Top England/Scotland Matchup Announced By IPW:UK

Daniel Edler



  • Chav Army Release Online Statement

    » IPW:UK team “The Chav Army” have sent us this exclusive statement today to be released immediately via the website.



    RE: Online Manefesto (Please spell check)

    Right, this is Flaming Red here the leader of the Chav Army, we have to be quick due to the fact we are using a internet box at the local Kentucky and Battalion has nearly finished his fillet burger, but this concerns Assssh and Kiirs Linnell as well as the worthless fans.

    These two boys put their nose where it don’t belong last month when they got involved with our beef with Paul Travell. Ashe bought along his pansy student and beat my boy Battalion and me and the only reason I will give for this is that we weren’t ready. Since that day nothing has been the same. Trying to ponce fags outside of Threshers, going to the news agents to steal the latest copy of Max Power and even Lil ‘G has been complaining that bunking school to hang outside Maccy D’s – just ain’t the same anymore.

    The only way we are gonna earn our pride back is if we beat you guys in the only way we know how, it’s a match we picked up on the streets of Bounds Green and the slums of Mile End.

    We the Chav Army are challenging you to a 6 man “Ghetto Brawl”. The rules are simple, you bring yourselves and a partner and I will bring my crew of me, The Flaming Red – Best of British 1 Runner Up, Battalion – Kitty Kat Bronze Swimming certificate holder, and the mysterious, dangerous, gettin’ in your face…erous, Nixon, as well as the pintsized pimp Lil ‘G and our women.

    The match will be bring any weapons you like but it will be normal tag rules and pinfalls can only happen in the ring. us we are bringing the best stuff we can come up with at Walthamstow dump, so if you can match that THEN we will be worried…

    Anyways we gotta go, but before I leave I wanna leave you with a little message Ashe & Kris Linnell. Come the 22nd May, we are gonna leave the Orpington Halls not only with our gangster pride intact, but also, Lil ‘G is gonna nick your wallets while you’re out wrestling, so, JUST BLING IT!



  • Andy Boy Simmonz vs. ‘Thee’ Drew Galloway Signed

    » Andy Boy Simmonz has today been signed to compete in a qualifying match at Best of British 2.

    Originally IPW:UK were not going to allow Andy to compete in the BOB match, due to his bad attitude and disrespectful nature. However, after his big win in the First Chance Four Way last month and his sudden change in demeanour backstage has encouraged IPW:UK to have a change of heart and allow Simmonz to compete in a qualifying contest against none other than Scottish Heavyweight sensation “Thee” Drew Galloway. Drew made his presence felt at Show 2! when he fought Aviv Maayan in a great contest and IPW:UK have decided to give him another shot, alongside his manager Charles Boddington.

    We here at IPW:UK are excited to be bringing you this exciting clash of Scottish and English Wrestling talent, truly making this a Best of British contest!

  • The Fans Decide The Aviv Maayan/Stevie Douglas Stip!

    » After weeks of deliberation, ‘New Superstar’ Stevie Douglas has failed to come up with a stipulation for his match with Aviv Maayan at IPW:UK Best of British 2. Douglas claimed that if he didn’t bother choosing a stipulation, he would be able to avoid the high-risk factor of many stipulation matches and avoid potential injury. Due to this, IPW:UK management have decided to strip Stevie of the power to make the choice of match and leave it to you – the fans!

    Please check the website where there will be an exclusive poll you can vote on right away you have a choice of 3 matches. Remember, EVERYTHING is at stake in this match as Aviv puts his BOB High-flyer moniker and IPW:UK Title shot up against Stevie Douglas’ IPW:UK career!

    The stakes are high and you can up the bets right here at!

    In Other News:

    — Jack Storm and Spud have been confirmed for May 22nd, Best of British 2.

    — The Chav Army, in addition to laying down a challenge for a 6 man ‘Ghetto Brawl’, have also requested (and been granted) some mic time to celebrate a “special birthday”.

    — Best of British 2 will also sport the first ‘Atkins Asks’ segment, as ‘Hardcore’ John Atkins digs to the bottom of a burning issue, for you, the fans. Guest currently un-announced.

  • Therefore the current card stands as:

    Best of British: Heavyweights

    Martin Stone vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. Andy Simmonz OR Drew Galloway

    Stipulation TBC

    ‘New Superstar’ Stevie Douglas (w/ Tarquin Bayle) vs. Aviv Maayan

    – If Aviv wins, Stevie Douglas is fired. If Stevie wins he takes Aviv’s #1 contendership to the IPW:UK title.

    Ghetto Brawl

    The Chav Army (Flaming Red, Battalion, Nixon) vs. Ashe, Kris Linnell & a Mystery Partner

    – Challenge has been laid down, match still not confirmed.

    Main Event Qualifying Match

    Andy Boy Simmonz vs. ‘Thee’ Drew Galloway (w/ Charles Boddington)

    Atkins Asks… Segment

    Guest: TBC

    Plus Spud, Jack Storm, the Chav Army’s “special birthday celebration” and more.

    — IPW:UK presents “Best of British 2” Sunday May 22nd 2005, at Orpington Halls, Orpington High Street, Orpington, Kent, England. In a later than usual presentation, doors open at 6:30, bell rings at 7:00. Tickets are twenty pounds for ringside, ten pounds for general admission. Ringside fans also receive 20% off of all official IPW:UK merchandise on proof of ticket. For information about IPW:UK, click here: or e-mail Daniel Edler:

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