WWE RAW Results – April 2, 2005

Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results

Date: Monday, May 2nd, 2005

Location: The Fleet Center in Boston, Massachusetts

Results by PowerWrestling.com

Start of the Show:

Batista is in the back with Christy Hemme and she says she enjoyed watching him last night. Eric Bischoff turns up and asks Christy if he can have a few moments with the world champion. Eric Bischoff gives his congrats and announces an 8 man tournament for the number one contender called “The Gold Rush” tournament. All these opponents will know they are in the matches but they will not know their opponents. Bischoff tries to give him the night off but Batista says he is going to stick around and he wants a match. A match with someone brave enough to take on Vince McMahon in the Monday Night wars, he then grabs Eric and says there match begins now. Bischoff screams and Batista laughs and says “man, you need the night off.”

Gold Rush Tournament

Referee: Jack Doan

Kane vs. Christian

Christian’s music hits as Lilian Garcia announces him to the ring. He has no idea who his opponent will be. The fire explodes and it will be KANE.

The start:

The two man stand toe to toe. Christian talks a lot of trash and they lock up. Kane chucks Christian out of the ring with one single chuck. Christian regroups and climbs in the ring, he ducks a blow and punches away at Kane before getting a big boot and a clothesline sending him to the outside!

Mid match notes:

Kane flips over the ropes after Christian but Tomko sticks his nose in allowing Christian to drop toe hold Kane into the ring steps. Tomko lifts him and Kane throws him but Christian comes off the top rope with a cross body block. Christian whacks away at Kane before lifting him and devliering chops. Kane fights back with two right hands but Christian puts him in the corner for a stomping and foot choke. Christian goes behind Kane and drops him with a reverse DDT for a two count. Christian goes to take the turnbuckle pad off but Kane sits up and takes two blows before delivering a clothesline and a huge flapjack followed by a clothesline in the corner. Christian gets a boot up but Kane slaps on the chokeslam. Christian evades it and gets a choke/headlock on Kane’s back. Kane reverses it into a sidewalk slam.

The Finish:

Kane goes to the top rope but Tomko shoves him off. Christian goes for the unprettier but Kane throws him against the rope and goes for the tombstone but Christian falls out and thumbs his eye. He tries to toss Kane into Tomko’s boot but Kane reverses and throws Christian into Tomko. Christian bounces off and Kane slaps him in the chokeslam, he drops and pins him!

Winner: Kane; Christian is Eliminated

After the match:

Tomko tries to get involved but Kane chokeslams him to the mat! Christian is backstage holding his neck when Ric Flair approaches. Flair tells him he lost and he was rapping at Backlash last night. Flair then raps and says “You just lost kid, so take it from the Naitch, the winner of this torunament will be HHH!” WHOOOOOOOO.

Hassan with something to say:

Hassan and Daivari come to the ring to a chorus of boos. Daivari gets on the mic first and says a bunch of stuff. Hassan then talks about being excluded from WrestleMania and being hated on. Why was he excluded from tonight as well? Was it because of what happened at Backlash last night? He says last night was a travesty and he blames Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan. He also blames each and every single fan. But there is one more person who needs to be held accountable for their action. Hassan turns to Daivari and says “YOU!” He talks about how Daivari blew the match and then he slaps him across the face. Daivari gets up to apologize and Hassan slaps him again. He then kicks Daivari right in the head while he is down. Hassan then steps out of the ring and Daivari crawls out behind him and follows him up the ramp holding his head. Daivari crawls behind him all the way to the backstage area.

Referee: Mike Chioda

Simon Dean vs. Viscera

Viscera comes to the ring and says last night he showed what he can do in the ring and also showed his hunger for love. He then walks to Lilian and says he is a big man who likes Spicy Food and considering she is Latina why can’t he go south of the border on her tonight. Simon Dean’s music hits and he comes to the ramp saying women don’t want out of shape men like him and David Wells. Simon then mocks his weight some more and says instead of a match how about he offers him a lifetime supply of his Simon System.

The match:

Viscera says no by clubbing Dean. He clubs away on him and Simon slides under him but Viscera chucks him across the ring before lifting him up and slamming him. He puts Dean in the tree of woe and then backs ass first into him in the corner. He goes to drop an elbow but Dean moves and covers for a two count. He strikes Viscera and climbs the top rope. He comes off the top rope but in mid air Viscera pushes him in the neck/chest just dropping him like a 40 pound man on his back hard. Viscera comes off the ropes with the splash and he covers for the win.

Winner: Viscera

Viscera walks over to Lilian and says he wants her to know, as all women that he is back on the market. The black market. He then grabs her ass and gives her a microphone.

Stacy and some other chick are looking at her Stuff magazine that will come out next week. Bischoff stops by and has a look and says they need to get it on the show. He says he will see those ladies later. Bischoff goes to his office and HHH is there. Bischoff asks what he is doing in there and HHH says he wants some answers to some questions. He said a tournament? A Friggen tournament? HHH says he gave Batista the pedigree and he was out but Eric’s incompetent referees were not there. He says he was screwed and Bischoff needs to give him a rematch, he OWES him that. Bischoff says he owes him nothing and after HHH gave the pedigree to one of his referees he is lucky he is in the tournament. Bischoff says all HHH has to do is win the tournament and then he gets a crack at Batista, but until then, they do things his way. HHH says to tell Batista he is on borrowed time.

Maria is in the back and says there is another man in the tournament and it is Shelton Benjamin. He says he is ready to go day and night. Jericho shows up and Shelton says he doesn’t see a band. Show is cancelled? Jericho says he respects him and he did things in that ring last night that nobody has done. Benjamin says that means something to him and asks Jericho if he will be in the tournament. Jericho says he will and he needs this chance. He says the highlight reel has been great and doing shows with Fozzy has been great but he has not had a heavyweight title shot for three years. Shelton tells him best of luck and the two shake hands.

WWE places a picture of Chris Candido on the screen. Rest in Peace.

Gold Rush Tournament

Referee: Earl Hebner

Shawn Michaels vs. Shelton Benjmain

Shelton comes to the ring. We know he is, but who is his opponent? I THINK I’M CUTE. I KNOW I’M SEXY… YOU GET THE POINT!

The start:

HBK reverses and hits a wrist lock takedown. Benjamin sits out. The two do ground battle as HBK gets to the ropes, clean break. The crowd chants “HBK” and the two men lock up once more. HBK reverses a lock into a hammerlock, Shelton does the same, HBK ducks under and gets a waist lock takedown. Benjamin reverses and HBK gets another clean break on the ropes. They lock up again and HBK gets a side headlock takeover. HBK gets a shoulder block takedown followed by a hip toss. Shelton kicks HBK and then hits several arm drags. The two men separate.

Mid match notes:

HBK is frustrated as they lock up again. Benjamin hits a side headlock takedown. HBK gets to his feet and punches the gut of Benjamin. HBK has an awesome roll up with his legs for a two count. HBK and Shelton throw back and forth until Benjamin clocks HBK with a sick clothesline over the top rope, Benjamin lands right on his feet.

When we come back from commercial HBK attempts a back slam off the second rope but Shelton reverses in mid air into a cross body onto HBK! Both men are down and they slowly get to their feet. A shot of Batista is shown as he watches his competiton. Shelton nails a samoan drop and both men are down again. Shelton strikes HBK to the jaw and then hits a sick forear, followed by the inverted backbreaker over the knee. He covers and nearly gets a three count. Shelton ducks and HBK kicks him in the chest off the ropes, knife edge chops by HBK followed by the el paso del torro. Both men are down and then they both nip up. Several pinfalls ensue but nobody gets a three. HBK gives Shelton a knife edge chop sending him to the mat. He puts Shelton in the corner, he goes to whip but Shelton reverses and nails his stinger splash. He goes for the T-Bone but HBK kicks out and takes Shelton down. He goes for the chin music but missed, Benjamin goes for a kick, HBK grabs his foot but Benjamin hits his wheel kick to HBK’s face. 1….2…. kick out!

Shelton places HBK on the top rope, he climbs, HBK punches him off and nails his elbow drop! HBK is bleeding from the mouth and shaking on the mat. He is noly able to raise himself to his feet. He tunes up the band but Shelton grabs his foot and kicks him in the side of the head. He covers once more but only gets a two count.

Benjamin springboards off the top rope using no hands to nail an awesome clothesline. He covers again but only gets another two count/

The Finish:

Shelton Benjamin senses blood and he goes on the apron. He gives himself a springboard to fly into HBK but halfway through the air HBK connects with sweet chin music! He is noly able to make the cover but he does! 1..2…3.. HBK moves on!

Winner: Shawn Michaels; Eliminated: Shelton Benjamin


Edge says he is in the tournament even though he has the money in the bank match. He says he is doing it because nobody can withstand two matches against him. Todd talks about the draft and what if Edge goes to Smackdown. Edge leaves. Edge walks off and runs into LITA of all people. Lita is talking to one of the thousand chicks in the WWE and Edge asks them what they are looking at. They say nothing and he walks off.

Tag Title Match

Referee: Jack Doan

La Resistance vs. Hurricane and Rosey (c)

Rosey and Hurricane made their way to the ring to defend the tag team titles. Their opponents La Resistance made their way out.

The match:

Rosey and Grenier tied up and Rosey shoved him down. Grenier hit some rights to Rosey and then went for a sunset flip, but Rosey got out of it. Conway lowered the top rope, and Rosey was sent out of the ring. Conway attacked Rosey and knocked him down, and then they threw him back into the ring. Grenier tagged in Conway and he nailed some rights on the fallen Rosey. Conway hit an elbow on Rosey for a two count. Grenier was tagged in and he nailed an elbow to the back of Rosey’s head. Conway was tagged back in and they took Rosey down for two. Conway threw Rosey into the corner and tagged in Grenier. Rosey headbutted Granier and tagged in Hurricane. Hurricane took down La Resistance with clotheslines and then nailed some rights on Grenier. Hurricane hit a hurricanranna on Grenier for two. Conway sent Hurricane into the corner, but Hurricane threw him outside. Rosey and Hurricane then hit a double team maneuver for the pinfall victory.

Winners and still tag team champions: Rosey and the Hurricane

Gold Rush Tournament

Referee: Earl Hebner

Chris Jericho vs. Edge

Edge comes to the ring with no idea who his opponent will be. And his opponent…. Y2J!

The start:

The two men lock up and Jericho backs Edge into the corner. They break and lock again, Jericho gains control, and when the two men break he slaps Edge across the face. Chops ensue followed by a 10 count head bang off the turnbuckle. Jericho kicks Edge in the head and chops him some more. He climbs the ropes but gets disposed of by Edge who shoves him to the mat outside. Edge slams Jericho’s back off the security wall before throwing him back into the ring and working on his back.

Mid match notes:

Edge works Jericho in a bow arm hold but Jericho works his way to his feet and reverses the hold. Edge gets control and places Jericho on the ropes. He makes fun on JEricho and tries the running knee but Jericho gets up and hangs Edge up on the ropes followed by a clothesline. Back and forth action ensues and eventually Jericho hits his running knee and then a hurricanranna for a two count. He then hits an enzeguiri and gets another two count! Edge gets some shots in but Jericho drops him with a headlock falling slam for another two count. Jericho tosses Edge into the buckle, he does for the bulldog, Edge evades and hits a big boot. Edge grabs the briefcase and climbs on the apron. He argues with Hebner but as he does Jericho hits him with a springboard dropkick! Jericho then comes over the top rope with a cross body block. Jericho takes away the security rail and nails Edge’s head off of it. Back in the ring Edge hits the Edge-O-Matic for a two count. Back and forth action ensues and Edge sets up for the spear but misses and eats turnbuckle.

Jericho places Edge in the walls of Jericho and Edge is about to tap out but he slides out of the ring and picks of the briefcase cracking Jericho with it right in the head.

The Finish:

Edge climbs the top rop and nails a missile dropkick. He covers Jericho but Jericho kicks out at two showing great strength! Edge then comes off the ropes and plants Jericho with a spear. This one is too much as Jericho cannot kickout and Edge wins!

Winner: Edge; Eliminated: Chris Jericho

Master Lock Challenge:

Chris Masters came out for his Masterlock challenge. He said no man or woman could break the master lock, and tonight he is upping the price to four thousand dollars and a Red Sox jersey. Also a personally autographed Tom Brady football. He then asked who was up to the Master Lock challenge and searched the crowd.

He then pulled some guy into the ring he called Tubby and told him he had nice lamb chops. His name is James DeFalco from Boston, Mass. What a surprise. James said he was a big Boston football, and Masters teased him with the football, but said he had to break the Masterlock first. James set down and got the Master Lock put on him. Needless to say James didn’t break it and he lost the challenge as expected. Masters kicked the Boston gear from the ring and took his money back. Masters held up the money and exited the ring.

Gold Rush Tournament

Referee: Earl Hebner

Chris Benoit vs. HHH

HHH makes his way to the ring but he has no idea who his opponent will be. The music of Chris Benoit hits and HHH shakes his head as he does not like it!

The start:

The two men lock up and Benoit backs HHH into the corner before chopping him in the chest. They lock up again and HHH throws Benoit to the ropes but Benoit gives him a shoulder block. HHH then kicks Benoit in the gut, he goes for the pedigree but misses and Benoit goes for an early crossface. HHH throws a back elbow and hits Benoit in the face. HHH comes at Benoit, Benoit sweeps his legs and goes for the sharpshooter but HHH finds his way to the ropes. Benoit pulls HHH off the rope hold and slams him on his back. He hits a snap suplex and goes for the crossface but HHH makes his way to the ropes. HHH crawls outside and Benoit chases him and chops him down several times against the security rail. Back in the ring HHH evades a blow from Benoit and he goes right for the skull with a devestating blow. Benoit goes flying out of the ring and as cameras zoom in on him we can see that he is clearly out of it after last night.

Mid Match Notes:

When we come back from commercial HHH punches Benoit and drops him to the mat twice. He covers with a half nelson and gets a two count. HHH stays on it but Benoit will not wuit. Benoit fights back with chops but he runs into a HHH sleeper hold. It looks as if Benoit is out, but he gets his hand up at the last second. He runs HHH into the turnbuckle and both men go down. Benoit counters another headlock with a back suplex. HHH gets to his feet and he throws a blow but Benoit ducks and drops him with a german suplex. HHH then kicks him in the gut and tries a pedigree but Benoit reverses and hits a few more germans. Benoit calls for the headbutt and he climbs the top rope and comes flying down crashing into HHH! He makes the cover but HHH noly kicks out as Flair roots HHH on. Both men get to their feet and Benoit sweeps the legs of HHH but Flair gets on the apron. Benoit grabs Flair and tosses him in the ring. He chops on Flair in the corner and the referee tries to grab him off but HHH nails Benoit in the back of the head with another clubbing blow. HHH and Flair beat down on Chris Benoit as HHH gives him a low blow. Benoit is in trouble until…

BATISTA’s music hits! He hits the ring and cleans up Flair with a back body drop. He drops HHH with a spinebuster and then tosses Flair out of the ring. HHH kicks Batista in the gut and he goes for the pedigree but Batista throws him off and gives him another spinebuster! Batista leaves the ring and roots Benoit on!

The Finish:

Both men struggle to their feet. Benoit sweeps the legs of HHH and places him in the sharpshooter! HHH screams in pain. He crawls to the ropes where Batista is and Batista smiles at him. HHH crawls his way and he is almost to the ropes but Batista pulls the bottom rope away from him! Benoit pulls HHH to the middle of the ring and HHH screams at Batista calling him a son of a bitch! HHH is in great pain and he finally has no choice but to TAP!

Winner: Chris Benoit; Eliminated: HHH

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