WWE RAW Results – April 25, 2005

Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results

Date: Monday, April 25th, 2005

Location: NEC Arena in Birmingham, England

Results by PowerWrestling.com

Start of the Show:

The King and the Coach welcome us to the Unitek Kingdom! The fans are going crazy as the music of Batista hits the arena. Batista hits the top of the ramp and he comes out to a less than stellar pop from the crowd in England. He enters the ring and poses on the ropes in his striped suit with a pink tie. When the music stops some of the crowd are actually booing, others are chanting his name. Batista says “Wow, I’m in England.” After a few cheap pops and a chant, Batista says he is here to honor one great man, a man who has put his life on the line for this business. A man who in one night, accomplished something that took him two long years to do, and that is beat HHH. He brings out the one, the only, good old J.R! J.R comes to the ring and he gets a hug from the world champion. J.R drops his hat and Batista picks it up and puts it on his own head. The two hug again and Batista says J.R deserves the chants he is recieving from the fans. Batista says that J.R is the best announcer in wrestling history, but he was hiding the skills he had in the ring. He then says J.R beat a 10 time champion. He took his beating like a man and they are all here to show him respect. A big “J.R” chant starts but after a few seconds the music of HHH hits and he has a mic at the top of the ramp. He says to cut the crap and he’s sick of all this! He calls the fans sheep shaggers and they call him an asshole.

Batista says that J.R pinned him and he is the number one contender now! The fans start to chant Batista’s name and HHH screams “let me remind you who the hell I am.” Batista says no, let me remind you. They roll the footage from last week. HHH goes to talk once more but Batista laughs at him. Batista says he is sorry but he wants to see the footage again! They show it again and even the UK crowd counts to three! HHH is shown getting VERY visibly angry. He takes off his shirt and starts to walk to the ring. Shirts start to come off both men. HHH heads up the ramp but as expected he stops. He takes his shirt fully off and Batista begs him to come on. HHH walks back up the ramp to a chorus of boos. At the top of the ramp he grabs his mic. The fans start to chant “nah nah nah nah” at him! HHH grabs his mic again and says at Backlash, your ass is mine. Batista says he doesn’t think so, and the title is his.

When we come back from commercial, J.R is back with the King! They show clips from Raw last week with Viscera and Trish Stratus. This week they are supposed to go on a date. Kane will face Viscera at Backlash as J.R and the King confirm it.

The date is beginning:

Trish is waiting for Viscera to show when she asks a guy who works there if he has seen a large black man, over 500 pounds with weird hair and freaky eyes. The guy says no and Trish tells the guy that he is late. Then she gets an idea. She tells the guy she is going to leave and when the man comes, tell him she has been waiting here for… boom, she turns around and there is big Viscera, looking sexy! He said he’s sorry he is late, he went to the drug store. She asked if he was sick, because they could just cancel. He says he’s feeling fine, he was not there for medication. But instead he was there for protection. Viscera pulls out a giant pack of condoms. He then asks the man to sit them down somewhere very romantic.

Referee: Chad Patton

Chris Jericho vs. Sylvian Grenier

Chris Jericho’s music hits as he makes his way to the ring to the delight of the fans.

The start:

Grenier gains control early with a few shots followed by a flapjack sending Jericho to the mat. Jericho gets an early roll-up with a near fall. He follows up with chops but Grenier drops him with a back suplex for a two count. Grenier puts Jericho in a side headlock as the fans try to get behind him.

Mid match notes:

The two men exchange blows until Jericho nails a forearm followed by a shoulder block. He picks Grenier up and he slams him around. He places him in the corner and chops away at him. Jericho nails his bulldog but misses a moonsault. However, Jericho hits an enzeguiri but Conway comes on the apron. Jericho runs and gives him a springboard dropkick.

The Finish:

Jericho sweeps the feet of Grenier and he places him in the walls. Grenier has no choice but to tap out! After the match La Resistance beats on Jericho but Shelton makes the save. He gives one a samoan drop and he tosses the other out of the ring. Jericho gets to his feet and does not thank him, but instead tells him he will take his title and gives his chest a little slap/shove. Benjamin turns him around and plants him with the T-Bone suplex. He then stands above Jericho saying “Who’s your bitch now??”

Winner: Chris Jericho

When we come back from commercial we go back to Trish and Viscera. He says she looks great tonight. She says it was great how he beat up Kane last week. The waiter comes and he asks if they are ready to order. Trish mocks him and says she’ll have some baggers and mashes. Viscera laughs as does she. He says it’s funny because he is a bagger and he likes to mash. Trish changes her order to just a salad. And eating gets him in the mood. Trish says he must be the horniest guy on the planet. He takes the menu and tells the waiter that he will have an entire page of food.

Captain Charisma’s Night:

Ric Flair shows up in Christian’s dressing room ranting about HHH and tonight. Christian tells him to calm down before he has a heart attack and that HHH will do nothing tonight and that if HHH wants some competition maybe he should get drafted to Smackdown. He might be able to beat Michael Cole. Flair gets all upset and asks Christian if he wants to go right now. Christian has Tomko escort Flair.

State of the Peeps Address:

Christian comes to the ring and this crowd loves him. However, he gets on the crowd by mocking their teeth and their smarts. He says he will talk slow for them. Christian goes on to talk about how he will drop Batista with the Unprettier. He tried to draw heel heat but some people keep cheering anyway (Carl and Nate.) Christian says he deserves the main event and more. The music of Kane hits and he comes to the ring! Kane drops Tomko and then gives him a big boot. Christian books as Kane rams Tyson in the corner. He slaps him with the chokeslam and then drops him to the mat. Kane ignites the fire and exits the ring.

Maria talks to Lita about Kane and how he is focused. Lita says it is all about Sunday when Kane destroys Viscera and Trish finally gets what she deserves.

Christian knocks on the door of Evolution. Christian looks scared of Kane and is now treating Flair with respect. Flair spooks him out. Flair goes inside and Christian waits for him to come back but when the door opens HHH shows up. HHH says “Michael Cole huh?” Christian says it was a joke. HHH says if he wants to do some business then they can go inside and talk about it.

Master Lock Challenge:

Chris Masters comes to the ring and says last week in MSG he put $1000 on the line to anybody who could break his master lock, and nobody did. He says since nobody in the states could break it, maybe a Brit can. He has 1000 pounds in his hand. He tells one chick to sit down and then tells another guy to sit down because his neck is too small. He finally picks a guy and tells him to come to the ring. The guy says his name is Andy Banker and he is from Birmingham. The guy sits in a chair, the fans chant boring. Chris Masters lock it in and pulls Andy out of the chair. Jack Doan calls for the bell within seconds. Masters gets his money back and the segment ends. Yawn.

The Coach Interviews a member of The Dream Team:

The Coach introduces HBK and says two of the biggest egos in the business are ready to team. The Coach says they have bets in the back as to how long they will last. HBK says they have big egos because they have done it all in this business. He tells Coach to hit the bricks. He introduces Hogan and Hogan brings in Mean Gene to interview them instead. Mean Gene asks HBK his thoughts on the match. Shawn Michaels talks about picking his partner, someone as passionate as him. He says I thought “what am I gonna do?” Hogan says he heard the shout out of HBK but he also heard the Hulkamaniacs say “one more match…” and now it will be with the Heart Break Kid. Hogan rips his shirt and says “WHATCHA GONNA DO!?” HBK tries to rip his shirt but it doesn;t rip so he gives up and just says “Yeah, whatcha gonna do!?”

Raw Divas comes to the ring and they introduce a bunch of other chicks from the Daily Star. The page three women, and they are smoking as well. They say that William Regal has written his own book. Regal and Tajiri are introduced and they come to the ring. The women welcome him into the ring as the crowd gives him a warm welcome. Regal thanks the fans and talks about his autobiography that will be coming out soon. Regal says he does not want to be all sappy, so someone hit the music. Everyone dances in the ring. The music of Muhammed Hassan hits and he comes out with Daivari. Hassan says it’s pathetic. Two grown men dancing with 8 International Diva bimbos. He says the crowd is eating it up as well. Hassan goes on to talk about the predjudice that England has as well. Hassan says there would be no better message than defeating the tag team champions tonight. Regal says if they are looking for a fight they should come to the ring.

Referee: Chad Patton

Non Title Match

Hassan and Daivari vs. Regal and Tajiri (c)

The start:

When we come back from commercial break William Regal is tossing the other team all around the ring. He drops Daivari with a back body drop and he chucks Hassan out of the ring after splashing them both. The crowd chants as Regal clears house. Hassan and Daivari regroup. Daivari comes to the ring, Regal hooks him and tags Tajiri. Tajiri kicks Daivari several times before hitting him with a standing moonsault for a two count.

Mid match notes:

Daivari gets the upper hand and tags Hassan but Tajiri works his way out of things and tags Regal. Regal knees the head of Hassan but after a cheap shot from Daivari, Regal gets in trouble. Regal’s head bounces off the turnbuckle before Hassan tags Daivari. Daivari places Regal in a side headlock/choke. Daivari quickly tags Hassan and Hassan drops Regal with a neckbreaker and covers him for two. Regal starts to fight back but Hassan holds onto him and tags Daivari who plants Regal with a facelock slam. Hassan comes back in and both men collide. Daivari is tagged and tries to get Regal but Regal kicks him off. Tajiri comes in and cleans house with wicked kicks and a springboard elbow. Hassan goes to grab him but Tajiri kicks away. Tajiri goes off the ropes but Daivari hits him in the small of the back and Hassan plants him with the front face slam.

The Finish:

William Regal cocks his left fist and heads after Daivari with it outside the ring. However, Hassan chases him down and drops him with a club to the back. Daivari climbs back to the ring and he goes to the top. He drops a leg drop on Tajiri and makes the cover. 1…2…3.. it’s over!

Winners: Muhammed Hassan and Daivari

After the match William Regal cracks both men but they eventually get the upper hand on him and kick away at him. Hassan places him in the camel clutch and then he and Daivari leave as the crowd boos. No save from Hogan or Michaels, because they probably were not even there.

Referee: Jack Doan

Val Venis vs. Edge

Edge comes to the ring looking intense.

The start:

Edge kicks Val Venis as he comes to the ring and he stomps all over him. He uses the ropes to choke him from the outside then goes again to use his boot on the inside. He then gives Val Venis the catapualt into the ropes. He covers for a two count. He places Venis in a rear chin lock and he will not let go for several minutes as the crowd chants something.

Mid Match Notes:

Venis works his way back to his feet exhchanging blows. He drops Edge on the ropes and then dumps him with a clothesline followed by a back body drop. Edge reverses a blow and goes for the Edge-O-Matic but Val reverses into a half nelson slam. Venis goes to the top rope looking for the money shot but Edge gets his knees up.

The Finish:

Edge sets up for the spear but Venis gets his knee up. Venis throws Edge off the ropes, Edge ducks a blow and then nails the spear. He then pins Venis for the win.

Winner: Edge

Edge then drops Venis with an impaler DDT followed by his leg lock. He places Venis in the crippler crossface but but Benoit comes to the ring! He drops Edge with three german suplexes and Edge gets the hell out of there!

The Coach is on the phone talking about getting kicked out of his own interview. HHH, Christian, and Ric Flair show up. He asks if he can help them. They say he can. HHH tosses him a referee shirt and says he will be the special guest referee tonight. Ric Flair will be the special guest time keeper and for one time only, HHH will be the creppy little… er… Captain Charisma’s problem solver. Coach says he just has to call the boss and asks. HHH says there is no need. He is the boss tonight.

Referee: The Coach

Batista vs. Christian

The Coach comes to the ring as he will be the special guest referee. Ric Flair will be the special time keeper and HHH will be in Captain Charisma’s corner tonight!

The start:

The Game distracts Batista early on and Christian jumps on him. He goes to whip Batista though but Batista does not budge and instead hethrows Christian right out of the ring. HHH distracts again and Christian goes to the top rope. He comes off but Batista catches him and throws him in the corner. He then chucks Christian all over the ring with irish whips before dropping him with a sidewalk slam for a two count. He goes to pick Christian up but Christian gives him a thumb to the eye. Christian tries to unload but Batista is not phased. He tosses Christian off the ropes and drops him with a heavy clothesline.

Mid match notes:

Christian gets a kick to Batista’s gut but Batista lifts him up and he plants him with a running powerslam. Batista goes for the cover but The Coach does not count as he is tying his shoe. Batista gets upset and shoves Coach. Coach screams that he is a referee and cannot be shoved. Batista grabs him by the throat and holds him against the turnbuckle but HHH comes in and gives Batista low blow. Christian makes the cover as Coach does nothing about it and Christian almost gets a three count. The WWE go to commercial break as Batista is in trouble.

When we come back christian is standing on top of the back of Batista while he lay between the bottom and middle rope. HHH smacks him and Christian gives him a splash but only gets a two count. During the break we see Batista go riding into the steps courtesy of HHH. Christian has Batista by the back of the head with a naked choke/chin lock but Batista lifts him up and backs him into the corner. Batista makea a run but Christian gets a boot up and then nails a missile dropkick from the top rope. Christian covers for a two count. Flair looks at his watch jokingly as Christian places Batista in the corner. He walks away and Flair chokes Batista with his jacket. Batista fights back out of the corner but HHH trips him in the corner and Christian jumps right on top of it choking Batista with his foot. Christian goes for a neckbreaker on Batista but it takes him like a whole minute to turn Batista. He drops it and gets a two count. Christian chokes Batista and then punches his face but Batista stands and stares him down. Christian comes off the ropes and Batista flapjacks him high in the air. Batista catches Christian and slams him down before splashing him in the corner and giving him the shoulder charges to the abdomen. Batista runs off the ropes and drops Christian with a clothesline.

Flair distracts Batista and Christian goes for the Unprettier. Batista reverses and gets Christian on his shoulders dropping him with an electric chair drop! He makes the cover but Coach stops at two claiming he hurt his arm.

The Finish:

Batista knocks The Coach out with a blow. HHH hits the ring as does Flair. He takes both men down and gives Christian a spinebuster. He sends HHH out of the ring and plants Christian with the Batista Bomb! He grabs the Coach’s hand and makes it count to three!

Winner: Batista

After the match HHH goes for him again but Batista gets the upper hand. Flair brings in a chair and Batista kicks him in the gut and throws a right at him. Batista turns to hit HHH with the chair but HHH kicks him in the gut and he plants him with the pedigree! Batista drops and does not move as the Game stands tall in England!

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