(Spoilers) WWE SmackDown! Taping Results

Ryan Clark

got back from Smackdown tapings. They had most of the top section’s and some side sections blocked off. They had a alright turn out.

Before they had the darkmatch they aired the WrestleMania Music Video thing.

Before Velocity tapings they had one dark match. It was Slyvan vs. Funaki. Pretty quick match, Slyvan got the win.

After that the Velocity announcers were announced, and they came out and walked to the announce table.

The first Velocity match was LOD vs. Nunzio and Vito. LOD got the quick win when they had the Dooms Day.

After that Simon Dean came out and started to call all the fans in Indiana fat, but as he was getting ready to say it Hardcore Holly’s, music hit and he said “The Simon System does not really work” Then they started fighting. It then turned into a match and Hardcore won when he hit the Alambama Slam.

The next match was Paul London and Spanky vs. Paul Britchell and William Regal. London and Spanky got the win when they knocked Regal off the apron, and then they doubled teamed on Paul, and ended up getting the win.

Next match was Kid Kash vs. Scotty 2 Hotty. Hardly anyone in the crowd knew who Kash was, which to me is very disapointing. Anyway, Scotty tried to go for the Worm, but Kash stopped it, and ended up winning with hitting a moon sult.

Then they turned the lights the blue lighting, and was ready for Smackdown to start.

Before they started the show they aired a WWE 24/7 Music Video.

Then the Opening WWE Intro went off, and backstage we saw Teddy Long talking to the whole Smackdown Roster. He said that tonight there will be four matches and who wins those matches will be on the Smackdown Surivior Series Team, and he then announced that Batista would be the team captin for the team. Randy Orton then said that he should be in the match becasue he won last years Surivior Series match. Teddy Long then said he could show that to him in his match tonight.

After that they aired the opening for Smackdown and then the pyro for the show went off.

Right off they had a match. The winner would be in the Surivior Series match. The match was Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton. Rey tired to hit a 619, but was stopped by Randy Orton. Then Rey started fighting back and he finally had Orton on the mat he went for a move on the rope, but Bob Orton pulled down Mysterio and the ref saw it, and DQed Orton. After the match the Ortons started a beat-down a Rey Mysterio. Matt Hardy then came down and beat Bob Orton up, and through him out of the ring. He give a Twist of Fate to Randy Orton.

Backstage: Randy Orton is backstage, and he said that Matt Hardy will pay for what he did with a RKO!

MNM then came out. Fans where upset that Melina did not get into the ring like she does most of the time. She then said that we are lucky that she is even here tonight becasue she should be at home. The fans then started boooing MNM. Melina then said not to disrespect MNM. After that she said she was a model even before models were cool. Melina then brought on one of the American’s Top Models. Melina then told her that she can be a C list Celebirty, but she is not cool enough to hang with MNM, but she could hang with Gary Coleman. Then the Mexicools came out and beat MNM up. They then danced in the ring with the Model.

They then had anouther Surivior Series avancement match. It was Bobby Lashley vs. Orlando Jordan. Lashley beat Orlando in about one min.

Edge is then backstage he tells Teddy Long to kill the match. Toddy then says he will kill the match if its okay with Batista. Edge then said alright we will go back to are room and you can ask Batista, but Toddy said he would not do that and that he would have to ask himself.

They then had yet another Surivior Series advancement match. This time it was Eddie vs. Ken Kennedy. Kennedy got a huge pop, but so did Eddie. Half the crowd was chanting for Kennedy and the other half was chanting for Eddie. Eddie got thrown into the ref, and the ref got knocked out. Eddie then grabed a chair, and through it and Kennedy grabed, but then Eddie fell to the mat and then ref thought Kennedy hit Eddie with the chair, and decleared the match a DQ and announced Eddie the winner. Kennedy then got mad and hit Eddie in the hand with the chair.

Backstage: the Dr. says that Eddie may be hurt. Batista then comes up and ask Eddie how he was doing.

Backstage: Edge leaves to confront Batista. He tells Lita to stay there. As Edge leaves the Boogey Man pops up and shoots a crapy promo. Then Lita runs off yelling.

They then had a Juniors match. Don’t remember there names, so I won’t got into detail.

Edge is backstage and he ask Batista if he wants to kill the match. Edge then says he and Batista is a lot a like, and they have no reason to fight. Batista then says “We are a lot a like, but there is one thing different when I sign a contract for a match I have that match!” As Edge is leaving he says Batista is makings a mistake.

Chris Benoit vs. JBL was probably one of the match match of the night. It was probably a 30 min or longer match-up. It was for the last spot in the Surivior Series match. Close to the middle of the match Benoit was going to hit a Head-Butt from the top rope, but just then Booker T’s music hit. He walked out and went to the announcers table. The match then went on for a little longer.Benoit finally got a sharpshooter on JBL. It looked as if he was going to tap out, but then Booker T jumped onto the apporn of the ring. Benoit ripped his shirt off and knocked him down to the floor. He then turned around and get hit with a Closeline from hell. JBL then got the win.

After the match they had a interview with the dicks. It was a pretty funny interview. They announced that next week on Smackdown they would fight LOD.

Then Edge came out to the ring, and they showed the highlight from RAW why Edge is on Smackdown. Next Batista comes out. Just as the bell sounds for the match to start. It shows Eric Bischoff is on the tron. Teddy Long Says: “Your not welcomed to the show, Eric!” Eric then started tring to get into the arena, but he would just not let him then all of a sudden Chris Masters put Teddy in the Master Lock. Eric Bischoff and Chris Masters then left in a limo. More then half the Smackdown roster then chased the limo down by getting into another limo, and leaveing the arena. After that Kane’s pyro and music went off, and he got into the ring. Then Big Shows music hit and he walked out, and he came out through the card(He came out my area too. Its crazy to see how big he is when you are right by him) Big Show and Kane then a beat-down on Batista. A few Smackdown guys came out to help Batista, but was destroyed by Kane and Big Show. Kane, BigShow, Edge, and Lita then all went through the card once again. END SHOW.

After that Randy Orton’s music hit and he came out and said “Oh, Batista I guess I am to late to help you! Well, we where going to have a triple-threat, but Eddie can’t wrestle now, so it will be a one-on-one match between you and me for the Heavyweight Championship. I believe this all happened off camera, so I believe it was a darkmatch. Orton got into the ring and started kicking Batista for awhile, and then Batista got up and started fighting Orton. The match probably only went on for five mins, or so. Then Batista won with a spine buster.

Tony, then told us thanks for coming, and watch Smackdown Friday on UPN.

Biggest Pops: Batista, Ken Kennedy, LOD, Eddie, Kane, and Big Show.

Over all I think this is probably one of the match Smackdowns they have had in ahwile. I had ninth row on the floor, so it was pretty good seats. After the show ended Charile Robenson started taking down the railing.


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