Terry Funk Explains Why He Turned Down TNA & ECW One Night Stand

Daniel Edler

Source: AudioWrestling.com

— Get In The Ring recently had an interview with Terry Funk (available in full audio at getinthering.tv), discussing a variety of subjects including why he turned down going to TNA, and turned down working the ECW PPV:

“Terry Funk comes on the show. Brings up his autobiography More Than Just Hardcore. And the Get In The Ring book Mysteries of Wrestling Solved available next week. Terry talks about the time it takes to write the book, but that’s its also rewarding.

Terry talks about his fun trip through his wrestling career. And hopes his book teaches the fans about the business. They get into his explanation of promos in the wrestling business. And how it could help young guys in the business. Compares promos to a superbowl commercial, and to get as much as you can with each word. King Curtis, Eddie Graham, Boris Malenko, Mike Dibiase and Dory Sr are mentions as mentors to Terry in the art of the promo.

Phantom asks Terry about the Forever Hardcore DVD. Funk talks about not doing the WWE PPV because he didn’t want Vince McMahon to make money off the ECW name. He talks about it being a simple decision to do the Hardcore Homecoming show instead of the WWE show. Even thought it wasn’t a financially wise choice. Funk claims he took a 3rd of the pay to do the Shane Douglas show over the WWE ECW PPV.

Funk says Vince isn’t the only reason ECW isn’t around, but he’s still a reason. Paul E, and the finances are also reasons. Funk says “its total bullshit” when Vince tries to come off as a saint for giving money to ECW to try and keep it alive. That he was really trying to gain control of it.

They ask Funk about Bischoff working for Vince. Funk says he doesn’t watch it, and has no love for Eric. He does give him credit for putting Nitro against RAW, claiming it was a brilliant move.

They ask if his last WCW run soured Terry on Eric and more importantly Kevin Nash. Terry said he didn’t have the passion in his last WCW run, he just was just there as a job. And was never asked for his input.

TNA is brought up, and the rumor that he turned down TNA because Nash was there. Funk said he wasnt sure he made the statement. He doesn’t think that was the main reason. And he likes the guys in TNA. He didn’t want to commit 3 days a week to TNA, when he can have the freedom to work indy dates for more money.

Funk says he doesn’t care about being a superstar at his age. He just wants to have fun.

They asked Terry when did he change from wanting to be the champion, to just wanting to be part of wrestling and have fun. Terry goes into the different reasons, such as his father passing away and almost losing his family over the business.

Funk says the Insane Clown Posse are the best wrestling promoters around. Says they did 11,000 people at a show. Says the ICP do a great job of knowing what the fans want and giving it to them.

They ask him about the Ric Flair book. And the behind scenes stories of why Flair was mad at him. Funk says in his opinion he was right and in Flair’s he was probably right.

Terry gets into scripts in wrestling. Funk says the idea is to draw money and do good business. Not to p’ off people for no reason.

Adam asks Funk what his most enjoyable trip down memory lane was. Terry talks about being a kid and traveling with his father and family.

Phantom asks Terry about Shotgun Saturday Night and calling Jim Ross a bastard. Funk asked permission before hand if he could use bastard, and ass on TV. Funk says Vince was very upset over the whole thing.

They ask him if Terry Funk is Teflon in the business and can do no wrong. Terry says hes done many wrong things in the business. He says when you have talent if you stay within boundaries you can get away with a lot.

Retirement is brought up. Terry says he retired in 83 in Japan. And jokes a few times after that.

Beyond the Mat is brought up. They ask him on his opinions of the film maker. Terry jokes Jake Roberts is nuts for his claims they twisted his words around. That Jake did everything he did on camera himself. Terry talks about Dennis Stamp from the famous segment in Beyond the Mat. Terry tells a fun story with Stamp and Harley Race and himself back in the day. How they made him look great early in his career. But he really didn’t know what he was doing, and his next match he stunk the joint out.

The hosts thank Funk for being on and mention his book More Than Just Hardcore. And he thanks his fans. The Get In The Ring book is mentioned, and a story of Funk vs Pogo in a bomb glass explosion match. Funk says he got $25,000 for one match with Onita. But there were 42,000 people at the show and was in barbed wire and bombs.

The Matt Hardy, Edge Lita debacle is brought up. Funk says there was never an unwritten rule he knew about. But he damn sure didn’t want his own daughters around the business. That its a tough business for the boys and wives because of the time on the road.

Phantom asks if Shane McMahon was in the locker room in the day. Funk says he knew him. And they ask why Vince would give HHH so much power instead of his own son. Funk says Shane is a smart guy behind the scenes, and thinks he has power behind the scenes. And HHH has a lot of heat for his position, but he has a lot of ability but because he’s married to Stephanie he will always have heat.”

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