a forearm to his head. Shelton and Edge go back and forth until Benjamin hits a shoulder block! Both men are down, Edge is up first and he is throwing right hands. Benjamin fires back and the two men do battle. Benjamin gets the upper hands pounding Edge in the chest some 30 times before taking him down with two lariats followed by a back body drop and running knee! Shelton goes for the splash but misses, he lands on the top rope though and comes off with a sunset flip, getting Edge in a two count. Shelton then comes off the ropes with a cross body springboard but Edge turns it into a powerslam for a two count. Edge sets up for the spear, Shelton leapfrogs, Edge stops before he hits the referee. Shelton throws a kick, Edge catches, Shelton goes for the roundhouse but he cracks the referee! The two men battle back and forth, Shelton almost nails the T-Bone, but Edge counter and eventually hits the spear off the ropes, but there is no referee!

The Finish:

Edge looks around with a smile before grabbing a ladder. He goes to pull it over the ropes into the ring but Chris Jericho runs down the ramp and jumps from the steps onto the ladder causing it to crack Edge in the jaw! Edge turns around stunned and Shelton hits him with the T-Bone exploder suplex! Shelton makes the cover and gets the pinfall!

Referee: Mike Chioda

The Rockers vs. La Resistance

The Start:

Marty starts off against Grenier. Grenier gets him early but MArty chain wrestles him and hooks him in a few arm drags as the fans chant for him. He drops a knee on the arm of Grenier but Grenier fights back taking him down before tagging Conway. Conway is tagged in and the two men give him a double hip toss before walking all over him. Conway takes control for a few before Marty gets a tag! The Rockers go crazy and nail Conway with a sweet double team drop and elbow. Then both men nip up and go flying over the top rope with cross body blocks!

Mid match notes:

HBK is in trouble in the ring for awhile as Grenier and Conway take turns picking on him and not allowing him to tag. HBK almost gets a tag but Conway cheap shots Marty allowing La Resistance to hit HBK with a double team L.O.D type move. Marty breaks the tag as HBK is still in trouble. HBK fires back at Grenier with knife edge chops before exploding into Grenier with a back elbow. Conway comes in but HBK moves and La Resistance crash into one another, HBK makes the hot tag to Marty Jannetty by rolling to him! Marty comes in and goes buck wild with clotheslines and dropkicks. He drops one member of La Resistance with a front faced bulldog.

The Finish:

Marty gets cracked in the back by some La Resistance guy, however, he reverses and nails The Rocker Dropper! Shawn Michaels comes in and nails the other with sweet chin music! Marty makes the cover and gets the victory!

Winners: The Rockers!

– Evolution and Trish Stratus segments follow. Nothing special Trish is not concerned Lita is training Christy and says she is going to get Hannibal Lecter to train her because she is going to eat Christy alive. Maria tries to ask Trish if the Twist of Fate sent her a message. Trish says it did, but she has one for Christy. She hits Maria in the gut with the mic and then slaps her in the face before throwing her into a trash can. Fit Finlay comes out and chesk on her.

– Flair is in the back trying to pump up Snitsky. He is yelling at him and telling him to hurt Batista, but Snitsky is not paying any attention He is staring off and flair goes “NATURE BOY TO SNITSKY.. HELLO.” Then we find out Snitsky is staring at Batista, who is behind Flair. Batista says “Hey Ric… GENE…” Ric Flair freaks out, takes off his jacket and freaks some more. Batista eventually says that he will take HHH’s title.

Referee: Earl Hebner

HHH vs. Chris Benoit

Triple H made his way out to the ring for his one on one match with Chris Benoit that Batista picked for him to face. Chris Benoit then made his way out to the ring.

The Start:

The two men stared each other down for a few moments. The bell sounded and the fans reminded HHH that he tapped out one year ago today. The two locked up and HHH took Benoit down. Benoit reversed into a front face lock, but HHH got a hammerlock. HHH took Benoit down, but Benoit rolled HHH over. HHH came up and the two shoved each other. Benoit went for the sharp shooter, but HHH got the ropes, and Benoit yanked him off. Benoit got a headlock on HHH and HHH fought up.

Mid Match Notes:

HHH got out of the hold, but Benoit hit a chop and took HHH down with a side headlock. HHH fought back up and nailed some right hands. Benoit took HHH down with a shoulder block. Benoit went for a backslide, but HHH got out of it, and Benoit put in the crossface. HHH got out, but Benoit put the crossface on again. HHH got to the ropes and rolled out of bounds. Benoit grabbed Flair, but HHH knocked him off with a right hand. HHH came back in and Benoit got him in the corner with some chops and right hands. Beniot hit a snap suplex. HHH rolled out of the ring again and Benoit followed with some chops. HHH was sent into the barricade and Benoit nailed a knee to the head. Benoit threw HHH back into the ring and nailed some more chops. HHH went back out, and Benoit followed. Benoit nailed a right and sent HHH back in the ring. Benoit tried to come in, but HHH knocked him back to the outside as they went to commercial. Back from commercial, HHH hammered on Benoit in the corner. HHH spinebustered Benoit in the center of the ring for two. HHH argued with the referee, and then pulled Benoit up to his feet. Benoit was sent hard into the corner and fell to the mat for two. Benoit was brought up and HHH set him on the top turnbuckle. HHH nailed some right hands and then climbed up. Benoit fought back, and HHH got the other hand, but Benoit hit some more headbutts to knock HHH down.

Benoit stood up on the turnbuckle, but HHH knocked him down. HHH climbed back up and nailed some rights as Benoit nailed some of his own, but HHH superplexed Benoit for two. HHH came up set Benoit up for the pedigree, but Benoit countered into a slingshot. Both men were down and Earl started the ten count. Both men came up and Benoit nailed some chops. HHH fought back with rights of his own, and HHH got a kick to the face. Benoit hit a German Suplex, and then a second. Benoit hit a third German suplex.

Benoit nailed some rights to HHH and nailed a fourth German and a fifth. HHH was taken down with a sixth German suplex. Benoit signalled the end and went up top. Benoit hit the headbutt for two. Benoit nailed some rights and hit anoth German. Benoit hit his eight German. HHH grabbed on to the ropes to block a ninth and Benoit nailed some rights in the corner. Benoit nailed some chops to HHH. HHH sent Benoit hard into the corner and both men were down again.

The Finish:

HHH crawled onto Benoit for two. HHH set Benoit up for the pedigree, but Benoit tried for the sharpshooter. HHH got out and Benoit put HHH in the crossface. Flair distracted the referee and Benoit hold on with the crossface. HHH rolled out of it and nailed some rights. Benoit nailed another German suplex, and then HHH nailed some elbows. Benoit put HHH in the sharpshooter, but Flair distracted him. The referee threw Flair out from the ring. Benoit brought HHH up and he hit a low blow. HHH hit the pedigree for three.

Winner: HHH

Hassan still upset:

Hassan and Daivari come to the ramp where they get hoarded with USA chants. Hassan says he is yet to be pinned in a Raw ring and yet he is still excluded from WrestleMania! He says he does blame the WWE, he blames the racist nation, each and everyone of YOU AND YOU, and YOU. Daviaria then speaks and when he is finished, the music of Simon Dean almost hits. Then the officials correct it and play Hassan’s music. Classic.

Christy and Lita are outside Maria’s locker room. Christy says that Maria will be ok, but Christy is going to stay with her. She makes Lita promise she will show her how to beat that bitch. Lita says she will. Lita runs into Snitsky. He huffs a lot and drools like a big doofus.

They air a WrestleMania spoof where Christy makes loud noises like she’s having an orgasm. The video is below.

Referee: Earl Hebner

Snitsky vs. Batista

The Start:

The two men circle before HHH gives Snitsky some pointers. They lock up and Snitsky applies a side headlock., the two collide but neither go down. They stare down and Snitsky tells Batista to run to HHH’s side of the ring but Batista clobbers him down with a clothesline before giving him a powerslam. Flair distracts a bit, Batista runs at Snitsky who gets a boot up. Snitsky then pulls Batista to the ring post where he busts his knees up all over the ringpost.

Mid match notes:

Snitsky goes to work on the ankle and the knee of Batista by twisting it and dropping elbows on it. Batista fights back to his feet only to get another big boot to the chin. Snitsky goes for the pumphandle slam and Snitsky hits it! Batista powers out of the count at two though! Batista kicks Snitsky inbetween the eyes as Snitsky tries to take him outside the ring again. Batista gains control as he picks a giant wedgie. Batista throws Snitsky back in the ring where he gives him an irish whip followed by two hard clotheslines. Batista then nails Snitsky with the spinebuster before going crazy for the fans! Batista picks Snitsky up and goes for the powerbomb but Flair nails a chop block. Snitsky clotheslines him then and HHH enters the ring as Flair pummels Batista. HHH talks trash to him face to face but Batista breaks out.

Winner by DQ: Batista

Batista breaks out and clers the ring. HHH gets the troops together and gives them all chairs. They all enter the ring with chairs but Kane comes and saves Batista. Kane chokeslams Snitsky as Batista gives Flair a spinebuster. Batista then grabs Snitsky, gives the thumbs down, and plants him with the Batista bomb! HHH grabs a mic halfway up the ramp and says that Batista tried to pick his poison but HHH had the antidote. Next week, HHH picks Batista’s poison and he won’t have to look far for his opponent because he is standing right behind him! Next week will be Kane vs. Batista!

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