WWE SmackDown! Results – May 19, 2005

Andy Stevens

Credit: Richard Trionfo

We start off tonight’s show with a look back at last week when Kurt Angle decided to pay a visit to Sharmel in Booker’s locker room and the subsequent attack by Kurt Angle on Booker.

We are live on tape from Sioux City, Iowa and your announcers are Tazz and Michael Cole.

Since Raw started with a wrestling match, Smackdown needs to be different so it is time for Carlito’s Cabana as Carlito comes to the ring. Carlito welcomes everyone to the coolest show, Carlito’s Cabana. He reminds us that last week he made an offer to the Big Show. It was an offer that Big Show should not have refused. Carlito says that nobody says no to him because if you say no . . . well, let’s see the footage from last week when Big Show was felled by a poisoned apple. Carlito says that he was right about something . . . that was cool. Carlito says that it was good that they were able to get all of the chunks from last week out of the Cabana’s carpet. Carlito tells the crowd that Big Show has challenged him to a match at Judgment Day. Carlito says that he will not go into the match alone. He made an offer to somebody bigger, stronger, and cooler. Carlito brings out Matt Morgan. Matt comes to the ring and Carlito says that he is better than the Big Show. Carlito offers Matt a job as Carlito’s big backup. Matt tells Carlito that it is an honor and he says OK. Carlito tells the crowd not to laugh at Matt while he stutters. After Matt agrees to the position, Big Show comes to the ring. Carlito gets behind Matt. Matt kicks Show and punches him. Show with a shoulder tackle and then Show tosses Carlito into the corner and chops him. Show kicks Carlito in the corner and sets Carlito for a choke slam, but Matt Morgan with a chair to Show’s back and Show goes down while Carlito and Matt go to the back. We go to commercial.

We are back with a message “Presented by the Friends and Fans of John Bradshaw Layfield”. It starts with John Cena’s commercial, but it fades to Bradshaw who says that he is going to the inner city to talk to his fans who misguidedly buy his CD and love his music. He is going to tell them what Cena is all about. Bradshaw says that Bocelli never tried to shoot Pavarotti. George Jones never fired a pistol at Merle Haggard because they are not thugs. Rappers are thugs and they belong in jail. Bradshaw goes over some of the song lyrics and says that Cena is espousing having sex with women not his wife. He reminds us that there is no warning label on his book, while there is one on Cena’s CD. The people will make their decision with their wallets to tell John that he is wrong.

It is time for the JBLimo to come out to the ring and Bradshaw (with non-spinner belt) comes to the ring for a match. His opponent is Scotty 2 Hotty. Bradshaw with a big boot to Scotty followed by two elbow drops and a forearm to Scotty’s back. Bradshaw chops and punches Scotty in the corner. Bradshaw with a swinging neck breaker. Bradshaw with an Irish whip and he charges into a boot from Scotty. Scotty with punches and a super kick, but Bradshaw comes off the ropes and hits a Clothesline from Wall Street. Bradshaw backs Scotty into the corner and punches Scotty. Bradshaw with more punches while the ref tries to get Bradshaw to get out of the corner. The ref makes the five count and disqualifies Bradshaw. After the match, Bradshaw says that he does not care about getting disqualified because on Sunday, there is no disqualification and nobody to stop him. Bradshaw tells Scotty that he will have the opportunity to say what John Cena is going to say on Sunday. Bradshaw wants Scotty to say ‘I Quit’. Scotty refuses so Bradshaw continues the attack. Bradshaw slams Scotty’s head into the ring steps and then the announce table. Bradshaw gets a belt and whips Scotty’s back with the belt. Bradshaw chokes Scotty with the belt and Scotty eventually says ‘I Quit’. We go to commercial.

We are back and we see footage of John Cena throwing out the first pitch at a Red Sox game last week.

We go to Teddy Long’s office where Booker T and Sharmel (Booker She) are talking with the general manager. Booker says that he is losing his damn mind because of what happened last week with Kurt Angle. Booker wants Angle tonight and wants to take out his punk ass. Teddy says that Booker cannot have a piece of Angle because Angle has been banned from the building this week. Teddy says that Booker has a match with Mark Jindrak. Booker says that he has no problem with Mark Jindrak, but has one with Kurt Angle. Booker wants to know where security was last week. Teddy tells Booker that he feels his pain and does not know what he would do if someone put their hands on his wife. Teddy Long apologizes for what happened last week. However, Kurt Angle will also be sorry. Teddy says that Kurt Angle will be apologizing ‘via satellite’ and if he does not, he will be suspended. Booker tells Teddy that the match on Sunday is not enough. Booker and Sharmel leave the office as we go to commercial for ECW: One Night Stand.

We are back and Sharmel is talking to Joy and Mark Jindrak walks by. Mark says that he has known Kurt Angle for a long time, and that Sharmel should not take what Kurt said seriously. Mark says that Kurt has a fetish for gutter sluts. Mark says that he is not calling Sharmel a gutter slut, but maybe she reminds Kurt Angle of a gutter slut. Booker comes into the hallway and Sharmel tells Booker that Jindrak called her a gutter slut. Booker punches and chops Jindrak as they fight through the back. Booker and Jindrak fight through the crowd. Jindrak with a punch to Booker. Jindrak tries to send Booker into the ringside barrier, but Booker counters and does the same thing. Booker clotheslines Jindrak into the ringside area. They finally get into the ring. Booker with kicks to Jindrak in the corner and Jindrak is bleeding. Booker chops Jindrak and punches him against the ropes. Booker with a jumping side kick. Jindrak begs for mercy and then sucker punches Booker. Jindrak with a kick and another punch. Jindrak has Booker down in the corner and then chokes Booker. Jindrak with an Irish whip. Booker with a kick, chops, and punches to Jindrak. Jindrak with an eye poke followed by a shoulder tackle. Booker with a flying forearm to Jindrak followed by clotheslines. Booker with a kick to the midsection followed by a suplex. Booker with a kick to Jindrak, but Jindrak moves on the Scissors kick attempt. Booker with a Bookend followed by a back kick and Scissors kick for the three count. Booker leaves through the crowd and into the back.

Bradshaw is in the back with the Bashams. Bradshaw wants the Bashams to do to John Cena what he did to Scotty 2 Hotty earlier. Bradshaw says that he will be at ringside too. Teddy Long stops by and tells Bradshaw if he lays a hand on John Cena, Teddy will hit Bradshaw where it hurts the most. Bradshaw says that he has a contract that provides for a match at Judgment Day, so Teddy cannot take the match from him. Teddy tells Bradshaw that he will not take the match away, but he will hurt him in his wallet. Bradshaw wants to know how much, and Teddy tells Bradshaw to try him. We go to commercial.

We are back and Michael Cole and Tazz talk about Judgment Day and the match between Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio Junior. Tazz and Cole are very somber talking about Eddie’s current situation. They mention that Rey is medically cleared to wrestle. We have a video package for the match with footage of Eddie attacking Rey and yelling at Rey’s mask.

Eddie Guerrero comes out to the ring and he still has Rey’s mask in his hand. Eddie has a mic and he stands in the center of the ring. Since Eddie does not say anything, the crowd chants ‘Eddie sucks’. Eddie holds up Rey’s mask and starts to shake in anger. Eddie drops Rey’s mask on the mat and then steps on it as if he is putting out a cigarette. Eddie walks out of the ring and heads to the back while the mask remains in the center of the ring. Without saying a word, we go to commercial.

We are back with footage of the Judgment Day press conference. We hear from Kurt Angle who blames Booker T for losing his shot at the WWE title and says that he will break Booker’s ankle and take his wife and have his way with him. Bradshaw vows to win the title. However, Cena says that he will not quit.

It is time for our next match and out first is the United States Champion, Orlando Jordan. His opponent is the Poet Laureate of the WWE, John Heidenreich. Before the match, Heidenreich has the mic and he wants to make a new friend. Heidenreich looks for a friend in Sioux City, Iowa. Heidenreich walks around the ring and he finds a friend. However, Orlando tells Heidenreich that he is not going to leave the United States champion waiting in the ring. Orlando tells Heidenreich that nobody likes him, and after Heidenreich loses, nobody will want to be his friend. Orlando hits Heidenreich from behind and then punches him in the corner. Orlando with an Irish whip followed by a clothesline and a knee drop to Heidenreich’s neck. Orlando punches Heidenreich in the head followed by a back elbow. Orlando chokes Heidenreich in the ropes. Orlando with more punches and kicks to Heidenreich in the corner. Orlando with a snap mare and side head lock. Orlando with a knee to the midsection. Orlando with a forearm to Heidenreich’s neck. Heidenreich with punches to Orlando followed by clotheslines. Heidenreich with a power slam for a two count. Heidenreich with a big boot for a two count. Heidenreich drops Orlando on the top rope and then sends him into the turnbuckle. Orlando with a clothesline to Heidenreich on the apron. Orlando with punches and elbows to Heidenreich. Orlando sends Heidenreich into the corner and then Orlando comes off the ropes, but Heidenreich catches Orlando and hits a spinning side slam for the three count. After the match, Heidenreich pulls a Michael Jackson and brings a child into the ring to do the HeidenWalk. We go to commercial.

We are back and we see footage from last week when Kurt Angle was confronted by Josh Mathews about what happened the week before. We see Kurt make the point that Sharmel hit Angle first. Then we hear how Angle was not going to hurt Sharmel, he was going to have sex, not just any type of sex . . . he wants bestiality sex, perverted sex with Sharmel. Then we see Angle’s match with Booker last week and Angle’s trip to visit Sharmel during the match.

We go to Tazz and Cole who talk about Kurt’s apology. Time to run through the Judgment Day card. We have Booker T versus Kurt Angle; Big Show versus Carlito (with Matt Morgan); MNM versus Bob Holly and Charlie Haas for the tag titles; Eddie Guerrero versus Rey Mysterio Junior; and John Cena versus Bradshaw in an ‘I Quit’ match. We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for our next match. Out first are the tag team champions, MNM (with red carpet and photographers). This will be a singles match as Joey Mercury will be wrestling. His opponent is Bob Holly (with Charlie Haas). Mercury holds the belt up and has some words for Holly. Holly with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Mercury with an arm drag and hip toss. Holly kicks Mercury, but Mercury with a kick to Holly. Holly with chops to Mercury. Holly goes up top, but Mercury with a press slam from the top turnbuckle. Mercury punches Holly on the mat followed by a neck breaker. Mercury with a back elbow to Holly and then he runs his boot across Holly’s face. Holly with chops to Mercury followed by an Irish whip. Holly charges into a boot from Mercury. Mercury goes up top, but Holly hits the ropes, crotching Mercury. Holly with a superplex to Mercury and both men are down. Mercury punches Holly and Holly responds. Holly with clotheslines followed by a back body drop and drop kick. Holly with a full nelson slam and then he goes up top for a clothesline, but he only gets a two count. Mercury gets to the ropes, but Holly grabs Mercury and kicks Mercury in the solar plexus. Melina gets on the apron and distracts Holly. Mercury attacks Holly from behind. Holly with a kick to Mercury and then he comes off the ropes, only to be tripped by Nitro. Holly with a hot shot and a spinning Alabama Slam for the three count.

It is time for the Raw Rebound featuring the moment that made Matt Hardy cry.

We see Kurt Angle in the ‘WWE Studios’ where he is getting ready for his apology. We go to commercial.

We are back and Tazz and Cole talk about how John Cena’s album is going to debut at number 15 on the Hot 200 chart.

It is time to hear from Kurt Angle and we get a close up of Angle’s face. Kurt says that he has been ordered to make an apology to the Smackdown audience, the Smackdown locker room, Booker T, and Sharmel. We see Booker T and Sharmel in the locker room watching the monitor. Kurt says that if he does not issue an apology, he will be suspended by Teddy Long. Kurt says that nobody needs to tell him to do the right thing. Kurt says that the fact is that he is man enough to admit to his mistakes. Last week was a mistake. He was not proud of what he did last week, but after Wrestlemania, he was on fire. Kurt thought it was just a formality that he would be the next champion. Booker got in the way, and Angle wanted to get revenge. However, Kurt says that he made it personal. Kurt tells Booker and Sharmel, for the anguish he put them through, he is truly . . . truly sorry and he apologizes. However, now that everyone has what they want, it is time to talk about what he wants. Kurt wants Sharmel to tell the truth and admit that she is a gutter slut. It might get Booker upset, but Kurt has proof. Kurt wants to know if Sharmel told Booker that they kissed and that she liked it. What about telling Booker about the reason she was screaming? She wanted more . . . more from Angle. Kurt tells Booker that his wife molested him last week. Kurt says that Sharmel fondled his privates. However, both of them loved it. Angle will make Booker scream on Sunday. He is going to break Booker’s ankle. After he dominates Sharmel’s husband, he will give Sharmel what she wants after the show. He will dominate her. Angle will show Sharmel how to do the real spinaroonie. We go to Booker who is so angry that he attacks a defenseless television. We go to commercial.

We are back with the Smack of the Night: Bradshaw and Cena fighting last week.

Josh Mathews is in the interview area with John Cena and Cena is reading Bradshaw’s book. Josh wants to know if it is risky, but first John says that he figured if Bradshaw is going to listen to his CD, then he might as well read Bradshaw’s book. Cena makes up some chapter titles. Josh wants to know about what could be the toughest match of Cena’s life. Cena says that it is garbage to compare Bradshaw’s book to The Bible and calling himself a Wrestling God. Josh interrupts Cena and says that Cena is a Street Prophet, and then he spins Cena’s belt. Josh tries to rhyme and Cena is embarrassed at the effort. Cena takes the mic and he tells Josh to leave. Cena says that it is nice that Bradshaw reminds the fans about the matches he has wrestled, but what about the fact that Cena beat him. Cena says that he fights for the championship, not for the legacy, but because ‘real recognizes real’. He fights for everyone out there who brought him to the dance. Cena says that you take care of those who take care of you. There are a lot of people who never quit on him, so he will not quit on them.

It is time for the champ to go to the ring. His opponents are Doug and Danny Basham (with Bradshaw and old belt). Doug starts things off in the match and Doug backs Cena into the corner. Doug pushes Cena, but Cena pushes back. Doug with a side head lock. Cena with a shoulder tackle and side head lock. Cena with another shoulder tackle followed by a side head lock take down. Doug with a kick when Danny distracted Cena. Danny tags in, but Cena goes outside the ring. Danny goes after Cena outside the ring and Cena with a clothesline to Danny. Cena with a side slam to Danny followed by kicks in the corner. Doug tries to interfere, but Cena with a clothesline to Doug on the apron. Danny with a kick and DDT to Cena. Danny punches Cena followed by a kick to the back. Doug tags in and hits a double sledge to the back. Danny tags back in and he kicks Cena in the corner. Doug chokes Cena while the ref is distracted by Danny. Danny puts Cena in the Tree of Woe and Doug tags in and kicks Cena. Danny tags back in and Danny chokes Cena in the corner. Cena punches Danny, but Danny with a thumb to Cena’s eyes. Doug tags in and they hit a double short arm clothesline on Cena. Doug with a key lock as well as a rear chin lock. Bradshaw gets a mic and tells Cena to get ready for Sunday by saying ‘I Quit’. Doug with an Irish whip, but he charges into a Cena boot. Doug with a power slam to Cena. Cena punches Doug, but Danny attacks Cena from behind. Danny tags back in and kicks Cena. Bradshaw gets in Cena’s face and tells him to say ‘I Quit’. Danny with a spinning belly-to-back suplex. Doug tags in and hits an elbow drop followed by a leg drop. Cena punches Doug and then Danny. Doug with a kick and he tries for a DDT, but Cena holds on to the ropes. Danny attacks Cena from behind. Danny with a suplex to Cena. Doug tags in, but Cena moves out of the way and Doug and Danny bang heads. Cena punches Danny followed by elbows and clotheslines to both men. Cena with a back body drop to Doug followed by the hip toss slam to Danny, and a Blue Thunder Driver to Doug. Cena tries to finish the Moves of Doom, but Danny tries to get involved but Cena sends him over the top rope to the floor. Cena with the five knuckle shuffle followed by the F-U to Doug for the three count. After the match, Bradshaw gets in the ring and they have words for each other as we go to credits.

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