WWE RAW Results – November 7th, 2005

Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results

Date: Monday, November 7th, 2005

Location: The Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, IN

Results by PowerWrestling.com

The fireworks went off in the arena for the start of Monday Night RAW as The Coach, Jerry Lawler and Joey Styles welcomed us to the show, and tonight Kurt Angle and Chris Masters will team to take on WWE Champion John Cena and Shawn Michaels!

In the arena:

Pretty much the entire RAW roster is at ringside as the music of General Manager Eric Bischoff hit. Bischoff made his way down to the ring. Bischoff got on the mic and said last week, he challenged Theodore Long to a ten man Survivor Series Match, and why did he do it? Because he knows that RAW will dominate! He said he’s made two huge matches for Survivor Series, the Cerebral Assassin Triple H vs. The Nature Boy Ric Flair in a Last Man Standing Match! And Kurt Angle will take on a man who he has pinned and made submit, John Cena, for the WWE Championship! The real question is who will make up the RAW team at Survivor Series, and the first two spots will go to the new World Tag Team Champions, Kane and The Big Show! The third spot will go to the RAW team captain, the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels! He says he looks around the ring, and sees a lot of hunger in the eyes, and he wants to know who will step up. Carlito raised his hand and got a mic. He said if Bischoff wants someone to step up, fine, no more Cabana. Carlito isn’t a talk show host, he’s a wrestler. He said he will represent RAW at Survivor Series. Shelton Benjamin took the mic and asked if Carlito was high! He said what RAW needs is the most amazing athlete to step into the ring, and you’re looking at him. Bischoff said tonight it will be Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin and the winner gets a Survivor Series spot.

Trevor Murdoch then took the mic and said he and Cade got screwed at Taboo Tuesday and they should be the champions and be on team RAW. He said he wants to invoke their rematch clause, and tonight they want a hardcore match! Bischoff said they are on, and it’s a hardcore match for the Tag Team Titles tonight! Gregory Helms took the mic, and said since Bischoff is handing out matches, how about putting him in the ring with the fat piece of garbage over there, Rosey! Bischoff said they will have a match tonight! Mickie James then jumped up and down on the apron and said she thinks they should give the winner of the Fulfil Your Fantasy Battle Royal a huge round of applause, Trish Stratus! Trish tried to calm Mickie down as Bischoff said whatever. Bischoff said that they have an epic tag team match as the main event, Kurt Angle and Chris Masters against Shawn Michaels and John Cena. He said they have a lot of work to do and can head back to the locker room…but he forgot one thing. Edge and Lita, he forgot they were even here. How could he be so rude? He invited them into the ring and they got in reluctantly.

Bischoff said he was thinking, at Taboo Tuesday, right before his match, if he remembers correctly he said something and can’t remember what it was…footage was then shown of Edge saying he doesn’t care about RAW and walking out of his match. All the wrestlers at ringside looked pissed at him as Bischoff said that Edge only cares about himself. The fans chanted “asshole” at Edge and Edge said he doesn’t give a damn about the fans or about RAW! Bischoff then said he probably will give a damn about every one of these RAW superstars standing on the apron of the ring! Bischoff said Edge will learn a lesson about caring and commitment. He asked what they were doing Friday night…because they are going to Smackdown! He said they are going to compete in a Street Fight against Batista! The superstars laughed as Bischoff told Edge and Lita to get out of the ring and don’t come back until he gets the job done! Bischoff said he doesn’t want them to leave without music, and then led a “na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye” chant at the two of them as they made their way to the back. We go to break and Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin is up next!

Survivor Series Qualification Match

Referee: Chad Patton

Shelton Benjamin vs. Carlito

The start:

Back on RAW and we are underway as Carlito works over Benjamin’s arm but Benjamin used the ropes to flip out and then backdropped Carlito to the floor. Benjamin leaped to the apron and then hit a neck flip from the apron to the floor! Wow, it rules having Styles on commentary. Back in the ring and Benjamin’s left knee is hurt after that neck flip. Carlito went right after the knee with stomps as the crowd booed him. Carlito worked over the knee in the corner before locking in a leg grapevine.

Mid-Match notes:

Benjamin pulled the hair of Carlito to escape the hold but Carlito came back with more stomps to the knee before choking him over the middle rope. Carlito then charged at Benjamin, but Benjamin sent him high into the air and he crashed to the mat. Benjamin came back with right hands and then a modified inverted backbreaker. Benjamin with a pair of clotheslines and then a back drop but then Carlito went back to the knee with a kick. Carlito went for a suplex but Benjamin flipped over and nailed a Northern Lights Suplex for two. Benjamin went up top but Carlito cut him off and then gave him some right hands but Benjamin then knocked Carlito down with right hands of his own and then flew off with a flying clothesline but Carlito ducked and then nailed a nice DDT but Benjamin kicked out!

The Finish:

Carlito hammered away with more right hands on Benjamin but then Benjamin came back with a Samoan Drop! Benjamin’s knee is still in pain as both men get to their feet. Benjamin went for the Dragon Whip but Carlito dropkicked the knee and then locked in a single leg Boston crab in the middle of the ring. Benjamin rolled through to escape the crab and went for a rollup but Carlito reversed and held the ropes to get the win!

Winner – Carlito


Backstage, Trish Stratus and Mickie James are shown, and Trish wants to talk to Mickie about Taboo Tuesday. Mickie said Trish didn’t need to thank her for sacrificing herself in the Battle Royal, and Trish couldn’t get a word in, and these two are in action with Victoria and Candice Michelle, next!

Referee: Jack Doan

Trish Stratus and Mickie James vs. Victoria and Candice Michelle

The music of Women’s Champion Trish Stratus hit in the arena as she made her way to the ring with Mickie James for this tag team match with Victoria and Candice Michelle! Footage was shown from Taboo Tuesday, when Mickie James sacrificed herself to eliminate Victoria allowing Trish to retain.

The start:

Victoria and Mickie locked up and then Victoria went after Trish to bring her in. Mickie nailed an elbow in the corner and then hit a nice huricanrana and charged at Victoria, but got hit with a powerslam for two. Victoria kicked Mickie on the canvas and then sent her to the ropes and Mickie came back with some slaps, but Victoria sent her to the ropes again and Candice pulled down the ropes sending Mickie to the outside.

Mid-match notes:

Victoria followed out and nailed Mickie with a clothesline and then sent her back into the ring. Candice tagged in and did the upside down choke over the ropes on Mickie. Her no ass was exposed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a no ass like that on national television. It will surely get people talking. We’ve got 27 photos of this by clicking the link below. Mickie kicked Candice off and she tagged Victoria who stopped Mickie from tagging Trish. Victoria then nailed Trish sending her off the apron and then Trish came in with right hands on Victoria. Trish knocked Candice off the apron and hit the Thesz press on Victoria and hit more right hands.

The Finish:

Mickie sent Victoria to the corner and then they picked up Candice and used her as a battering ram on Victoria! Trish nailed the whirlybird on Victoria and then Mickie hit a spin kick and went for a victory roll but Victoria rolled her up for two. Candice then tossed Victoria her wand, and she went to nail Trish with it, but Mickie took the bullet and Victoria covered her for the win!

Winners – Victoria and Candice Michelle

The Aftermath:

Trish did not look happy after the match as Victoria and Candice celebrated their win. WOW Candice is hot. Check those out.


Kane is backstage and Big Show comes in. Show says that neither one of them asked to be partners, but they are the Tag Team Champions, and tonight they face the former champions in a hardcore match. Show asked Kane if he has a strategy for tonight. Kane said the strategy is to illicit pain and something or other into their lifeless opponents. Show said he was with him all the way.

Referee: Mickey Hanson

Rosey vs. Gregory Helms

Back on RAW and the music of Gregory Helms hit in the arena, as the former Hurricane made his way to the ring to face his former partner, Rosey!

The start:

Helms slapped Rosey and then Rosey threw him to the corner and unloaded with right hands. Helms came back with an uppercut but then Rosey nailed him with a series of clotheslines and Helms rolled to the outside. On the apron, and Rosey hip tossed Helms back in. Helms went to escaped again but Rosey nailed him with a pair of elbow drops. Rosey clubbed the back of Helms, and then hit a short arm clothesline. Helms bailed to the outside and Rosey followed out.

The Finish:

Rosey took Helms down again and then tossed him head first to the barrier. Back inside and Rosey blocked a kick and nailed another clothesline. Helms begged off but then pulled Rosey into the second turnbuckle and then hammered his head against the pad. Rosey tossed Helms off and went up top for a moonsault but Helms ran up here and kicked Rosey low, and then nailed the Shining Wizard for the win!

Winner – Gregory Helms


Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch are shown pushing a cart full of plunder down the hallway and they are up in Hardcore action against Kane and the Big Show for the World Tag Team Titles, next!

World Tag Team Championship Match

Hardcore Rules

Referee: Chad Patton

Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch vs. Kane and The Big Show (c)

The music of Kane hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring as one half of the World Tag Team Champions, and he will be teaming with the Big Show to take on Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch in a Hardcore Rules Match!

The start:

Murdoch tossed a trash can at the head of Kane from the apron, and Kane then stalked him in the outside. In the ring and Show took down Cade with a boot while Kane nailed a clothesline on Murdoch. Show chopped Murdoch in the corner while Kane chased Cade but Cade raked the eyes and sent Kane to the steps. Show laid a trash can lid on Murdoch’s head, and went to run the ropes but Cade dropped the top rope sending Show to the outside. Kane went up top and went for a flying clothesline, but Murdoch hit a shot to the face with the trash can lid!

Mid-match notes:

Cade and Murdoch worked over Kane in the corner and Cade nailed him with another shot from the trash can lid. Murdoch hit a shot with the kendo stick as the fan chanted for Big Show to get back to his feet. Murdoch hit an atomic drop on Kane, and then Cade took him down with a swinging neckbreaker. Show is back up on the apron but Murdoch took him down with a trash can to the face. Kane went for a double chokeslam but Cade and Murdoch kicked them low. Kane came back with a clothesline on Cade and Show is back in the ring. Kane hit a side slam on Cade and then Kane nailed some kendo stick shots on Murdoch. Show squashed Cade in the corner and then laid a trash can in the ring and gave Cade a back suplex onto it!

The Finish:

Cade rolled to the outside as the champs went after Murdoch. Show put the trash can on Murdoch’s head and then Kane kicked it against the ring post! Cade crawled up the aisle way as Kane and Show stalked him. Kane tossed him into the RAW set and then Show nailed him with a clothesline. Kane went over to the announce table and pulled all the crap off it as Show brought Cade over. Show and Kane then hit a double chokeslam on Cade through the table for the win!

Winners and still World Tag Team Champions, Kane and The Big Show

In the arena:

The music of Kurt Angle hit in the arena as the Olympic Gold Medallist made his way to the ring to chants of “you suck” for this main event match tonight on RAW, where he will be teaming with Chris Masters to take on WWE Champion John Cena and Shawn Michaels! Angle got on the mic and said he hates that chant, you people sit there and look down on him and chant you suck, and he says we’re going to do it over again. He got out of the ring and went up the ramp and behind the curtain, and said if they don’t give him the respect he deserves, they will do it over and over again! The crowd started chanting before the music even hit and then Kurt made his way down to you suck chants again. Kurt yelled to cut the music and said they think its funny, and it’s a joke. He said he’s the best wrestler alive today! He said he trains his ass off every day, he diets and works his ass off for the people and he said they won’t do it over and over, but they have one last chance!

Angle said if they don’t give him the respect he deserves, they aren’t getting a main event tonight! Kurt made his way back and the music hit again as he made his way down to more “you suck” chants! Kurt yelled for the music to be cut and called the people hypocrites. He said middle America is meant to be about family values, but they let their children chant you suck at an Olympic Gold Medallist. He said they abuse their right and the first amendment, and they abuse him! He said he had three neck surgeries and put his life on the line for them. He said he didn’t get to see his daughters first words or steps because he was wrestling. He said his wife left him because he put his life into the business for you people, and this is the thanks he gets! Kurt told the camera to show the people, and he called them selfish bastards and he isn’t going to take it anymore! He said he isn’t the one who sucks, they are the ones who suck and that’s why he’s getting his ass out of this arena and the main event can go straight to hell! Angle made his way up the aisle and he’s gone!


Angle is shown getting changed backstage and Bischoff comes in and says he needs him in the main event tonight. Angle said he wants the idiot fans to stop chanting you suck, and secondly, he wants a hand picked special referee. Bischoff said he can take care of the referee, but he can’t do anything about the fans! Bischoff said he will take care of it, and Angle said he has his match then.

In the arena:

The music of Triple H hit in the arena as he made his way out to the stage, and at Taboo Tuesday he was involved in a bloodbath with Ric Flair inside that steel cage. Triple H’s head is bandaged up and he has a comfy chair on the stage, and it looks like he will be checking out the next match!

Intercontinental Championship Match


Rob Conway vs. Ric Flair (c)

Back on RAW and the music of Rob Conway it playing, and he’s already in the ring and he will be getting a shot at the Intercontinental Title against the Nature Boy, Ric Flair, who’s head was also bandaged up. Flair got Lilian to introduce Flair as “the man who beat Triple H at Taboo Tuesday!”

The start:

Conway and Flair went to lock up but Flair backed off and strutted around. They then locked up and Conway nailed a shoulderblock but Flair came back with a hip toss and then strutted around some more. They locked up again and Flair grabbed a side headlock and then hit a shoulder block and a slap to the face followed by some chops and Conway bailed to the outside!

Mid-match notes:

Flair stared at Triple H and Conway attacked from behind. Conway nailed a hangman’s neckbreaker and then a swinging neckbreaker for a near fall. Conway slapped Flair around in the corner and then mocked him but then Flair grabbed him by the balls! Flair chopped Conway in the corner and then nailed rights and lefts before hitting a back elbow knockdown.

The Finish:

Flair scored with a knee drop and then went up top and hit the double axe handle! Flair gave Conway a suplex and then went for the Figure Four. Flair locked it in as Triple H made his way down the aisle and he has a chain in his hand! Flair pulled the ropes and Conway tapped but then Triple H choked Flair from the outside with the chain!

Winner and still Intercontinental Champion, Ric Flair

The Aftermath:

Triple H pulled Flair out and hammered him but Flair came back with chops! The referee got knocked down as Flair sent Triple H over the barricade and Flair followed over as they brawled in the crowd! The referees came out and tried to separate the two and these two will go one on one at Survivor Series in a Last Man Standing Match. Flair charged at Triple H again as more agents came down to break it up.


Bischoff is backstage talking into a headset about a censor button and then Lita came in. She asked if she really thinks if it’s a good idea to send Edge over to Smackdown! to face Batista in a Street Fight. Bischoff said the match is still on, and then Lita started being slutty and showed her breasts. Bischoff told her to put those back where they belong and to get the hell out of his building…slut.

Special Guest Referee: Daivari

Kurt Angle and Chris Masters vs. John Cena and Shawn Michaels

The music of the Masterpiece, Chris Masters, hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring for the main event. Kurt Angle’s music then hit as he made his way down, and the words “you suck” were censored! Shawn Michaels music then hit as he made his way down, and he will be teaming with WWE Champion John Cena, and at the Survivor Series, Cena will defend his WWE Championship in a one on one match but at Taboo Tuesday, Cena retained his title by pinning Michaels, who he will be teaming with tonight! We now await the special referee and it’s…Daivari! Daivari is back!

The start:

Back on RAW and we are underway with Michaels working the arm of Masters. Masters pulled Michaels down by the hair repeatedly and then Michaels came back with right hands and Daivari berated him. Masters rolled up Michaels and Daivari did a fast count but Michaels kicked out. Angle tagged in and ate a Michaels boot in the corner. Michaels then tagged in Cena and they hit a double back elbow knockdown and Cena covered and Daivari slow counted it.

Mid-match notes:

Masters tagged in and he stomped Cena in the corner but Cena came back with a hip toss and then a fisherman’s suplex and covered but got another slow count. Cena sent Master’s head into Michaels’ boot and made the tag. Michaels chopped away at Masters and then nailed a knee lift. Masters came back with a right hand and a scoop slam and tagged in Angle who missed an elbow. Michaels worked the shoulder and then nailed an arm wringer takedown and then an arm bar. Angle backed Michaels to the corner and then unloaded with right hands.

Michaels came back with rights of his own and Daivari pulled him off and Angle dropped Michaels with a right hand. Cena got in the ring and Daivari ordered him out as Angle stomped away at Michaels in the corner, and then choked him with his boot in the ropes. Masters tagged in who nailed a shot to the gut of Michaels and then a back breaker for two after a mega fast count. Masters locked in a bear hug in the middle of the ring but Michaels escaped with right hands. Masters tagged in Angle who stomped at the leg of Michaels and locked in a leg grapevine.

Michaels kicked Angle off but Angle came back with right hands and then knocked Cena off the apron. Angle went for the Angle Slam but Michaels reversed into a DDT! Michaels tagged in Cena who knocked Masters off the apron and then hit a flying shoulder on Angle and then a pair of clotheslines and a belly to back sitout powerbomb followed by the five knuckle shuffle! Cena knocked Masters off the apron again and went for the FU on Angle but Masters knocked him down from behind. Angle locked in a front face lock on Cena and then tagged in Masters. Masters clubbed the back of Cena and then choked him out on the mat.

Michaels came in but Daivari admonished him. Masters went for a suplex and nailed it, delayed style, for a quick two count. Angle tagged in who nailed Cena with a shot to the gut and then hit a back breaker for another quick two count. Angle wrenched at the face of Cena and then locked in a rear chin lock. Cena fought out with a back suplex and then both men made the tag! The two traded right hands and then Michaels hit the flying forearm and nipped up.

The Finish:

Michaels hit the atomic drop and then clotheslines to both men sending Angle outside. Michaels slammed Masters and then went up top but Angle grabbed a chair! Angle slid the chair to Masters and Michaels came down and Master nailed him with the chair to the mid section. Michaels came back with a boot and grabbed the chair and went after Masters but Daivari grabbed the chair and rang for the bell!

Winners by disqualification, Kurt Angle and Chris Masters

The Aftermath:

Masters then nailed Masters with Sweet Chin Music and Angle then clotheslined Michaels outside. Cena came in and went after Cena but Daivari hit him in the back with the chair! Daivari raised the hand of Kurt Angle and they get the win here by disqualification. Angle celebrated his win as Cena writhed in pain on the canvas. Angle and Daivari shook hands and made their way to the back. Daivari raised Angle’s hand on the stage as Cena looked on in anger as we fade to black!

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