WWE RAW Results – September 26th, 2005

Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results

Date: Monday, September 26th, 2005

Location: The Heart O’ Texas Coliseum in Waco, TX

Results by PowerWrestling.com

The fireworks went off in the arena for the start of RAW, and this will be the final episode on Spike TV before moving to USA Network next week. Jim Ross welcomes us to the show with Jerry Lawler and the Coach and tonight we will see a Tables Match with John Cena and Shawn Michaels against Carlito and Chris Masters!

In the arena:

The music of Mr. McMahon hit in the arena as he made his way out to the arena. He said tonight is an historic night, and they are going to start things off with a title match. He said this is the last broadcast of RAW on Spike TV. He said five years ago when they left the USA Network to come to TNN, and they have been pretty good tag team partners, and thanks Spike for being a good partner. He said next week RAW returns home, next week RAW returns to the USA Network and what a Homecoming it’s gonna be. Three hours of the biggest homecoming ever with John Cena defending the WWE Championship against Eric Bischoff…the music of Kurt Angle then hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring.

Angle said that he heard Vince talking about the WWE Championship Match for next week, and he was a little bit upset that he picked Bischoff to face Cena instead of him. He said he started to think, and said he defeated John Cena at Unforgiven, so he should get first dibs at the WWE Championship whoever wins next week. McMahon said he makes a decent point, and he is in line for another title match. The music of Shawn Michaels then hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring. Michaels said to hold on a second, he’s giving Angle the title match because he won at Unforgiven? If that’s what put someone in line, then he won at Unforgiven and wants a title match. Angle said the Master Lock cut off the circulation to Michaels brain, and he must have forgotten WrestleMania, because he made his ass tap out!

Michaels said he remembers WrestleMania, but does Angle remember Vengeance? A little sweet chin music and they are even. McMahon interrupted them and said he’s going to solve the problem, next week at Homecoming it’s going to be Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels in a rubber match, and the outcome will go a long way as to determine who will face Cena for the title. He said this shouldn’t be any match, this should be a 30 minute Iron Man Match! McMahon said he promised a title match to kick things off tonight, so bring em down! The music of Trish Stratus hit in the arena as she made her way to the ring as the Women’s Champion with Ashley.

Women’s Championship Match


Victoria vs. Trish Stratus (c)

We are back live and the music of Victoria hit as she made her way to the ring with Torrie Wilson and Candice.

The start:

Victoria and Trish stared down and Victoria shoved her, and Trish came back with a forearm and then more shots to the head of Victoria. Trish nailed a headscissors out of the corner and they ended up on the outside. Trish’s black thong keeps popping out. Victoria rammed Trish back first into the apron and then tossed her right over the barricade. Trish nailed a forearm shot and then dived off the barricade onto Victoria.

Mid-match notes:

Trish tossed Victoria back inside but then Torrie pulled Trish off the apron. Ashley went over and gave Torrie and Candice a meeting of the minds, and then went to work on Torrie but Victoria pulled her off and then tossed Trish back in the ring and nailed a somersault leg drop over the ropes for two. Victoria locked in a reverse chinlock with a bridge and then nailed a swinging side slam for a near fall.

The Finish:

Victoria went to the middle rope but Trish went for the Stratusphere and Victoria blocked and pulled Trish up and traded right hands and then both fell off the turnbuckle to the floor! Back inside and Trish nailed some forearm shots and then hit a spinebuster for a near fall. Victoria raked the eyes and ran at Trish but Trish did the matrix and hit the Stratusfaction and went to cover but Torrie and Candice came in and kicked at Trish.

Winner by disqualification and still Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus

The Aftermath:

Trish fought them off and then tossed Torrie into Candice, and then nailed the Chick Kick on Torrie. Candice went for Trish but Ashley stopped her and nailed a boot. Ashley pulled Candice’s dress off and then she tried to cover herself and bolted to the outside of the ring. She was in see-through bra and panties which was HOT. Candice got on the mic and said she is all humiliated and called Trish a slut. Candice asked Ashley if she has ever been publicly embarrassed, so next week, Candice, Torrie and Victoria will face Trish Stratus and Ashley in a bra and panties match!


Big Show is shown backstage talking to some dude, and he’s up next in a Street Fight with Snitsky!

Street Fight

Referee: Jack Doan

The Big Show vs. Snitsky

The music of the Big Show hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for this Street Fight with Snitsky! Snitsky brought a chair to the ring with him.

The start:

Snitsky went for Show with the chair, but Show punched it back in his face and then nailed some chops in the corner. Snitsky nailed a low blow and went to the outside and looked under the ring and pulled out a trash can and tossed it inside. Snitsky nailed Show in the head with a street sign four times, and it was all bent up and then Snitsky covered for a near fall. Snitsky nailed Show in the back of the head with the trash can, and then Show got pissed and slapped it out of his hand and wedged it in the corner and whipped Snitsky into it.

The Finish:

Show then charged at Snitsky, but Snitsky moved and Show went head first into the can. Snitsky brought another trash can into the ring and went for a back suplex onto it, but Show blocked and hit a back suplex of his own into the can. Show nailed some shots with the trash can lid and then hit the chokeslam, and then started to smile. Show went to the outside and looked under the ring and had a big grin on his face as he pulled out the kitchen sink! Show nailed Snitsky hard in the head with it and then covered for the win.

Winner – The Big Show


Coach talked about Spike TV and the network censoring the show and how the hell they could do that, and said to go to WWE.com to find out what they are censoring!


Ric Flair is shown in the back talking to Maria as we are taken to footage from last weeks edition of RAW where he retained the Intercontinental Title against Carlito, but was then brutally attacked backstage by Carlito and Chris Masters. Flair is shown with Maria again, and she kisses him on the cheek before he walks off.

In the arena:

The music of the Intercontinental Champion hit in the arena as Ric Flair made his way to the stage. He said it’s no secret that he’s been jumped from behind more times than he can count, but one of the things that makes him special is that he comes back and gets even. He said he’s always had friends in this business. Back in the day, it was the Four Horseman, but nowadays it takes just one. Flair then went back into the back and came out with a sledgehammer. He said next week, at WWE Homecoming, the Nature Boy gets even…it’s the return of Triple H, the greatest wrestler alive and his best friend. Game On. Woooooo! A video package then aired hyping the return of Triple H.


Eric Bischoff is backstage talking on the phone about Homecoming, and then John Cena enters. Cena took his phone and said he’ll call you back. Next week, John Cena vs. Eric Bischoff for the WWE Title, and he knows about Bischoff. He said Bischoff is a ninja in four states! He said next week he better bring his black belt and samurai swords, and then took a picture of his face because it’s the last time he will see it like this. Cena then came back into scene and did some silliness.

Referee: Chad Patton

Shelton Benjamin vs. Kerwin White

The music of Shelton Benjamin hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for the next match here on RAW against Kerwin White, who now has a new caddy called Nick Nemeth. Shelton got on the mic and said he actually went out and got a caddy? He said that’s awesome, now he has someone to carry his clubs and wash his balls. He said it doesn’t matter if it’s the golf course or the WWE, Chavo sucks!

The start:

Shelton went to work with right hands and then nailed an elevated flapjack. White came back sending Benjamin into the buckle and then stomped away at him. White choked Benjamin with his shirt while Nemeth distracted the referee. White nailed a snapmare and then locked in an arm bar. Benjamin fought out and nailed some right hands and then a back body drop.

The Finish:

Benjamin was sent over the ropes but he skinned the cat and nailed more right hands before going for the Stinger Splash but Kerwin moved and Benjamin vaulted up to the top turnbuckle and came off with a flying clothesline. Benjamin went to suplex Kerwin into the ring from the apron, but the caddy pulled his feet and Kerwin landed on top for the win. Benjamin went after Kerwin and then Nemeth came in and nailed Benjamin in the back with a club, breaking it in two.

Winner – Kerwin White

In the arena:

A stage hand sets up a ladder in the ring as we go to commercial.

In the arena:

Back on RAW and the music of Edge hit as he made his way down with Lita, who was wearing a neck brace. Lita got on the mic and said Matt thinks he accomplished something by giving her the Twist of Fate, he did, he proved what a loser he is by not going on with his life. She said they will be just fine without him, and they are moving on. She knows a lot about twists of fate, some can be vicious, others can be ironic, because it was five years ago, right here on the very first RAW on Spike TV. It was Edge and Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz in the ladder match, and she was there to support her man, how times have changed. Edge said each rung on the ladder could represent the days left in Matt’s career. Next week RAW comes home and Edge and Hardy will rip their bodies apart in the ladder match. He said he knows Money in the Bank is hanging above the ring, but the man who doesn’t grab it loses everything. He loses his life blood, he loses his career, and next week Edge becomes a career killer. No more bitching and moaning on the Internet, next week loser leaves RAW. The fans chanted for Hardy and Edge says that Hardy will not die, but when it comes to do or die, Edge thrives. He said one on one in ladder matches he doesn’t lose, he never has and never will. In life there are winners and losers, Edge is a winner and that’s why Lita is with him now and not Matt. He said Matt is the loser in this story, every opportunity that has come his way he blows. Hardy came in the ring as Edge was standing half way up the ladder and Hardy started to tip it and then stopped. Hardy backed off and then went to go outside but then came back in and tipped the ladder over and Edge landed HARD. He was meant to be crotched on the ropes, but missed and landed ass first. Ouch. Hardy stared down Lita in the aisle who was clasping the money in the bank briefcase. Coach and Lawler said USA Network about eight times in 30 seconds trying to miss the censors.


Bischoff is backstage and Theodore Long comes in! Long said he’s here to talk about next weeks Homecoming, and the way he sees it is that this will be one of the biggest shows in the history of WWE. Long said the key word is WWE, and as he knows Smackdown moved to Friday nights. Long said he wants to make an agreement to have Smackdown featured on next weeks show. Bischoff laughed and said the closest Smackdown will come to getting on Homecoming is by watching it on TV. McMahon comes in and said he was thinking, three hours, the best television programme ever produced by Bischoff. He said this is no different than a PPV, so how about Smackdown has some participation next week. Bischoff said he thought it would be a great idea, kissing ass. McMahon told him to put one great match together. How about Chris Benoit, or Rey Mysterio or the World Champion Batista? Long thanked him and left and then Bischoff said he was hoping he could convince McMahon if he could change his mind about his match next week. McMahon asked Bischoff who the hell he is? He’s Eric Bischoff! The man who single handedly almost brought the WWE to his knees. He had help; he had Ted Turner and Time Warner. He said Bischoff has friends, and he is one of the most ruthless sons of bitches he has seen in his life. McMahon said Bischoff wants to shake up the WWE, then how about this? Next Monday, Eric Bischoff becomes the WWE Champion. McMahon wished him luck and Bischoff grinned and said he has a feeling he wont be needing luck.

Non Title Match

Referee: Jack Doan

Val Venis and Viscera vs. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch (c)

The music of Val Venis is playing in the arena, and he is in the ring with Viscera, and they are set for action against the World Tag Team Champions, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch.

The start:

Cade and Venis started out with Cade backing Venis to the corner. Cade went for a right but Venis blocked and nailed right hands of his own and then hit a back elbow. Murdoch came in and Venis nailed a clothesline and then hit a slam on Cade and then dropped an elbow for two. Venis chopped Cade and then a boot in the corner and went to the middle rope but Murdoch pushed him off to the outside.

Mid-match notes:

Murdoch stomped on Venis on the outside and tossed him back in where Cade covered for two. Murdoch tagged in and hit an atomic drop and then Cade hit a swinging neckbreaker and Murdoch covered for two. Murdoch nailed some cross face shots and then locked in a rear chin lock. Venis went for a tag but Murdoch went for a cheap shot but Viscera nailed him and made the tag. Viscera gave both men slams and then whipped Cade into Murdoch in the corner and splashed him. Cade was tossed to the outside and hit a belly to belly on Murdoch and then swung his hips.

The Finish:

Cade grabbed a chair on the outside but was knocked down and then Viscera nailed a big splash and then Venis hit the money shot and was about to win but Cade came in and held the referees arm stopping him from making the fall! The referee called for the bell and Venis and Viscera have a win over the tag champs!

Winners by disqualification, Val Venis and Viscera


Carlito is shouting at Masters in Spanish and Masters told him to calm down and speak English. He wasn’t happy about being in a Tables Match here tonight. Carlito was worried about splinters, and Masters said splinters should be the last of their worries. Masters said he has a master plan, and Carlito seemed to like what he heard.

Referee: Mickey Jay

Eugene vs. Rob Conway

The music of Eugene hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for this next match on RAW against Rob Conway. Mickey Jay is the referee, he was a referee back in World Championship Wrestling.

The start:

They locked up and Conway worked the arm and then grabbed a side headlock before hitting a shoulder block, and Conway still has his shades on. Eugene came back with an airplane spin and Conway lost his glasses. Eugene poked the eyes and started acting like JYD and bit the ass of Conway. Eugene then grabbed his shades and put them and danced like JYD.

Mid-match notes:

Conway came back inside and attacked Eugene from behind and stomped away at him in the corner. Conway hit a back elbow and then nailed an elbow drop for two. Conway locked in a rear naked choke but Eugene fought out. Conway fired up in the corner and then nailed right hands on Conway to knock him down. Eugene went for the Rock Bottom but Conway elbowed out and then Eugene hit a spinebuster. Eugene went for the People’s Elbow and nailed it for a near fall.

The Finish:

Eugene imitated Jim Duggan but then Conway grabbed his stuffed animal and put it in front of him. Eugene stopped and Conway ripped the stuffed animal to pieces and kicked Eugene in the head and then nailed him with the Ego Trip to continue his winning ways.

Winner – Rob Conway

WWE Homecoming:

They ran down the card for next week’s RAW Homecoming on the USA Network, and said that the Smackdown! Match will be announced this Friday night.

Tables Match

Referee: Michael Chioda

Carlito and Chris Masters vs. Shawn Michaels and John Cena

The music of Carlito hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring as the announcers mentioned USA Network a bunch of times. Lilian announced the rules, and they are the first person to be put through the table loses the match. Chris Masters music then hit as he made his way down as we went to commercial.

The start:

All four men went at it with Cena and Carlito and Master and Michaels pairing off. Cena tossed Carlito to the outside and rammed him into the barricade and inside the ring Michaels worked over Masters in the corner. Cena tossed Carlito back inside and then Michaels tossed Masters to the outside. Michaels took over on Carlito as Cena went after Masters on the outside and nailed him with right hands.

Mid-match notes:

Cena took off his shirt and choked Masters with it as Carlito got the upper hand on Michaels in the ring. Carlito went to the outside and took Cena down from behind and pulled a table out. Masters and Carlito set the table up at ringside and then Masters got back in the ring and went to work on Michaels and Carlito went after Cena. Michaels fought back on the inside against Masters as Carlito went for a suplex on Cena through the table but Cena blocked and nailed some right hands and sent Carlito into the apron. In the ring, Michaels nailed a flying forearm and then nipped up and started to tune up the band. Michaels went for it but Masters bailed to the outside and then Michaels went for Sweet Chin Music on Carlito but Carlito moved and Michaels nailed the referee who was on the apron and he went crashing through the table as we went to commercial!

Back on RAW and Carlito back dropped Michaels to the outside as Cena took over on Masters in the corner. Cena nailed him with the throwback and then went for the FU. Carlito went to stop him but Cena nailed a big boot and then Masters locked in the Master Lock. Michaels made the save but then Carlito hit a DDT on Michaels. Carlito and Masters stomped their opponents and we have a new referee out here. Carlito hit some right hands on the mat on Michaels in the ring as Masters took over on Cena on the outside, sending him into the ring steps. Carlito and Masters drove Michaels into the apron on the outside and then tossed him back in. Masters nailed a press slam on Michaels in the ring and Carlito set up a table on the outside, and then Cena came from nowhere and took Carlito out. Cena flipped the table as Masters was going to throw Michaels into it. Michaels came back with chops on Masters but then Masters whipped him hard to the corner and Michaels flipped over to the outside.

Masters and Carlito took over on Cena on the outside and then tossed him in. Masters hit a scoop slam and Carlito tossed a table into the ring. Carlito worked over Michaels on the outside sending him into the barricade while Masters set the table up leaning it against the turnbuckle. Carlito came in as Masters nailed a vertical suplex on Cena. They went to whip Cena into the table but Michaels speared Cena before he hit the table! Michaels nailed some right hands on Carlito and then Cena took over on Masters. Cena hit a corner charge and Michaels hit an atomic drop and clothesline on Carlito. Masters was taken down with a bulldog by Cena and then hit stereo mounted punches in opposite corners. Masters and Carlito were whipped into each other and then Michaels and Cena hit stereo slams.

The Finish:

Michaels and Cena both did the five knuckle shuffle on them and then Michaels clotheslined Carlito outside. Cena hit the FU on Masters and set the table up in the middle of the ring. Kurt Angle and Eric Bischoff then hit the ring and Michaels took Angle down on the outside, but he then got in the ring and nailed Cena as we was about to put Masters through a table. Michaels then went for an elbow from the top onto Masters who was on the table but Angle pushed him off to the outside through a table!

Winners – Carlito and Chris Masters

The Aftermath:

Cena went for the FU on Angle through the table but Bischoff gave him a low blow and then Angle gave him the FU through the table in the ring! Bischoff bad mouthed Cena and then Angle handed him the WWE Title. Bischoff stared at it and then held it high as he stood over the fallen Cena and Angle mouthed off to the fallen Michaels on the outside. The announcers plugged the card for next week one more time and reminded us of the special start time next week as we go off the air for the final time on Spike TV.

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