WWE RAW Results – March 21, 2005

Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results

Date: Monday, March 21st, 2005

Location: The Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center in Birmingham, AL

Results by PowerWrestling.com

Start of the Show:

Tonight we are live from Alabama as Batista’s poison will be Kane later tonight. HBK makes his way out to the ring for the first match of the night!

Referee: Earl Hebner

Robert Conway vs. Shawn Michaels

The start:

The two men lock up and HBK applies a side head lock. Conway throws HBK to the ropes where he is tripped up by Grenier. Conway grabs control with a few moves until HBK baseball slides under Conway, sliding to the mat outside and knocking both La Resistance members out with hard right hands. HBK heads into the ring and he barrel rolls on top of both men to the outside as the WWE crowd goes crazy! Conway comes back in the ring where he reverses an irish whip sending HBK into the buckle and flying up and over it. Outside the ring Grenier cracks HBK with the flag right in the face. HBK is rolled back in the ring and Conway covers him for a two count.

Mid match notes:

HBK is down on the outside as WWE comes to commercial break. When we come back life HBK is stuck in am inverted neck hold. HBK rolls out and throws punches to the gut of Conway. HBK runs off the ropes, Conway chucks him to the outside, but HBK holds on and pulls himself up to chop away at Conway. Conway counters with a horrin chin breaker, but he mounts HBK and pounds him nonetheless. Both men get to their feet where they exchange many blows, rights, lefts, and chops. HBK hits the EL Paso forearm followed by an inverted atomic drop and several right hands. HBK follows up with a big back body drop before sending Grenier off the apron with a big hit.

The Finish:

HBK then climbs the top rope before blowing his NOSE in the Quebec flag! He comes off the rope with a huge elbow drop! He tunes up the band and nails Conway with the sweet chin music! He makes the cover and gets the victory!

Winner: Shawn Michaels

Christy with good company:

Christy is shown in the back walking down to the ring with Tajiri, Regal, and Lita. They tell her that if she has any problems tonight that she should tag either Regal or Tajiri. She said she’s ready for this and she has been working on her kicks. They show the two walking away with their backsides. WOW.

Mixed Tag Match

Referee: Jack Doan

Maven, Simon Dean, and Molly Holly vs. Christy Hemme, Tajiri and Regal

Before the Match:

Trish Stratus’ music hits and she walks to the ring, and heads to the sides to the discomfort of Christy.

The start:

Simon Dean and Regal start if ott, Regal gets control with an early knockdown followed by some chain wrestling. Regal tags Tajiri and drop toe holds Dean allowing Tajiri to dropkick him in the face. Maven rocks Tajiri from the outside allowing Dean the advantage. Maven is tagged in and he unloads on the chest of Tajiri before slamming him down and tagging Dean back in. Dean and MAven double slam Tajiri and then then both do pushups!

Mid Match Notes:

Tajiri tries to work his way to a cover but Simon cheaps shots Regal, but this allows Tajiri to get a spinning heel kick. Tajiri tags Christy! Christy is wrestling in pink panties, pics below. molly comes in and Trish taunts Christy allowing Molly the chance the beat her down. Christy comes back with a kick followed by several kicks to Molly’s thighs. Molly fights back and whips Christy to the corner. She goes for an alabama Slam, but Christy rolls her up in a sunset flip. Tajiri and Regal hit the ring. Regal kicks Dean in the side of the head and Tajiri takes Maven down with a baseball slide outside of the ring.

The Finish:

Christy and Molly go back and forth until Christy reverses a blow from Molly. Christy gets behind her and nails the twist of fate! Christy makes the cover and gets the win for her team!

Winners: Christy, William Regal, and Tajiri

HHH is shown walking to the ring. He stops and looks at some jobber with intense eyes.

HHH speaks…

HHH comes to the ring, grabs a chair and sits in the middle of the ring. He says it never ceases to amaze him how underappreciated he is. He asks these people if they knew what he went through, especially with making Randy Orton and Batista into stars out of nothing. He then goes on to talk about Evolution’s glory days. He says some said they were unstoppable, but that was not true. He says the only thing that could stop Evolution, was Evolution. He then talks about Batista and his selfishness and how he wants to make a name for himself now. He says Batista made a BAD decision to turn on HHH after winning the Royal Rumble. HHH says he guarantees Batista would have beaten JBL and John Cena, hell, even both of them at the same time, but instead he chose to stay here. “And you… will… lose..” He says Dave, you are NOT good enough. He says he doesn’t even know why Batista would even consider himself at HHH’s level. HHH says he has beaten them ALL! HHH says Batista wasn’t even at WrestleMania long enough to get a cup of coffee, but he has beaten them all. He says there was one little asterisk on his record with Chris Benoit, but he proved last week that he too can be beaten. He says there comes a time that the animal turns around and bites the hand that fed him. He says that he will have to do the right thing, and lay the animal down, and put him to sleep…

Referee: Chad Patton

Edge and Christian vs. Jericho and Shelton Benjamin

The music of Chris Jericho hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for this tag team match, teaming with the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin, against former multiple time tag team champions, Edge and Christian, and all of these men will battle it out at WrestleMania 21 in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a future shot at the World Championship

The start:

Christian and Jericho started things off with a tie up. Christian with a go behind, reversed into a hammerlock and then a side headlock by Jericho and then a shoulder knockdown for two. Jericho chopped Christian but Edge nailed him from the apron and held onto him and Christian charged but knocked Edge off instead and then Jericho threw Christian over the top. Edge argued with Christian and Tomko on the outside as Jericho knocked them all down with a baseball slide and then Shelton hit a suicide dive on all three.

Mid Match Notes:

Back inside and Shelton went to work on Edge in the corner with right hands and then knocked him down with a reverse elbow. Shelton hit some mounted punches in the corner but Christian hot shotted him on the top rope. Edge stomped Benjamin and then tagged in Christian. Christian kicked Benjamin in the corner and hit some open hand chops and followed up with a neck breaker for two. Christian hammered away on Benjamin on the mat as the fans got behind the Intercontinental Champion.

Christian hit a knee to the gut and taunted Jericho and he and Edge double teamed Benjamin as the referee was restraining Y2J. Edge tagged in and hit a standing dropkick for two and then he tagged back out as Christian came into the match. Benjamin hit some shots to the gut and then hit an inverted neckbreaker with his knee going into the spine of Christian. Benjamin got the tag and hit a spinning heel kick on Christian and a hip toss on Edge. Jericho hit a double bulldog and then went for the Lionsault and hit it on Chrisitian and then locked in the Walls on Edge. Jericho hit a springboard dropkick on Tomko off the apron and then Christian took him down with a reverse DDT as we go to commercial.

Back on RAW and both Jericho and Christian are down and both make tags. Benjamin comes in with right hands on Edge and then knocked Christian down. Benjamin with a back body drop on Edge and then knocked Christian down again. Shelton with a powerslam on Edge for two and then Christian attacked him from behind. Benjamin hit a big clothesline to Christian off the back of Edge and then Jericho came in with right hands on Christian. Edge and Christian went for a double team suplex on Jericho but he reversed into a double neck breaker. Jericho went for a springboard over the top onto Christian but Tomko hit him with a knee. Back inside, and Benjamin is in control of Edge. Benjamin with a big flapjack on Christian and then hit a stinger splash.

The Finish:

Edge went for the Spear but Benjamin kicked him in the head. Christian hit Benjamin with the Intercontinental belt and then Edge Speared him for the victory.

Winners: Edge and Christian

After the match, Edge and Christian beat down on both Y2J and Benjamin but then Benoit came down for the save, hitting German suplexes on all. Benoit chopped Edge but then Tomko came in and hit a Ladder to the gut of Benoit and then a shot to the back. Benoit was down in pain as Tomko stood over him as Christian screamed that it was Money in the Bank.

Flair convincing..

Flair meets with all the lumberjacks for tonight’s match. He says all of this men were betrayed by Batista because he did not go to Smackdown and instead he stole their spotlight. Flair goes on to talk about how Evolution has nice cars, tons of women, and so on. He tells one of the lumberjacks to make an impact tonight… each lumberjack was hand picked by HHH and Ric Flair..

Bischoff goes into Batista’s locker room and tells him that he never knew anything about the lumberjacks and so on. He says Batista is a marked man, has he ever felt that way before? Batista says he has not, but he is going to feel like a marked man after he wins HHH’s world title. Bischoff goes on to tell Batista how proud he would be if Batista was his world champion. Batista asks if he means that. Bischoff says he does. Batista says Eric would make a good politician and should run for office. Bischoff says there is a mayor vote coming up soon in his hometown. Bischoff ponders the idea and likes it. Batista turns back around and says “better, yet.. used car salesmen!”

Orton is shown with Stacy, he says he has a surprise for the Taker and it is inside a box he has… he asks Stacy to come to the ring with him and she hesitates, but agrees.

Orton heads to the ring and gets on the mic and says he only slapped Taker in the face because he had to, not out of disrespect. He says his confidence is at an all time high. He shows a new shirt of the Legend Killer Tour. It has a long list of names on the back with check marks on the back and the Undertaker’s name is checked off! He says he will NOT fall another victim to the Undertaker! A video package is shown of Randy Orton and all the legends he has taken down. After the package is shown he says in two weeks, his streak as a legend will be just like him… DEAD. The crowd boos. Randy Orton says that stacy is here now, there is something he has been wanting to do for a very long time… he grabs her hand and french kisses her on the lips (pics below), several times. He says he thrives on positive energy, and that is just why he will not listen to all the critics, he has a message for all the people that think the Undertaker is going to defeat him. The message is simply…. this…. Randy Orton then goes on to DROP STACY WITH THE RKO. Referees comes to the ring to help Stacy out as the CROWD BOOS heavily. J.R says that he would do this to his own girlfriend, God only knows what he will do to beat the Taker come WrestleMania 21. Orton walks off, he kind of looks guilty for what he just did.

Referee: Mike Chioda

Tyson Tomko vs. Chris Benoit

The Match:

Tyson knocks Benoit down right away but Benoit starts to German suplex him within several seconds with multiple german suplexes. Benoit goes to the top rope and comes off with a flying headbutt. Benoit looks hurt as he makes the cover but Tomko kicks out at two. Tyson then gains control and unloads on Benoit with several right hands. Tyson perches in the corner and waits for Benoit to get up. Tyson goes for the big boot but Benoit ducks and slaps the crossface on Tomko! Tyson has no choice but to tap and Benoit gets to his feet and holds his head high taped ribs and all.

Winner: Chris Benoit

Shawn Michaels is shown in the back in a suit getting ready to leave the arena. Muhammed Hassan comes and talks to him saying he deserves to be at WrestleMania. He says they are a lot alike, both have faced diversity, but HBK knows nothing of what Hassan faces day in and day out. HBK says what he does not like is that Hassan claims he deserves everything, but he has earned nothing. Next week, in his home state, they will go one on one and face off, and he will show the world why they call him Mr. WrestleMania.

The lumberjacks head to the ring as HHH says that one of these guys could be the next member of Evolution…..

Lumberjack Match

Referee: Earl Hebner

Batista vs. Kane

Before the Match:

J.R informs HHH that he will be in a “face-off” next week in the ring against Batista. Whatever that means. HHH goes crazy over the idea and is pretty scared over it.

The Start:

The two men clash and go back and forth until Batista tosses Kane into the corner before giving him a powerslam. Hassan nails him from behind, Batista steps outside and clocks Daivari, Kane meets him out there and gains the upper hand. The Masterpiece tosses him back in the ring. Kane is in control as he drops an elbow across the throat of Batista. Batista fights back and he hits a reverse elbow in the corner but La Resistance grab his legs and try to bone him on the post but Batista kicks them off, but this allows Kane to hit a DDT.

Mid Match Notes:

Kane does not go for a cover as he punishes Batista from corner to corner. He splashes a clothesline on Batista in the corner before going for a pin and getting a two count. Batista fights back with shots to Batista’s ribs, but Kane gives him an uppercut followed by a low dropkick sending Batista down hard. Kane works Batista over and he gives him a sidewalk slam. Kane goes to climb the top but he kicks Snitsky in the head. Batista tosses Kane off the top rope and he goes all for the gut in the corner with shoulder charges. Batista lifts Kane up and gives him a huge vertical suplex. Batista rams Kane down with a hard shoulder. Kane fights back and goes for a chokeslam but Batista evades it. Snitsky cheap shots Kane, who heads to the outside of the ring to beat on Snitsky! He follows up with a boot on Simon Dean. Viscera gets involved and Kane slams him off the ring most several times. On the other side of the ring, many men are beating on Batista, but as Kane rolls into the ring, Christian, Edge and Tomko beat on him! Outside the ring Batista goes buck wild and kills all the lumberjacks. He kills Chris Masters, tosses Maven into the steps, clotheslines one La Resiatance member into a flip and tosses the other down the ramp. He then heads into the ring where he proceeds to give Edge and Christian huge spinebusters.

The Finish:

Batista stares down HHH after cleaning out all of the lumberjacks. This allows Kane no nail Batista with the chokeslam! Kane makes the cover but Batista kicks out! Kane goes for the tombstone but Batista steps out and gives Kane a sick spinebuster. Batista then kicks Kane in the gut and he looks at HHH as he sticks Kane between his legs. He gives Kane the sitdown powerbomb and he makes the pin!

Winner: Batista

HHH stands up on the announce table and he stares into the eyes of Batista who looks at him back as Raw goes off the air.

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