(Spoilers) Full SmackDown Taping Results

Ryan Clark

Thanks to Jay Mackle for all his hard work in calling in these results to me. Appreciate it Jay! (Some of the finishing moves may be a tad bit off, but the results are correct. It was extremely hard to hear him.)

Dark Match

CM Punk vs. Amazing Red. During the match, Punk messed up a lot of moves. He didn’t look like he was on his game. Red did some high flying moves. Punk wins a DDT.


Akio and Kidman vs. Nunzio and Mark Jindrak. Nunzio got most of the offense and there were a ton of double team moves. Mark Jindrak hit a left punch for the knockcout but Kidman broke up the pin. Jindrak comes off top rope with flying clothesline and gets the pin for his team.

Rene Dupree defeated Shannon Moore with a powerbomb.

The Basham Brothers vs. Joel and Jose Maximo. Basically a squash match. Doug hits one of the Maximo’s with a reverse DDT for the win.

Orlando Jordan vs. Scotty Too Hotty (Non title). Scotty goes for the worm but Orlando counters it and hits the STF for the win.

WrestleMania 21 commercial is airing now…

Eddie comes out to new music and he announced Rey vs. Eddie at J. Day. Eddie sits in middle of ring with spotlight around him and says he beat Rey last week because he and all the fans stole his passion, love, Latino heat, everything he ever had. He says at J. Day, he’ll take Rey’s life, not his blood like last week. He warns Rey not to let him hurt him.

Spike Dudley vs. John. Heidenreich gets on the mic and says he asked Spike to be his friend earlier in the day and he said no. He then goes and looks for someone to be his friend and finds a little kid. He reads the kid and poem and puts him in his corner for the match. Heidenrich hits the black hole slam for the win.

Sharmell Sullivan goes into the lockerroom to hype up Booker T for his match against Kurt Angle later tonight. They kiss and that’s that.

Backstage, MNM and Chavo Guerrero are discussing a six man tag match they have against Paul London & Charlie Haas & Hardcore Holly. They claim Paul London wont be able to fight.

Josh Matthews interviewed Kurt Angle, who said that Booker’s wife is a “guttersl*t” and that Angle wants to have “dirty, perverted sex with her.” Angle said he wont hurt women. He said he loves Beastyality Sex and Perverted Sex. Hmm.

MNM & Chavo Guerrero vs. Paul Lodnon, Charlie Haas, and Hardcore Holly. Haas took a lot of offense. The heels dominated the match until a tag to Hardcore Holly. Holly hits the Alabama slam on Nitro but the pin is broken up by Chavo Guerrero. London is tagged in. Chavo goes for the Glory bomb but London reverses it. Chavo reverses that with his feet on ropes for the win..

Cena autograph signing at Best Buy in Newark from last night. They aired highlights.

JBL comes to the ring and announces the re release of his book Have More Money He goes on to trash John Cena’s CD and says Cena isn’t a bad man, he’s a bad champion and his 15 minutes of fame are up. He says he took a besting the last 12 months… Chokeslams, Frog splashes, Bookends on concrete, Bloody eyes, But he’s NEVER said I quit. He guarantees at J day he will bust Cena open and make him say I quit. Cena comes out to fight and the Cabinet quickly follows. The entire Cruiserweight locker-room came out to split the two up. Officials come out as well.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Jimmy Jacobs. Guerrero put Rey’s mask on Jacobs and beat him while he was wearing it. Eddie same thing he did to Rey last week (over the steel steps) but only this time onto a chair in the ring. On the way out, he was yelling about Rey.

They showed John Cena’s Bad Bad Man video.

Matt Morgan vs. Funaki. Funaki came out and announced he was SmackDown!’s numbers #1 reporter. Morgan takes the mic (stuttering) and says the people were making fun of the way Funaki talks. Morgan won with a suplex/rock bottom combo in a squash.

Booker T segment backstage where he’s pissed off about the Kurt Angle sex comment from earlier. He told Sharmell to stay in the back when he had his match later tonight.

Carlito’s Cabana with The Big Show. Carlito offers Show an offer he can’t refuse – a chance for them to be partners. He shows footage from Wrestlemania and mocks Show, saying that they can be great together. Carlito shows highlights and WM21 where he is in a sumo outfit. H says if Carlito was in his corner, none of this would have happened. Show turns him down. Carlito grabs an apple but before he can bite it, Show bites it…and faints, with the idea being it was poisoned. Carlito takes another apple and spits it in the face of the unconscious Big Show saying, “One bad apple can ruin a bunch.”. JEEEZ.

Booker T vs. Kurt Angle. Booker T ran to the ring and dominated at first. Angle took over and eventually hits the Angle slam. When this happened, Angle runs away without going for a pin. Booker T follows him to the backstage area. Angle is looking for Bookers lockerroom.. and goes in to find Sharmell. Booker knoskcs down the door after him and Angle hits him from behind. We see a total beatdown of Booker with him being thrown into lockers, tables, sofa, etc etc… The show ends there with Sharmell screaming WHY, Why did you do this.. at Angle.

Dark Match was JBL and Orlando Jordan vs. Cena. It was supposed to be a tag team match but JBL said Big Show’s not coming out and he looks like Mt St Helens. Cena comes out, back and forth battle. They take over on Cena. Orlando has him in a choke hold. JBL grabs the mic and tells Cena to say I Quit. Cena doesn’t say it. Cena takes over, hits spine buster on Orlando Jordan, then does five knuckle shuffle followed by the FU for the win and takes the mic and thanks the fans for their support.

Thanks again, Jay!

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