WWE Smackdown! Results – July 14, 2005

Carl Walsh

WWE Smackdown! Results – 7/14/05

Worcester, Massachusetts

Start of the Show:

We are welcomed live to the show as Tazz and Cole announce that tonight we will have champion vs. champion!

Guerrero speaks:

The music of Eddie Guerrero hits and he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. The crowd boos as he grabs a mic and begins to speak. He says Rey Mysterio is not going to be here tonight and he tells the fans he is more disappointed than they are. Eddie says just because Rey did not come to work does not mean he can get away from him. Eddie asks if Rey thinks he wasn’t going to humiliate him tonight. Eddie says Rey has it all wrong and he can make him do anything he wants because he knows something that Rey does not want anyone in this world to know. Eddie then says to roll footage of the last few weeks and what he did to Mysterio. Eddie is shown smiling in the ring after the footage as the crowd continues to boo him. Eddie says the people should have seen what he had planned out for this week! Eddie gets intense and says he has to think of something to do since Rey isn’t here this week. Eddie says he knows how to top it, he’ll just tell the little secret. Eddie says that he knows Dominic is watching and he waves at the camera and then he tells Dominic to get close to the TV because he is going to tell him the bed time story he was going to tell him a long time ago. He tells the whole crowd to get comfortable and then he yells at a ring guy to get him a chair. Eddie sits in his chair and starts to tell the story, he says in a land far far away, there lived a boy named Dominic. The lights dim and the story starts to go a bit but Eddie Guerrero’s wife and kids show up and stand at the ramp. He asks them what they are doing here and he tells everyone to meet them. She asks him to calm down. He screams “didn’t you hear me go to the back!!” She grabs the mic from him and the crowd cheers. She says she came out here to calm him down. She says he has to keep the secret because it can hurt a lot of people. Eddie grabs the mic and grabs his wife and walks her backstage as no more words are spoken!


When we come back Eddie Guerrero argues with his wife in the back. He tells her to just leave and as they are getting in a car Hardcore Holly says not to do this in front of his kids and asks him to calm down. He slaps Holly and then Holly shoves him into his car. Eddie’s wife keeps talking and she is a horrid actress.

Six Man Tag Match

Referee: Nick Patrick

Paul London, Scotty 2 Hotty and Funaki vs. The Mexicools

The Mexicools made their way to the ring with their new music as they rode in on a very jazzed up lawnmower.

The start:

The Mexicools argue as to who will fight but then Super Crazy kicks Funaki in the gut. Funaki nails a flying head scissor and then Psicosis is tagged in but Scotty and Funaki clock him in the face. Crazy gets a knee to the back of Scotty and he laughs but Scotty knocks him off the apron with a hard right hand. Juvi comes in though and throws Scotty through the turnbuckle and into the hard ring post. Juvi places Scotty in an arm bar but Scotty fires out.

Mid Match Notes:

Scotty hits a sunset flip but Juvi rolls through and nails a double dropkick. Psicosis is tagged in and he and Juvi take Scotty down with a double drop toe hold and then they both double dropkick his head. Crazy comes in and wears down Scotty until Juvi is tagged back in. Scotty fires out of the corner but Juvi clocks him Crazy is tagged back in and he and Juvi go for a double team move on Scotty but Funaki pulls Crazy out of the ring and Scotty clotheslines Juvi. Scotty then tags London.

The Finish:

London comes in with a mega head of steam as he does a dropsault, clothesline, and multiple side kicks to all of the Mexicools. Paul then exchanges blows with Juvi, hard ones at that, until he gets a boot to his chin. Juvi runs at London but London double underhook throws him over his head. London sets up for the 450 splash but Psicosis grabs his leg. Scotty pulls him off though but now Crazy has his leg. Crazy rings him up neck first in the ropes and then he hits a springboard moonsault on top of London. Juvi takes London to the corner and he hits a 450 splash on London but he connects directly with his knee to London’s face. Juvi covers and gets the 3 count!

Winners – The Mexicools

Christian talks to Candice

Candice is doing her hair as Christian approaches. He talks to her and says if she needs help with her mediocrity over there then he can help her. She gives him a “whatever” and he says he’s serious. All the young kids come up to him and everyone respects him around here. Booker T comes up and says he did not just say that. Booker says if you want respect around here, you earn it. Right there in the ring tonight, Christian vs. The five time five time… can you dig that sucka? Booker and his wife walk off as Candice laughs at Christian.


Melina is shown walking with MNM but she tells them to go to the ring because she has business to take care of. She walks up to Torrie who is signing an autograph but Melina takes the magazine away and tosses it to the ground. Melina says Torrie is a has been and she’s had it good here because she had no competition. They then agree on a bra and panties match at the GAB. Melina says ‘whatever” after listing names people will call Torrie when they forget who she is. She shoves Torrie and walks away.

In the arena:

John Heidenreich comes to the ring but as he gets on the apron he is assaulted by MNM who take it to the ring as Melina walks down the ramp with the tag titles. Heidenreich goes shoulder first into the steel turnbuckle. Melina yells asking him where his friends are now. She then says to finish him. But as they go to pick him up the music of the Legion of DOOM starts! Animal comes to the ring and powerslams one of MNM and then he sends them both over the ropes as the crowd goes wild. MNM book for it but Animal tells them to hold it right there. He talks about how he was signing autographs and people were telling him that there was this tag team claiming they were the best. He calls them baby punks. Mercury grabs the mic and says if he wants to live some of his past glory days he can get a chance at the titles at the Great American Bash. The Road Warriors vs. MNM! Nitro grabs the mic and says that just can’t happen; his partner is dead. Animal drops the mic and goes for them but Heidenreich grabs him by the leg and begs him to stay. Animal says you don’t talk about people’s partners. Heidenreich begs for a chance and says he is no Hawk, but he’s his friend, for life! Animal asks if he wants a chance and he says he does. Animal then tells MNM they have a match! Heidenreich and Animal hug as Smackdown goes to commercial.

Referee: Charles Robinson

Eddie Guerrero vs. Hardcore Holly

The music of Eddie Guerrero hit in the arena and he is set for action with Hardcore Holly. We are shown clips from earlier in the night when Holly tried to calm Eddie down, and they got in a shoving match.

The start:

Holly and Guerrero locked up and Holly back Eddie to the corner and Eddie then slapped Holly, but Holly slapped him back. They locked up again and Guerrero got Holly in the corner and gave him a knee to the gut and then some chops, but Holly came back with chops of his own. Eddie hit a thumb to the eye and then unloaded with more chops, and then sent Holly headfirst to the corner. Holly sent Guerrero to the outside as we went to commercial break.

Mid Match Notes:

When we come back Eddie is chopping away on Holly but Holly hits a couple arm drags into an arm bar. Eddie is whipped into the corner but he gives Holly a drop toe hold onto the middle buckle. Eddie then kicks and punches Holly before stepping on Holly’s face and then using the bottom rope to choke him. Eddie gives Holly a snapmare and then he locks him in an arm hold followed by a leg choke. Holly powers out and gives Eddie an electric chair drop!

The ref starts his 10 count and he gets to 8 as both men are up. Eddie gives Holly a few rights, Holly responds and then gives Eddie a stiff clothesline followed by a big back body drop. Holly hits a standing dropkick and covers but only gets a two count. Holly waits for Eddie to get up and he goes for a full nelson slam but Eddie rolls through with a pin for a 2 count. Eddie gets back up and Holly drops him with the nelson slam this time. Holly goes to the top and nails Eddie with a top rope clothesline but again he only gets a two count.

Eddie jumps after being whipped in the corner but Holly catches his legs and goes for the Alabama Slam but Eddie holds the ropes so Holly turns it into his lower gut kick. The fight heads to the outside where Eddie reverses Holly into the steel post before driving him into the apron. Eddie goes to get in the ring but Holly grabs him on the apron. Eddie pulls at the referee and then “accidentally” thumbs the referees eye. Eddie uses the apron to push off and he crashes with Holly who goes back first into the announce table. (looked awesome on TV)

The Finish:

Eddie then slams Holly into the apron again and as the referee still cannot see Eddie grabs a steel pipe from under the ring and he slams it right across the knee of Holly. Eddie comes back in the ring and places Holly in the Texas clover leaf. Holly has no choice but to tap!

Winner – Eddie Guerrero

Eddie gets on the mic and says he’s sorry. He says he loves them and would never do anything to hurt them, or the family. He says he loves them and is there to protect them. Eddie tells the fans to shut the hell up and they boo. He then goes on a cursing tirade that UPN bleeps out. Eddie says if Rey beats him at the Bash, he will keep that secret inside and lock it up and throw away the key that way nobody gets hurt. BUT, if he wins, then he gets to finish his little bed time story to Dominic.

Hassan’s Lawyer speaks

Hassan’s personal attorney comes out to Hassan’s music. He’s a well dressed white dude, probably an Indy wrestler. The man grabs a mic as the crowd settles down. He puts on glasses and reads a document he pulled from his briefcase. He same his name is Thomas Whitney, the legal council for Mr. Mohammed Hassan. He is going to read a statement on Hassan’s behalf. As a result of the negativity placed on him, he has taken a leave of absence from Smackdown. The crowd cheers. The guy says Hassan is as American as all of them and he has a legal right under the 1st amendment of the constitution. He says it’s a disgrace that he has to come out here and defend those rights. He says his client will never appear here on Smackdown until he defeats the Undertaker in a pay per view ironically called the Great American Bash. He goes to say more but the lights go out and we have the Taker! Thomas has no idea what to think of all of this as the Taker comes to the ring and stands face to face with him. Taker backs him into a corner and he calls him sir and says he does not know his intentions but he is not a wrestler, sir… Taker slaps a choke on him and down he goes with the chokeslam. Taker does the cut throat and picks the attorney up before planting him with the tombstone piledriver. His music hits and the Taker leaves the ring.

Referee: Nick Patrick

Christian vs. Booker T

Booker T comes down the ramp but after his pyro Christian attacks him from behind. Christian goes and slams him into the ring post before slamming him head first into the steps MANY times. Christian yells at Booker T asking if he wants to embarrass him. Christian throws Booker in the ring and the referee refuses to ring the bell. Booker gets to his feet finally and the bell rings.

The match:

Christian walks up to Booker T, hooks his arms and drops him with the Unprettier. He covers and gets the pin.

Winner – Christian

JBL comes to the ring:

JBL gets on the mic and says he doesn’t mind the black eye or the staples in the head but last week he was embarrassed because of him. He says it bothers him because he lost to a fat kid who should have had to buy a ticket to be in the same arena as him. JBL tells Batista that he’s only really beaten one man. He then says Batista chose to stay on Raw instead of facing him but at the Bash, his pay per view. JBL then says he is a wrestling God.

Non Title Match

Referee: Brian Hebner

Batista vs. Orlando Jordan

Jordan is already in the ring after JBL’s promo. The champion comes out to a huge roar as he heads to the ring with a purpose.

The start:

Jordan tries to get one up early but Batista clocks him and unloads on him in the corner of the ring. JBL taunts on but Batista sends Jordan down with a shoulder block followed by a clothesline that sends him flying to the outside.

Mid Match Notes:

Jordan slides back in the ring and he gets a kick to Batista’s gut. He fires away but he can’t slam Batista’s head off the buckle. He gets another kick to Batista’s chest and JBL trips Batista allowing Jordan no nail a dropkick sending Batista outside the ring. JB:L slams Batista’s head off the steps and then Jordan goes out and gets him before setting him up for a chop block in the ring. Jordan works the knee of Batista slamming it with his ass on the apron and kicking away at it. Batista gets to his feet but Orlando pushes him to the corner where he hooks his leg some more. JBL pulls on the leg when the ref isn’t looking. Batista tries to exchange blows but Jordan backs off and JBL rings Batista’s leg on the ring post. Jordan has a leg hold on Batista but Batista clubs his way to his feet and the two men throw bolos at each other before Batista nails a back body drop. Batista runs into a boot though but as Jordan runs at him he picks him up and drives him into the corner where shoulders commence. He throws Jordan to the other post and then rocks him with a clothesline followed by a big powerslam.

The Finish:

JBL gets his nose involved and Jordan crashes with the referee. Batista hits a spine buster on Jordan but JBL cracks him in the skull with a chair! JBL splashes water on Hebner so he wakes up quicker. He goes to count Batista down. 1…2…kickout! Batista gets to his feet, knocks JBL down and then hammers Jordan with a clothesline. He gets pumped up and then plants Orlando with the Batista Bomb! He covers the US champ and gets the victory!

Winner, the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista

After the match JBL clipped Batista in the knee and then nailed him with the clothesline from hell. JBL picked up the title as the crowd booed him as Smackdown went off the air!

WWE Smackdown! – Quick Match Results

– The Mexicools def. London, Scotty, Funaki

– Eddie Guerrero def. Hardcore Holly

– Christian def. Booker T

– Non Title: Batista def. Orlando Jordan

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