WWE SmackDown! Results – August 11, 2005

Andy Stevens

Thanks to Buck Woodward of PWInsider.com for the following report:

Smackdown for August 11th started with the Smackdown opening, then went to the arena in Columbus, Ohio, with the announcers putting over that we would hear “Chapter 3” of Eddie Guerrero’s bedtime story to Rey Mysterio’s son Dominic tonight.

Booker T, with Sharmell, vs. Joey Mercury, with Melina, Jillian Hall & Johnny Nitro. They recapped the fighting between Sharmell, Melina and Jillian Hall from last week. Jillian distracted the referee at the start, and Nitro ran in, but Booker decked him. Referee Nick Patrick, seeing Nitro down in the ring, ordered Nitro and Hall to the back. Booker hiptossed Mercury and hit a vertical suplex. Booker ducked a clothesline by Mercury, and hit a side kick. Booker missed a dropkick off the top rope. Mercury came back with a clothesline and dropped a knee for a two count, then applied a sleeper hold. Booker elbowed out, then hit a back kick. Booker hit some chops and punches, then hit a flying forearm and a clothesline. Booker planted Mercury with a side slam for a two count. Mercury kicked away a backdrop, but Booker caught him with a flapjack. Booker did the Spinarooni and hit the Bookend, but Melina was distracting the referee. Sharmell yanked Melina to the floor, her face hitting the apron. Mercury rolled up Booker from behind, but only got a two count. Booker kicked Mercury in the gut and hit the ax kick for the win at the five minute mark. Winner: Booker T.

The Peep Show. Christian came out to host the Peep Show, with his guest Batista. Christian introduced Batista as soon as he came to the ring, and the World Champion came out in a suit. Christian complained about not having a match at Summerslam, saying he was the “biggest draft pick in the history of Smackdown”. Christian pointed out that Batista has a match with JBL at Summerslam. Christian said he wasn’t going to sit on the sidelines and play “pocket pool”. Christian said he was going to prove himself tonight by beating Batista and challenged him to a match. Batista responded with “Are you talking to me?” Christian called Batista a “shaved ape” and said he was taking control of his career. Batista grabbed the mic from Christian and said he needed an “attitude adjustment”. Batista rhetorically asked Christian if he thought the people wanted to see him kick Christian’s rear end again. The fans cheered. Batista said that settled it, and he would “kick Christian’s a**” again. Batista then walked off without incident.

Road Warrior Animal and Heidenreich, faces painted, headed to the ring.

A video package on the Summerslam press conference was shown.

WWE Tag Team Champions Road Warrior Animal & Heidenreich vs. Scotty Sabre & Jason Static. Static was tossed to the floor at the bell by Heidenreich, while Animal slammed and elbowdropped Sabre. Heidenreich tagged in and hit a boot to the face and a side slam. MNM were watching on the monitor in the back, with Melina holding her nose, and Mercury icing his neck. Animal hiptossed Sabre into his corner so Static would tag in, then tossed Static into the ring. Static tried a clothesline, but Animal absorbed it and hit one of his own. Heidenreich and Animal hit clotheslines in the corner and Animal covered, but Sabre broke it up. Heidenreich knocked Sabre out of the ring. Animal powerslammed Static then lifted him for the Doomsday Device. Heidenreich hit the clothesline and Animal got the pin at the three minute mark. Winners: Road Warrior Animal & Heidenreich.

We saw Rey Mysterio, his wife Angie, and Dominic, arriving at the arena earlier today. A recap package of last week’s “Chapter 2” from Eddie Guerrero was shown, with Eddie presenting Rey with custody papers.

Backstage, Theodore R. Long was on the phone with Fat Joe, when he was interrupted by Randy Orton, who was making his in-ring return tonight. Orton demanded to know who he was facing tonight. Long said Orton would not know his opponent until match time, and said that it was a “legendary opponent of the Undertaker”. Long then said that since Orton was dressed to wrestle, his match was next.

Randy Orton vs. Kamala, The Ugandan Giant, with Kim Chee. Kamala hit his belly and delivered some chops at the start, then hit a double chop and a pair of headbutts. Orton fired off two right hands and dropkicked Kamala to the mat. Orton pounded Kamala, then put him in a neck vice. Orton hit a kneedrop and covered Kamala for a two count. Orton hit Kim Chee, who was on the apron, and hip tossed him into the ring. Orton gave Kim Chee the RKO. Kamala got up and hit some chops, but Orton poked him in the eyes. Kamala came back with a back kick and delivered a splash for a two count. Kamala looked at the downed Kim Chee, then missed a charge in the corner. Orton hit the RKO at the four minute mark, but suddenly the lights went out and the ring filled with smoke. The “RKO-RIP” graphic from last week appeared on the screen. Orton seemed spooked in the ring. Result: No Contest.

Backstage, Eddie Guerrero met with a representative of Child and Family Services. Eddie put on an act about being concerned for his son and wanting him back, while the representative said she was sent to “observe”. Eddie said he was going to show her that his son was being forced to live a lie.

Eddie Guerrero walked the rep from Child and Family Services to the ring. She seemed taken aback by him bringing her to the ring in front of the fans. The fans chanted “Eddie Sucks”. Eddie got on the mic and said that the rep (who he called “Ms. Crabtree”) was there to make sure things were done in Dominic’s best interest, and that Dominic would be coming home “to Papi”. Eddie stressed that Dominic would be coming to a home “of truth”. Guerrero called out Rey Mysterio, Angie and Dominic. The three walked to the ring, as another “Eddie sucks” chant rang out. Eddie told Dominic to “Come to daddy”, but Dominic buried himself in Angie’s arms. Eddie said they were corrupting Dominic’s mind. Eddie pointed out that he was Dominic’s biological father. Eddie turned his attention to Rey, and said that he never loses, and “nobody beats Eddie Guerrero”. Eddie told “Mrs. Crabtree” to do her job and give him “his son”. She didn’t respond, and Guerrero yelled at her to bring him “now”. Rey said that “nobody wins” here, not Rey, Eddie or Dominic. Rey said that Dominic hasn’t spoken a single word to him. Eddie told Rey to shut up and give him “his son”. Rey said that Eddie has beaten addiction, the odds, the street, and his past, to become WWE Champion. Rey said he was proud of that, and that Eddie had beaten every obstacle that has come into his life. Rey then reminded Eddie that he hasn’t beaten Rey Mysterio.

Rey chastised Eddie for considering what he is doing to the Mysterio family “victory”. Rey told Guerrero he would never be able to take his love for his son, or a win over him. Eddie demanded that Rey give up Dominic, while Rey rubbed it in that Eddie could never beat him. Rey said if Eddie takes Dominic, he will never face him again. Rey said Eddie Guerrero could go into the WWE Hall Of Fame, with his plaque saying he never beat Rey Mysterio. They continued to go back and forth, with Eddie trying to convince himself that by taking Dominic, he was “beating” Rey. Rey called Eddie a “chickens***”, and dared Eddie to prove he could beat him. Rey laid out a challenge to Guerrero for a match at Summerslam, with custody of Dominic on the line. Eddie thought about it, then accepted the challenge. Eddie said Dominic would come home with him tonight, and then after Summerslam, it would be “forever”. The rep from Child and Family Services then spoke up, saying they were both “crazies” and that this issue was between them, and had nothing to do with the child. The rep then said that Dominic had to go into foster care, now. Dominic left with the rep, while Angie broke down in tears. Rey promised Dominic to “bring him home soon”. Eddie told Dominic to say goodbye to “Uncle Rey and Aunt Angie”, and that after Summerslam, he would come “home with daddy”. Dominic then left with the rep, while Rey yelled for him to “be strong”. Some fans sang the “Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye” song. Dominic turned at the ramp and waved to Angie and Rey, causing Angie to break down in tears again, while Guerrero smirked at them from across the ring.

Super Crazy & Psicosis, with Juventud, vs. William Regal & Scotty 2 Hotty. As the Mexicools came out, it was recapped how they attacked Regal & Scotty two weeks ago on Smackdown. A clip of Scotty and Regal talking strategy earlier today was shown, with Scotty asking Regal if he knew how to do the Worm. Crazy armdragged Scotty at the start, but Scotty hit a shoulderblock and reversed a hiptoss attempt. Scotty hit a hiptoss and an armdrag, then went to tag Regal, but Regal was yelling at Psicosis. Crazy raked Scotty’s eyes, but Scotty kicked away a backdrop attempt. Scotty slid out of the ring to trip Psicosis, but it allowed Juventud to attack him. Back in the ring, Crazy dropkicked Scotty, and Psicosis came in with a slingshot legdrop. Psicosis tagged back out, then went for a cover for some reason, which the referee didn’t count. Crazy missed a splash in the corner, and tagged in Psicosis. Scotty crawled for the tag, but Regal dropped off the apron and didn’t tag in. Regal walked off, smiling, while Juventud tripped Scotty and Psicosis hit him with a gourdbuster. Psicosis then hit the guillotine legdrop on Scotty for the pin at the three minute mark, while Regal watched from the aisle. Winners: Super Crazy & Psicosis.

Backstage, Rey Mysterio was trying to calm down Angie, who was breaking down and crying over the loss of Dominic.

The showed an interview conducted by Steve Romero with Jillian Hall. Hall got mad at Romero for staring at the “blemish” on her face, and sent him off. Hall finished the interview by herself, issuing a challenge for a match next week with Mercury & Melina vs. Booker T & Sharmell. The announcers then confirmed the match would take place next week.

Chris Benoit vs. Simon Dean. Simon came out and said Benoit looked like a “flabby Wolverine”. Simon ripped on Benoit’s lack of training and proper diet, until Benoit hit him with a knee to the gut to shut him up and stat the match. Benoit chopped Dean and hit a knee to the head, then stomped him in a corner. Benoit hit a running forearm, but Dean came back by grabbing Benoit in a front facelock and ramming him into a turnbuckle. Dean pounded Benoit on the mat, but Benoit came back with three consecutive German suplexes, then locked in the Crippler Crossface for the submission win at the two minute mark. Dean never even got his ring jacket off. Winner: Chris Benoit.

World Champion Batista vs. Christian. This was a non-title match. Christian trash talked at the start, and Batista just laughed at him. They locked up, and Batista laughed in his face before throwing him to the mat. Christian went behind Batista and grabbed a side headlock, but Batista lifted Christian and placed him in the corner, then gave him a light slap across the face. Batista hit a pair of shoulderblock, then rammed Christian into the turnbuckles repeatedly. Batista went for a backdrop, but Christian went for a sunset flip, which had no effect, as Batista lifted Christian off the mat. Christian charged Batista, but Batista backdropped him over the top rope and to the floor. Batista went outside and rammed Christian into the security wall, then decked him. Batista rolled Christian into the ring, and Christian poked him in the eyes. Christian dodged a charging Batista, then rammed him shoulder first into the ringpost. Christian got on the apron and yanked Batista’s arm across the top rope, then hit a second rope dropkick for a two count. Christian applied an armbar, but Batista broke out. Christian went to the ropes, but Batista met him there and backdropped Christian from the second rope. Batista rammed Christian in a corner and hit a series of shoulderblocks to the midsection. Batista whipped Christian across the ring and hit a lariat, then a side slam. Christian floated over a bodyslam, but then charged into a spinebuster. Batista called for the Batista Bomb, but JBL ran in and started brawling with Batista, ending the match in a DQ at the five minute mark. Winner: Batista.

Batista and JBL brawled to the floor, and Batista flung JBL over the announcers table, but JBL grabbed a chair and cracked Batista in the head with it. JBL tossed Batista into the ring and hit a pair of chairshots to the back. Batista slowly got to his feet, and JBL hit him in the head again. JBL posed over the downed Batista as the announcers pointed out that chairs would be legal in their match at Summerslam. JBL stared at the dazed Batista as the show ended.

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