WWE RAW Results – July 4, 2005

Carl Walsh

RAW Results – 7/4/05

Sacramento, California

WWE RAW Opener:

RAW opened up with a video package hyping Hulk Hogan’s appearance on Carlito’s Cabana tonight. The fireworks then went off in the arena as Jim Ross, The Coach and Jerry Lawler welcomed us to the show. Also tonight will be the Boot Camp Match with the Diva Search girls, and John Cena will be on the Highlight Reel!

In the arena:

The music of Carlito hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring as the Intercontinental Champion for the Cabana. Carlito got on the mic and said tonight is the 4th of July. A big USA chant then started up, with Carlito going on to say that this is the only night of the year for fireworks, but on the Cabana, there are fireworks every night, especially tonight. He said his guest tonight has a new reality show debuting on VH1, Sunday night at 10PM. A big Hogan chant started up, and Carlito said Hogan will be promoting his new show on Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, Regis & Kelly, but the first place he wanted to come was Carlito’s Cabana. We then went into a highlight package of “Hogan Knows Best”. Carlito said wow, without further adieu, the legend, the immortal, the one and only Hulk Hogan! Hogan made his way down to the ring to a standing ovation from the crowd is Sacramento. Carlito said wow, don’t do anything else, let him first say that this is huge. Let him say that it is truly an honor, he’s done it all. He’s the most recognized name in wrestling, maybe in the world. He said this is the biggest thing in Hogan’s career he’s ever done. Hogan got on the mic and went to talk about “Hogan Knows Best”, but Carlito meant Hogan being on the Cabana. Carlito asked why he didn’t bring his daughter Brooke, and Hogan said he was borderline from getting thrown into the top of the building, brother! Carlito said he is cool, but Brooke is hot, why doesn’t he let Carlito take her out on a date. Hogan then nailed Carlito and knocked him out of the ring, and then Kurt Angle’s music hit! Kurt Angle said who cares about his daughter, what they should care about is him making Shawn Michaels tap at WrestleMania, and making Ric Flair tap last week, but instead of respecting him, they go online and vote that Flair is still the man over him. Instead of respecting him, they show respect and cheer Hulk Hogan. Why? Because he has his own reality show? Angle said the last time they were in the ring, he made him tap out, and he can do it all over again if he wanted to. He said the one person he would like to make tap more than him, is his daughter Brooke! Hogan then nailed Angle with right hands, but Carlito came back in and attacked Hogan from behind and they double teamed him, but then Shawn Michaels hit the ring and scared off both Carlito and Angle. Michaels helped Hogan up as Angle and Carlito backed up the aisle.


Todd Grisham is backstage outside of Eric Bischoff’s office, and arguing is heard inside. He said Shawn Michaels was in there and he’ll update us later.

Referee: Chad Patton

Edge and Snitsky vs. Kane and The Big Show

The music of Edge hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring with Lita and Snitsky, set for action in a match that was meant to go down last week, against Kane and the Big Show!

The start:

Edge and Kane kicked things off and Snitsky got a cheap shot in on Kane, and Edge hammered away on him but Kane threw him to the corner. Edge quickly tagged Snitsky, and Kane unloaded with right hands. Edge hit a cheap shot to the back, and Snitsky knocked him down for one. Snitsky kicked at Kane in the corner but Kane came back with a back elbow and an uppercut. Kane tagged in Show who chopped the chest of Snitsky, and then knocked him down with a clothesline.

Mid-match notes:

Show sent Snitsky to the corner to knock him down, and then hit a clothesline on Edge. Show called for the chokeslam, but Edge rolled to the outside. Kane chased Lita around the ring, and she ran to the back with Kane following her as we went to commercial break. Back on RAW, and Snitsky has a leg hold on Show. During the break, Edge hit a chop block to the Show’s leg when he went for the chokeslam on Snitsky. Show escaped the hold and Snitsky kicked him down again and then hit an elbow to the knee and went right back to the leg hold.

Edge tagged in and he took over on the leg of the Big Show. Edge delivered a dropkick to the leg and then tagged Snitsky back inside, who kicked away at Show. Snitsky distracted the referee while Edge whacked Show’s leg into the apron. Show fought back with body shots on Snitsky, but Snitsky came back again with a kick to the leg. Show hit some right hands but Snitsky again went with a shot to the leg but then Show shoved him to the corner and he tagged in Edge, and both came off the middle rope with dual shoulder tackles to knock Show down for two.

The Finish:

Edge and Snitsky went for a double suplex, but Show reversed and suplexed both of them. Show made the tag to Kane who hit a big boot on Snitsky, followed by another. Kane hit a clothesline in the corner, and then a side slam. Kane went up top and came off with a flying clothesline and then tossed Edge into the ring. Show hit a headbutt on Edge, and then Kane sent Snitsky to the corner, into Edge. Show then whipped Kane into both of them, and clotheslined Edge to the outside. Kane then chokeslammed Snitsky for the victory.

Winners – Kane and The Big Show


Todd Grisham is in the back and said there is no update and Shawn is still in the office. Shawn then came out and said he did what he always does. He moaned and groaned until he got his way. He said tonight it’s going to be Kurt Angle and Carlito against Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan!

Handicap Match

Referee: Earl Hebner

The Heart Throbs vs. Viscera

The music of Romeo and Antonio, the Heart Throbs is playing in the arena, and they got on the mic and said they saw Viscera dump Lilian at Vengeance, but said they are there for her. Romeo said just for her, they are going to have Viscera scream “no, no, no” and after the match, she’ll be screaming “oh, oh, oh”. Lilian started to cry as she introduced Viscera to the ring.

The Match:

The Heart Throbs attacked Viscera from behind, but he threw them down and gave each a slam. Viscera sent Romeo into Antonio in the corner and went for a splash, but ate boot. The Heart Throbs knocked Viscera down with a double shoulder block, and then Antonio hit a leg drop. Romeo held Viscera while Antonio hammered away on him. Viscera knocked Antonio to the outside, and then Romeo walked into a clothesline. Viscera then hit a huge splash on Romeo, and laid on him but Antonio came in with an elbow drop. Antonio stomped Viscera in the corner and then they pulled him into the ring post, crotch first, for the disqualification.

Winner by disqualification, Viscera

The Aftermath:

The Heart Throbs then went over to Lilian and put their boas around her neck. They both kissed her on the cheek, and she didn’t seem too happy with what they have done here.


Backstage, the Diva Search contestants are shown waiting to use the mirror, but Chris Jericho is hogging it.


Maria is backstage, and said last week there was a blockbuster trade between RAW and Smackdown. She then introduced Chavo Guerrero, and he has a shaved head and no beard, and is wearing a preppy shirt with a sweater over his shoulders. He said he is no longer known as Chavo. He said his achievements have never lived up to his ability, and there is only one place to put the blame, and that is on Hispanic people. He said we all know what real America thinks about the Hispanics, and that has held him back. He said he is denouncing his Hispanic heritage, and joining middle class America. He said he will no longer be known Chavo Guerrero, and has legally changed his name to Kerwin White! He then called Maria stupid, and he left and she looked upset.


The Hurricane, Rosey and Stacy are shown and wish us a happy 4th of July. They all have sparklers, and gave he safety warnings. Rosey’s arm then set on fire and Hurricane then put it out with a fire extinguisher. Funny stuff.


Maria is shown in the back again, looking upset, and John Cena comes in. He asked what the matter was, and he laughed that Chavo had changed his name. He said not to worry about it. He said she has a lot going for her. He said she looks good…and couldn’t come up with anything else. He told her to show her strengths, and hide her weaknesses.

In the arena:

The music of Chris Jericho hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for the Highlight Reel. Jericho welcomed us to RAW is Jericho and said we are not going to see any cheesy deck chairs, or stupid palm trees. He said he was watching the Cabana earlier, and he saw Hulk Hogan, a true superstar as his guest, so he wanted the same stature of guest. He said there is no bigger star on RAW than himself, but he got the next closest thing. He then introduced the WWE Champion, John Cena, to the ring, who came down to a huge ovation from the crowd. Cena took a mic and said back on the Highlight Reel, and thanks for having him, and it looks like Sac Town is excited tonight! Jericho said the crowd is excited, and so is he. He said Cena is doing great, look at him, he’s the WWE Champion, has a hit album, getting ready to film his second video, and has a concert coming up in two weeks. Jericho then said he is the first Undisputed Champion, he has three hit records, done five music videos, and played hundred of concerts including the Download festival in England where he played in front of 50,000. He then played footage of his appearance there on the Jeritron 5000. Jericho said that is how a real rock star does it. Cena said this a pretty one sided interview, and said Jericho has a lot of good things going, and then wished him good luck and went to leave. Jericho pulled him back, and asked what good luck was meant to mean? Cena asked what he wanted from him. He said congratulations, but Jericho again pulled him back. Jericho asked if that was supposed to mean something, and then took off his sunglasses. He said he wants to remind Cena who he is talking to. He said he has reached legendary status in this business, and is a much bigger star than Cena, and the only reason people don’t realise that is because Cena has that title over his shoulder, but Jericho can take that from him anytime he wants. Cena said Jericho says he has done it all, but Cena can see it in his eyes, Jericho is nothing without the WWE Title. The fans chanted for Cena, and Cena told Jericho to listen to them. He said that’s why he comes out here every week and says he is Chris Jericho, and toots his own horn. Cena said Jericho is the first to tell everyone that he is on top of the world, but let Cena to be the first to tell everyone he is an asshole. Cena told Jericho to wake up, these people ain’t stupid. He said the fans chanting for him is real recognizing real. He said that he remembers when RAW really was Jericho, but now Jericho is cheap. He said he’s taken everything he’s done and covered it in a big bag of cheap sauce. He called Jericho Y2Cheap, and then Jericho slapped him. Jericho tackled him down and hammered away on him, and both men traded right hands. Cena took Jericho down with a shoulder block, and Jericho backed out of the ring. The referees came down and escorted Jericho to the back, and then Cena took a blow up hand from one of the fans and did a middle finger salute with it as he celebrated in the ring with his WWE Title.

Bikini Bootcamp:

Christy and the Coach made their way out to the stage, and Christy said it was time for the 2005 RAW Diva Search contest, and Sgt. Slaughter’s Bikini Bootcamp. Christy then introduced Slaughter to the stage, followed by the Diva Search contestants. Summer fell on her ass. Slaughter asked if they are ready for the obstacle course? He said he has a question, would any of them like to blow on the Sarge’s whistle? Coach took the mic and said the one with the fastest time with be given immunity. They will go up to the yellow line, do 10 jumping jacks, go over the wall, get into the ring, crawled through the netting, get in the potato sack and then do 10 rope jumps before going back over the wall and over the yellow line. Christy asked Coach to demonstrate, and said that she bet’s he can’t do it. Coach then went ahead and fell over a bunch of times but got 48 seconds. Here are the girls times:

Ashley: 48 seconds.

Leyla: Did not finish due to bra falling off 😀

Summer: 41 seconds.

Kristal: 36 seconds.

Elisabeth: 35 seconds.

Simona: 49 seconds.

Cameron: 45 seconds.

Alexis: 54 seconds.

Winner – Elisabeth:

After the break, Christy and Coach congratulated Elisabeth and said she has won immunity, and told everyone to go to WWE.com and vote for your favorite Diva. The music of Val Venis then hit in the arena as he made his way out to the stage, and he is set for action!

Referee: Jack Doan

Val Venis vs. Rene Dupree

The music of La Resistance hit as the newest member of RAW, Rene Dupree, made his way to the ring, with a new ring robe and freaky beard. Dupree got on the mic and said something in French, and then said the French Phenom has arrived, and he’s on RAW. He said he is setting out to do two things. To prove once and for all that he is the greatest specimen to set foot in the ring, and that he is simply phenomenal. He then called Val simply pathetic.

The Match:

Venis unloaded with right hands and then hit a knee to the gut and Dupree went to the outside. Dupree pulled Venis down and then stomped away on him before hitting a chop to the chest, and then some mounted punches. Dupree hit a vertical suplex and covered for two before trading chops with Venis. Venis hit a boot in the corner, and then a big knee lift followed by a back body drop. Venis hit a Urinagi Suplex and then Dupree rolled him up out of nowhere and put his feet on the ropes for the shady win.

Winner – Rene Dupree


Todd Grisham is backstage, and brings in Angle and Carlito. Carlito said icons or not, no one comes to his Cabana and disrespects him and Angle and gets away with it. That’s not cool. Angle said it’s the 4th of July, a celebration of Independence, and he’s going to get the respect he deserves tonight. He said he will make someone’s ankle snap in two tonight, it’s true, it’s damn true. Carlito then went to spit apple in Grisham’s face, but faked him out.

Referee: Michael Chioda

Kurt Angle and Carlito vs. Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan

The music of Carlito is playing in the arena, and he is in the ring as the Intercontinental Champion. The music of Kurt Angle then hit, as he made his way to the ring as Carlito’s partner here tonight. The music of Shawn Michaels then hit, as he made his way down and he will be teaming with Hulk Hogan, who got a huge pop from the crowd.

The start:

Hogan and Carlito started things off with a tie up, and Hogan shoved him down to the mat. Carlito tagged in Angle, and he and Hogan tied up and Hogan shoved him down to the mat too. Hogan wrenched the arm of Angle and then tagged in Michaels but Angle got a knee to the gut and right hand, but Michaels came back with an arm drag and then an arm bar. Angle pulled Michaels down by his hair and tagged Carlito, who walked into another arm drag and an arm bar.

Mid-match notes:

Michaels tagged Hogan, and Hogan hit a big right hand, and then a clothesline to knock Carlito down. Hogan slammed him and sent him into the boot of Michaels and tagged him in again. Carlito grabbed Michaels by the hair and got him in his corner and tagged in Angle. Angle sent Michaels to the corner and kicked away at him but Michaels came back with some chops to the chest. Michaels hit a boot in the corner and then a clothesline. Carlito came in but Michaels knocked him down, and then tossed Angle to the outside. Hogan came in and tossed Carlito out as we went to our final commercial break of the evening.

Back on RAW, and Angle is in control of Michaels in the corner and went for a belly to belly from the top, but Michaels knocked him down and hit the elbow from the top. Michaels started to tune up the band but Carlito distracted him and then Angle went for a cheap shot but Michaels caught him with some chops. Carlito then hit a knee to the back on the apron, and Michaels walked into a belly to belly from Angle for two. Carlito tagged in and hit a chop to knock Michaels down before stomping him. Carlito choked Michaels in the ropes and then distracted the referee allowing Angle to his an elbow to the throat on the apron.

Angle tagged in and hit a back suplex on Michaels for two before sending him to the corner and tagging Carlito in. Carlito distracted the referee and Angle choked Michaels with the tag rope. Michaels battled both men out of the corner, but Carlito took him down with a suplex for another two before tagged Angle back inside. Angle hit a snapmare into a bear hug on the mat as the fans got behind HBK. Michaels fought out and went for a dropkick but Angle held the ropes and the mocked Hogan before locking in the Ankle Lock, but Michaels kicked him away. Angle went for the Angle Slam, but Michaels reversed into a huge DDT and both men are down.

The Finish:

Angle tagged Carlito, and Michaels got the tag to Hogan. Carlito backed off, but Hogan unloaded with right hands and then took him down with a big boot. Angle then charged at Hogan, but Hogan back dropped him to the outside and then scored with the Leg Drop on Carlito for the victory.

Winners – Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels

The Aftermath:

Michaels and Hogan celebrated their victory in the ring and then Michaels nailed him with Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere! Michaels stared down at Hogan who is out cold and then the crowd went silent as RAW went off the air!

WWE RAW – Quick Match Results

– Kane and The Big Show def. Edge and Snitsky

– Handicap: Viscera def. The Heart Throbs by DQ

– Bikini Bootcamp Winner: Elisabeth

– Rene Dupree def. Val Venis

– Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan def. Kurt Angle and Carlito

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