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Ryan Clark

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As promised, your Eddie Guerrero feedback is posted below. More will be coming. Thanks to ALL of you who sent this in. This is absolutely an amazing amount of feedback from all of you. We appreciate your comments and continued support. Some of these brought me to tears.

From: “brent allen”

brent allen

i was so sad when i heard the news. eddie was my hero cause no matter what happen to him he always came out on top of things even though the odds were against him and i have always look up to him. i am gonna miss watchin him wrestle so much. i love u eddie your my hero rip

From: “TFS”

In one of your reports with links to various news reports, there was a link to an article praising Eddie in the North Korea Times.

He was an American hero, and a jewel of Latino culture. He was in a poster-child company for capitalism.

How does one manage praise from North Korea with all of that without being something special?

Something like that does not happen everyday.

From: antcruz23@aol.com

When I learned yesterday morning that Eddie had past I like everyone

else was hurt and shocked. There was something different about Eddie than

anyother wrestler. Ever gimmick and storyline that he was in was real

and had passion. That was Eddie! You will be missed brother!! God Bless

Your Family and all at the WWE! REST IN PEACE EDDIE!!

Anthony Caiazzo (Brooklyn, NY)


Eddie was one of the greatest and most charismatic wrestlers to ever enter into a ring period I for one will miss his humor intensity and graceful wrestling,he will be missed and wrestling will not be the same without him,God bless you eddie and rest peace we know your up in heaven looking down.

From: “Anderson, Matt”

Having been a wrestling fan since what feels like infancy other than


Hart the passing of Eddie Guerrero hits home the hardest. Have battled

similar personal demons as Eddie had, allbeit not to that extent I felt


bond that all people with addictions do, and to see him pull himself up


the bootstraps was an inspiration to anyone wrestling fan or not. Now


someone who writes I have wrote this poem for Eddie, the WWE and to his

family, friends and fans. It would be greatly appreciated if this was


Thank you Eddie

Tonight we say goodbye to one of our own

For yesterday God brought one of his sons home

A longstanding battle with personal demons

Brought this man to rise from the ashes like a phoenix

Your extended family was a backbone

Your nephew more like a brother

You made everyone smile with that s**t eating grin

Because you knew none of us cared if it was a loss or a win

Losing so many lately

Almost like a race against time

Through your actions you taught some

To appreciate their lives

Where do we go from here

Lights slightly dimmed

Our heads hung for silence

As we take our lives forward from within

And we remember the fallen

We must remember this phrase

I lied, I cheated, I steal, all for the win

From: AMONEY81790@aol.com






From: “Talon”

I’m from Canada and when I heard the passing of one of the most prolific superstars it was very upsetting and somewhat disturbing. Eddie brought flash and flare to Smackdown and he was one of the few reasons that I watched. He will be highly missed by fan’s,family,and his WWE collegues,

Rest in peace Eddie and thank you for all the memories .

From: “Jonas Joseph” <
My god, I woke up yesturday morning with the phoone call of a friend telling me that Eddie Guererro was dead. I honestly could’nt believe it until I went on the WWE website and saw it for my self. What a shock. Sure I know Eddie the wrestler, as I watch him perform on Smackdown! each weeks, but he was one of my favorite wrestler. He brought so much in the squared circle. With Batista’s injury, I could already see him with the title one more time. Like Vince McMahon said him self: he is a great lost. Goodbye latino heat, thanks for the great matches, for giving the titles you held so much meaning, for the low riders and the laughs, but above it all, thank you for the memories. I will miss you.

Master J

From: “Joe Mefford” <
It really pains me to write this, I have been a fan of Eddie’s since I

first saw him wrestle Fit Finlay in 1996. He was like a breath of fresh air

to wrestling in my eyes, every time I watched a match of his it was like

the most amazing thing Id seen up to that point. His matches with Chris

Benoit, Dean Malenko, and Ultimo Dragon for the Cruiser strap are among my top

favorites. And when he went to WWE his matches with William Regal, RVD,

and Christian renewed my loyalty to the sport. Never again will there be

another Eddie Guerrero, never again will Latino Heat fire out another amazing

match up, but what will live forever is the memories that you gave to us

Eddie. Your opticism and courage will be something none of us will forget for

time immemorable, and you will live on in our hearts. Adios vato, may your

spirit do a frog spash onto heaven like we’ve never seen before.

-Joe Mefford

From: “kj.u@virgin.net”

i’m from scotland and Eddie was an all-time fav of mine.

i’m speechless.. this shouldn’t happen to a great like Eddie, especially in his prime.

they should put him in the 2006 Hall Of Fame.

Rip Latino heat… the flame burns forever.

From: “Peter Barrera”

I am still at a loss for words. I woke up today hoping that Sundays

news was just a dream. I was eagerly waiting for him to recapture the

World Heavyweigh Championship on Smackdown this week.

Although he is gone I will never forget the memories he has left

behind. He is everything a wrestling superstar should be and his legacy will

live on. My prayers are with his family and friends.

Thank you Eddie. Thanks for everything you gave to the fans and to the

wrestling world. I will miss you.

From: “jason cassidy”

Viva La Raza, Eddie Guerrero!!!! It’s amazing how a TV personality can affect so many people on a weekly basis. Eddie will be missed by A TONNE of fans in addition to the important ones, his family.

Cheers to you, Eddie Guerrero, in Low Rider Heaven! Thank you for the entertainment you’ve provided me with over the last 8 years, and thank you for the memories!!

Jason M. Cassidy

From: “Jacqueline Gonzalez”

I never met eddie in person.I never had the privalage to meet a beautiful human being. someone with a wonderfull soul and personality. but from what everyone has to say about him my heart just tells he was the kind of man you would want to meet talk too and just hang with. His body is gone but everyone should remember that his soul will stay with us in our heart forever. you never forget love ones especially the ones who have changed your life.im sure he is in a better place and he would love for his fans collegues and family to go on strong just like he did and remember him with happiness and love.

From: “Hugo Martinez”

Hi, this is Hugo Martinez from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. I saw Eddie Guerrero in his first years as wrestler back in Juarez were he iniciated. When the moment he entered the ring you could see he was a general, he had great rivalries with Negro Casas (another wrestler from a great wrestling family here in Mexico), he also team up with el Hijo del Santo, Perro Aguayo and Konnan, among others.

When he entered the wwe, I only saw him in two ocassions, the first one was when he came to El Paso as newly crown U.S. Champion, he won via D.Q. against John Cena, the roof of the Don Haskins Center almost came down when the show opened and Eddie came in his low rider outside the arena and then walked trough the stands with his family.

The other time and sadly the last, was in a house show at El Paso County Coliseum, he came as the WWE Champion, and pay a tribute to his wife and mother, because in a few days we will be celebrating the mothers day.

The people always love his performance inside and outside the ring. It is sad that we can no longer see him perfom at a live audience.

My thoughs and prayers are with his family.

Thanks for everything you gave us, Eddie….

From: Imcubsfan@aol.com



From: “Muehleisen”

I’ve been watching Eddie since WCW became available in Canada in 1996 I believe. I can literally remember the first time I seen him which was at I believe the first World War 3 ppv. I remember not knowing the guys name but telling my brothers that whoever this guy is he’s really good. I’m extremely proud as a wrestling fan to say that that man was Eddie Guerrero. Eddie was one of the all time greats. He had an incredible in ring style, and incredible charisma to go along with being outstanding on the mic. He will be remembered as one of the all time great entertainers and one of the top ten performers in the HISTORY of the business. I met Chris Benoit when raw and smackdown came to Halifax two and a half years ago and my brother asked him who is your best friend and without hesitation Chris replied Eddie. The man was truly loved by his family and peers. I prey for Eddie, his family and friends. As fans we should all take time now to reflect and remember this outstanding person who for me personally brought me so many exciting, entertaing and funny moments for almost ten years. Not once in my life when Eddie Guerrero walked through the curtains did I ever change the channel or leave the room. His passing leaves a Huge void in wrestling that will probably never be replaced! He was truly amazing. R.I.P. Eddie you will be truly missed.

Your fan

Christian Muehleisen

From: “Matt Shermer”

In all the years I’ve been a fan of professional wrestling, I’ve never been caught off guard like this…

Eddie Guerrero was one of the most talented people I’ve ever seen step into the squared circle and we’ll never see another star like him again. I’ve never seen anyone with as much versatiliy in performing both as a face and a heel, because he always got over with the fans…. no matter what.

Eddie, thanks for the memories man. I saw you wrestle live three times, and all those times I will now cherish, for I got to see the man who made the frog splash famous perform. I’m honored to have been a fan Eddie.

Mucho respeto y adora,


From: “Brian S. Martin”

My name is Jesus Fajardo, 23 m from Burleson, TX. I’ve been a WWE fan for as long as I can remember and enjoyed watching all the superstars. I especially enjoyed Eddie Guerrero, who is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. He was a great performer and showed a lot of dedication and loyalty to the business and his fans which is why I looked up to him as a role model. I just want to send my thoughts and prayers to all the Guerrero family and that Eddie will definetely be missed by all his fans.

From: “Cynthia Peterson”

I am still in shock to hear that Eddie has died. It still has not sunk in. He was such a great wrestler and great performer. He was an inspiration to all that he came in contact with. He will be greatly missed. The WWE has lost one of the best. My heart goes out to his family. My God bless them. We will have them in our prayers as they go through this very rough time.

From: proty98@bellsouth.net


I was deeply saddened to read the news online Sunday morning. I

grieve for Eddies’ wife and children to lose a Father and Husband at such a

young age, and obviously for all of the Eddie fans world-wide. It’s

been said by so many but I want to add that Eddie is at peace now, there

is no more pain, no more doubt. He was truly one of the greatest and I

also believe that we have not heard the last “EDDIE! EDDIE! EDDIE!”

chant for some time.

From: “Kevin Cain”

Thank You Eddie,

for all the great memories you left everywhere you went, including ECW,

WCW and of cource WWE You will never leave wrestling fans hearts across the world for what you brought us.

Thanks for everything, we’ll always miss you

Kevin Cain

From: “justin spitzer”

We are all sadden with this tragic loss from all wrestling fans we will all miss Eddie Guerrero but take a min and listen to my words and have a open mind:

A week ago the World Heavyweight Champion Batista injured his back and torn the musical under his arm and they said he was going to be out for 3 months so as some of you know there was going to be a match on Smackdown! this coming week….Batista VS Eddie Guerrero VS Randy Orton my own personal thoughts and on the way how the story with Batista/Eddie was going on tv i would guess Eddie would have won the title on Smackdown! and hold it while Batista was out….now here’s the open minded part….if “god” gave Eddie two choices:

1. Becoming the World Heavyweight Champion


2. Eddie Wrestling his Father in “A Match Made in Heaven” πŸ™

We all will miss Eddie let these words spread so the hearts of all eddies fans knows that hes with his father in a match that he would want and is on the top rope right now getting ready to give a frog splash πŸ™‚

RIP Eddie We all loved you

Justin Spizer VA

From: “Eddie Brownhat”

I was shock when I saw the news of Eddie Guerrero sudden passing. I just saw him not too long ago in Albuquerque, where he wrestle Batista and Randy Orton. After the match Eddie and Batista celebrated with the fans. I got the opportunity to see Eddie in person and enjoy watching him on Smackdown. His humor and personality made him special. May God bless the Guerrero Family. R.I.P. Latino Heat, you’ll be miss.


Farmington, NM

From: “The Jennys”

let me start off by giving my heart felt feelings of remorse to the Guerrero family and friends

eddie eddie eddie will be really missed

he will be remembered as one of the greatest performers ever!!

i am sure going to miss latino heat every week

i will watch RAW and SMACKDOWN this week but after that i don’t think i can watch after that it’s not the same without eddie around

i really feel for the locker room

he is so close to my own age of 36 and i also have a wife and 2 kids

it’s feel strange today knowing that he is not around anymore

you will be missed dearly by all

Latino Heat will live forever!!

From: “Steve Everett”

I have watched Eddie since the days when he wrestled in WCW. He was one of the most entertaining wrestler that I have ever watched. He seemed to always want to make the fans happy and make them enjoy what he did for them and for Professional Wrestling. He was always wanting to try his best to always have the highlight match of the night and most of the time when he was in a match it would usely be one of the best matches of the night. He alwaya gave his all in every match that he performed in no matter how little or how huge the match was. He seemed to love making the fans happy more than he cared about putting his body on the line. I will miss Eddie and may the Guerrero family be in all our prayers.

Shane B. Everett

From: “Kevin Haines

You know when people die in the prime of their lives we always say,”they were too young”. I would like to say that I grew up watching Eddie Guerrero. I didn’t see much of his ECW days but I saw him in WCW and WWF/WWE. He was one of the best in-ring performers of this generation. He never had a bad match. Even more, I respect him for what he overcame in his life. Not everyone tries to overcome the odds but Eddie did. And when I heard he was a born-again Christian, I instantly calmed down and everything came into perspective. I took a happiness in the fact that even though I’ll miss watching his matches, that it was time for God to need Eddie Guerrero and that one day I’ll get the chance to meet him.


Kevin Haines

From: “Tony Kapuschinsky”

i am still in shock and disbelief on such a horrible tragedy. i was at my house at about midnight last and i was going to the pro wrestling website to check on the genesis pay per view when i caught the articles on the funeral services for eddie guerrero. at first i thought it was a story line that was being created for him but as i went on i learned about the tragedy in minneapolis. it remindes me of the owen hart tragedy in a way because i had the same chill going through me than i did last night. i am looking forward to watching raw and smackdown this week for the tribute. the first time i saw him wrestle was on a pay per view when he was in mexico. i believe he was in a hair vs hair match against his former tag team partner( i could be wrong though) he lost his hair in that match but he did impress me with his moves. then when he came to WCW a couple years later i though that he would get the title soon but he was misused by bischoff then. i was pleased to see him win the heavyweight title from brock last year. after all the hell went through in his life he was finally at the top. we may never see someone who can play the crowd or even the refs better than him. we will all miss you latino heat.

From: “Michael Depasse”

Like the rest of the wrestling world, I was shocked and saddened to hear about Eddie. He is and will always be one of my favorite superstars. I remember being at WMXX and seeing Eddie with Benoit at the end still the champion. I was at Summerslam this year as he and Rey put on the match of the night. I will never forget how Eddie could make you laugh even when you hated him. He is the ultimate performer and a true champion. My thoughts are with his family and friends in this time and all I can say is that someone so special and talented as Eddie can never be replaced only remembered as the man he was and that was a true professional. He will always be with the fans of wrestling no matter which organization you follow. RIP Eddie we will miss you!

From: “Am”

Still hasn’t sunk in yet at all. Everytime I see that picture it’s like just finding out again for the first time. I can’t imagine what his family and friends are feeling. Don’t know what to say apart from thank you Eddie. You touched all our lives and you memory will live on forever…

From: “Wilkins, William L MM3 NWSSB Det FB”


From: “Carlos Padilla”

Eddie was one of my favorite SuperStar out of the WWE Roster. He will

be totally missed by me and my family who ador him. Much of my family

did not watch WWE Programming, however they knew who Eddie was and really

liked him and always loved watching come out. Its a very sad day in the

entire wrestling community among superstars and the fans who loved him.

Eddie I will truly miss you. Your goal has been accomplished. May you

Rest in Peace and fly with the Angels. Just know that the fans and I

are chanting your name, Eddie, Eddie, Eddie.

Carlos Padilla

Reseda, Ca

From: “Steve Prosser”

The one phrase I could use today to describe how I feel is ‘absolutely

gutted’. I have been a big fan of wrestling for many years. Even get

the wife watching from time to time! He combined true charisma in

abundance and wrestling skills up there with the best. One of the talents of

WWE that you tuned into purely to watch. He will leave a huge hole which

will be impossible to fill. Will miss Latino Heat a great deal. God

bless you Eddie!!

Steve P, Manchester, England

From: “Michael Gawda”

A charismatic and energetic wrestler and entertainer. Eddie Guerrero was different. Yesterday’s news was a shock that still hasn’t sunk in. It’s hard to comprehend that this fine individual has left this world at the tender age of 38. My thoughts go out to all of his family, friends and followers. God’s speed Eddie…

From: “Mario Sanchez”

For as long as I can remember watching Wrestling, Eddie has always been a great talent to watch….. I would have & make my mother sit and watch his matches. When I was a teenager my mother would hear his music hit, and she would drop what she was doing…. To cheer him on through his matches. Now as an adult I loved to watch him preform….. He for some reason or another won my heart from the get go as a person at signings, and on T.V. This man was humble and always HAD TIME FOR THE FANS…… Weather they liked him or hated him, he only cared for us to leave happy and satisffied…. This is a great loss not only to his Family at home, to his Family at work & Us the Family he had tuned in each and every week…


From: “Chris Mckee”

Eddie was always one of my favorites to watch. Sadly Eddie will be missed. God bless Eddie and his family.

From: “Glenn Heinrich”

I’m shocked beyond belief . . . my family & I just saw his last month at the Cow Palace (S.F.), riding out in the lowrider with Batista . . . the building SHOOK when they came out . . . I’m glad that my son were able to see Eddie win the WWE Championship from Brock Lesnar in the same building just a year & a half ago . . . my heart goes out to his family & the WWE family . . . we are all better for having known Eddie Guerrero in our lives . . . Rest in Peace, Eddie.

From: “jose alfonso”

Eddie was the greatest wrestler a live. that man could put on a show. he could make a lot of people laugh. the thing i remember of him is when he won the wwe title from brock lesner. Even though that his gone i will never forget the name eddie. the biggest and badest wrestler. I know that eddie will be watchen over from heaven when smackdown beats raw at survior series. and i know he will be celebrating. I know that he is with god now. eddie u will be missed by others. God bless eddie for having a good career in the WWE.

From: “Robert Linhart”

i have been watchin wrestling since diapers and i think that eddie was


of the most entertaining

and best wrestlers to ever grace the ring. in this sh*t pool of talent


have to watch these days(snitzky,heidenreich,edge just to give a couple


examples) i can honestly say that it was a pleasure

to watch eddie work.fast paced,slow paced,technical, it didn’t matter

cuz he

could adjust to any style and give a good match no matter who he was in


ring with(remember the jbl fued?) im kinda saddened because i will be

attending wrestlemania in chicago next year and i won’t get to see him

perform πŸ™ i havn’t seen eddie wrestle live since wcw was around! and


didn’t even showcase half of the stuff he was capable of then. i didn’t


the guy personally, but i will miss seeing him on tv and


is where he was at his best and hard to top.i hope everybody learned

something from that guy because you could tell that he gave us 110%


past years.in closing,

i would like to thank eddie for what he did and the memories that he


in my mind.me,my family,and im pretty sure the rest of the world will


you latino heat. thank you so much.

rob linhart


From: “Mike Prince”

Eddie was a true legend of the wrestling business. he was out there everynight giving his heart and soul. sometimes he would be out there giving his all other nights he would be so fired up it was like he could suplex you from one end of the ring to the other. he had a great passion for this business and it is said to see him go. i just wish he could have been WWE champion one more time and i wish his family all the best in their time of loss. RIP Eddie.

Mike Prince

From: “Sudhir welch”

this has been a really tough day for me..being a huge

Eddie fan

i couldnt sleep all night and everything

Eddie,i hope you’re in a better place cos you deserve

nothing but the best.

thank you for inspiring me to be a better person and i

will never ever forget you.

RIP Eddie

From Sudhir your number 1 Eddict in Singapore

From: Stovallpunk@aol.com

When I heard the news on Eddies passing I wanted to cry but did not because I started to remember when he lived!!!!!!!!!!! I have been watching wrestling since i was 2 and, I turned 23 on November 13,2005 also the same day of Eddies passing and it makes me very sad!!!

From: “Emoney$”

You will be truly missed by every fan of the buisness. R.I.P we love


From: “Vito Rosselli”

to my shock this morning I read that Eddie Guerrero has passed away.

What a

sad day for his family, friends and fans. He was one of the best


his matches were some of the best and his ability to produce steller

interviews was untouched by most of his peers. It is sad for me


as eddie guerrero will no longer be able to make me laugh, hate him,


for him, boo him, very few wrestlers can make you feel emotionaly


to where you judge their character on tv like that of a brother or


one. when eddie would do something “heel” you still had to love him,

whether it be funny,outrages or evil. I will miss his performances on


He was easily one of the top 5 of all time. there has been no other


in wrestling that has touched me so much as eddie’s. I grew up


him, and I will grow remembering him and the spectacular show he put on

while sacrificing his own life… thanks eddie hard to see you go

Vito Rosselli

From: “cory mcpherson”

I had the opporunity to meet Eddie about 6 years ago. I was working at a hotel in Sacramento Ca that regularly put up the WWE wrestlers when they performed at Arco Arena.

One night I was carrying some bags to a guest room, and was having a very difficult time with it. Eddie came over a helped me carry the bags up 2 flights of stairs. I recognized him and was in awe.

He asked me if I was going to the show that night, and I told him I didnt have tickets. He arranged for two very nice seats for me and my little brother to go that night. He wrestled a great match that night. He also wrote a very nice letter to my supervisor complimenting me on my professionalism. I still have that letter to this day.

This is a terrible loss, not only for the industry and his family, but to the great many fans who loved and respected everything he sacrificed to entertain us.

RIP Eddie.

From: “Shawn Allen”

Eddie was a great wrestler. One of the most entertaining in the ring,

on the mic, and in his skits in the back. It is great to know that he

got what was due to him and that is a world title run before he passed

away. He deserved more than that! He will surely be missed by all of

the wrestling fans in the world! RIP and God Bless Eddie Guerrero!

Shawn, WV

From: “Matthew Gaubert”

Eddie was one of the most exciting performers in the ring to watch. To him and his family I send my deepest sympathy. God bless them all.

Matt G.

Baton Rouge, LA

From: “Robbie Murphie”

Eddie was amazing. I am so shocked of his all so sudden passing and I still can’t get it out of my head that he was just on tv the other day. Its all too sudden for me. I loved him and always will.

RIP Eddie


The Crib Uk


From: “herman gonzalez”

I hvae been watching wrestling for numerous years.I been a long time bret hart fan as well as a long time hulkamanic. I seen lots of wrestlers go and come. I been watching eddie since the wcw days when he used to wrestle for the cruiserweight title as well as the United States title and even the Television title. I have never seen a gifted athlete such as eddie guerrerro. Eddie has the skills like no other wrestler has. He can fight you numerous ways from his skills as a high flyer to his skills as a mat technician. Eddie can electrify a crowd like no other. Just by watching eddie wrestle and how he performed showed me a fan of wrestling that he can go out there and perform a helluva job night in and night out with the intensity and heart of a true champion. Eddie loved the fans and the fans loved eddie. Being a Latino that i am i am of Puerto Rican decent and seeing eddie win the WWE champion at no mercy last year made me proud that a latino for the second time was given that honor. Eddie was good at what he does and i am very proud to be a fan of eddie guerrerro. Eddie was a great wrestler to watch especially when he would lie cheat and steal and play like he got hit with a chair and the opponent would either have the chair and the referee would see it,that always made me laugh. Eddie was great to watch,he was a great babyface and was a great heel also. Eddie can take on any role given and for that he will be truly missed. God Bless you eddie you will be missed but at least we know your in a great place with the Lord. Viva Laraza Dios te bendiga which means god bless you in spanish.

From: PMS628@aol.com

Words cannot adequately express my feelings right now. I am in shock, disbelief, just totally stunned. As reality sets in I realize, yet again, all the sacrifices these superstars make for their fans. Eddie sacrificed his home life and his body for the good of the sport. He brought a smile to my face every time I watched him. But last night, my family and I cried a river of tears. We loved his devilish little grin, just like a child who stole the last cookie from the cookie jar. I’ll miss that most of all. My heartfelt condolences to Eddie’s family, friends, and the WWE lockerroom. My gratitude to his wife, for sharing her husband with the fans and wrestling world. As a wife, I realize what a sacrifice that must have been. We lost a great one yesterday. RIP Eddie – thanks for everything, most of all for making me smile. You will be missed more than you could ever imagine.

Holly Scofield

Milford, CT

From: “mikey smith” <
Eddie will be very miss by all the fans.my prays are with eddie’s family.eddie was a great wrestler. I have watch him since i was a little kid and he would always made me laugh .It was great honor to see in person wrestle when the wwe would come to lubbock. Iknow he is a better place and i know his probably talking to my dad in heaven.

thank you


From: “Felix Pavolotsky”

Felix from Cleveland, Ohio

Eddie Guerrero was a great wrestler, but also a great person. I did not have the opportunity to meet him, but all his peers agree that he was that guy that would make you laugh and cry. As an on screen character, he would make you boo him, cheer him, love him, or hate him. Eddie was one of my favorite wrestlers and it hurts me to see him leave us this early. Last night after watching TNA:Genesis on PPV I was happy that they mentioned him as this showed how he wasn’t just important to the confines of the WWE, but to the entire wrestling world. Last night before I went to sleep I said a prayer and I’m not the most religious person, but I said a prayer dedicated to Eddie. Eddie while you are there watching above us, know this. You will be missed by your fans, co-workers, and family. You will not be forgotten. You here the reason many fans tuned in to see Smackdown. You will be missed greatly, may you rest in peace and find your soul comfort away from the demons that you conquered. Amen

From: “John Clarkson”

i would like to say my heart go’s out to the full Guerrero family Vickie,Shaul,Sherilyn and Kaylie Marie most of all, he was a grate wrestler and i loved watching him and i will miss him loads i will always remember him. ill turly miss him, and i will like to say Goodbye Eddie missing you loads

John Clarkson

From: Jeremy4square@aol.com

I didn’t think the passing of a WWE superstar could hit me harder than the death of Owen Hart. Yesterday, I found out how wrong I was. Eddie Guererro was more than a wrestler who I watched week after week. He came sort of a role model to me. An example in which to live my life by. Eddie’s battle with his own demons was such an incredible inspiration to me.

I have probably watch Eddie wrestle professionally for about ten years. He has given me so many wonderful memories. I was walking down the road thinking about the “fake out” that Eddie is famous for. Where he would hand his opponent the chair and then fake like he was knocked out. Then, the referee would turn around and disqualify his opponent. That thought made me laugh out loud as tears started pouring from my eyes. I was trying to think of how to tell Eddie that I love him and miss him. All I can do is put my thoughts in this poem:

Lie, Cheat and Steal

With tears running down my face

I can’t believe that you’re gone

With this aching in my heart

I hope you can hear this song

I first saw you on Nitro

In the ring I saw you clash

You wrestled with such style

Ended it with the Frogsplash

Your life is inspiration

All of those demons you fought

How you turned your life around

Was the greatest lesson taught

A great in-ring performer

You always made me smile

With your music playing loud

Low-rider down the aisle

Now I find that you are gone

And I know I’m not ready

From where you are, hear our love

As we chant “Eddie, Eddie”

Eddie, I love you and I look forward to meeting you face to face when I walk into Heaven. God be with you.

Jeremy DeForrest

From: “Stephen Moore”

I just couldn’t believe it when I checked for updates on

prowrestling.com yesterday. I clicked on the link, read it, and just

stared at the screen. I couldn’t believe that one of the higher

caliber wrestlers, one that I’ve seen on tv just nights ago, has

passed away.

Eddie was one of the greater wrestlers who had some great matches and

it’s too bad that the wrestling fans won’t get to see him perform


Eddie Guerrero will be missed greatly.

Rest in Peace, Eddie


From: “Daniel Jorge”

My name is Daniel and I am from Portugal. I am a fan from both shows: Smackdown! and Raw. I usually see the news in your website and this mornig when I knew that Eddie passed away I was very very upset. I liked very much Eddie’s style, I liked him because when he was fighting we all could see that he was loving it and that he was having fun. I don’t know him, offcorse, but I know that he was a great man.


From: kysouke@aol.com

My name is Cory and I’m from Baltimore and been a wreslting fan for years. (18 to be exact). I was floored when I heard that Eddie died. I couldn’t believe it. Everything Eddie has been through, all his battles, both external and internal, he won and yet he lost the battle of life yesterday. It’s gonna be a sad week for all us wrestling fans. There was no one like Eddie and there will never be. It was truly an honor to watch Eddie throughout his WCW and WWE career. I wish his family the best in dealing with this tragic loss as we all will, friends, coworkers, and fans worldwide alike. The Wrestling world will never be the same. We lost more than just any ol’ wreslter, we lost one of the better wreslters of this century. Eddie, we hope to see you wrestling in the sky. Eddie we’re truly gonna miss you. Viva La Raza 4 life!!!! We Lie We Cheat We Steal. Long Live Eddie Guerrero..

To: eddiegfeedback@yahoo.com

Eddie was one of the greatest preformers ever to step inside a ring. He


be greatly missed and I’m sure there will be many tears shed over his

passing. God bless Eddie and God be with his family in this their time


need. Thank you Eddie for all the great memories you have given us

throughtout the years. Mike Ryan St.John’s NL Canada

From: “Kieran Farley”


Well what can I say? This has completely knocked me

for six. He was a fantastic wrestler, looked like a

fantastic guy to meet and I’m just devastated. It’s so

weird having seen him on Smackdown last week and then

this week seeing tributes to him.

I thought it was a horrible nightmare, I just can’t

imagine what his family are going through, especially

for one so young. I’m not going to throw a tirade of

abuse at him and deminish the name of Eddie Guerrero

by talking about his drugs, as that’s not what he

should be remembered for. People talking about Ken

Kennedy’s chairshot and how hard it was, possibly

causing his death his a disgrace. I imagine Kennedy

will be feeling bad enough without having his name

tarnished like that.

Let’s remember Eddie for the good times, and may his

Latino Heat burn on forever.

My thoughts are with his family and close ones,

Rest In Peace Eddie.

Kieran Farley from Liverpool, England

From: “mario garcia” <
Their was always something so special about eddie the way he gave him


to the fans the way he smiled it seemed he was just so happy to be


and that was his passioned to wrestle. Eddie was born to wrestle and I


raised watching wrestling and everytime I would watch it eddie would

come on

every weekend I would wonder what kind of low rider car would eddie

come out

with tonight. Its sad to know the next time i watch wrestling eddie

will not

come out

my prayers goes out to eddies family and friends VIVA LA RAZA

Rest in Paradise eddie

From: “Keith Fiddler”

My name is Keith and I live in Vancouver, BC.

I have been a wrestling fan ever since I was a kid

(I am 40 years old). I have seen just about every

wrestler come and go over that time and I can honestly say,

unequivocally, that Eddie Guerrero was one if not the

most entertaining wrestler to ever work this industry.

He was technically perfect and was also a very good actor,

which I think many people will forget.

I don’t think that I will get over the shock of his passing,

and as I type this at work, tears are building up in my eyes.

I do not worship celebrities or actors or other sports figures,

but I have always worshipped pro wrestlers as they put their

bodies on the line to entertain us – day in, day out.

I just feel so bad for his wife and daughters. I hope that God

will show them the path to peace and understanding.

I have not been watching WWE programming lately as I have gotten

somewhat bored with the product, as what I read about Vince McMahon

and his ruthlessness just adds to my disillusionment. Now I am

overcome with that sense of “I missed Eddie Guerrero’s last

performance” kind of feeling. It makes me shake my head in sorrow – over and over


I just hope that it is never discovered that steroids played a part in

his death, as I reckon that Eddie indeed was on the juice. If that is the case,

then Vince McMahon should retire and live the rest of his life in


God bless you, Eddie Guerrero.

From: “Info @ApolloMovers.com”

May God Bless this talented man who survived numerous set-backs in his

life, only to be remember for the joys that he gave to numerous people

that he did not even know. His performances were truly unique, and there

will never be another to take his place. May God Have Mercy on your soul and

my you rest in peace


John in New York

From: “B. Mendowegan”

My heartfelt condolences to Vicky and family. Also, to the Guerrero family my prayers are with you, in your loss. Eddie will be truly missed, he was always giving 150% in what he truly loved and that was entertaning us. A true legend in our hearts.

Thank You…Bruce M

From: “Mansur, Sam”


It hurt so bad when I saw the WWE homepage yesterday (Sun 11/13) at noon. Eddie had so much talent. He seemed to want to do nothing but make us fans feel as though we had a great time. I truly enjoyed watching him do his best to make himself proud and his family. Eddie was in my thoughts all day yesterday, and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family, his friends, all the WWE wrestlers and staff, and all of the wrestlers outside WWE who were close with him. Simply put: This is a tremendous loss for the wrestling industry, and the world.

May he rest in peace, and May God Bless.

Sam Mansur

From: TABBI75876@aol.com

I was shocked to hear he had passed, when I see a photo of him espically one of him wrestling its just so hard to realize he won’t be performing and doing what he loves anymore. He was the best and I always enjoyed to watch him wrestle, but atleast now we can now all in a way be happy that he is at peace now with nothing to hurt and trouble him anymore. His legecy will never be forgotten and he will always be in our hearts forever. My prayers go out to all his family and friends during this sad time espically to his wife and little girls.

R.I.P Eddie- Viva La Raza!!

Tabatha Polanco- Staten Island, New York

From: “GaH FartA” Hi my name is Tajuan, and It came to a real shock to me as it did to

everyone else when I read this news online. At first I thought it was

bullshit but when i went to the wwe website and seen it i couldnt

believe it

i still can’t. It so crazy because it was just a few days ago we were


watching him wrestle and everything I know smackdown is taped but it


appear to be anything wrong with him. I guess when its your time to go


theres nothing around to take you away then god has to find the next

way to

and im not saying that to be disrespectful. Because god felt that it


time for Eddie to be relieved from all his pain. Even though he did


enjoying life more and everything god felt he has been through enough


Its time for him to come home. Im like real upset over this loss and


I hear about a wrestler dying I just brush it off but like the only 3


really caught me like this was Owen Hart Sgt. Awol aka The Wall and


Guerrero. Man……. I just cant believe it. At least before god took


away he got a chance to entertain the crowd one more time when he did


signature move with the chair to Ken Kennedy. But yea that just says


anybody can be taken at anytime and sometimes you won’t even know your


to die. Wow its just real unbelievable that im just watching him on tv


acting like his self and everything and days later he dies. I really


they find out the cause of death because I would really like to know so


least I can get this off my head a little bit because ever since

yesterday i

been stressed out . But Eddie Your the man, You will be remembered


True Legend. I hope they do induct you in not because you passed away


you entertained us more than anybody in the world plus you became champ


Broke Lesnar and the odds were stacked against you. Eddie everybody


remember you, all I can say now is rest in peace holmes “Viva La Raza”


Eddie Guerrero

From: “Mete Tanyeri”

I am here to pay tribute for Eddie Guerrero.

It has come to my attention that he died yesterday morning. My

feelings are sad, shocking, and depressed. Some of my best memories of

Eddie Guerrero was watching him take on Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio

Jr. Those I considered to be some of his best matches in the history

of his wrestling career. Although I’m sure that he’s had many more

spectacular matches with various wreslters, those are the matches that

showcased his best. He was an excellent man that could tell a good

story and can make us all cry, laugh, or hate him, face or heel. He’s

indeed a professional that loves his work. As one of the many fans of

wrestling, I will deeply miss him, as well others. Rest in peace

Eddie. The pain you once had is gone and now, God, I would hope, is

keeping you safe in his arms. Goodbye and thank you for all the



Mete Tanyeri


From: twistedheat77@aol.com

i am deeply sorry for the loss of eddie guerrero i myself was a huge fan and loved watching eddie perform he was one of the greatest who to me will always be remembered thank you eddie for all the memorable moments.

From: “pablo”
We’ll miss Eddie and we won Β΄t forget him.

The Latinos are proud of what he did all this years.

The first grand slam latino champion !!!

We learn how to lie , to cheat and steal.

Rest in Peace Bro

From: “Olivia Edmonds”

What a great loss to our industry. I only just heard and I think I am in a state of shock, with tears still in my eyes. I just couldn’t believe it when I saw that it was true. Eddie was always happy when he was wrestling, and maybe he is now at peace in that big wrestling ring in the sky.

Sincere condolescences to the entire Guerrero family. Wrestling has lost a great superstar, and the world has lost a man with a heart of gold

Rest In Peace Eddie, you will be dearly missed

Viva La Razza Forever!!!

Olivia, 20, UK

From: “chris dunnaway”

As I sit here I’m still in shock that Eddie is gone as I just watched him pull another great match with Ken Kennedy friday night.I can’t imagine what his family and fellow workers are feeling right now.This guy came back from addiction and losing his family to regain that and live his dream of becoming WWE champion and celebrating WM with his bestfriend Chris Benoit.I feel for Chris as he lost his good friend Owen Hart a few years ago and now this.I consider Eddy a top 5 worker he could do it all in the ring and it was truly his passion and I’ll miss his charisma and ability in the ring.I did find it ironic in his DVD where Dean Malenko says Eddie was at his worst at a show in Minnesota and thats when his friends told Jim Ross how bad the situation had gotten.Anyways Eddie is at peace with his father now…RIP EDDIE!!!!Chris Birmingham,AL

From: “Lionel Mccullum”

eddie was the superstar that everyone loved and hated at one point,but eddie had that magic that just lit the crowd and always know how to put on a good show.the world lost a great performer and for many a really good friend and loved one.my saddest regards to eddies family and children.we love you eddie and you will definetly be missed by all. eddie your not dead your just in a better place. see you when I get there vato loco.

From: “Jim”

much like the day after Owen Hart died, i was moved to tears this morning when i read of eddies death, too soon…way too soon. this is the second person dying that should never of happened, even as a heel you couldnt hate him….he was so loveable because of who he was INSIDE!.

heel or face, i loved eddie, i am so going to miss him on any wwe show!



From: “Trevor Harris”

Eddie, you will be deeply missed. Every time i saw you at a live event you were the one who always stole the show, you always wanted the fans to get there money’s worth. I’ll always remember your ladder match against RVD in Edmonton on Raw, the match was amazing. When i heard you had passed away, i was shocked and hurt, it was as though a best friend had passed away, i feel like i’ve known my whole life. When i tune into smackdown i’m gonna be lost because there is gonna be no more Eddie, you are one of the best pure wrestlers ever. God bless you Eddie, while your up in heaven remember to lie, cheat, and steal. WE LOVE YOU AND WILL ALWAYS MISS YOU

Trevor Harris from Edmonton AB, Canada

From: “Jymn :Scooby: Meier”

I was deeply saddened by the news of Eddie passing away. Just this past April during Wrestlemania weekend, my buddies and I went to an appearance of Eddie’s. Tickets ran out quick and we were turned away yet Eddie stayed and met everyone who came to see him anyway. He was gracious and humble and easy to talk with. A real genuine guy. In my opinion Eddie was (with probably Kurt Angle) the best wrestler in the business today.He was great in the ring as well as within the storylines and promos. It didn’t matter if Eddie was a face or heal everyone loved Latino Heat. Wrestling will go on without him but will never be the same. My heart goes out to his family and friends. He lied and we loved it, he cheated and we applauded and he stole our hearts. Peace be with you EDDIE!



i was so grief stricken to hear of the passing of eddie. i have watched him for many years and then when my son was old enough to watch with me we both enjoyed watching eddie good or bad he was always a pleasure to watch. he has so many fans and i can tell so many friends within the industry we have truly lost one of the greats. my son and i would like to send our condolences to the family of eddie. what a great loss they have to deal with also. may god bless each and everyone of you during this sad time. my deepest sympathy.eddie you are greatly missed

From: “patrick debose”

Hi,I’m a huge fan of WWE Wrestling and the late and great Eddie Guerrero and my heart goes out to his family.Thank You eddie 4 everything and we know that your in a better place.

From: “Kristy Lyn”

So hard to believe he is gone. Have been watching eddie for years and years..didn’t always like his character but respected him for what he gave the fans each and every time he went out to that ring. Could always count on him to give a good performance..gonna be weird watching SmackDown and not hearing his music and seeing a different car each week lol. Eddie will truly be missed and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

From: “a macdonald”

Eddie you were a true legand, Damn! this Sport is goin to miss u. u are the definition of sports entertainment. Viva La Raza!!!!!! Joe Mac Bristol, England

From: “dawn taylor”

Sending heartfelt condolences to the Guerrero family, our thoughts are with you at this tragic time. Eddie was one of the best who will be missed but never forgotten. RIP Eddie

love Dawn & lauren Taylor, UK

From: Jtsthescotts@aol.com

It was very sad to read of his passing he was a very talented wrestler who personified the heel like very few could, he will be missed. My thoughts go out to his family at this very hard time.


A scott.

From: “Robert Bologna”

Like everyone else, I am still in disbelief that Eddie Guerrero has

passed away. This guy was an awesome wrestler and entertainer and he

will sadly be missed by many fans around the world!

Face or heal I have always liked Eddie because he was such a great

performer and gave it his all day in and day out. The untimely death


Eddie comes as such a shock and it’s very heart breaking.

To Eddie’s family, especially his wife and kids, I just want to say I

am sorry to hear about your lose and I wish you the best during this

time of grieving. Eddie was a great man and I know that you are all


proud of him.

To Eddie, thank you so much for all the memories that you have provided

me in years past. Although you will be greatly missed here on earth,


are now in a place without pain and suffering.

The world has been “cheated” but his sudden death and it’s not fair!

Rest in peace Eddie, the world misses you!


From: “herman gonzalez”

I have been watching wrestling for numerous years.I been a long time bret hart fan as well as a long time hulkamanic. I seen lots of wrestlers come and go. I been watching eddie since the wcw days when he used to wrestle for the cruiserweight title as well as the United States title and even the Television title. I have never seen a gifted athlete such as eddie guerrerro. Eddie has the skills like no other wrestler has. He can fight you numerous ways from his skills as a high flyer to his skills as a mat technician. Eddie can electrify a crowd like no other. Just by watching eddie wrestle and how he performed showed me a fan of wrestling that he can go out there and perform a helluva job night in and night out with the intensity and heart of a true champion. Eddie loved the fans and the fans loved eddie. Being a Latino that i am i am of Puerto Rican decent and seeing eddie win the WWE champion at no mercy last year made me proud that a latino for the second time was given that honor. Eddie was good at what he does and i am very proud to be a fan of eddie guerrerro. Eddie was a great wrestler to watch especially when he would lie cheat and steal and play like he got hit with a chair and the opponent would either have the chair with him or the chair would be on the floor and the referee would see it,that always made me laugh. Eddie was great to watch,he was a great babyface and was a great heel also. Eddie can take on any role given and for that he will be truly missed. God Bless you eddie you will be missed but at least we know your in a great place with the Lord. Viva Laraza Dios te bendiga which means god bless you in spanish.

Sincerely A True Wrestling Fan

Herman Gonzalez

From: “mike stec” <
last night i came back from the house midnight, i look at www.wwe.com and see someone death in the page and i see eddie guerrero i still cant believe that, i been a fan since 1978 of wrestling but watched eddie matches, his best feuds with Benoit couple times malenko 2 or 3 falls and when he won is first wcw us title vs DDP but the best moment was WM20 BOTH PEOPLE WHO TRAVELED TOGETHER WIN THE TITLE THE SAME NIGHT EDDIE WWE CHAMP AND BENOIT WORLD CHAMP GOD U HAVE TO LOVE THAT, YOUR WITH GOD NOW BUT 38 IS STILL TO YOUNG TO DIE I WILL MISS YOU NO MATTER WHAT AND EDDIE IN MY WORDS U ARE A LEGEND IN MY BOOKS


God only knows how many Pro wrestlers there are on the planet. Very few ever make it to the “top” and an even fewer number capture the fans heart. Eddie Guerrero was one of those select few. Perhaps the best pure wrestler in the company, right behind Angle and Benoit. But it just wasn’t his skills that made him so loved it was his antics and highjinks that made him such a stellar entertainer. I know he’s in a better place and I know he’s watching over his family and friends and I can only hope that I get the chance to meet him one day. To think that there will never be another Eddie Guerrero match, promo or Frog Splash brings tears to my eyes, but to know that there will never be another Eddie Guerrero brings a smile to my face, because quite simply he was one of a kind. Rest in Peace Eddie, who’ve earned it.


From: cjp1178@aol.com

I just wanted to send an email to give some feedback on Eddie Guerrero. I have been a wrestling fan for over 15 years and started watching Eddie when he was in ECW. I followed him to WCW and now to WWE and he has been one of the most entertaining superstars I have ever seen. His desire and passion to entertain the fans and put on a great show was something I always admired about him and he will be dearly missed. My prayers are with Eddies friends and family in this rough time.


Joe Pizzimenti


From: “Bryan Greaves”

I just wanted to say a few words about the legendary

Eddie Guerrero. Eddie gave us everything, his body,

his soul, and all of his heart to the business and the

fans. I think back to watching him in WCW, his

appearance on Raw with Benoit and Malenko, his injury

suffered during that match against the New Age Outlaws

on Raw years ago, his winning the world title from

Brock Lesnar, his trademark speeches and one liners, I

mean the list goes on. I only wish he was still with

us. Now that he’s gone its kinda hard to imagine

wrestling without the likes of Eddie Guerrero.

We so easily take for granted that these men and

women who entertain us will always be there, like our

favorite cartoon characters. I mean to us the fans,

these guys are larger than life. This is why I tape

every show, because when something like this happens

it makes those old matches priceless. We will never

again have another Eddie Guerrero. He was one of a

kind. Like him or not he was an outstanding performer.

He cheated death many times before. I am very happy to

hear that his life was straight before he died. He

died sober and clean of drugs, a fact that he was very

proud of. Hearing his story that he told Chavo of his

4 years of soberity, and how he had overcome his


I think what I will remember about Eddie was his

smile, his persona in the WWE, his character and

passion for the business. He always had so much to

give us. He rarely disappointed us as fans. You knew

watching Eddie Guerrero that he was a legend in the

making. I had always imagined him wrestling in later

years when he was old and gray, kinda how Jimmy Snuka

comes out and will do the “Superfly” move for all of

us even though he’s older and the move could be

damaging to his body at his age. What I’m trying to

say here is I’m very depressed that Eddie is gone. I

will remember all those wonderful moments he gave us

while he was here on Earth. His friendship with Chris

Benoit, his ringwork with Rey Mysterio, his desire to

one day wrestle the likes of The Rock and Steve

Austin. I mean Eddie still had a LOT to offer us in

the wrestling world. He was a cosumate performer and I

will miss him greatly. I never got a chance to meet

him, but I felt as if I knew him.

I only know that he is no longer bound to his

Earthly demons. I imagine he’s up there wrestling in

that golden ring with the likes of Brian Pillman, Curt

Hennig, Hawk, Owen Hart, British Bulldog, and many

others. God took him home, I guess God needed him more

than we did.

Eddie we loved you, we will miss you and you will

never be forgotten. Your legacy will live on forever

in our hearts. Thank you so much for all you gave us,

in and out of the ring. I pray for your soul and your

family. Tonight I will mourn your death and celebrate

your life with the WWE when I watch tonight’s telecast

and Friday’s telecast. Once again thank you for all

you gave, we will always miss you Eddie…thank you.

Bryan Greaves

From: “roge41”

To Mr. Eddie Guerrero and Family

Eddie { latino heat } Guerrero you will be missed greatly by your loving wife and kids, and by me as well and the thousands around the world. you know to be loved and liked by the thousands around the world you have to be special, and the amount of energy you gave us each time you hit the ring or even the arena was something to behold I as a wrestling fan for thirty five of my 41 years of being on this earth, there will never be a Eddie Guerrero again, seeing you fly off that top rope and hitting that wrestler with your frog splash then getting up and doing your [ latino dance} I think there are so very few of you left that have the passion as you did, to name a few Chris beniot, Rey Mysterio…. not to take it away from any of the other guys they are great as well but I myself think you and the other two I mention took it one step higher …………………..

p.s to say a quote that Mr. John [ Bradshaw ] Layfield says

you Eddie are a true wrestling [GODDDDDDDDDDDDD}…

Roger and Debra Stroup

From: dansam@comcast.net

words cant decribe the aw felt wen i read of the passing of eddie guereo so young in prime of his life, just about to win the championship, its was a real shame. rest in peach lationo heat

From: “Jane Martin”

Thank you eddie for your hardwork and dedication. You

where amazing to watch always out to please the fans.

You will be missed but never forgotten.


From: “Gary Odom”

i cheered for him, i booed him, but no matter how i felt about him, wrestling is an entertainment business and i know mr. eddie guerrero was just doing his job. I followed his careers since wcw, when he was sporting the LwO sleeveless tops to the start of the radicalz and to his world championship reign. Eddie made me laugh till i cried. i cant begin to say enough for eddie guerrero. eddie is the man and will always be the man. eddie, may your soul rest in peace, for now you are in a better place.

My condolesence goes out to eddie’s family and relatives.

-Gary Odom

From: “Todd Norman”

Eddie’s passing makes me wonder what life is really all about!

He overcame so many demons and was well on his way to happiness.

I watched his “Cheating Death and Stealing Life” dvd and it was great to see him get his life back

on track and become a born again christian. Eddie indeed deserved a better fate and I hope

wherever he is now that he’s finally at peace.

I would also like to send my condolences to his wife Vickie and his three daughters as well.

God bless you Eddie, we’ll never forget you. VIVA LA RAZA!!!!!


From: “Christopher Fernandez”

Hello my name is Christopher Fernandez and I am deeply sadden by eddie

passing. I found out by going to wwe.com and I couldint believe what I

was seeing and just couldint swallow it at all, eddie was my favorite

wrestler on the SD roster and I just couldint believe it at all. Once I

finally relize that this is all 2 real, I just got goose bumps on my

skin and it hurt me a lot . The best memory of him was at WM 20 when he

and Chris Beniot stood in the middile of the ring, finally realizing

there dream of becoming champions at WM 20. I was there at MSG I sat at

section 330 row D. And numerouse house shows at the garden. He shook my

hand one time on smackdown show in nassua. I still can’t believe I am

writing this e-mail about him I was hoping to see him win the title at

SD. Man we as wrestling fans lost a very true performer and one of the

best wrestlers of all time. My condolences go out to the Guerrero

family. I truly hope that he is inducted in the Hall of Fame at WM 22


honer all that he has done as a Wrestler, a Good father, and a Great

person too. I will surley miss you Eddie Guerrero. Viva la raza.

Christopher Fernandez

From: “shaun batson”

he touched our lives as we watched him on smackdown as he lied cheat it and stealed his way to a better life but he was the best he made the fans happy as latino heat was the best my son ask when i was watching smackdown and ask were all the cars was real we just can’t beleave he gone i was shock to here the news you will be miss eddie viva la raza for ever we will meet again amigo rest in peace

From: “Ben Duvall”

There will never be another Eddie Guerrero. His story was an inspiration to all. Rest in peace Eddie. Your legend will never die.

From: “Andrew Baird”

Hearing the news of Eddie’s death yesterday was deeply saddening and my prayers go out to his family. A great loss, rest in peace Eddie, your gone but you will never be forgotten.


From: “Sue Mosdall”

Eddie you were the best! Your matches were legendary and your abillity on the mic was legendary as well. I will never forget you it didnt matter whether you were the good guy or the bad guy you are the best! I hope your still whopping ass in heaven just the same way you do when you do on smackdown! I just cannot believe that im not going to get a chance to see you on smackdown! any more! VIVA LA RASA EDDIE! REST IN PEACE!

Graham Mosdall

From: Smitchrst@aol.com

Just wanted to show my respect and admiration for Eddie, having been a fan of his since his days in ECW (running with longtime friends Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit), and joining the then-WWF as a member of “The Radicals” with Perry Saturn.

This maybe the most impactful and untimely death in Wrestling history, as most of the previous wrestlers were either on the cusp, or were totally out of the wrestling mainstream. Andre The Giant was a major loss, but was not nearly as unexpected.

I respect and appreciate the work Eddie put in, not just recently, but in Mexico, Japan, and ECW. He was an International Superstar, an inspiration for overcoming his own human fallacy, and reaching heights many thought were beyond his reach. He was an incredible worker, an overachiever, and “The Consummate Performer”, as Vince so aptly put it.

So for his days in ECW, his victory in Wrestlemania XX over Kurt Angle, which I say live, and even for his last televised match last week, creating a hilarious ending for his match with Mr. Kennedy, all I can say is Thank You, and may you Rest In Peace.

We will all remember your talent, smile, and true joy in living and performing as only you could. You will inspire many Latino and other athletes to follow in your footsteps. Adios, amigo! Viva La Raza!!


From: “Mario Flores”


From: “Keith Norman”

I am just so deeply shocked and saddened by the news of Eddie’s passing. He was one of the best wrestlers in the business and will be greatly missed. So many memories of him, and for me the best has to be when he won the WWE championship. My thoughts and prayers are with the Gurrero family. RIP Eddie

From: “Dylan Nelson”

Eddie Guerrero was a great man and a legendary wrestler, it’s too bad we had to see him go like this and at that age, I never really thought he was anything special but then I saw his movie telling his story and he’s incredible to overcome all of the obstacles he faced in his life. well he’s safe now and we know hes with god

Rest in Peace Eddie Guerrero, You stole everyone’s heart and you will be in everyone’s heart, you will never be forgotten

From: “Kelly Munro” Eddie; The man that was no myth, and sure to be a legend. It didn’t matter if you were a babyface, or heel. The true wrestling fans always stood by you because beyond the scripts, and politics we all new who you were!

Through all the years of watching wrestlers die before there time this is the most painful for me. We will all miss you brother. WHO’S MY PAPI? I would have been honored if it would have been you. So one more time. EDDIE!! EDDIE!! EDDIE!!……..rest in peace.

Love; Trevor Munro

From: Dani8626@aol.com

Eddie Guerrero was without a doubt one of the best wrestlers in the wwe. He had a great reputation and was loved by many many fans. Eddie Guerrero accieved alot of goals in his life. He is a former wwe champion, (2) Intercontinental Champion, (2) European Champion, (3)Tag Team champion, WWE United States Title, WCW United States Title, WCW Cruiserweight Title, (2) ECW Television Title but thats not all he achieved he accomplished alot out of the ring aswell after he was a new born christian 4 years ago getting on with his life not taking drugs getting his wife back and being a dad to 3 beautifful children. Eddie had alot of friends in the buisness the likes of Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio, Dean Malenko, Kurt Angle, Perry Saturn, Chavo Guerrero (Kerwin White), batista and many many more. I only have to say thank you very much Eddie for the many years of great entertainment you have provided each and every one of us and may god rest your soul you have gone to a better place now. R.I.P Eddie

Danny, Warrington England

From: “Jonathan Sanchez-Hidalgo

Edidie, Eddie, Eddie…. such a great role model… not only because everytime he was in that ring he gave his all, but with everything he came back from. He had his ups and downs, but he got himself straight, he had his priorities, his family, his friends, his job. Eddie is gonna be missed by so many, i pray for his wife and kids most of all, they lost a great husband and father. This is a great loss to the WWE family and those who knew Eddie. Eddie was so inspirational, and all we can really do is be thankful to him, for devoting his life to something he truly loved and cared about. Also thank God for giving us Eddie and allowing us to be entertained for so many years by him. Thank You Eddie, you will be missed, Viva la Raza! Te extranamos ahorra y siempre… orale’ , que te vaya bien, y que dios te bendiga y tu familia , gracias


From: “kevin taylor”

i like most people was shocked and upset to hear of eddie’s sudden


i can only imagine what his family and close friends are goin though. I


lucky enough to have seen eddie perform live and will always remember


and i would like to personally thank him for being such a good role

model to

me and others and also for all of the entertainment he bought to mine


many others lifes thoughout the years i and many others have watched

him in

ecw, wcw and wwe. it’s not gonna be the same to watch smackdown without

eddie but he will always be in my thoughts whenever i watch it in the

future. Rest in peace EDDIE!

From: Hesacharm@aol.com

Where can one begin when we talk of one of the most talented and dedicated people inside and outside of the ring when we talk of Eddie Guerrero? A man who proved you can do anything if you just put your love, trust and faith in the Lord. It’s very difficult to think of match that wasn’t good which in Eddie. He could have a 60 minute match with a broomstick and it would of been match of the year. He was a man that was very open and honest about his past. He was also a man that went out and fixed his problems to make himself better. Any wrestling fan or wrestler knows that is a very rare quality in the wrestling business.

With Eddie, what you saw was what you got. He didn’t backstab people or anything like that. He didn’t try to put himself over at the expense of others. He was a fun loving guy that loved the business, loved his family and loved the Lord. I know its the “other” place that is suppose to get hot but I think heaven just got a little warmer due to some Latino heat and it is a better place because of it. Gone but not forgotten. Forgiven and lifted up. Long live Eddie Guerrero. We love you Eddie.

Tim Winters

From: “Dustin Hubbell”

My name is Dustin Hubbell and I am an long fan of WWE

i want say Sorry to His Family abt him and i miss him very much and Ill remember him long long time


From: APDubach@aol.com

Watching Eddie for almost ten years through the ups and downs of his life and career you almost feel a strong bond with him. Whether you met him or not he was there to entertain you and make you happy and he definitely succeeded. He took part in some of the most emotional moments in wrestling that actually brought tears to my eyes. Though we weep this horrible tragedy His legacy will be remembered always.

God bless you Eddie

From: “Chris K”
Eddie was an incredible wrestler, wheather he was a “good guy” or “bad guy”, he had to attention of the audiance with every move. he was incredible in the ring and could keep you at the edge of your seat every night. I was so glad to see them bring eddie back from being depressed eddie to the latino eddie. Seeing him drive to the ring in his low ryder was incredible. I was so exited when i saw that he was set up to have the triple threat match for the world title. I know that eddie was making his way back up and it was only a matter of time tell he held gold again. I was truly heart broken when i heard the news of his passing, this is without a doubt one of the most tragic things i have ever heard. I will always remember Eddie for the incredible inspiration he gave to us all. knowing that he was able to fight his demons and come back to be on top is an inspiration for all of us who are fighting out own demons. Thank you so much Eddie, for the memories, the strength, and the inspiration to succeed.


From: “Farmer LCPL Preston E”

The business of professional wrestling is such an amazing profession.

Just to see how guys who are and can be badass, simply drop the mask,

and show the utmost of respect for there brothers and sister, when an

untimely incident happens like this. It is true, and real to the point,

how these guys feel right now. Eddie was and always will be one of, if

not the most influencial characters in professional wrestling history.

That is obviously a feat that is hard to attain. I know he is somewhere

right now, entertaining others, along side Owen and others of the past.

May peace be with him and his family. -Maverick-


From: “siegfried”

Thank you Eddie for entertaining us.

You made people happy.

R.I.P Eddie, you will be missed

From: ginlwa1976@starband.net

sorry about you lost eddie was a nice guy no matter if he was crazy with his story lines i rember when he first came on raw. hope everybody is doing ok like his wife and kids and his friends and family. well hope everyone is ok cause when i read he die i was sad still a little sad. well got to go now.

your biggest friend,


From: “Josh Julien”

I’ve been a fan of Eddie Guerrero since I was a little kid. Yes, it wasn’t his time, but I’m writing this to say thank you. Eddie Gurrero was a fantastic wrestler, a great husband and father, and an outstanding role model. He had inner demons, but he conquered them. Gurrero did what few other wrestlers could do. He entertained you. He put on a performance that rivaled those of Shawn Micheals. Heal or Face, Gurrero new how to keep the crowd going. His skills were unmatched. He could do both the luchador style and grappler wrestling. Gurrero was one of the best in the WWE. He was a living legend. His legacy will go on for years to come. All that is left to say is Thank You Eddie Gurrero!

From: “~^*eMiLy GaRdNeR*^~”

Eddie Guerrero is among the best of the wrestling industry. He’s an


wrestler and one of the funniest guys there. This past summer I had the

opportunity to see Smackdown live and Eddie stole the show. No matter

if we

were booing or cheering for him, Eddie was always there for the fans.


will always be one of my favorites and I’m going to miss him.

From Emily in Ontario, Canada

From: “Simon Carroll”

Rest In Peace Latino Heat. There will never be another like Eddie. Smackdown will be a dull place without you.


From: “Keith Norman”

I am just so deeply shocked and saddened by the news of Eddie’s passing. He was one of the best wrestlers in the business and will be greatly missed. So many memories of him, and for me the best has to be when he won the WWE championship. My thoughts and prayers are with the Gurrero family. RIP Eddie

Keith Norman

Jersey, Channel Isles, UK

From: iang@vfs.com

Eddie Guerrero is the reason most people watch wrestling. His


in ring talent was a joy to watch. But it was his humor, his soul that

made all of us love him. This tragedy reminds me of the passing of


Hart, not in circumstance but in feeling. It leaves all of us with a

sense of loss like a piece of the soul of wrestling went with him.

But he would not want us to remember him like that. His goal was to


us enjoy our lives by enjoying his. He was an entertainer. And


is a legend. Let’s remember him as such and rejoice in his memory.

VIVA LA RAZA!!!!!!!!

Ian Goodwillie

From: “Rob Buck” Its so unfair. Instead of taking some peace of garbage they take Eddie Guerrero away from us all. He had still so much ahead 4 him and now hs gone. Honestly i never cried so hard in my life. Just last friday i saw him defeat Ken Kennedy the Guerrero way. I laughed. Sunday morning comes and im heading 2 wwe.com and right there on the front page I break down because it says Eddie Guerrero has passed away. I met him once at a signing. He was one of the nicest ppl ive ever met. Just them 15-20 second there watching him autograph my book i considered him my best friend. I guess thats just the effect he had on us all. From what ive learned throughout his entire career which i had followed since the beginning, he was a great man, husband, wrestler and friend 2 us all. Im trully deeply sorry 4 the Guerrero’s loss. I hope Vince McMahon does us all just 1 favor and places Eddie at 1 of the greatest honors a wrestler can get and thats the hall of fame. I love u Eddie and i will never forget u. Ur Friend 4 ever Rob Buck

From: “Johnny Kyle”

I remember first seeing Eddie when he was teamed with Art Barr in Mexico. He and Art lost the hair vs mask match. I watched him and ECW also and can’t forget his last match he had there with Dean Malenko. They had great matches in WCW also. Eddie was great no matter who he worked with he made every he worked with look great. I was watching a late replay of smackdown very early sunday morning around 1:00 am. His match with Ken Kennedy was the last match I saw of the show. Eddie done what he does best putting on a great wrestling match and having fun. I have so many thoughts of Eddie I could go on for a long time. I am praying for his family and his wrestling family as well.

God Bless,


From: “Glorioso, Vince J”

Eddie was a great performer, He put 100% of his talent into whatever he did in the ring. I have a lot of respect for him and for what he did for the business. I was so happy when he finally won the WWE championship. it was long overdue) and so sad to hear the news that a future legend was gone. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

From: “Best, Richard”

I was there in Minneapolis and I actaully didnt know about Eddie untill

I heard it from Vince. Im really shocked and still in denial that a

GREAT wrestler and human being is gone. As an athlete he was one of the

best, always giving it a 110 percent. I didnt know Eddie on a personal

level but from what a LOT of people say he was a great man. Anyone, in

my view, that can overcome what Eddie did and turn there life around

after what he has been through has a huge heart and is a true

champion… and that my friends is something NO ONE can take away. I

also want to send my condolances to the Guerrero family, I know Eddie

was a huge family man and loved his very much. Theres not a lot what i

can say about Eddie as i still cant believe that he’s no longer with

us….”Viva la Rassa”…..I will never forget you Eddie….

From: “Jon Crawford”

Eddie Guerrero was one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. He will forever be remembered for charisma, mic skills and especially in ring talent. Eddie overcame a drug addiction to become the WWE Champion and i think we can all find inspiration from Eddie to never give up and to always strive to be the absolute best person we can be.

Viva La Raza!

Eddie Guerrero will never be forgotten

From: johnmoles04@aol.com

i was in shock yesterday as i read the news and still am its a big big loss it will not be the same wiv out him my thoughts go out to his family at this hard time i hope eddie is happy in heaven now. U WERE THE BEST CHAMP!!!!!!!!!!!

From: “Brad Ward”

Ladies and gentlemen, as most of us, if not all of us have heard about the sudden death of Eddie Guerrero. When I woke up this morning something didn’t seem right for some reason and when I had gotten online to check my mail, a friend of mine IMed me and told me that Eddie Guerrero had died, I of course didn’t nor did I want to believe him. I then checked on www.wrestlingexposed.com and found that it was indeed true. It truly saddened me to know and to see that he had passed away. Eddie Guerrero was an insperation to me through alot of things. I am currently 19 years of age and we all know that we get those moments as a teen where you want to test new things like drugs and beer, I was no different when I was 16, I has many other teens wanted to try it all. Then I heard the Eddie Guerrero story when he was addicted to all those things and what it had done to him, I looked at it and I didn’t want to go through what he had went through and seeing it made me realize alot of things. I needed to get my act straight before it was too late. I’m sure this has happened to alot of people other than myself. Eddie Guerrero changed alot of us in many ways including our hearts. I didn’t know him personally but I did know that he loved his fans and most importantly his family. The only reason I ever watch wrestling was because of Eddie Guerrero and The Undertaker, for no other reason but that. Eddie had a wife and three children that have been left behind and I wish the very best for them. I know that he did what he could while he was on this earth to make his family happy and did whatever he could to make sure that they had the very best that they could get. I respected Eddie Guerrero alot for everything he did in the ring to entertain us, his fans. I know for many that Eddie will never be forgotten and he will always be with us in our hearts. We will look back at past matches of Eddie and we will shed a tear or two but we will laugh at what he did in the ring and enjoy every second that he was in there. Eddie Guerrero doesn’t want us to be down over his death forever, we all know that he wants us to go on as normal all though it will be hard at first, but he knows we can do it. We will always remember Eddie Guerrero as not just a wrestler or a entertainer but as a man who loved his family, fans and his job. We will never see him in the WWE or any ring again but we will always seem him in our hearts as long as we remember him. I know for sure that I will never forget what he has left for us to remember him by and i’m sure you won’t either. We all love him and may Eddie Guerrero rest in peace… We will always remember you!

From: harrt005@aol.com

Rest in peace Eddie, your truely were an inspiration, thank you for the memories to me and fans alike.

Ciaran, Ireland

From: “Cheryl”

i was surprised when i read what happened. i want to offer my condolenses to the Guerrero Family. i’m still in shock. Eddie will be missed. Eddie was a great man. bye Eddie we all miss you.

From: EMcgo12794@aol.com

Let me apologize beforehand if this letter sounds a bit rambling. This is a truly difficult subject, but I appreciate you allowing me to share my feelings about it.

My name is Patrick. I do graphic design work for a company in New Jersey. I have nothing to do with the professional wrestling industry. I’ve never sat down and got to know Eddie Guerrero. I’ve never traveled with him. I’ve never even written a single post on this website concerning him or anything with WWE. I am just like most of the people who watch wrestling. I am a fan, and whether he was playing a heel or face, I have always enjoyed watching Eddie in action. I have seen him since his early days in World Championship Wrestling, and was fortunate enough to witness a match he had in Extreme Championship Wrestling as well. He never failed to put on a good show for the people, fans much like myself.

With that being said, I have never met Eddie Guerrero outside of a wrestling environment. He had overcome his personal difficulties, though like many others, I know that due to reading reports. I have never spoken to Eddie. The closest I have gotten to him is slapping his palm on the way to the ring. He’s truly as much a stranger to me as I was to him. Yet, at the same time, Eddie was much more than that. When I first saw the headline that Eddie Guerrero had passed away, my first thought was that it was a cheap trick. Something along the lines of “click here to read more” in order to get people to view another website. When I saw this was no stunt, I was shocked, saddened, and absolutely devastated.

Even though I was never close to Eddie as the people who worked with him, I can feel the same grief in my heart. It’s a feeling of hurt and emptiness. I personally feel like I have lost a family member. Most of us are not Guerreros nor close to the Guerrero family, but when he went out there in front of his fans in the arena, at home and all over the world, he formed a special bond with us. It’s a bond of respect, love and appreciation for all he has given to us. He was a great performer and a wonderful human being who will never be forgotten, and so long as professional wrestling remains, so will his legacy stay alive.

My prayers go out to his family, wife, and three children. I will never forget what Eddie has given us, and I am sure nobody else will either. Thank you, Eddie Guerrero. Rest peacefully in God’s hands.


From: ScrmingForVngnce@aol.com

The tragic loss of Eddie Guerrero hit me with the great saddness as if it was a family member who died.it seems like only yesterday he cheated his way out of an ankle lock from Kurt Angle by removing his boot.I will really miss Eddie.Mulletino Heat will live on forever in my memories and im sure it will live on in the memories of all the WWE fans and all of the WWE Employees.My Thoughts and prayers go out to the Guerrero family.Eddie You will be truly missed.

Viva la raza Eddie Viva la raza!!!

Briaytola of Rock and Rolla

From: “Mike Gilbert”

Eddie Guerrero was one of the best wrestlers ever and it’s hard to believe that he’s gone. I was such a big fan of Eddie and watched him since WCW. He can never be replaced and his charisma is like none other. He will be missed and I will watch Raw and Smackdown this week. I just cannot believe it. A true Eddie fan,

Mike Gilbert

Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

From: “Thomas Hood”

Yesterday i had to work until 6PM so i didnt realize thatEddie had


away until later that evening. At 1st i didnt want to belive it i was


no it cant be true it must be a new storyline for the WWE so i went to


the page thinkin it wasnt real but unfortunatly it was to my horror and

dismay.I am showing my support to the Guerrero family by wearing a band

around my left forearm with Eddie’s name on it and another piece below


with 1967-2005 on it πŸ™



Thomas Hood

Sydney NS Canada

From: dickawesome@aol.com

I think Eddie Guerrero is one of the greatest wrestler and entertainers to ever hit the scene of pro wrestling.

My heart goes out to his family and WWE. Thats about all I would like to say.

On a side note, I was at Wrestlemania XX when he cried while hugging Chris Benoit, and I remember it like it was yesterday. He was a great competitor and loved to entertain.

From: “lee ralston”

the lose of Eddie Guerrero will be a major loss for all. words can never explain how much he inspired all of us for ever until the day we die. I WILL REMEMBER HIM FOR EVER!

From: Garethrwl@aol.com

I cant believe hes died. I have always liked Eddie and he was my favorite Smackdown Wrestler. I can’t wait for the tribute shows.

I hope hes in a better place now. Eddie Guerrero RIP.

From: Shelly23556@aol.com

Eddie is a legend and always will be. He gave everything in the ring. Eddie we all miss you and we will all give you a thought everyday. You are everyone’s champion. Your death has devestated everyone. VIVA LA RAZA!! R.I.P Latino Heat RIP Eddie Guerrero

From: “Anthony Pardoe” <
I have just heard about Eddies passing, it has deeply saddened me. I will watch Raw at 2am tonight with a tear in my eye, he was an excellent wrestler & fun to watch, I will miss him!

There are so many great matches/moments he had but one of the best TV moments was when he won the WWE Championship, but my best Eddie moments were the 3 times I got to see him live at the Birmingham NEC the last one being this past April at the Smackdown TV taping, it was an honner to see him perform.

My heart goes out to Eddies family.

Veva La Raza! ! !

Anthony Pardo

From: “Arthur Zvejnieks”

wow i really wasnt expecting that to happen. when i went to prowrestling.com i looked at a column that said eddie guerrero RIP and i got worried and i looked at the news and they hadnt reported it yet so i just thought that he was an anti-eddie fan with something negative to say about him and how his career is suposedly “dying” or something like that so i thought nothing of it. then later i went back to see if there was any news and it was all about eddie. i had thought maybe his dad had the same name as him(even though i knew his dad’s name was not eddie) and even after i clicked a link it mentioned details about his funeral and even showed a picture of eddie as the main photo and i STILL was trying to find a way for this to not be true and thought ummmmm maybe they didnt have a picture of his dad? but then i really couldnt beleive it i really couldnt and it makes me sad not even because he was one of my favorite wrestlers but because of all hes went through and he wasnt only in the prime of his career but in his actual life with his family and everything and overcoming addiction which is something my dad did and i liked that most about eddie and i liked him way more for that then for his wrestling(even though i loved his wrestling) and i cant beleive hes gone and we wont see anymore eddie matches and how he seemed fine. and one of my co-workers died the other day and i didnt really know him but its really weird. i didnt think id care this much if a wrestler died i really didnt

From: “gotti / Bubba…”

First off let me say how sorry I feel for Eddie’s family and friends, my thoughts are with them. Second, my Father passed away about four years ago and before that we would always watch wrestling. My Father and I would always say I bet Eddie will make it big, time went on, my Father passed on but I still kept watching. In fact i was in the middle of watching a taped Raw when I got the call about my Father. I kept watching the shows and Eddie was getting a big push at last and off to Wrestle-mania he went. He went against the odds in his life and in the ring. He would always find away a way to win and did so against Brock Lesnar. The best moment was when he hugged his Mother and came out later to hug Benoit. The Thursday that just passed was his last performance on Smackdown and he went out like Eddie was supposed to. He won. I just hope this makes everyone understand how precious life is. Eddie would, like Vince says, “for the show to go on.” Well, the show will go on, the fans will keep watching and we will ALL miss a great performer in the world of wrestling. One last thing, Eddie. if you can hear this, say “Hi” to my Dad for me and let him get your autograph.


Farewell from gotti, E rae, and the whole wrestling crew.

From: “Eric B.”

it saddens me deeply to hear about the untimely death of one of the wwe’s top superstars. i still have a hard time accepting the fact that he is gone at such an early age. he will forever live on in the hearts of many wwe fan. we as a people need to keep his family in our prayers and help them as much as possible to over come this tragic and untimely death. my heart also goes out to the wwe for loseing an angel in the process of getting his wings. may he for ever REST-IN-PEACE. we will never forget him and how he has touched the lives of many.he is and has been a true insperation to those who have battles and struggles in life with pesonal demons that just can’t seem to be shaken. he was a man that seemed to do whatever it took, to strive for excelance thru the power of the holy spirt. As i get ready to close, i just want to say that eddie will truly be missed by all. the shell that onced house his spirt has made an impact not only in professional wrestling but in all of us. brother eddie has now gone on to be with the lord and he is now in a better place. may he live on thru all of us, for we will never forget him. may he rest in pece…………SLEEP ON BROTHER EDDIE. YOU WILL TRULY BE MISSED…..

From: “Robert Gibson”

R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero

Man… Another gone and far too soon.. I found out

today that WWE Star Eddie Guerrero passed away today

at age 38. Leaving behind a wife and three kids..

Needless to say I’m shocked, stunned and saddened. The

world, the WWE, and the fans all lost one of the best

if not the best ever. Eddie had overcome his demons

and found a relationship with God and I respect him

for that. And for passing that belief onto others.

What can I say that hasn’t been already said by so

many others ya know? You can’t sound cliche when

speaking from the heart but words can’t explain the

loss everyone suffered today.

My thoughts, my prayers, and my condolences all go out

to the Guerrero family, and the entire WWE family as

well. May God be with you all and may He keep Eddie

forever in our hearts.

God Bless,

Referee Rob G.

From: “The Jennys

let me start off by giving my heart felt feelings of remorse to the Guerrero family and friends

eddie eddie eddie will be really missed

he will be remembered as one of the greatest performers ever!!

i am sure going to miss latino heat every week

i will watch RAW and SMACKDOWN this week but after that i don’t think i can watch after that it’s not the same without eddie around

i really feel for the locker room

he is so close to my own age of 36 and i also have a wife and 2 kids

it’s feel strange today knowing that he is not around anymore

you will be missed dearly by all

Latino Heat will live forever!!

from Derek Jenny in St,.Louis, Saskatchewan CANADA

From: “Nick Barsoum”

Eddie Guerrero,

A man who defied all the odds and gave his life to Professional Wrestling and will always be remembered as an all time great. He truly is one of the all time greats, and I definitely will miss his entertaining performances every week. He is a man who always gave his all to his fans all around the world, despite all the problems and demons that he endured. He managed to turn his life around and became someone that his children, entire family, and the entire world admire, and can call a hero.

Eddie, you truly are a charismatic, entertaining, and most definitely a great man. You will never be forgotten, and your memory will live on for ever. I am sure that I am not only saying this for myself but also for your fellow workers and family, when I say You are and will always be loved, missed and remembered for ever.

When learned of Eddie passing this morning, I was so distraught, and began to cry. I could not believe that “Mr. SmackDown”, Eddie Guerrero had died. I, and I know the entire world was hoping that this was just another stunt by the WWE. But as I browsed other news sites I realized that this was indeed true. I am still in shock and can’t believe that he really is gone. Eddie Guerrero truly is Smackdown, and I don’t know if I could ever watch Smackdown again, it was would just be too hard to not see Eddie every week put on such an entertaining show.

All I can say is that the Wrestling World will not be the same for a long time to come, and I know I speak for everyone when I say, “WE LOVE YOU EDDIE, AND WE KNOW YOU WILL ALWAYS BE WITH US: RIP”.

My prayers are with his Family and Friends

Your Number One Fan,

Nicholas F. Barsoum

From: “Tony Gallagher”

Eddie Guerrero is one of my fav wrestlers and im gonna miss him so much



i will always think of you in my heart plus lie cheat and steal is my


phrese !!!


From: “Gustavo Rangel”

eddie guerrero, i just want to say thank you for making wrestling the best as it could be. I have been a fan for years and it pains me to know that your gone… As one hispanic to another and as a culture, we are all proud of you for what you have done in your career. Also, i am happy and proud that i have see a hispanic win the world title in my life. We may never get to see that again. As people who love and enjoy wrestling we will miss the lies, the cheats and the steals you did, we will miss the very best “Im in pain” or “I been hit with the chair” fake acts you done to make us laugh.

You have over come so much and now your gone…

we will remember you eddie, for EVERYTHING YOU’VE DONE!

Latly i been considering to learning how to wrestle and for what you have done in your career and your death. just motovates me even more to do so.

Thank you Eddie Guerrero…. NO ONE WILL EVER TAKE YOUR PLACE…..

From: “Tony Barbieri” <
I am still in complete shock since being informed of Eddie’s death on a news ticker. I could not go to bed til nearly 5am since watching videos and news and bios of Eddie. I have watched him since he started in WCW and he has entertained me with interviews and tactics and amazing wrestling techniques.

I was privileged to have been blessed along with millions of fans and I pray that God Blesses Eddie and his family.

Tony Barbieri

Toronto Canada

From: “Noel Doran”

Eddie you will be a legend forever and Rest In Peace my friend R.I.P ‘ viva la raza’ Noel Doran, Wicklow,Ireland

From: “Graeme Shaw”

I would just like to say that my families prayers will go to Eddies family tonight, and my heart goes out to everyone who was close to Eddie. Eddie was one of the greatest in ring performers of all time and im sure that every wrestling fan in the world is deeply saddened by his loss, as I am. He did not deserve to die after all he has been through in recent years. Eddie will be missed on Smackdown! and all other WWE events and they will not be the same without his presence. Eddie was a top class man in and out of the ring and, no mtter what happens in the WWE, he will not be forgotten. I will miss seeing Eddie wrestle as I have seen him at live events and on TV and he always stole the show. I sincerely hope that he is inducted to the WWE hall of Fame, as he definetly deserves it after eerything he has done in the WWE. R.I.P Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero Viva la Raza , you will be missed.

Big G

From: “Sandro Marques”

it was with big shock that I found out that Eddie Guerrero as passed

out…He was a great performer and a great human being.Is tragic death

is a big loss not only for the WWE but for the wrestling buiseness and

also for the World.

Eddie will always remaind in our harts because we will never forget

the one and only LATINO HEAT.


R.I.P Eddie

From: “Cody Duscha”

Eddie Guerrero was a talented performer, but more importantly a loving father. I don’t know details of this tragedy, but I pray for his family and those whom loved him and hope he knows he’s loved wherever he is. God bless you, Eddie.

From: “Yenchko, Andrew L.”

For a long time, I’ve said that Eddy (spell it right, dammit. Respect the man.) Guerrero was the greatest commodity in wrestling. He had it all…actual ability, Charisma, a history…he was phenomenal. WWE did the right thing with the WWE championship at No Way Out, and at WMXX, unlike now, and gave Eddy exactly what he deserved: the flag.

I am proud to call Eddy my brother in Christ…and I know I’ll see him again someday.

The Candle that burns brightest…burns shortest…

From: “Scott Bashara” <
As with Roberto Clemente in baseball, Eddie should be immediately inducted into the WWE hall of fame. He would have ended up there anyway in several years.

From: Mrrumpole1826@aol.com

i guess heaven needed a new champion and it was your time to go , may god hold you next to him at his right hand.my prayers go out your family Rest IN Peace

From: Uannoymegrump@aol.com

I want send my condolences to the WWE and the guerrero family. We’ve lost a great man in Eddie. Latino Heat will live on in every fans hearts and memories. Long Live the lyin, cheatin, and stealin, Eddie Guerrero.

From: “tracy burden”

My heart and my prayers go to the entire Guerrero and the WWE family. This is a terrible loss of a great wrestler, friend, entertainer, and a great man. His soul now rests in the hands of The Almighty God. He is in a much better place now.

From: “Tim Butler”

Eddie was the epitomy of someone overcoming adversity, able to admit his shortcomings, and still have real class

One of the lights in our world has gone out but will never be forgotten–Tim B, a lifelong fan

From: dickawesome@aol.com

I think Eddie Guerrero is one of the greatest wrestler and entertainers to ever hit the scene of pro wrestling.

My heart goes out to his family and WWE. Thats about all I would like to say.

On a side note, I was at Wrestlemania XX when he cried while hugging Chris Benoit, and I remember it like it was yesterday. He was a great competitor and loved to entertain.

From: “iris schwesint”

eddie was cool,he,ll be miss wrestling wont be the same,,,i like give wwe and his family all my luv and prayers ,,my son is a ill child he made happyness in his life thaxs eddie from heaves above god bless ur soul,,ms schwesing,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, tc,,always

From: “nicole perry”

Eddie Guerrero – Lation Heat, will be missed not just by the WWE


but also fans around the world.

He will never be forgotten, WE LIE, WE CHEAT WE STEAL will live


Eddie Rest In Peace.

Join the other great wrestlers in what i call (Wrestlers heaven)

My thoughts and prays are with his family and friends. Eddie touched

alot of

peoples life, in many different ways.

Miss You, Love You, Never Foget You



From: DaRkGuY57@aol.com

It’s been a great couple of years of seeing you perform, Eddie. I can’t thank you enough for all of the work you’ve done for professional wrestling. From your days in ECW, to your days in WCW, and finally to your final couple of years in WWE. You always were one of the best in the business and a great person. The words lie, cheat, and steal shall forever be remembered. We’ll all be thinking about you as you look down on us from up above. Rest in peace, Eddie.

Kyle Davis (North Carolina)

From: “Vern”

Eddie was favorite for many people including me. I

will always remember Eddie as the greatest guy for his

great pranks and steals! I pray for his family as they

cope over the lost off a great person. Eddie you will

be missed. To Eddie! ~Logan

From: InimicalRage@aol.com

Eddie will be missed and never forgotten,my brothers and i followed his career for the longest time even when he seemed to be the bad guy then the good guy,i never gave up on liking him..i like to send my condolences to his family and friends and know i am thinking of you all and i shall be lighting a candle in rememberence of the greatest Eddie.

Patti in Syracuse

From: “Michelle Smith”

We will miss you very much Eddie. Here is to Eddie’s family! You are all in our prayers and this I made in Eddie’s Memory. Eddie Will be great missed and was loved by everyone. Even all his fans.

Your Big Fans, Michelle Smith & Family

From: ItsMszAbby@aol.com

Eddie was a good wrestler him an rey mysterio are the ones who caught my attention on smack down,it was such a shock when i found out he passed away….i cryed for an hour….my friend Kim told me…it was very heart ripping…i just hope Vickie is okay an their 3 daughters my wishes an preyers go out to them…he had very good skills in the ring an always seemed to make everyone laugh…its just very hard to believe that Eddie Guerrero is dead….hes gone but not forgotten….you can’t forget a guy like Eddie Guerrero its just not possible…my heart gos out to Vickie an her 3 girls im very so sorry for you’r loss he was such a great spirited soul….an to everyone else who known Eddie my heart gos out to you too…God bless you an keep your head up tomorrow is always a new day

From: Shelly23556@aol.com

Eddie is a legend and always will be. He gave everything in the ring. Eddie we all miss you and we will all give you a thought everyday. You are everyone’s champion. Your death has devestated everyone. I will remember you for your amazing matches you are great entertainment and you’ll be in my heart forever. I cry for you everday!!VIVA LA RAZA!! R.I.P Latino Heat RIP Eddie Guerrero

Chelle McBride, Edinburgh, Scotland

From: “Alfredo Carpinteyro”

eddie i was one of your biggest fans you were my hero you inspired me to become a wrestler when i grow up im going to miss you eddie you were the only reason i watched wrestling you went through hard times but you got through all of them you will forever be my favorite wrestler thanks for all the years you gave me to watch wrestling you can finally rest in peace we all love you eddie.


From: “Jorge Figueroa”

I’d just like to send out my condolences to the entire Guerrero family.

Eddie was one of the greatest performers ever in every organization he

was with. He has left me with many fond memories of great matches and

he was always one of the best heel characters ever. When he became

Latino Heat I remember everyone saying he sucked but I always rooted

for him because he was and always will be one of the greatest

performers ever inside that ring. Rest in peace Eddie. All your fans

will always have the wonderful memories you left them with from the



From: “Steve & Susan Jones

Eddie Guerrero: 1967-2005

I can’t believe it is true. I slept in after a night of partying and awoke to watch old TNA replays on ESPN Classic Canda (they were doing a TNA day) with full intentions of ordering TNA Genesis tonight. When they went to commecial, I logged onto my cell phone to see if there was any news. I was expecting maybe someone saw Christian backstage at Genesis, or there was an update on Batista or Edge’s injury. Instead, what I read shocked me. More Details on the Sudden Passing of Eddie Guerrero. Almost immediately I read through each and every article. I have lost classmates to a drunk driver before, and although saddened by the loss, I can’t say it shook me as hard as this one. I was relatively close to one of the two people who died in that accident. But, I feel extremelt close to Eddie having followed his career from ECW to WCW and now to WWE. I never met the man, aside from seeing him in action at a house show this past September of 2004, and seeing him take on ROb Van Dam in an epic ladder match that was easily one of, if not THE BEST match I have ever witnessed in person. This is shocking, and I ams till in disbelief and have broken down into tears on two occaisons. I can’t imahgine howthe entire WWE roster, and the whole wrestling world must feel. Not to mention his closest friends in Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko and Rey Mysterio. And even worse his wife, Vicky, and his children. This is shocking and tragic and will definetly shake this entire industry up. No matter what happens in the coming days, I want to always remember Eddie Guerrero as being a kind-hearted man who was one of the best in-ring performers in terms of wrestling skill, mic skills, and charisma.

Rest In Peace Eddie Guerrero,

You Will Certainly Be Missed

From: “Albert” from the moment i heard abotut the passing of eddie guerrero, i was in utter shock. i could not believe that the man who perfected the frog splash and the man who was the original radical is gone. i watched his feud with rey mysterio and eddie was so good at going from the most loved wrestler to the most hated. he played the parts to the best of his ablility and played them well. The angle with him and chavo of lieing, cheating, and stealing was my favorite. at least the were honest about what they did, as eddie would say. he managed to go from and radical who was surrounded by 4 others to the top of the wrestling world. he let his ability shine through and it culminated at no way out when he won the wwe title and his carrer came full circle. and the top of the mountain came at wrestlemania after defeating kurt angle. his best friend and other radical chris benoit got his dream of becoming wwe champion for Raw and after he celebrated on the turnbuckle, he turned around to see his friend Eddie Guerrero standing there crying. and as they celebrated everyone around the world wept and knew that both friends who broke into the wwe together were on top of the mountain. and with that hug it showed u that eddie never forgot his friends. and if you watch the video on wwe.com of his friends congratulating him after his no way out win u see rey, benoit, dean malenko, and other hug him including his mother. but the best is him telling his wife thank you for being there as he battled his demons, and telling him that winning the title was his way of saying he loves his wife and kids. those 2 moments show that eddie was a great friend and a loving husband and father. Eddie, Latino Heat, you will be missed by fans all over the world. now as you reach heaven you can see how proud we are for having to see you and how inspired we are for how you battled back. and you also can see how proud your father was of you for the carrer you had. we love you and we will never forget to Lie to our demons and break away from them. To Cheat our way past those demons to find our faith, and to Steal the hearts of those we love for family and friends are the most important thing as you have showed us. Viva La Raza Eddie We love you.

From: FERDITHEDON@aol.com

I’m really really shocked about the Death of Eddie.. i knew him as a friend and as a brother, since the age of 5 hez been like a father figure to me i live in london and always kept in touch with him and i was going to fly out this saturday to congratulate him because he was sceduled to win the world title last night.

He is trully one of the best wrestlers and one of the best person i’ve known and there is only 1 Eddie Guerrero. I’m going to make sure no one forgets you eddie you were trully one of a kind.. i love you foreva man


From: Daniel9876@aol.com

Id just like to say that im really saddened by the passing of eddie Guerrero.

Eddie was a great entertainer as well as a great wrestler, Eddie was just an inspiration for me as i like the way he wrestles and the way he can manage to get the fans going. He was just amazing.

Im really sorry that Eddie passed away at such a young age and to the family and friends of Eddie Guerrero are in my thoughts and prayers. He was a great man and we’ll be deeply missed.

Once again the friends and family of Eddie are in my thoughts as this is such a tough time for them all.

Daniel H

From: “Jenson Buttons shiny helmet

What can I say about Eddie that has not already been said?

I doubt there is much as Eddie was one of the few wrestlers who the fans agreed was great!

While guys like Hogan & Undertaker will always have people arguing about whether they are good or not,Eddie will get nothing but praise from the bulk of wrestling fans!

Eddie was a true great who captured the hearts of the fans.

I hope he & Art Barr a tag teaming their way through many more superstars that are no longer with us!

There is a little less heat in the world as the Latino flame has gone out!

Viva la raza

Viva la Eddie



London England


Eddie was a great wrestler, who by admitting his past problems may have a many people. It took a lot for him to

do that, and I admire him for that! GOD BLESS EDDIE! My thoughts and prayers go to his family, and the WWE!

I’ll miss you!

Susan Saracena

Germantown, TN


I can’t say how i feel right now just i know i only got to see eddie


once and im gutted ill never see him again im going to be staying at


2am to watch raw tonight in the uk in tribute to him.

god bless eduardo gory guerrero

From: “Adam Anderson”

I will miss you so much Eddie. I had a daydream about you up in heaven,


bring them something special your sense of humor and I’m sure if they


have low riders in heaven they sure have them now that your up there


You will remain in our hearts forever and you will live on forever. May


bless you and may god bless your family.

You will be greatly missed,

Your #1 fan,

Adam Anderson

From: “Josh Blanton”

I am extremely sad to hear of passing of Eddie Guerrero. Life is an amazing thing. I am celebrating the life of my new child and am so excited about it and then I come in to see one of the best wrestlers ever to pass away. He always made me laugh and wanting more. Wrestling will not be the same without him.

From: “Brandon Baker”

Thank you Eddie for all the memories, and laughs. I followed Eddie from


ECW and WCW days. One helluva performer, and It was good to see WWE


that and gave him the WWE Title, before his passing. It was the icing

on the

cake for Eddie. Thought and prayers are with the Guerrero family. RIP


Eddie Guerrero Resto En Paz. Viva La Raza.

Keep your stick on the ice


From: “moises lopez”

Wrestling was becoming sour to me lately. As soon as i

saw that eddie was going to start fueding with

bautista for the belt i was glad to see he was back in

the main event picture and was eager to watch again.

This was a man who but his heart and soul into this

buisness. Alot of people dont realize how many people

are in the buisness just to be in the buisness without

naming names. But he gave it his all and he put even

more pressure on himself to make sure the fans enjoyed

loving/hating him. Sad part was all i wanted was for

him to regain the belt at least once. When news broke

out about bautistas injury and possibly having to drop

the belt i knew his time had come. Its sad that he

passed away on the night he possibly would of regain

the belt. my thanks go out to not just a great

wrestler but a great entertainer and a great person.

He recovered from a horrible life to live 4 sober

honest good years. RIP Eddie Guerrero

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