WWE Smackdown! Detailed Results – June 23rd, 2005

Carl Walsh

WWE Smackdown! Results – 6/23/05

Tucson, Arizona

WWE Smackdown! Opener:

The fireworks went off in the arena for the start of WWE Smackdown! as Michael Cole and Tazz welcomed us to the show, and tonight, Eddie Guerrero will go one on one with Rey Mysterio, and the draft lottery will roll on.

In the arena:

The music of Randy Orton hit in the arena as he made his way down the aisle, and last week he made an immediate impact, costing the Undertaker his match with JBL. Orton got on the mic and said that even before he stepped foot in the Smackdown ring, he knew his reputation would proceed him. That reputation is Randy Orton, Legend Killer. A Reputation that he earned, he made a career out of making history. He stepped in the ring with the most legendary men, and they bowed to his greatness. Names such as Mick Foley, Harley Race, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, hell he even beat Chris Benoit at SummerSlam to become the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in history! He said at WrestleMania, the Undertaker took advantage of his injury, causing him not to make history that night. He said he has waited for his revenge, and last week he got it, and the Legend Killer made history once again. We were then taken to footage from last week when Orton hit the RKO on the Undertaker, costing him his No Disqualification Match with JBL. Orton said to get used to it, because that is the first historic moment of many. He said the Undertaker isn’t here, and he ain’t coming, and they can chant his name as much as they want. He said there will be many more historic moments in the future, courtesy of the RKO.

The lights then started to flicker, and the TitanTron went nuts, and then footage from WrestleMania 21 was shown when the Undertaker hit the Tombstone on Orton to beat him on the grandest stage of all. It played over and over, and then the lights went out in the arena, and the dong hit. The lights came back on and the ring was filled with smoke, and the Deadman is in the ring! He stared at Orton, and Orton was shocked. The Undertaker took a step forward, and Orton rolled to the outside. He said we are not going to do it on the Undertaker’s terms, he won’t know when or where, Undertaker will just have to wait. The crowd booed and the Undertaker took a mic and said death waits for no one. The lights then flickered some more, and a lightning bolt came down and almost hit Orton! Undertaker then rolled his eyes into the back of his head as Smackdown! went to commercial break.

Referee: Nick Patrick

Joey Mercury vs. Heidenreich

The music of MNM hit in the arena as Joey Mercury made his way to the ring accompanied by Melina and his WWE Tag Team Champion partner, Johnny Nitro, and he will be going head to head with Heidenreich in a singles match. Last week, Melina called Michelle fat, and then Heidenreich stood up for her, which led to her running him down before Michelle hit her with a spear. MNM then hit the Snapshot on Heidenreich, setting up this one on one match tonight.

The start:

Nitro distracted Heidenreich, but he didn’t fall for it and nailed Mercurry with a right hand. Heidenreich sent him hard to the corner and delivered a big back body drop, and then a pair of clotheslines. Nitro tripped Heidenreich from the outside, and Heidenreich pulled him onto the apron, and Nitro gave him a cheap shot. Heidenreich hit a big boot to knock him down, and then went over to Mercury, but was met with a reverse elbow.

Mid-match notes:

Mercury followed up with a neck breaker for a two count and then hammered away at the big man. Mercury kicked Heidenreich in the ribs and then hit a knee drop to the temple for another two. Mercury locked in a rear naked choke as Melina cheered him on. Heidenreich fought out and hit an arm drag, but Mercury came back with a clothesline. Mercury hit some shots to the back, but they seemed to have no effect, and Heidenreich pointed at Mercury, and hit an inverted atomic drop and then a clothesline to the outside.

The Finish:

Melina got on the apron and slapped Heidenreich and he then pointed at her, and she backed down, and then Michelle came running down and speared Melina down on the outside! Michelle hammered on Melina, and as the referee was tending to them, Nitro came into the ring and hit a super kick and Mercury covered for the win.

Winner – Joey Mercury

The Aftermath:

Michelle checked on Heidenreich after the match as Melina and MNM celebrated in the aisle.

Earlier Today:

Rey Mysterio is shown, and said last week he wanted to end the whole thing with Eddie and him. He said he hit him with the chair again and again, and he couldn’t stop, and it felt so good. He said that Eddie got away, but Eddie opened up a side of him that he never thought he would see. He said tonight, he isn’t going in to win a match, he is going in for redemption.


Melina and MNM are shown, and Melina is not happy, but MNM were celebrating Mercury’s win. Melina asked them if Michelle thinks she is better than her and called her a B list Diva. Melina then challenged Michelle to a match next week, but MNM tried to talk her out of it. Melina said she would destroy her, and after next week, she won’t be Michelle McCool, she will be Michelle McLoser!


JBL is shown and he knocks on Theodore Long’s door, and said he heard that Long had created a Smackdown! Championship. JBL said he deserves that title more than anyone, and Long said later tonight he will be making a major announcement about that championship, and JBL will be pleased. JBL tried to go into the office, but Long stopped him. JBL guessed that he had the new draft pick in there, and asked who it was, but Long went back into the office and closed the door.

Cruiserweight Championship Match

Referee: Jim Korderas

Chavo Guerrero vs. Paul London (c)

The music of Chavo Guerrero hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for a shot at Paul London’s Cruiserweight Championship.

The start:

London and Guerrero locked up and London backed him to the corner and gave a clean break. They locked up again and Chavo scored with a deep armdrag and London applauded him. Another lock up, and Chavo grabbed a hammerlock into an arm bar, but London reversed and wrenched the arm. Chavo hit a knee to the gut, and then a clothesline, and then sent London to the corner and stomped him down and choked him with his boot.

The Finish:

Chavo sent London into the ropes, but London reversed a back body drop into a flapjack. London hit the dropsault and then some right hands and kicks. Chavo sent London to the corner, but met an elbow on the charge. London hit the Mushroom Stomp, and then back dropped Chavo to the outside. London was about to go for a suicide dive, and then some Mexican music hit!

Winner – No Contest

The Aftermath:

A big lawnmower came down the aisle with Juventud Guerrera, Super Crazy and Psychosis on it. They drove Chavo into the ring steps and then attacked London in the ring. Psychosis grabbed the ring bell and started to ring it, and Super Crazy and Juventud Guerrera hit a double team backbreaker on London in the ring. Crazy hit a moonsault from the top, and Psychosis hit the Guillotine Legdrop from the top! Juventud Guerrera got on the mic and said what about the Mexicans? He said the Gringos always degrade them, but they are not just about washing toilets and then they pointed out the lawnmower and called it the Mexican Limo 2005. Juventud said things are going to change around here, and they are going to take over the cruiserweight division, and Smackdown. They said they are not Mexican, they are Mexicools!

In the arena:

JBL is in the ring, and said it is morning again in America. He said for the longest time, Smackdown has been without a champion. He said he doesn’t mean since the lottery, he means since he lost the title at WrestleMania. He said tonight, he is beside himself, and is downright giddy, because tonight that is going to change. He said with his victory over the Undertaker last week, and the fact that he is Mr. Smackdown, he has given Theodore Long no choice but to name him the Champion of Smackdown. JBL said this part is for the fans, because they can rejoice now, because things are back to normal. He said everyone now has a purpose, and they all in unison can bow at the feet of the Wrestling God. The music of Booker T then hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring. JBL said he has known Booker for a long time, and he doesn’t have to bow at his feet, but he is glad he came down here to be the first to congratulate him. Booker wouldn’t shake his hand, and Bradshaw asked him if he thinks he should be named champion? Booker grabbed the mic and said no he doesn’t, he doesn’t think anyone should be named champion. He said the new champion should have to earn that right, you dig? He said you have to fight for that right, so why doesn’t JBL get himself together, and tonight they can settle it, and the winner walks away from Tucson as the new Smackdown! Champion. Now can you dig that sucka!

The music of Chris Benoit then hit as he made his way down to the ring. Bradshaw said the voice of reason, a true veteran and a former champion himself, please explain to him he doesn’t have to fight anyone one on one. Benoit grabbed the mic and said he would be glad to. He said there will not be a one on one match for the title, because what he is proposing is JBL vs. Booker T vs. Chris Benoit in a Triple Threat! Booker said he was down with that, and JBL went and grabbed another mic and said he ain’t down with nothing! He said he deserves to be named champion, and not one person can convince him otherwise! The music of the Big Show then hit as he made his way down to the ring! Show took the mic from Bradshaw and said that the way he sees it is there are two choices. Either you put him in the mix and make this a Fatal Four Way, or Chris Benoit, Booker T and himself have a Triple Threat, right after they beat the living hell out of JBL. Booker and Benoit said they are liking that idea a lot, and then the music of Theodore Long hit as he made his way to the ring as the General Manager, and he has a black bag with him. Bradshaw said thank god he is here, the inmates are running the asylum, and to tell them that he is going to be named the Smackdown! Champion.

Long grabbed the mic and told him to relax. He said the fact is, after the draft next week, he will be naming JBL as the new Smackdown! Champion…that is if he wins this special five man challenge that he has planned. He said it will be Booker T vs. Chris Benoit vs. The Big Show vs. JBL vs…The Undertaker! He said the winner of that match will officially be named the new Smackdown! Champion. Long’s music then hit, but then it was cut off and Muhammed Hassan’s music filled the arena! Hassan and Daivari made their way down, and he must be the latest draft pick from RAW! The men in the ring looked on in confusion as he got into the ring. Daivari introduced Hassan and then Hassan took the mic and said this is unbelievable. Here he is, the newest and greatest RAW Draft Lottery pick, and again he is treated like a second class citizen, because if anyone deserves to be named the new Smackdown! Champion, it is Muhammad Hassan! He said he is the owner of the most prestigious undefeated streak in WWE history, and instead of getting a championship, or a special welcome, he is forced to sit in that dungeon Long calls an office as if he is something to be ashamed of.

Hassan said maybe all of them are ashamed that he is on their show because he is an Arab American. He said he is different; he is better than each and every one of them! He then said that Benoit never beat him on RAW, he said Booker T is a five time loser, he said he could beat the Big Show any night of the week, and JBL? As far as he is concerned, he is just like any other typical American, a big quitter! Hassan said he wants what he deserves, and he wants it right now. Long said that he doesn’t know if he deserves this or not, but this is Smackdown, and this is the land of opportunity, so he is going to add him to the mix tio make it a six man match next week. JBL then pushed Hassan over, and Booker and Benoit then hammered him before Show tossed him outside. Show then got Daivari cornered and picked him up and press slammed him over the top rope onto Hassan. Long then got on the mic and said there is one other thing. He thinks his Smackdown! Debut should be special? Well he said he could beat the Big Show any night of the week, so they will go one on one next!

Referee: Nick Patrick

Muhammad Hassan vs. The Big Show

The start:

Back on Smackdown, and Show gave Hassan a big hip toss and them stood on his chest with his full body weight. Show hammered him down and then sent him to the corner and gave him a huge chop. Hassan rolled to the outside as Daivari checked on him. Show gave him a beal back into the ring and then choked him with his boot as Matt Morgan made his way down to the ring with a smile on his face and joined the Cole and Tazz.

Mid-match notes:

Hassan came back with right hands on the Big Show and stomped him in the corner but Show shoved him off. Hassan came back with more right hands but Show delivered a headbutt and then a club to the back, and then another. Show scored with a delayed vertical suplex and then another huge chop to the chest. Morgan stuttered on commentary, and called himself the verbal assassin. Show continued to hammer away on Hassan with chops to the chest and then hit a butt bump in the corner and then a shoulder block.

The Finish:

Daivari got on the apron and Show pulled him into the ring, but Morgan grabbed a chair on the outside and got in the ring, and in the process the referee got knocked down. Show punched the chair off the skull of Morgan and hit a chokeslam, but then Hassan nailed him with a chair shot to the head, and then drove the chair into the throat of the Big Show and covered for the win.

Winner – Muhammad Hassan

Video Package:

A video package was shown highlighting all the going’s on between Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero dating back to the start of the year. Tonight their feud will come to a close.


Eddie Guerrero was shown taping his wrists in his locker room. Steve Romero came in and Eddie said Chris Benoit doesn’t believe he can beat Rey Mysterio, and the people think the same. He said he knows what he is capable of, but Rey? He doesn’t think that Rey knows what he is capable of. Eddie then stared psychotically as we go to commercial.

Referee: Brian Hebner

Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero

The music of Eddie Guerrero hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring for this main event, and it is all about one thing for him tonight, and that is finally beating Rey Mysterio. The music of Rey Mysterio then hit as he made his way down, out for revenge on his former best friend.

The start:

Guerrero and Mysterio locked things up as the fans chanted Eddie Sucks. Eddie backed Rey to the corner and gave a clean break. They tied up again and Eddie hit a side headlock takedown, but Rey got a headscissors to escape and they then had a standoff. They locked up again, and Eddie got a hammerlock on Rey, but Rey came back with some fast paced reversals. Another tie up, and Eddie pulled Rey into a drop toe hold and then locked in a side headlock. Rey reversed with a top wrist lock and backed Eddie to the corner and broke clean.

Mid-match notes:

Another tie up, and Eddie backed Rey to the corner and again gave a clean break. Things are very slow paced and methodical to start this one out as Eddie picked the leg of Mysterio and then went for a surfboard but Rey countered and then Eddie grabbed a side headlock. Rey sent him into the ropes but Eddie came back with a shoulder block and then Rey hit a monkey flip to send Eddie outside, and then dived over the ropes with a plancha onto Guerrero as we go to commercial. Back on Smackdown, and Rey gets a count of two on Eddie, and then gives him a snapmare and a running dropkick for another two. Cole informs us that Mysterio has been in control throughout the commercial break as Mysterio locks in an abdominal stretch. Eddie backed Rey into the ropes and then Rey kicked him in the back of the leg, and then chopped the chest. Rey scored with a snapmare, and then locked in another stretch on the mat, working over the ribs of Guerrero. Eddie perched Rey on the top rope and Eddie went for a clean break, but then shoved Rey and he crashed to the floor. Eddie sent Rey head first into the announce table repeatedly, and then shoulder first into the ring steps. Eddie stomped on Rey and Cole mentioned that it looks like something takes over Eddie when he is in this frame of mind as we go to commercial yet again.

Back on Smackdown, and Eddie is still in control of Rey Mysterio. Eddie locked in a Gory Special, and during the break Eddie sent Rey spine first into the ring apron. Rey escaped with an arm drag, but then walked into a tilt a whirl backbreaker from Eddie. Eddie stomped on Rey and then put his boot on the head of Rey, and slapped him around some, and kicked him in the spine. Eddie stood on Rey’s head and then hit a big powerbomb for a near fall. Eddie covered again, and again, but Rey kicked out and then got his foot on the ropes. Eddie then locked in a Camel Clutch on Mysterio, further working over the back of Rey Mysterio. Rey escaped sending Eddie to the outside, but Eddie quickly got back in and hit an elbow drop the back. Eddie sent Rey hard into the corner, sending Rey crashing to the mat in pain. Eddie stood on the head of Mysterio some more and then choked Rey behind the back of the referee. Eddie locked in a full nelson in the middle of the ring and then took him to the corner before giving him some vicious forearm shots. Eddie hit some chops to the chest and then sent Rey to the other corner. Rey went for an up and under, but Eddie caught him, and then Rey reversed into a tilt a whirl headscissors. Rey gave Eddie a dropkick and then went for the 619, but Eddie came back with a huge clothesline and covered for another near fall.

Eddie locked in a half Camel Clutch on Rey but Mysterio elbowed out of it. Eddie clubbed the back, and then hit a backbreaker on Mysterio for another two count. Eddie covered again, and again Rey kicked out, and Eddie is losing his cool here in this match up. Eddie signalled for Rey to get to his feet, and then gave him a big right hand but Rey came back with some kicks to the ribs, and some right hands of his own. Eddie then clubbed the back of Rey and sent him to the ropes, but Rey came back with a bulldog to take Eddie down to the mat, and now both men are down in the center of the ring as the referee began his count. Both men are up at seven, and traded right hands in the middle of the ring and then Eddie got a thumb to the eye, but Rey exploded with a kick to the face and a back body drop, and then a springboard cross body for a near fall. Rey hit the seated senton on Eddie for a two count and then hammered away on Eddie with some more right hands. Rey hit an elbow in the corner, and then went up top but Eddie crotched him and Rey fell lifelessly to the canvas. Eddie went to work with the Three Amigos, but Rey countered the third into a dropkick, sending Eddie into the ropes.

The Finish:

Rey went for the 619 but Eddie ducked, and then hit the third Amigo before laughing and heading up top. Eddie came off with the Frog Splash but Rey rolled out of the way and covered for two and a half. Both men are down again as the referee begins his count. Rey is up at eight and backed into Eddie. Eddie hit a kick to the mid section and went for a powerbomb, but Rey sent him into the ropes again and hit the 619! Rey then Dropped the Dime and Rey has won it!

Winner – Rey Mysterio

The Aftermath:

Rey rolled out of the ring and celebrated his victory, as Eddie came around in the ring and he can’t believe that he has lost yet again to Mysterio. Eddie smiled evilly as Smackdown went off the air.

WWE Smackdown! – Quick Match Results

– Joey Mercury def. Heidenreich

– Cruiserweight Title: Chavo vs. London went to a no contest

– Muhammad Hassan def. The Big Show

– Rey Mysterio def. Eddie Guerrero

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