Vampiro Talks About Hating His Time In TNA & Much More

Daniel Edler


— This is the full, unedited interview with Vampiro conducted by IPW:UK to promote his appearance on November 13th in Orpington, Kent, at The Brawl At The Hall. For more information, check out the official website. Please be advised that strong language is included in this interview:

  • “I am very excited to be back in England, very excited and nervous!”

    Will you ever go to the WWE and if not, why not? (from Brad Nixon, Kent)

    “No, I will not go to the WWE don’t think they need me, and I don’t think I would fit in and I am not willing to give up everything I have worked for over the last 21 years. I would never change my name and I would not go to far as the Undertaker is there dark guy and I don’t want to be second to no one right now. ”

    How did you enjoy your time in TNA? (from Brad Nixon, Kent)

    “I did not enjoy TNA at all. It was a mess, and there were so much politics back stage and everyone kissing ass, that’s not my thing.

    They have some of the best amazing talent in the world, I would not fit in there now, the style is so different than what I want to do, I have my own way now, and I like to brawl, and just be independent. Old punk rocker you know… ”

    What have you been doing with yourself since your stint in TNA? (from multiple)

    “Since TNA I have been working in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Japan, The States, and of course, my new home NEW WRESTLING EVOLUTION in Italy.

    I am very very committed to Italy and being a big part of their roster. It is everything to me to work with people who have a goal, a direction, and patience and support you in all that you do. That is what’s happening in Italy now, it is amazing, laid back but at the same time, very intense, very professional, controlled chaos, and I love that. ”

    Do you watch much wrestling when you’re not wrestling yourself? If so, do you follow any particular promotions, wrestlers, styles, and territories? (from Aaron, London)

    “I study wrestling everyday, mostly Japan, as I feel they have the best minds in the game, not the shit you see now, but the 70s 80s and 90s,all Japan, that should be everyone s bible… ”

    Have you watched much British wrestling? If so, what and what did you like, what didn’t you like? (from Aaron, London)

    “Have not seen any British wrestling, but I am a big fan and have read all I can find, and goin’ all the way back to the snake pit in Wigan am very aware of the history and I an humbled to be in a country with a great wrestling tradition. I am looking forward to learning new things and meeting new fans, and seeing what the girls are like in England…. ”

    Which Brits have you wrestled in the past? Are there any you want to grapple with? (from Aaron, London)

    “Again I wrestled Steve Regal once, I did not understand what the hell was going on, and Fit Finlay, they both kicked my ass. ”

    Who are you most proud of wrestling with? (from Joe, Orpington)

    “I am most proud of supporting my daughter because of wrestling and when I pinned Hogan that was a big deal………

    Just to be in the business makes me proud, I am just a guy who was a fan and busted my ass to get where I am, but I am nothing special, just another guy…so to be proud sounds arrogant to me, I am more thankful than anything. ”

    In one of your shoot interviews you slagged off internet fans in Britain whining on a message board. Why was that? (from Aaron, London)

    “Yes I did send the fans to hell. I used to be a bad boy, had a drug problem, so that was not a good thing, and being insecure, and a drug abuser and a bad temper and an empty head, well that’s not the best way to go. I am very rebellious to begin with, and because of my bad attitude, I am sure I have gotten my self in to trouble more than once.

    I did not mean to offend any fans, but the majority of the people who attack you on the internet are f***ing idiots anyway have a life and I try to do the best I can, I don’t give a f*** at all what people say or think about me. I am a good person and a hard worker, and I just try to do my best and respect the fans. I am the first to admit I am far from perfect and make mistakes and when I do, I deserve what I get, like I said if you like my work, I am so grateful, if I have offended anyone, with all my heart, I am sorry, if you are attacking me as a person, or just saying shit because you are a loser and have no life and are frustrated and hide behind the internet, then go f*** your self, jump off a building and f***ing die! Ok, maybe don’t do that, but shit, relax! I’m just a guy, I love what I do, I make mistakes, I don’t want t to make friends, I just want to give you the best I got and thank you for supporting me. To the people who do, I love you all; to the people who hate me and bitch because that’s all they know who to do, well shit bro life’s too short. ”

    Are you wrestling regularly in Europe now? Will you be wrestling in England more in the future? (from Sarah, Orpington)

    “Yeah I want to be apart of England, I hope to make a good impression, get ready, November 13th, for a total shock, good violence, OI!”

    — IPW:UK also presents “The Brawl At The Hall”, featuring VAMPIRO, Sunday November 13th 2005 at Orpington Halls, Orpington High Street, Orpington, Kent, England. Doors 5:00pm, show starts 5.30pm. Tickets £12 general admission (£6 children). Ringside is SOLD OUT. Family ticket available for £30. For more information about IPW:UK, click here: or e-mail Daniel Edler:

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