WWE SmackDown! Results – May 5, 2005

Andy Stevens

WWE SmackDown!

May 5, 2005

Location: Trenton, New Jersey

Announcers: Michael Cole and Tazz

Report by Powerwrestling.com

WWE Smackdown! Opener:

We start off with a video package highlighting last week’s events between Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio. The music of Rey Mysterio then hit in the arena to start Smackdown, and he did not look pleased. Rey got on the microphone and said he has to give it to Eddie, he’s a great lier. He had him believe that they were like family. He played him for a fool, but he ain’t Eddie’s fool anymore. Rey called Eddie out to the ring to face him like a man. Rey said Eddie doesn’t want to walk away like a coward like he did last week. Eddie then made his way out, to no entrance music. Eddie slowly got into the ring while staring at Rey. Rey asked for an explaination, and Eddie said he has nothing to say to him. Rey asked what happened to brotherhood, and told him to look at him while he was talking to him.

Rey said those were just words, and words don’t mean a damn thing to him anymore. Rey shoved Eddie and said if he doesn’t want to talk, then maybe he will fight. Eddie said he never laid a hand on him like he just did to him. Rey said he never did, but he let MNM do all of his dirty work. Rey said they are going to fight, and they are going to fight right now. Rey slapped Eddie in the head and looked ready to get it on but Eddie just stared at him and said he isn’t going to fight him tonight, tomorrow night, or ever. Eddie dropped the mic and went to leave but Rey got in his face again. Eddie left the ring and Rey said he has been waiting for this, but Eddie would have none of it. Rey said Eddie must be scared that he will beat him again, and Eddie stopped but then continued on his way to chants of “Eddie Sucks”.


Rey was backstage with Theodore Long asking for Eddie Guerrero in the ring tonight. Chavo then entered and asked Rey who he thought he was. Chavo said Eddie treated Rey like a brother, but Rey ain’t ever gonna be a Guerrero. Rey said that’s right, and then nailed Chavo and the two brawled all over Long’s office. The referee’s then came in to break it up.

Referee: Charles Robinson

Matt Morgan vs. Rob Eckos

The music of Matt Morgan hit in the arena as he got in the ring and said he is going to give his opponent some advice, run. Matt then stuttered and said he has no chance in his ring. Matt said tonight, he is going to make him dissapear, and then stuttered some more.

The Match:

Matt hit a headbutt and then squashed Eckos in the corner. Morgan sent him hard to the corner and nailed him with a clothesline. Matt then hit a face first suplex type thing and then picked Eckos up again and nailed him with his delayed vertical into a front driver for the win.

Winner – Matt Morgan

Later Tonight:

Cole and Tazz informed us that Theodore Long has signed Chavo Guerrero and Rey Mysterio to face each other in a Street Fight. Also tonight, the World Premiere for John Cena’s music video “Bad Bad Man”. Christina Aguilera was then shown on the set of the music video with her two younger brothers, and footage was shown from the shooting of Cena’s video, which is a take off of the A-Team, who are trying to rescue the 80’s.

WWE Judgment Day:

John Cena will defend the WWE Championship against JBL at Judgment Day in his first title defense. Footage was then shown from the Fatal Four Way Elimination Match last week.

Non Title Match

Referee: Nick Patrick

Booker T vs. Orlando Jordan (c)

The music of the United States Champion, Orlando Jordan, hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring for this Non Title Match against Booker T. Booker was shown backstage with Sharmell as she pumped him up for his match.

The start:

Booker T and Orlando Jordan locked up and Booker backed Orlando to the corner and gave a clean break. They locked up again and Booker locked in a hammerlock but Orlando elbowed out and then Booker took over with some chops. Orlando hit a boot to the face and Orlando then clotheslined him to the outside, and Orlando is bleeding from the mouth. Orlando followed out and kicked Booker, but Booker came back with chops.

Mid-match notes:

Orlando hit a thumb to the eye and then sent Booker into the apron, and then into the ring post. Orlando sent Booker back inside the ring and covered for a two count. Orlando locked in a rear naked choke as the fans started to get behind the Book Man. Booker fought out and the two traded right hands and then Booker sent him to the corner and charged in but walked into a high elbow and then rolled Booker up and used the ropes for a two.

Orlando then scored with a clothesline and went to work with mounted punches on Booker. Orlando went back to the rear naked choke as the fans got behind Booker again. Booker fought out but Orlando hit a knee to the mid section and then Booker came back with a flying forearm and then a snap suplex. Booker went up top but Orlando crotched him and went for a superplex but Booker sent him face first to the mat and then came off with the missle dropkick for a near fall.

The Finish:

Booker went for the Scissors Kick but Orlando moved and went for the STO but Booker elbowed out and hit a side kick and then nailed the Scissors Kick for the victory!

Winner – Booker T

The Aftermath:

Sharmell was shown celebrating backstage and then Kurt Angle came up behind her. Angle said Booker cost him the number one contender spot last week. Angle said he wants Booker at Judgment Day, and she can be there at ringside so she can hear him scream in agony when he breaks his ankle.

Non Title Match

Referee: Jim Korderas

Scotty Too Hotty and Shannon Moore vs. MNM (c)

The music of the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM, hit in the arena as they made their way to the ring with Melina. The music of Scotty Too Hotty then hit in the arena as he made his way down with Shannon Moore for this non title match.

The start:

Scotty and Mercury locked up and Mercury got Scotty in the corner and hit a shot to the mid section. Scotty made a blind tag and both Scotty and Shannon nailed Mercury and then gave Nitro a back body drop. Scotty and Shannon clotheslined Nitro to the outside but then Nitro tripped Moore and Mercury hit a knee drop for two.

Mid-match notes:

Mercury tagged in Nitro who hit a knee to the gut in the corner for a two count. Moore and Nitro both went for a cross body and the two collided and both men made the tag. Scotty went to work with right hands on Mercury and then hit a flying forearm and a dropkick to knock Nitro off the apron.

The Finish:

Nitro came back inside and they went for a double team but Scotty hit a superkick on Nitro and then hit the bulldog on Mercury and went for the Worm. Scotty was about to hit it but Melina got on the apron to distact Scotty. Nitro then attacked from behind and MNM nailed him with the Snapshot for the win.

Winners, the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM

The Aftermath:

Rey Mysterio came running to the ring with a lead pipe and went to work on MNM and tried to nail them with the pipe but then Nitro took him down from behind. Rey again went to hit them both with the pipe but they retreated up the aisle.

In the arena:

The music of John Bradshaw Layfield hit in the arena as the Limousine made it’s way out to the stage. JBL made his way to the ring with the old WWE Title belt as always. JBL got on the mic and said that for a suburb of New York, these people need to show more respect. JBL said he knows they want to see the WWE Champion, but what they want and what they need are two different things. JBL said he carries that belt around for his fans, because he knows how bad they want to chant his name. JBL said the champ is here. JBL said what happened at WrestleMania would have broke a normal person. If it was a normal person, they would have quit. JBL said normal people quit at their dreams, and that is why they sit there, and he stands here. JBL said he has been through everyone in the tournament to get where he needs to be, and now there is only one left, and that is John Cena. JBL said that Cena is a one hit wonder. The fans heavily chanted for Cena as JBL said Cena’s fifteen minutes of fame are up. JBL said he will destroy Cena at Judgment Day and make him a footnote in the history of the WWE, and he will be forgotten. JBL said his legacy will not be tarnished by anyone. JBL is not only a survivor, JBL is a wrestling god.

With that, the music of the WWE Champion hit in the arena as John Cena made his way down to the ring. Cena grabbed a mic and said everyone knows that JBL stole that title from his bag, and that is so sad. Cena told the crowd to stand up because the champ is here! Cena said there is a bit of truth to JBL, he is not a quitter. He is a lot of things, a millionaire, an ex-champ, he rides around with oily men called the Cabinet, he and Michael Cole are just friends, he doesn’t legally have a penis, but he is not a quitter. JBL said he is right, but Cena said neither is he. Cena said at Judgment Day, they settle it in a match with no countout, no disqualification, no submissions and no pinfalls. The only way to win is to make your opponent say that he quits, and he is talking about an I Quit Match. Cena said he is going to beat the hell out of him, and at Judgment Day when he speaks the whole world will hear what he has to say, the last two words to come out of his pathetic mouth before he passes out, will be I QUIT. Cena threw down the mic and JBL looked shell shocked.


Chavo was backstage with MNM talking to them about what Rey Mysterio tried to do to them earlier in the night.

In the arena:

The music of Kurt Angle hit in the arena as he made his way out to the ring for his Hometown Invitational. He told the referee and ring announcer to leave. Angle then got on the mic and said he is in no mood for this, and told him to get the hell out of his ring. The guy went to leave but Kurt told him to hold on a second and he changed his mind, and nailed him with the mic and then kicked and punched away on the guy. Kurt choked him in the corner and then nailed him with a pair of uppercuts. Kurt choked him out with a front face lock and then dropped him to the mat, and then mauled the face, before hitting a cross face shot. Kurt then hit the Angle Slam and locked in the Ankle Lock as the guy tapped like a drunk man. Angle got on the mic and said he is still waiting for an answer to his challenge, he said that Booker cost him something that means more to him than family, the shot at the WWE Championship.

The music of Booker then hit as he made his way out with Sharmell. Booker got on the mic and said he has an answer for Kurt, and he accepts the challenge for a match at Judgment Day. Now can you dig that? Angle said that’s great but it’s too bad that he’s going to make him tap out, and break his ankle in two, and it’s too damn bad that afterwards, he will have to go home with that gutterslut! Booker charged to the ring and went to work on Angle and sent him outside the ring. Booker nailed him and continued his assault on Angle. Booker held Angle for Sharmell to slap him, and told her to do it again and she did so repeatedly. Booker sent Angle back inside the ring but Angle hit a low blow and nailed the Angle Slam. Angle then stared at Sharmell and she ran down the aisle, but tripped over. Sharmell looked to have twisted her ankle, and Kurt slowly walked up to her and went to lock in the Ankle Lock but officials and referee’s came down to stop it before it could happen. Booker then checked on Sharmell as Angle was taken to the back. Booker carried Sharmell to the back as we went to commercial.

WWE in Europe:

Footage was shown from the WWE Tour of Europe last week.


Eddie Guerrero was shown backstage looking tense. Chavo came in and said he wanted to say something. He said Eddie is a far better man than Chavo is. Chavo said Eddie put friendship and loyalty first when Rey slapped him. Chavo said he is going to get revenge for Eddie tonight, and Rey will learn why he should never mess with a Guerrero.


Carlito was shown walking backstage, and he returns to action, next!

Referee: Nick Patrick

Hardcore Holly vs. Carlito Caribbean Cool

The music of Carlito hit in the arena as he made his way out to the ring, and this is his return to action against Hardcore Holly.

The start:

Carlito and Hardcore Holly locked it up and Holly grabbed a side headlock and then hit a shoulder block. Carlito came back with a hip toss and then chopped Holly in the corner but then Holly screamed at him and went to work on Carlito with chops of his own.

Mid-match notes:

Holly hit his kick to the mid section while Carlito was in the ropes for two. Carlito came back, hanging Holly up in the ropes for two, and then clubbed the back of Holly before twisting the neck of Holly. Holly fought out but Carlito grabbed a rear naked choke but Holly escaped with a back suplex.

The Finish:

Holly hit a clothesline and a back body drop and then scored with a full nelson slam for two. Holly went up top and hit a flying clothesline for two. Holly went for the Alabama Slam but Carlito hung onto the ropes and managed a backside using the ropes for leverage for the win.

Winner – Carlito Caribbean Cool

The Aftermath:

Carlito got on the mic and said next week, his guest on the Cabana will be the Big Show, and Carlito is going to make him an offer he can’t refuse. Carlito then spat his apple at the camera and left.

In the arena:

Theodore Long is in the ring and said this Tuesday, John Cena’s debut album will be in stores everywhere, and it’s now time for the debut video. We then go to the video which is a rip off the A-Team, called the Chain Gang. The 80’s have been held hostage, and Gary Coleman is part of the video. Cena played the role of Hanibal, and goes off with Trademarc as Face and BA to rescue the 80’s. Gary Coleman turned out to be the villain and blew up the 80’s, and only the Chain Gang survived.

Street Fight

Referee: Brian Hebner

Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

The music of Chavo Guerrero hit in the arena as he made his way out to the ring for this Street Fight with Rey Mysterio, who made his way down with the lead pipe.

The start:

Chavo backed out of the ring and Rey tossed down the lead pipe and Chavo re-entered. Chavo kicked Rey in the gut and then stomped him on the canvas. Chavo hit an uppercut and a right hand and then kicked Rey in the corner. Rey hit a drop toe hold sending Chavo into the turnbuckle and then hit a baseball slide to the lower extremities. Rey hit the split legged moonsault onto Chavo for two and then hit some right hands. Rey went for a cross body but Chavo moved and stomped on Rey but Rey came back with a drop kick to the face for two.

Mid-match notes:

Chavo sent Rey to the apron but Rey came back in with a springboard hurricanrana sending Chavo to the outside. Rey went for a plancha over the ropes but Chavo avoided it and then dropped Rey over the barricade. Chavo sent Rey back inside and looked under the ring and pulled out a chair. Chavo went to nail Rey but Rey moved and hit a kick to the mid section and went for the chair himself, but Chavo picked his ankle. Rey came back and got Chavo in the corner and then dived at Chavo from the middle rope, but Chavo dropkicked him on the way down.

Chavo slid Rey right under the bottom rope to the outside and then pulled a ladder from under the ring. Chavo laid the ladder in the corner but Rey tried to fight back and sent Chavo into the ring apron and sent him back inside the ring. Rey hung Chavo up in the ropes, sending him back outside, and then hit a baseball slide into the ladder, sending it into the head of Chavo. Rey went back outside after Chavo and set the ladder up against the ring apron. Rey went to send Chavo into the ladder but Chavo blocked. Rey then hit a moonsault off the ladder taking out Chavo. Rey tossed the ladder down onto Chavo and then sent him back in the ring.

Rey went to Drop the Dime, but Chavo moved and hit a sliding dropkick to the jaw for two. Chavo sent Rey to the corner but Rey came back with a headscissors sending Chavo’s shoulder into the ring post. Rey grabbed the chair and went up top but Chavo got up and crotched Rey. Chavo grabbed the chair and sent Rey head first into it, and then did the same again. Chavo went for the Gory Bomb and scored with it and made the cover but Rey kicked out! Chavo kicked away at Rey and then pointed to the aisle as MNM hit the ring. MNM grabbed the ladder and held it near the apron but Rey came back and dropkicked it into MNM.

The Finish:

Chavo attacked Rey from behind but Rey fought back and Chavo landed on the chair but he was in postion for the 619. Rey went for it, but Chavo moved and Chavo planted Rey face first into the mat and covered but Rey again kicked out. Chavo set up the chair in the middle of the ring but Rey hit a drop toe hold into the chair and then hammered away at the back of Chavo. Rey hit a springboard seated senton onto Chavo who was sitting in the chair for the win!

Winner – Rey Mysterio

The Aftermath:

MNM attacked Rey after the match and then Chavo joined in on the assult. All three of them stomped away at Rey and then the music of Eddie hit in the arena. Eddie nailed MNM and took them both out and sent them to the outside of the ring. Rey took off his shirt and stared at Rey. Eddie helped Rey to his feet and the two hugged and then Eddie nailed him with a clothesline and stomped away at him.

Eddie hammered away at Mysterio and then tossed him to the outside. Eddie threw Rey into the ringpost like a dart, and then sent him back inside the ring. Rey’s mask was all ripped off and he was busted wide open. Eddie kicked him in the face and Rey is a bloody mess. Eddie went to the outside and grabbed the ring steps and set them up on the outside. Eddie pulled Rey to the outside and then got on the ring steps and hit a vicious suplex onto Mysterio, and Rey is down and out and not moving on the outside. Rey stared into space as Smackdown! went off the air.

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