(Spoilers) Three Weeks Of TNA Impact! Tapings

Ryan Clark

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TNA Impact tapings to air over the next three weeks.

We still have a long way until we reach the Lockdown PPV. Several more matches will be announced over the next three hours including a rumor that ALL of the PPV matches will be inside the awesome looking Six Sides of Steel. Event of the night, T Shirt Mike’s Dusty Rhodes title belt where Rhodes’ head spun around like a record.

TNA Impact hour one matches to air 4/8/05:

The show opened with a video recap of the amazing four way X division elimination match from last week’s show where Elix Skipper won to face his former XXX partner Christopher Daniels at Lockdown.

(1) Chris Sabin defeated Michael Shane.

These two faced each other several times feuding over the X title in 2003, so this was excellent from the bell. To no one’s surprise these two high fliers began the match with some mat wrestling until Shane took the fight to the floor and threw Sabin back first into the ring barricades. Back in the ring Sabin fought back but Shane was one step ahead of him, wearing Sabin down with a sleeper. Sabin got to his feet and hit an enziguiri followed by a power slam for two. Sabin’s attempted corner splash met Shane’s boot and then Sabin’s shoulder met the ring post. Shane’s cockiness that he exuded during the match, did him in as Sabin rolled him up for a pin. After the match Shane hit Sabin with a superkick, and went to commercial as Shane stood over Sabin and taunting him.

Back from commercial, Don West and Mike Tenay spoke from the announcers table and we heard none of it. After this the DOA Dusty Rhodes made his way to the rampway to speak about Lockdown. If I understood the Texican he spoke, Dustin Rhodes/Bobby Roode is some sort of Black Widow of Death match, Raven and Jeff Hardy is a table’s match, the six man cage match is a lethal lottery match and the winner of Styles/Abyss will face Jarrett at Hard Justice in May. Rhodes ended by saying all eight matches on Lockdown will be inside the Six sides of Steel.

(2) “the Phenomenal” AJ Styles defeated Chase Stevens of the Naturals (w/Andy Douglas and Chris Candido)

Styles tossed Stevens all around the ring with armdrags and dropkicks. Stevens went to the floor to recover so Styles hit all three men on the floor with a tope. Back in the ring, Styles wore down Stevens with a chinock as the show went to commercial. Styles let Stevens to his feet and then the fun began as Stevens hit Styles with a hangman on the top rope. Stevens put Styles in a front facelock as TV came back from commercial. Styles fought to his feet but Stevens hit him with an STO for two. Stevens took his mind off Styles for a moment and it allowed Styles time to recover. Styles had the match won but Douglas and Candido cut the pin off. Styles got back in the ring and Stevens hit an Alabama Slam but it didn’t finish Styles off who hit Stevens with the Styles Clash to pin Stevens. Abyss came out holding a chair but TNA security surrounded Styles.

Back from commercial America’s Most Wanted joined Mike Tenay and Don West for commentary.

(3) Dustin Rhodes and Cassidy Reilly defeated Lex Lovett and David Young.

Reilly was in control until he was backed into a corner and worked over by Lovett and Young. He escaped and tagged in Rhodes who cleaned house. Reilly rolled up Lovett to win his first contest on Impact.

Back from commercial, Mike Tenay interviewed NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett in the ring to discuss his match at Lockdown. Tenay reminded Jarrett the cage match is under Lethal Lockdown rules, all weapons will be allowed. Jarrett incited the crowd talking about he still owns the NWA World title belt and he is a wrestling dynasty. They replayed the footage of Nash being jumped last week as Jarrett gave a “fair global warning” to Page and Waltman that they better stick together 24/7. As Jarrett wrapped up his lecture DDP came from the crowd and attacked Jarrett. The Outlaw came out and tried to attack DDP but Page escaped unharmed.

Back from commercial Elix Skipper and Christopher Daniels spoke about their match at Lockdown, now that it is inside the Six Sides of Steel. They traded insults about the last time XXX was inside the cage. Daniels challenged Skipper to fight now but Skipper decided to wait until Lockdown.

(4) Gran Apolo (w/Sonny Siaki) defeated Kid Kash (w/Lance Hoyt) via DQ.

This was a mismatch on paper but having Hoyt in his corner equaled out the equation. Apolo used his size advantage to toss Kash around the ring as the show went to commercial. Kash went to the floor to stall for time and also avoided contact with Apolo. Back in the ring Apolo matched Kash’s speed and worked the Notorious KID’s left arm with armdrags and armbars. Back from commercial Apolo’s legs got grabbed by Hoyt and the duo fought on the floor. Kash came over the top and hit Apolo with a huricurana and then a chair shot. Back in the ring, Kash went after Apolo’s knee trying to get a submission. Dusty Rhodes joined Tenay and West on commentary. Kash went for a moonsault but Apolo caught him in mid air and hit a running power slam. Kash hit a springboard huricurana but a tornado DDT went nowhere. Sonny Siaki came out with a chair but Hoyt’s interference made Andrew Thomas call for the bell. The foursome fought all over using chairs and barricades to beat each other down.

Backstage Kevin Nash fought with and beat down Chris Candido and the Naturals as hour one ended.

TNA Impact hour two matches to air 4/15/05:

(1) Michael Shane, Kid Kash and Lance Hoyt defeated Chris Sabin, Gran Apolo and Sonny Siaki

From the way these matches have worked out, I am guessing Hoyt/Kash vs Apolo/Siaki is on the PPV in some form or fashion. Kash and then Shane were beaten down by all three opponents. Hoyt tagged in and changed everything by attacking Siaki. As TV went to break Kash, Shane and Hoyt traded tags taking turns to beat down Siaki. Back from break Shane had Siaki in a chinlock but Siaki fought to his feet but was taken to the mat by Hoyt. Hoyt went to the top but missed a moonsault, holy crap. Apolo tagged in and attacked Kash and Hoyt as Sabin took Shane to the floor. Sabin ended up hitting the ring barricade and Siaki coming to his aid. This allowed Hoyt to cut off Apolo’s attempted superplex of Kash. Hoyt hit a power bomb and Kash hit a frog splash.

Mr. Daggett came to the ringside area with Chris Candido in a wheelchair looking like a car accident victim. Daggett said that if Nash came near any of his clients security would be forced to remove him from the building. Back from break Trinity, who was carrying a copy of Dusty Rhodes new book, spoke to Michael Shane about something but she was stopped by Tracy Brooks.

(2) 3 Live Kru’s BG James and Ron “the Truth” Killings defeated Team Canada’s Petey Williams and A1 (w/Scott D’amore) vs BG’s spiel was cut off by Team Canada but it backfired as 3LK isolated A1. A1 was able to get away and take Killings to the Team Canada corner where Williams was tagged into the match. The duo made several tags trying to wear down Killings but they didn’t get a pin even after Williams “O’ Canada crotch shot.” both men made tags and BG James came in hot, taking out both members of Team Canada. 3LK won by hitting A1 with the double team scissor kick.

Elix Skipper joined mike Tenay and Don West for commentary during the next match.

(3) In a non-title match, “the self professed Mr. TNA” and NWA World X Division champion “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels defeated Mikey Batts .

Daniels told Skipper to watch the match to see what was going to happen at Lockdown. What happened was Batts holding his own until Daniels cut off a high risk move. Daniels took Batts down to the mat an continued to taunt Skipper. Daniels brought Batts back to his feet only to toss him into a corner upside down. Batts fought back getting Daniels down got a two count. Daniels was knocked into Rudy Charles. Skipper came in and counted a pin as Batts had Daniels pinned. Batts and Skipper celebrated but Daniels hit Skipper with an enziguiri. Batts was finished off with the Angel’s Wings.

Konnan spoke with BG James and Killings about BG’s dealings with the Outlaw. Konnan asked 3LK to stay in the locker room so “no more guitar shots could take place.”

(4) 3 Live Kru’s Konnan defeated Team Canada’s “Showtime” Eric Young (w/Scott D’amore).

Konnan looked naked without 3LK at ringside and Young used it to his advantage. Young and D’amore kept K-Dog on the mat but Young’s trip to the top rope backfired as Konnan brought his knees up. Both men traded attempted pinfalls but Konnan hit an Alabama Slam followed by a power bomb to finish off Young.

Shane Douglas interviewed AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy about their respective matches at Lockdown an next week’s tag match against Raven and Abyss. As it ended Raven hit Hardy in the head with a garbage can. During the changeover JB mentioned the TNA action figures would be in stores in the next two weeks. NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett joined Tenay and West for commentary. Kevin Nash came out and tried to get to Jarrett but seven security officers (local workers (including the Market Crashers, Sean Allen, Brian Gamble ) Shane Douglas and Mr. Daggett made him leave the building.

(5) The Outlaw and “Alpha Male” Monty Brown defeated Diamond Dallas Page and Syxx-Pac/Sean Waltman

Outlaw began but DDP and Waltman made tags working him over until Brown tagged in on the commercial break. Waltman looked like a kindergartner in the ring with Brown. Brown tossed Waltman to the floor where Outlaw did some damage. Back from the break, Waltman avoided a Brown splash and tagged in DDP but Brown tagged in Outlaw who hit DDP with a cheap shot. Outlaw and Brown took turns beating down DDP. DDP would not be pinned and made the tag to Waltman who came in like the house of fire Gordon Solie used to proclaim. The finishers began to be hit. Waltman hit Outlaw with the X Factor. Brown was hit by a Diamond Cutter. Outlaw hit DDP with the Famouser. Waltman hit Outlaw with the Bronco Buster but Jarrett got the last shot by hitting Waltman with a guitar shot. DDP and Jarrett fought to the back as Waltman laid in the ring beaten down.

TNA Impact hour three matches to air 4/22/05:

(1) 3Live Kru defeated Buck Quartermain, Lex Lovett and David Young.

Konnan turned into Random Task of Austin Powers fame using his sneaker on Lovett and Quartermain. Tags happened, Young and BG had an exchange that went in Young’s favor. Several fans on the hard cam side removed their shoes in tribute to K-Dog, several fans fainted from the odor. The trio made tags to wear down BG but he would not be pinned and made the tag to Killings who kept his shoes on. Killings hit Young with the scissor kick to win the match as Konnan and BG hit Lovett with the shoe on the floor. This match was sponsored by Nike.

Tenay and West spoke on camera but no one heard them. “Lonestar” Dustin Rhodes joined Tenay and West for commentary but Bobby Roode came out and hit him with a chair several times. TNA Security and America’s Most Wanted made him leave ringside.

(2)In a non-title match, former NWA World Tag Team champions The Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas w/Daggett who wheeled Chris Candido to the ring) defeated NWA World Tag Team champions America’s Most Wanted (“Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm and “Wildcat” Chris Harris.)

This was one of the hottest feuds in 2004 and I am happy TNA allowed the Orlando fans to see what Nashville got to see and appreciate. At the bell the foursome brawled around ringside using barricades and the announce tables as weapons. During the fighting, Storm went to hit the defenseless Candido but Rudy Charles stopped him. TV went to and came back from commercial at some point during the action. The match finally made its way to the ring where the Naturals worked over Storm for several minutes. Storm survived and made the tag to Harris who cleaned house as Storm recovered, then he hit Stevens with a superkick. Douglas cut Storm off as Harris had Stevens ready to be hit with the Catatonic when Candido got out of the wheelchair, climbed in the ring and hit Harris with his arm cast. Stevens covered Harris for the win. The Naturals and Candido didn’t make a fast enough escape as AMW stopped them and wheeled Candido back to the ring for a beat down.

Tenay and West spoke on camera but no one heard anything.

(3) Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles defeated Raven and Abyss via DQ

Raven was in the ring but when Hardy came in, Raven tagged out to Abyss who had little success. Styles and Raven tagged in and exchanged offensive moves which Raven was able to survive as Abyss stopped Styles attempted slingshot move from the apron. TV went to and came back from commercial break as Raven and Abyss made tags wearing down Styles but couldn’t get the pin or submission. Raven went under the ring and got a table telling Abyss to toss Styles into it. It backfired as Styles fought out of the powerbomb and tagged in Hardy. Abyss’ corner splash hit Raven instead Hardy. Hardy hit Raven with Twist Of Fate but got two. Abyss hit Hardy with the Black Hole Slam but Styles broke it up. Styles went for the Styles clash but Raven broke it up. Abyss grabbed his chain and went to hit Hardy but Styles stepped in the way and Andrew Thomas called for the bell. Abyss grabbed a chair and placed it in the corner. He wrapped th chain around his hand and as Styles stood in the corner whipped Styles with hit and the chain wrapped around hitting Styles in the ribs. Raven tossed Hardy out of the ring through the table. Raven wrapped Abyss’ chain around Styles’ neck and Abyss pulled Styles head first into the folding chair. EMT’s tried to get Styles on a stretcher but Abyss attacked him. TNA Security was needed to get Abyss and Raven to leave ringside. After the cameras stopped rolling Raven and Abyss came back out to confront Styles and Hardy but security stopped them from making it to the ring.

April 24th’s Lockdown matches announced:


-Lethal Lockdown match: Diamond Dallas Page, Kevin Nash and Syxx Pac vs. The Outlaw, “Alpha Male” Monty Brown and Jeff Jarrett

-AJ Styles vs Abyss, winner faces Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World title at Hard Justice on May 15th

-Dustin Rhodes vs Bobby Roode (w/Scott D’amore)

-NWA World X Division champion “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels vs “Primetime” Elix Skipper

-Raven vs Jeff Hardy with tables involved

-In a Flag match, NWA World Tag Team champions America’s Most Wanted vs Team Canada

-An X Division “Escape” match involving six Division wrestlers that JB said the wrestlers would begin inside the cage and the winner is the first man out of the cage.

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