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Ryan Clark

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The show starts out with the lonely road of faith video. Big Pops for Hogan, Warrior, Rock and Stone Cold.

Dark Match: CM Punk Vs. Amazing Red

Punk was way off on his game with many mistakes when trying to do reversals. Red was on fire with high flying maneuvers. End comes when red tries for some sort of frog splash but does an Eddie roll Punk catches him with a stiff DDT.

Velocity Starts

Akio and Kidman Vs. Nunzio and Mark Jindrak

Nunzio took a beating from the heels for most of the match until he tags Jindrak. Jindrak hit a reverse full nelson slam that dropped Akio on his knee. It was an awesome move. Jindrak hits the left hook but Kidman breaks it up. Nunzio in to kick out kidman. Jindrak hits a Flying clothesline for the win.

Renee Dupree Vs. Shannon Moore

Dupree controlled most of the match. He hit some type of powerslam/powerbomb for the win.

Basham Brothers Vs. Joel and Jose Maximo

Another squash match. Doug pinned Joel with the reverse rocker dropper.

Non Title: Orlando Jordan Vs. Scottie 2 Hottie

Orlando sporting the new Don King look, controlled the early part and mocked the worm set up dance. Scottie fires backs with kicks and punches. Scottie hits a superkick but couldn’t cover. Scottie tries for the bulldog but Orlando reverses it into a STF for the win

Smackdown Starts

Eddie Guerrero In ring Segment

Announced on the screen is Eddie Vs. Rey at Judgment Day. He comes to the ring with a remix of his entrance music. He has a spotlight on him when he sits in the middle of the ring. He said he beat Rey because Rey wanted a fight. Eddie was booed like crazy. Eddie takes out the bloody white mask he tore off of Rey last week and said that he realized that Rey and the fans stole from him his love, his passion, his LATINO HEAT, but he got it all back last week.He told Rey that he needs to tell his kids that at judgment day that they might not have a father because unlike last week when he stole Rey’s blood, he will take his life.

Spike Dudley Vs. Heidenreich

Heidenreich says hes going to fight Spike because Spike didn’t want to be his friend and asked if anyone in the audience would be his friend. He finds one of the security guards son and read him a poem. Heidenreich wins with a Black Hole Slam.

Sharmell/Booker T Backstage segment

Sharmell is shown walking towards the lockeroom to pump up Booker. Booker says he wants another form of motivation and makes out with Sharmell.

MNM and Chavo Backstage Segment

Chavo talks to the champs and says that Paul London will not be able to find partners for the 6 man tag match. Melina says one person who wont be his partner is Rey Mysterio.

Showed the events between Angle/Booker T

Kurt Angle Backstage segment

Kurt first warns Josh not to do anything funny or he’ll get his butt kicked again. Kurt states that he would never want to hurt a woman like Sharmell because he likes guttersl*ts. He then hesitates to say that he wants to have sex with Sharmell. He doesn’t want ordinary sex, he wants the real beastiality sex, perverted sex with her.

MNM and Chavo Vs. Paul London, Charlie Haas, and Hardcore Holly

Melina distracts Haas to get the advantage. Haas takes much of the offense until he hits a T-bone suplex on Chavo and tags in Hardcore. Hardcore has control and hits Nitro with a Alabama Slam. Cover broke up by Chavo, London tagged in. Chavo tries for a Gory Bomb, London reverses into a rollup, Chavo reverses into a pin with his feet on the ropes.

Cena in Best Buy in Newark, De is shown again.

Bad Bad Man video is shown again.

JBL In ring Segment

He announced the re-release of his book, Have More Money Now and trashes Cena’s CD. He says that Cena is not a Bad Bad Man but a bad champion and his 15 minutes of fame are up. He says he has taken chokeslams through his limo, through announce tables, frog splashes from the top of steel cages, and bookends on the floor but has never said I QUIT. He guarantees that he will bust Cena open and make him say I Quit. He says when a man says I Quit, he gives the man who forces him to say it his soul. Cena comes out and a fight breaks out. Cabinet comes out, then a buch of cruiserweights, and officials. Basic pull apart fight.

Eddie Guerrero Vs. Jimmy Jacobs

He beats him down and then puts the mask on Jacobs. He beat him senseless on the outside and grabs a chair. He then gave Jacobs a brainbuster on the steel chair. Eddie was DQ’ed. Takes mask off Jacobs and continues to yell at the mask. Eddie has gone Loco en de cabeza.

Booker/Sharmell Backstage Segment

Booker is pissed and tells Sharmell to stay in the back during his match against Angle.

Matt Morgan Vs. Funaki

Morgan took the mic(stutters) and asked Funaki what is the nickname they call him. Funaki responds Smackdown’s number one reporter. Morgan tells him that they were making fun of the way he spoke. Funaki gave Morgan a thumb to the eye but that would be the only offense. Morgan hits the reverse suplex into a rockbottom for the win.

Carlito’s Cabana with the Big Show

Show comes out and Cool tells him that the offer is for Big Show to be his new bodyguard. Big Show says that he doesn’t play second banana to anyone. Carlito says he only has apple on the cabana. Carlito shows clips of Show, showing his leg off in a bath robe from Wrestlemania and shots of him in the thong and losing to Akebono. Carlito said if he was in his corner that he would have not lost. Big Show tells him that he needs him like he needs a bigger shoe size. Carlito grabs and apple from his pocket, but Show steals it from him. Big show grabs Carlito by the throat and starts to eat the apple. He then gets sick and Carlito said that he knew that Big Show would not be smart enough to accept his offer. He said that Big Show was the one Bad Apple in the bunch. Big Show is then kicked and has apple spit on him by Carlito.

Booker T Vs. Kurt Angle

Booker runs to the ring to beat on Angle. Angle gains controls and does some rest holds on Booker. Booker then regains control after a superkick. Booker is beating Angle until Angle pulls Booker into a turnbuckle. He hits Booker with a Angle Slam, but doesn’t cover and runs to the back in search of Booker T’s locker room. Booker follows, but Angle made it to the locker room and locks the door. Booker hears the screams of his wife and kicks the door down. Booker tends to her wife who looked like she almost had her shirt ripped off. Angle attacks Booker and beats him down. Show ends with Sharmell screaming, Why?

Dark Match: JBL and Orlando Jordan Vs. John Cena

JBL says that Cena’s partner, Big Show won’t be coming out because he looks like Mt. St. Helen’s, throwing up pizza. JBL says that Cena could quit and not wrestle tonight. Cena comes out and we have back and forth battle between the three. JBL grabs the mic and tells Cena to say I Quit. Cena doesn’t say it. Cena takes over, hits spine buster on Orlando Jordan, then does five knuckle shuffle followed by the FU for the win and takes the mic and thanks the fans for their support.

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