WWE SmackDown! Results – May 12, 2005

Andy Stevens

(Credit: PWI)

Smackdown for May 12th opened with a recap of Eddie Guerrero’s heel turn on Rey Mysterio from last week. The Smackdown opening then aired.

An unshaven Eddie Guerrero, with new theme music and no lowrider, came to the ring. The announcers said that Rey Mysterio, who was not in the building due to injury, had promised to come to Judgment Day and face Eddie Guerrero in a singles match. Guerrero picked up a steel chair and stepped into the ring, then sat down in the center of the ring, stone faced, as fans chanted “Eddie sucks”. The arena was kept bathed in red light, except the ring, which was dark. A white spotlight focused on Guerrero. Eddie said that fans had been asking him why he laid out Rey Mysterio last week. Eddie said he gave Rey what he wanted, a fight. Eddie said he gave Rey “the fight of his life”. Eddie pulled out Rey’s blood soaked mask from last week from out of his jacket, and screamed at it “Why did you make me do it? It’s your fault!” Eddie said he never wanted to lay a hand on Rey, but Mysterio “made him” do it. Eddie seemed upset, but said that “blessings come in disguise” and that last week he realized what Rey and the fans were doing. Eddie said they were all living vicariously through him, and they were “stealing” his energy, and his “Latino Heat” but now he had gotten it back. Eddie smiled and said he liked how he was feeling now. Guerrero said no one was going to take away his Latino Heat again, and told Rey Mysterio to think about his family. Eddie named Rey’s children, and told Mysterio to not make him “take away their papa”. Eddie “advised” Rey not to return at Judgment Day. Eddie said he had Rey’s blood on his hands, and if Rey shows up at the PPV, he will “have his life”. Eddie held up Rey’s mask and stared at it, then started talking to it as he left.

Heidenreich vs. Spike Dudley. Spike didn’t get an entrance. Heidenreich took the mic and said that he had asked Spike to be his friend earlier in the day, and Spike refused. Heidenreich asked if anyone in the crowd would be his friend, and ended up picking a young boy out of the audience. Heidenreich brought the kid (his name was Jordan) into the ring, and the kid got a cheap pop by saying he was from Reading, Pennsylvania (where Smackdown was taped). Heidenreich read a poem about finding friends, while Jordan wiped his nose ten times. Jordan agreed to be in Heidenreich’s corner for the match with Spike. The match began, and Heidenreich pounded Spike in the corner, but missed a charge and ran into the ringpost. Spike hit a downed Heidenreich with punches and stomped him. Spike went to the floor to go after Jordan, but Heidenreich stopped him and tossed him back into the ring. Heidenreich hit some punches, then hit a spinning side slam for the pin at the two minute mark. Winner: Heidenreich.

Heidenreich celebrated with Jordan in the ring.

Sharmell visited her husband, Booker T, backstage to psyche him up for his match with Kurt Angle. They started making out, and Booker slapped her rear end. Sharmell straddled Booker on a couch as they went to break.

Backstage, MNM and Chavo Guerrero were talking about vicious Eddie Guerrero has become. They then talked about their six-man match, and how Paul London was having trouble finding partners for the match. Melina joked that Rey Mysterio won’t be one of them.

The events between Kurt Angle and Booker T from last week were recapped.

Josh Mathews interviewed Kurt Angle, with Angle reminding Josh that he “beat the hell” out of him last time they were together for “getting out of line”. Mathews asked about Angle’s comments regarding Sharmell last week (calling her a “gutterslut”, which UPN bleeped), and his actions against her, threatening to put an anklelock on her. Mathews said some felt it was conduct unbecoming someone of Angle’s stature. Angle said he would never hurt a woman, and he wasn’t going to hurt Sharmell. Angle said everyone had vices, and his was “guttersluts” (bleeped again). Angle then said he wanted to have sex with Sharmell. Angle said he wanted to have “bestiality sex” (not bleeped) and “perverted sex” (not bleeped) with her. Angle closed his eyes and trembled as they went to break.

MNM (Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro, with Melina) & Chavo Guerrero vs. Paul London, Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas. London teased coming into the ring alone, then Haas & Holly came out to join him. London started off with Nitro, giving him a flying mule kick to the back before tagging in Haas, who went to work on Nitro’s arm. Nitro hit a knee to the back, but missed a charge and Haas hit a shoulder breaker, followed by a flying knee to the shoulder. Mercury and Chavo ran in, but Haas and Holly disposed of them. Melina tried to trip Haas, allowing Nitro to hit a shot and tag in Mercury. Haas was worked over in a corner, and Chavo gave him a back suplex. Haas battled back, giving Chavo an exploder, but Chavo hooked Haas’ leg to keep him from tagging. Haas pulled Chavo across the ring and tagged in Holly, who backdropped Chavo, clotheslined Mercury, and gave Nitro a full nelson slam. Holly dropkicked Mercury and gave Chavo a top rope clothesline, but MNM broke it up. Holly clothesline Mercury but Nitro hit him with a side kick. London tagged in and hit a top rope bodypress on Chavo and Nitro. London gave Chavo a rana and a dropsault, but Mercury broke up the cover. The match broke down, with everyone fighting. Chavo and London were left in the ring, and Chavo went for a Gori Bomb, but London turned it into a sunset flip. Chavo rolled through the sunset flip and put his feet on the ropes to get the pin on London at the eight minute mark. Winners: MNM & Chavo Guerrero.

A video package on John Cena signing copies of his new CD was shown.

John Bradshaw Layfield came out to the ring and plugged the re-release of his book “More Money Now”, saying critics claim it is the best book written since the Bible. JBL then took some shots at John Cena’s rap CD, saying it would “tear down” society, and that Cena was a bad role model and a bad champion. JBL then bragged about his year-long title reign, and promised to “bust open” Cena’s face at Judgment Day and make him quit. JBL said he would never say “I Quit”. JBL tried to get the fans to chant his name, but Cena’s music hit. Cena tackled as he hit the ring JBL and the two started brawling. Orlando Jordan and The Bashams ran in and held Cena so JBL could pound him. Funaki, Nunzio and Funaki and others ran in to try and break it up. Eventually most of the Cruiserweights, Mark Jindrak, referees, and agents (including Ricky Steamboat) were trying to break it up, but Cena and JBL would break away and start going at it again. They were finally separated, with Cena grinning at JBL as he was backed down the aisle.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Jimmy Jacobs. Eddie was still carrying Rey’s mask. Jacobs actually got his name announced. Eddie complained about being checked by the referee, then blindsided Jacobs as the referee was checking him. Eddie decked Jacobs and stomped him in the mat. Eddie hit a back elbow, and dropped him with a back suplex. Eddie stared at the mask, which he had placed on a ringpost. Eddie grabbed the mask and screamed “why did you make me do this”. Eddie put the mask on Jacobs and pounded him, then threw him to the floor. Eddie rammed Jacobs into the announcers table several times, then tossed him into the ring. Eddie grabbed a steel chair and entered the ring. The referee warned Guerrero not to use the chair. Eddie stared at the referee, who backed out of the ring. Eddie gave Jacobs a brainbuster on the chair, and the referee called for a disqualification. Winner via disqualification: Jimmy Jacobs.

Guerrero kicked Jacobs some more, then pulled the mask off of him. Guerrero reiterated that if Rey Mysterio shows up at Judgment Day, his children won’t have a “daddy”.

Michael Cole and Tazz reviewed the Judgment Day card thus far:

– WWE Champion John Cena vs. JBL in an “I Quit” match.

– Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio.

– Kurt Angle vs. Booker T.

They showed John Cena’s “Bad, Bad Man” video.

Matt Morgan vs. Sho Funaki. Morgan, stuttering, asked Funaki what his nickname is. Funaki said “Smackdown’s Number One Announcer” and the fans cheered. Morgan said the fans were laughing at him for the way he speaks. Morgan called Funaki a “joke” and asked if he could “see” what he was saying. Funaki said he “saw this” and poked Morgan in the eyes. Funaki landed a shot, but Morgan came right back with a boot to the face and gave Funaki a catapult into the second rope. Funaki was out cold, but Morgan gave him the vertical suplex into a uranage anyway before pinning him in less than two minutes. Winner: Matt Morgan.

The Raw Rebound was shown.

Backstage, Booker T told Sharmell that he was going to “take out” Angle, calling him a “sick, sadistic freak”. Booker told Sharmell to stay in the dressing room, where it was safe, during the match, then told his wife that he loves her.

Carlito’s Cabana. Carlito Caribbean Cool came out, then introduced the Big Show. Carlito circled Big Show, and talked about his impressive size. Carlito said he was looking for some backup to keep things “cool” at the Cabana. Show asked Carlito if he wanted him to play “second banana” to him. Carlito deadpanned that they don’t have bananas, they have apples. Carlito said that Big Show needed him. Carlito had them show still shots of Show in his sumo gear losing to Akebono at Wrestlemania. Carlito said if Show was with him, he’d have been cool, rather than having his “a** hanging out” and losing at Wrestlemania. Carlito said that if Show joined with him, they’d be unstoppable. Show said he played second to no one, and that he didn’t need Carlito. Show said the offer was “not cool”. Carlito said he was left with no other choice, and went to bite an apple, but Show grabbed him by the throat. Show grabbed the apple, and still holding Carlito, took several big bites. Show suddenly let go of Carlito, and began spitting up the apple. Show fell to his knees, clutching his stomach. Carlito asked Show if he had a “tummy ache”. Carlito said he knew Show might not join with him. Carlito said it just takes “one bad apple” to spoil a bunch, spat apple at him, and began kicking the downed Show. Carlito walked off smiling, with Show down in the ring clutching his stomach in pain, implying that the apple Show ate was poisoned somehow.

After the break, they said Big Show had been taken to the hospital.

Booker T vs. Kurt Angle. Booker T stared at Angle as he walked down the aisle, and they went right at it, with Booker punching and kicking Angle down on the mat. Booker chopped Angle in a corner, then hit a clothesline. Booker hit a chop, then kicked Angle and choked him with his foot against the ropes. Angle grabbed Booker by the hair and hit some punches, but Booker came right back at him. Booker dropped Angle gut first on the top rope, and Angle fell to the floor. Booker rammed Angle into the security wall, then grabbed a chair, but the referee took it from Booker, allowing Angle to hit Booker from behind. Angle rammed Booker into the ringsteps twice, then kicked Booker in the gut. Back in the ring, Angle hit a vertical suplex and an uppercut, then applied a rear naked choke. Booker broke out with a jawbreaker, then hit a superkick. Booker punched Angle on the mat until the referee made him stop. Angle rolled to the floor, and Booker followed, but Angle kicked Booker low, then hit an uppercut. Back in the ring again, Booker blocked a whip and hit a back kick. Booker chopped Angle down, and Angle begged off. Angle grabbed Booker by the trunks and pulled him shoulder first into the ringpost. Angle hit an Angle Slam, then pulled down his straps. Angle looked to the back, then down at Booker, then ran to the back. Angle was heading to the locker room, with Booker in pursuit. I guess both were counted out at the five minute mark. Result: Double countout.

Kurt Angle kicked down the door to Booker’s dressing room, where a screaming Sharmell backed away from him. Angle closed the door. Booker ran back there, and opened the door, to find Sharmell sitting in a ball on the floor. Booker went to check on her, and Angle, who was hiding in the dressing room, jumped Booker from behind. Angle rammed Booker into the lockers repeatedly, telling Booker “I want your wife”. Angle left Booker in a heap on the dressing room floor and left. Sharmell crawled to Booker, crying “Why?” as the show ended.

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