Trish Stratus Speaks On Playboy, WWE, & More

Tim Brown

Thanks to Steven Fernandes for the following:

Byte This – March 16, 2005

Hosts: Marc Loyd and Steve Romero

Guest: Trish Stratus.

The hosts mention that they will ask Trish the question everyone wants to know…. Will she pose in Playboy?

They show a clip of Trish vs. Molly from Unforgiven 2002.

Trish Stratus joins the show.

She calls Steve “that handsome guy from Smackdown”. She calls Marc “Marc”.

Marc says he does a lot of promo stuff for Canada. Trish cuts him off and says next to herself, he is the one of the most recognizable wrestling characters/personalities in Canada. He is royalty in Canada.

Marc asks her if she has a day off because every time he does something in Canada, she seems to be doing something else. She jokes that she did in 1990. She says she does the house shows and RAW and she goes home on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursday where she is eaten up by a plethora of Canadian sponsors. Steve jokes about her use of the word ‘plethora’. Marc reminds her that she is talking to them so keep the words simple.

Steve goes right to it and asks her if she will do Playboy. She says yes, more than anything else in the world…..

Her real answer was of course no, because she would rather try to be the greatest women’s wrestler, and let Torrie be ‘that chick that appeared in Playboy’.

Steve says they got 500 people asking them that one question in the chat room, so they wanted to get it out of the way. I bet those same 500 people will ask that question next week, and the week after.

They bring up her facing Christy at Wrestlemania, and mention that she is being trained by Lita. Trish says it’s funny how they say that. She says the reason she is a 6-time champion is because she beat Lita quite easily, and not only that, she put her out. She said Lita would love to be in a WM with her, but “her knee is not available.”

Email wanted to know why she attacked Maria on RAW? Trish says first of all, she wasn’t needed there, and secondly she was bothering her with asking silly questions so she took care of her.

Romero says what he likes about Trish is that she speaks her mind no matter what. Well, so does RVD and look where that got him?

Email wanted to know what happened between Christian and herself, and will she be his “main peep” again? She says she doesn’t know. She says they’ve had some good times, but they’ve grown apart. Frankly, she doesn’t need anyone in her entourage. It’s just her, herself and she. Oh yeah, and the title. She doesn’t mind having the problem solver though, in case a problem does arise.

Loyd brings up Wrestlemania, and wants to know what its like being on the “centre stage of them all”. Why doesn’t this doofus find out himself?? Trish says that its just like any other night and she doesn’t get excited. Marc doesn’t buy and she admits she’s kidding. It’s a fantastic night of the year and for her, even as a fan, everything culminated at WM. She’s been fortunate to be in exciting moments around Wrestlemania time. She says this March 19th will be five years since she’s been with the WWE, so this will be her sixth WM. She says her memorable WM moment was her run in with “Cheese head” – Snow and Blackman – at her first WM. Her second WM, she turned on Vince McMahon. The next year, it was her, Lita and Jazz in front of her home crowd. The following year after that, it was she, Jazz and Victoria. She says that was the peak of the women’s division. And last year, it was she uniting with Christian.

(I think she and Austin have the most turns at a WM with 2 each. If anyone reading this know of anyone else with more, let me know.)

Romero asks when she looks at her upcoming match, she is a 6-time champion which means she’s been in at least 11 matches going up against Christy, who’s been in none. So, when she gets in there, she doesn’t just want the victory. She wants to show who’s boss. Trish says she couldn’t say it better herself. She is just not sending a message just to Christy, but anybody who wants to enter the women’s division. They have different outlooks on why they are here. Christy wants to show her ass, while she wants to kick some ass. The hosts says you got to go with what brought you to the dance.

Romero brings up the Stacker 2 commercial. Trish says since her background is fitness, it was good to bring it full circle and represent a product she has been using for years. The commercial was neat because it was the real her, and real testimonials of who she is and what she does.

Loyd asks if there is anything left for her to accomplish. Maybe something with WWE Films. She says she and comedy go hand in hand which she considers an honour to hear so she would like to do some comedy. Its come natural to her. She’d love a new challenge. She also says another goal of hers is to co-host an internet show. (That’s funny. I believe she co-hosted Live Audio Wrestling while it was an internet show.) Romero said he can make that come true by getting rid of Loyd.

Trish Stratus leaves the show.

Loyd brings up that you can watch Trish vs. Stacy in a bra and panties match on WWE Jukebox for $1.49. Romero says that’s a 1.49 well spent.

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