Rob Van Dam Speaks On ECW, Steroids, Hockey, & More

Tim Brown

Thanks to Adam Lebow for sending in the following:

Here is the recap of RVD on the panel discussions from tonight’s edition of TSN Off The Record. Note that I only put down the stuff that Van Damn and Landsberg said, leaving out others on the panel. Moreover, I apologies in advance if there are any small errors, I cut my thumb really badly yesterday and having some trouble typing (spell check can only do so much).

Rob Van Damn on Off the Record

TSN 6:00pm ET

Air date Friday, June 03, 2005

Show starts with Landsberg saying that they are going to start with Lonie Gliberman on a one-on-one, being that the Glibermans just purchased the CFL Franchise Ottawa Renegades (after owning the Ottawa Roughriders in the 90s and then causing their downfall to eventually folding (see Vince Russo/WCW )). Landsberg says they have a great panel including Rob Van Damn. RVD says that Landsberg is right as his favorite’s wrestler Rob Van Damn, Mr. Monday Night, Mr. Thursday Night is here on OTR. Landsberg fires back asking RVD if he saw him role his eyes, and RVD responds saying well if you are unable to do rolling thunder, then at least you better be able to role your eyes (was rather funny).

Opening promo plays.

One-on-One with Michael Landsberg and Gliberman for the first 5 minutes, which leads to a commercial where Landsberg says when they return with the panel, they will talk about Roy Shivers, GM of the Saskatchewan Roughriders who said they were going to take the head off of the Calgary QB (who last season was with the Raiders), as well as they show some Longest Yard footage.

Return at 6:07 from commercial break, with footage of Van Damn at the Invasion PPV against Jeff Hardy doing spots in the crowd, as well as RVD doing a 5 Star Frog Splash on Christian off the top of a ladder on Raw. RVD is sporting sunglasses, and Landsberg makes mention that RVD is coming back from knee injury, RVD says he should be back in August. Landsberg says in WWE, if you say you want to break someone’s neck it is boring, but in CFL it is more interesting. They go over the recap of the CFL comments, RVD doesn’t say much to start with the others on the panel weighing it a lot. RVD comes in by doing a Hogan impersonation saying he is going to break someone’s neck (As they said that if anything, the comments were entertaining). RVD said the point is that the Riders GM is just saying they are going to kick Calgary’s ass and that is it, there wasn’t much substance to the comment. Landsberg says he loves talking CFL with 4 Americans, and RVD says that he grew up in Michigan, so he is borderline Canadian. In regards to the Owens-Philly situation, and again RVD is rather quite while the others on the panel voice opinions, not saying anything for at least 4 of 5 minutes. Landsberg asks RVD went to Vince and asked for a raise, what would Vince say? RVD says everyone makes their own individual deals and he specifically feels he may not be getting a fair share of the pie, as he puts lots of asses in the seats, but doesn’t necessarily get paid like other top tier performers. With that, at 6:15 they go to break with Landsberg saying they will talk about Steroids in the NHL and ideas for the Longest Yard. Today’s Quirky Fact: December 16th is a good day for World Wrestling Entertainment. Rob Van Damn, Trish Stratus and Stone Cold Steve Austin were all born that day.

Come out of break at 6:17 with Britney Spears “Slave for you” video, with Landsberg saying Britney is back in the news because sex is good. Landsberg says that has nothing to do with the show, but now he has everyone’s attention. He says the NHL has no policy or testing for steroid. He says congress is talking about a 2 year penalty. RVD says that sounds stiff, because they enter in to contracts with the guys. RVD says it is not the governments business. He says he sport should have its own rules, Landsberg says Congresses point is that they should have tried to rule themselves but they all messed up, as if a 15 year old boy sees McGuire doing steroids, the 15 year old will think they have to do it. RVD says nothing while panel talks. Landsberg said should congress back off and let leagues try to govern themselves. Again RVD doesn’t say anything while the panel talks about this, and then Landsberg moves off the topic and sends the show to break at 6:23. Fan E-mail Question for Rob Van Damn, “You are a massive comic book guy, what is your favorites comic growing up and who wins superman or batman?” RVD says he was a big Ghostrider fan as a kid, and common, Superman would kick Batman’s ass.

Return at 6:26, with Landsberg saying they have John Cena on Monday One-on-One (as well as Ucheana and Joyce from Amazing Race on Tuesday). RVD is there to promote the ECW One Night Stand. RVD says Vince owns everything now but one night only, ECW will splinter off and have its own show to show everyone how its really done. Landsberg promotes the fact that they have taped a one-on-one with Van Damn which will air at a later date. Landsberg talks about Longest Yard, saying they should have used Jamal Lewis, Dexter Manly and the 49ers PR guy who just got fired the other day in San Francisco for that controversial film they made for the players. Landsberg talks to Gliberman a little more with the panel there. As Landsberg sends the show off the air, he mentions Cena will be there on Monday. As they role the credits, they show a highlight reel of RVDs wrestling footage (all ECW except for 5 Star on Christian which they showed at the beginning)., with the Van Terminator on Jerry Lynn (with help from Gertner), the 5 Star on Christian again, Van Damn and the Terminator on Lynn again into a Garbage Can, and the RVD Promo where he had the split legs and lifted up the weights (of course, you could see Fonzy in the back) (if I didn’t know better, with all the ECW footage there, it may be the RVD package they should put on RAW to promote the PPV). End 6:30

RVDs major issue here was that even though he came off well, he didn’t want to really join the panel and just jump in. Otherwise, as always RVD looked good and didn’t appear hurt or injured. For what he said, it was insightful but it really wasn’t a lot…

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