Detailed WWE SD! Results (7/28): Guerrero’s Secret Revealed!

Carl Walsh

WWE Smackdown! Results – 7/28/05

Rochester, New York

The fireworks went off in the arena for the start of WWE Smackdown! as Michael Cole and Tazz welcomed us to the show.

In the arena:

We cut to the ring and Theodore Long says he wants to thank everyone who watched the Great American Bash on Sunday. He said they crowned new WWE Tag Team Champions, Heidenreich and Road Warrior Animal. He said they also determined the new number one contender, The Undertaker. Long said he is going to officially announce the main event for SummerSlam, it will be a World…the music of John Bradshaw Layfield then hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring. He said Long is not annoucing anything. He said Long is missing something, the main event, the main event where JBL in that ring beat Batista. He said he guarenteed that he would beat Batista, and he did just that. He said the only reason he is not the World Champion is because Batista got himself disqualified on purpose by hitting him with a steel chair. JBL at SummerSlam, he is explaining to him right, no he’s telling him that it will be him. Long said that JBL will get another title shot one day, but that day will not be SummerSlam, and said the Undertaker is the number one contender. JBL said Long didn’t read the contract, and it states that if he defeated Batista and somehow didn’t win the World Title, then he would get the first match against Batista, not the Undertaker. One on one for the World Championship, Batista vs. JBL. He said if that doesn’t happen, he will sue Long personally for breach of contract. Long said this is his show and said they are going to have a match and see who truly deserves a match for the championship as JBL will go one on one with the Undertaker…playa.


Melina and Torrie Wilson will go one on one.

Referee: Nick Patrick

Orlando Jordan and Christian vs. Chris Benoit and Booker T

The music of Christian hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for this tag team match with the United States Champion, Orlando Jordan against Booker T and Chris Benoit. Jordan’s shoulder was heavily taped after the beatdown by Batista at the Bash. Booker was accompanied by Sharmell.

The start:

All four men brawled to start the match with Benoit and Booker sending Christian and Jordan to the outside. Booker went after Jordan and nailed him with a right hand, and then tossed him back inside to Benoit who locked in the crossface, but Christian quickly broke it. Jordan tagged in Christian but Benoit met him with chops to the chest and then scored with a hip toss followed by a side headlock takedown.

Mid-match notes:

Christian sent Benoit to the ropes, but Benoit came back with a pair of shoulder blocks, and then knocked Jordan off the apron before taking over with chops on Benoit. Jordan pulled the ankle of Benoit from the outside and then Booker went after Jordan as Christian took over on Benoit. Christian tagged Jordan in who went to work with stomps and right hands. Jordan hit a back elbow knockdown and then backed Benoit to his corner and taunted Booker T, bringing him into the ring while Christian choked Benoit in the corner. Jordan went to remove the corner pad, but Booker gave him a right hand. Jordan tagged in Christian who hit an elbow drop on Benoit.

Benoit got Christian in a small package for two, but Christian came back with a clothesline for two. Christian locked in a side headlock on the mat as Booker got the crowd into it. Benoit made the ropes and then Christian tagged in Jordan who hit some right hands. Benoit came back with chops but then Jordan hit a knee to the gut and an elbow to the back of the neck. Jordan tagged Christian back in who kicked Benoit in the ribs and then gave him a neckbreaker for two. Christian locked in a rear chin lock but Benoit fought to his feet and escaped with elbows and then hit a belly to belly suplex. Benoit tagged Booker who hit right hands on both men. Booker hit a clothesline on Christian and then a flying forearm. Booker scored with a vertical suplex and then the Bookend for two when Orlando pulled Christian out of the fall. Benoit hit a baseball slide onto both men on the outside as we go to commercial. Back on Smackdown and Booker is in control of Christian with a side kick for two. Booker hit an axe kick for another near fall and then tagged in Benoit.

Benoit kicked Christian in the mid section and then a high knee to the gut. Benoit unloaded with chops in the corner and then tagged Booker back in. Booker hit some chops of his own and then a spinebuster. Booker did the spinaroonie but then Jordan came in with a clothesline to take Booker down. Christian tagged Jordan in who hit some elbow drops on Booker for two. Booker and Orlando traded right hands, and then Orldano raked the eyes and tagged in Christian. Chrisitnan nailed a right hand and then choked away at Booker. Booker came back with chops but walked into a spin kick by Christian for two and then locked in a rear naked choke. Booker escaped with elbows and went for an axe kick but Christian ducked and then hit an inverted DDT and made the cover but Benoit made the save. Booker hit some right hands on Christian, but Christian raked the eyes and then went up top. Christian dived off but Booker hit a heel kick and both men are down.

The Finish:

Both men made the tag and Benoit knocked Jordan down repeatedly and then hit a snap suplex to both men. Benoit hit a series of German’s on Jordan and then gave Christian one as well. Benoit went up top and came off with the headbutt on Jordan for two when Christian made the save. Christian stomped Benoit but Booker came in and then was sent out by Christian. Benoit then clotheslined Christian to the outisde and locked in the crossface on Jordan for the submission victory. Chrsitan got into the ring before Jordan tapped, but then decided against helping him.

Winners – Chris Benoit and Booker T

The Aftermath:

Chris Benoit, Booker T and Sharmell celebrated their victory in the ring.


JBL and the Undertaker will go one on one with the winner facing Batista for the World Heavyweight Title at SummerSlam.


Heidenreich is shown backstage and Animal comes in. Heidenreich said he cannot replace Hawk. Animal told him to stop and said he didn’t want him to replace Hawk. Animal said there is a time for new beginnings. Animal said both Heidenreich and Hawk had heart, and told Heidenriech to sit down. Animal handed him some clippers and he started to shave his head as we went to commercial.

Non Title Match

Referee: Jim Korderas

Chris Hamrick and Chuck Tealy vs. Road Warrior Animal and Heidenreich (c)

The music of the Road Warriors hit in the arena as Animal and Heidenreich made their way to the ring as the WWE Tag Team Champions, and they will be facing Chris Hamrick and Chuck Tealy. Heidenreich is now sporting a mohawk.

The Match:

Heidenreich and Animal attacked both men and Heidneriech hit a sidewalk slam and kicked him out of the ring. Animal hit a powerslam on the other guy and then they hit the Doomsday Device for the win.

Winners, the WWE Tag Team Champions, Road Warrior Animal and Heidenreich


MNM are shown backstage watching the monitor, and Melina comes in and said before they win back their titles, they have to do some damage to Torrie. She said she got them Hollywood’s biggest publicist, but there is a catch. She after after what happened at the Bash, they have to have a fixer travel with them, someone who turns positives into negatives. She then comes in and said her name is Jillian. She said that she was thinking about Candice and Torrie, and she spoke to Theodore Long, and Melina will face Torrie tonight, but Nitro and Mercury can’t be ringside. She said Candice will be ringside with Torrie, so she will be ringside with Melina. Jillian had a huge growth on the side of her face.


Dominic is shown backstage with Rey Mysterio. Dominic asked what the big secret was, but Rey will tell him when he gets older. They then made their way to the ring.

In the arena:

The music of Rey Mysterio hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring with Dominic. Rey got on the mic and said that he and Dominic came out here for one thing and that is to thank everyone for the support. Eddie Guerrero then came out and interruped Rey. He said they didn’t think he would be here tonight, but after what happened on Sunday, he couldn’t resist. Rey said this is over and to stay away from his son. Eddie said that he made Rey a promise, and Eddie Guerrero keeps his promises. He said even though Rey beat him at the Great American Bash, he also promised Rey other things like he never loses. No one beats Eddie at the end, he always wins at the end. He said he is the law, and he may have promised Rey that he would keep his mouth shut if Rey beat him, but guess what, he lied. Eddie said that he feels like telling a little bedtime story, Eddie’s bedtime story, the one he started long ago. Rey said not to go there, but Eddie started to read. Rey went up the aisle after Eddie and Eddie said Rey is not Dominic’s father. Eddie said the truth is that he is his father. Rey went back to the ring and hugged Dominic. Dominic asked Rey if it was true as Rey bowed his head down. Rey cried and asked Dominic to hug him, and then Dominic backed off. Eddie looked on from the aisle smiling as Dominic got out the ring and ran through the crowd with Rey going after him. Eddie got into the ring and said nobody is perfect. He said maybe it’s the people that made Dominic run away. Eddie said they need to hear the rest of the story. He told Tony Chimel to get off his lazy ass and bring him a chair. Eddie sat down in the ring and said it’s time for bedtime stories, so lets dim the lights. Eddie said there was a time when he and his wife were seperated. He said he started drinking and having sex with lots of different women. He said one day, one of these sluts came and told him that she was pregnant. He said he didn’t want anything to do with that, and neither did she. He told her that he would take care of it and while he was off making many babies all over the place, Rey and his wife were trying to do the same thing, but Rey was shooting a lot of blanks. When his little bambino came into the world, out of the goodness of his heart, he gave his bambino to his best friend. He said that baby was named Dominic, but they never set up adoption papers, he just handed the child away. He said all their prayers were answered, so instead of being daddy, he became Uncle Eddie. Eddie said that’s a great story, and he feels good. The crowd booed as Eddie said it feels like a big weight off his shoulders. Eddie said that if Rey thinks that was good, wait until next week and you hear Chapter 2.

Referee: Charles Robinson

Melina vs. Torrie Wilson

The music of MNM hit in the arena as Melina made her way to the ring with Jillian, and she is set to face Torrie Wilson who is accompanied by Candice Michelle.

The start:

Torrie and Melina locked up and Melina pulled the hair of Torrie and shoved her down to the mat. Melina pulled the hair of Torrie on the mat and then whipped her to the corner but Torrie came back with a roll up for two. Torrie hit some right hands, but Melina hit some double axe handles to the back and then gave her some right hands for two.

The Finish:

Melina locked in a head vice but Torrie fought out. Melina kicked Torrie on the mat and locked in another head vice. Melina went to the middle rope and dived off, but Torrie got her knees up. Torrie tossed Melina across the ring by her hair and then hit a clothesline and a dropkick to the face. Melina then rolled Torrie up and used the ropes to get the win.

Winner – Melina

The Aftermath:

Candice went to get in the ring and Jillian pulled her down and Candice hit her head on the apron.


Mexicool are shown backstage and a food vendor comes in. He said he’s not paying them to lay around and be lazy. The Mexicools laughed and he told them to get to work. The guy left and then the Mexicools laughed that the Gringo thinks that they work for him. Super Crazy said why not and they laughed some more and pushed the food vendors cart away.

Referee: Jim Korderas

William Regal vs. Scotty Too Hotty

The music of William Regal is playing in the arena, and he is already in the ring set for action. The music of Scotty Too Hotty then hit as he made his way down for this one on one match.

The start:

Regal and Scotty locked up and then the music of the Mexicools hit in the arena as they made their way down with Juventud on the lawnmower and the other two with trays full of food.

Winner – No Contest

The Aftermath:

They offered them out to the fans and gave some to Tazz and Cole. Psicosis threw popcorn over Tony Chimel and then they nailed the referee. They then stomped Scotty outside the ring and attacked William Regal. They threw the food over Regal and Scotty and then left.

Number One Contenders Match

Referee: Brian Hebner

John Bradshaw Layfield vs. The Undertaker

The music of JBL hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring in the limo with Orlando Jordan for this Number One Contender Match with the Undertaker, and winner will face Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam. JBL’s mid section is taped up after the attack with a steel chair by Batista at the Great American Bash.

The start:

Back on Smackdown, and Undertaker is in control with a shoulder knockdown on JBL. Bradshaw grabbed a side headlock but Taker tossed him to the ropes and then hit a drop toehold and hammered the ribs with right hands. The Undertaker sent JBL headfirst to the corner and gave him some right hands.

Mid-match notes:

The Undertaker charged at JBL in the corner but ate boot. JBL then went for Taker, but walked into a big boot for two when JBL got his foot on the rope. The Undertaker sent JBL to the outside, and then pulled him back in and choked him in the corner. The Undertaker chased the referee out of the ring, and then JBL came back with right hands but Taker hit a shot to the ribs and tossed JBL outside. The Undertaker followed out and sent JBL rib first into the apron. The Undertaker laid JBL over the apron and hit an elbow to the head, and then hit a leg drop while JBL was on the apron.

The Undertaker tossed Bradshaw back inside and covered for two. Taker hit some right hands but JBL came back with some shots of his own and sent Taker head first into the corner. JBL unloaded with right hands in the corner and then choked him. JBL hit a scoop slam and then went up top but Taker sat up. Taker hit a right hand on JBL and then hit a superplex for a near fall. Taker gave JBL snake eyes in the corner and then Jordan got on the apron but Taker knocked him down and then walked into a Clothesline from Hell from JBL which sent Taker crashing to the outside as we went to commercial.

Back on Smackdown and JBL is in control of the Deadman, sending him on top of the annnounce table. Jordan tossed Taker back inside and JBL covered for two. JBL hit some right hands and then charged at him, but Taker hit a big boot and then wrenched on the arm of JBL and hit Old School. Taker hit the STO on Bradshaw for a near fall when JBL got his foot on the ropes. Taker called for the chokeslam and grabbed JBL but Bradshaw kicked him low when Jordan distracted the referee. JBL hit a DDT for a near fall and then locked in a Cobra Clutch and covered for two. Taker then sat up and traded right hands with JBL with Taker coming out on top.

Taker hit a flying clothesline and hit Snake Eyes in the corner before unloading with a big boot and then a legdrop for two. Taker hit a clothesline in the corner, and then another big boot, but JBL knocked down the referee on the way down. Jordan got in the ring with a chair but Taker kicked it back at him. Taker went for the Last Ride on Jordan, but JBL kicked him in the head when he hoisted Jordan up. Bradshaw grabbed the chair and nailed Taker hard in the head and then kicked it outside. Bradshaw dragged the referee over and covered Taker but Taker kicked up at two.

The Finish:

Bradshaw screamed at the referee, and then the Undertaker sat up. Taker hit a big time DDT and then hit the chokeslam. Jordan came in and Taker knocked him outside, and he took the referee with him. Taker gave JBL the Tombstone and covered but the referee is down. Randy Orton then came out of nowhere and hit the RKO on Taker and then pulled Bradshaw on top of him. Orton left and the referee counted the fall.

Winner – John Bradshaw Layfeild

The Aftermath:

Orton posed in the aisle as JBL smirked in the ring at the fact that he is going to SummerSlam to face Batista for the World Heavyweight Title as Smackdown went off the air.

WWE Smackdown! – Quick Match Results

– Chris Benoit and Booker T def. Christian and Orlando Jordan

– Non Title: Animal and Heidenreich def. Chris Hamrick and Chuck Tealy

– Melina def. Torrie Wilson

– William Regal vs. Scotty Too Hotty; No Contest

– Number One Contender: JBL def. The Undertaker

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