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Ryan Clark

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As promised, your Eddie Guerrero feedback is posted below. More will be coming. Thanks to ALL of you who sent this in. This is absolutely an amazing amount of feedback from all of you. We appreciate your comments and continued support. Some of these brought me to tears.

From Tony” Its been a day since I heard the tragic news of the Death of Eddie Guerrero and I am still in a state of shock, I just can’t believe he’s gone and will never be seen on Smackdown again. He was the best wrestler on their wrestler and a fun guy to watch. I have always loved watching him Lie, Cheat and Steal his way to success and he did it with style. Nobody and I mean nobody will be able to replace Eddie because he was such a unique person and I believe hes up there now in heavon wrestling with the other all time great wrestlers who have passed on, guys like Andre the Giant, Mr Perfect and Owen Hart. God bless you Eddie, I’m sure going to miss you.

Tony Hall, London England

From: “William Peachey” im deeply and uterly shocked eddie has passed away, my

thoughts and prayers go out to the Gurrero family. he

is sadly missed, and im still in shock he is gone,

part of me doesnt want to admit that he is gone

RIP Eddie – Viva La Razza!

From: MUNITTTT@aol.com

Eddie seemed to be happy when he was in the Ring. God bless his soul, and may he be at peace. Rest In Peace Eddie, you will be missed.

From: “Cardone, Nelson PO”

I must say that hearing the news was a huge shock. The wrestling community surely has lost a great athlete and person. I can only imagine how the wrestlers feel backstage. My heart goes out to Eddies wife, kids and the rest of his family through this troubled time. I have seen Eddie in person on many occasions and he always put on an outstanding match every time. If it was not the best match that night it was one of the best hands down. We will always remember Eddie as not only do me and my girlfriend mourn Eddie but every wrestling fan as well as everyone else in the wrestling community. Never forget LATINO HEAT.

To Eddie – Thank you. Thank you for giving us something to cheer about. Thank you for being human. Now you rest in a place where nothing can get to you. I think I speak on behalf of everyone that we look forward to seeing you when our time comes. Stay smiling for we will never forget…LATINO HEAT. Rest in Peace forever.

Your fan,

Nelson Cardone

From: CyberJackhammer@aol.com

Goodbye, Eddie. You’re an inspiration to all aspiring wrestlers and fans. Whereas other superstars simply beat the odds inside the ring, you did it in unison with beating them on the outside. We will miss you.

-Matt, United Kingdom.

From: “Chris Hargraves”

We will all miss you Eddie-loved your wrestling work, and more important I love how you overcame every obstacle in your young life

God speed Eddie

chris hargraves

waterloo Illinois

From: “mike guittar”

Eddie was always one of my favorite wrestlers. Eddie helped me live a dream of being on WWE television. At the Rochester taping of Smackdown! on July 26, 2005, Eddie broke the news that he was Dominick’s “real father,” sending Dominick running out of the arena. I was in the front row and could be seen standing up with my camera phone the whole time he ran out, as him and Rey passed right by me. The whole time Eddie read chapter 1 of his bedtime story I was chanting for him, and even got some good Eddie chants going even though he was an obvious heel.




From: F2WALSH@wmconnect.com

Thank you Eddie for all of your great matches and dedication to wrestling! We celebrateyour life today and know that you are in Heaven, a much better place! I will miss you! You are a great champion!

Matt Walsh

From: “Ignazio Manganaro”

The word shock doesn’t quite describe the feeling I have once I heard


news at Genesis last night. Leaving 3 kids behind is a tragedy beyond

words. Feels like Hawk after he was clean. A damn shame. Glad to see


have a DVD to remember him but. I’ll be watching that intently all


From: “damon brunt”

me and my family have been wwe fans for 15 years and cant express how

sad we

are at the death of eddie he was a great wrestler that made us here in

england smile. take care, god bless, you was one of a kind



From: “Craig Hunt”

I want to say that Eddie Guerrero was an inspiration to other wrestlers and wrestling fans. he entertained us for years, we will miss him so much. My heart goes out to his family and close freinds.

R.I.P Eddie Guerrero – We will miss you and never forget you

-Craig hunt

From: “Brad Ancevic”

Eddie Guerrero was a great guy, I watched him since his WCW days. He did have some things to deal with, but nonetheless overcame what most succumb too. I am very happy that the WWE made it possible for him to be WWE Champion before his untimely demise. Eddie you will always be remembered by your family, friends, and millions of fans that you touched every week. Rest in Peace my friend.


From: drideno1@coastal.edu

I had the fortunate pleasure of being able to see Eddie Guerrero at a

live event

at the North Charleston Coliseum and even though he was playing a

“Heel” in his

match against Batista, you couldn’t help but cheer for his athleticism,


charisma, and his ability to “get over” with the crowd. He wasn’t the


guy in the WWE, but you weren’t ever going to find a heart and passion

for the

business bigger than his. The WWE lost a legend on Sunday. Smackdown

will not

be the same and my sympathies go out to the entire Guerrero family.

RIP Eddie

Guerrero! Viva La Raza!

David Ridenour

Myrtle Beach, SC

From: “Lisa Wright”
Here is a poem I wrote to try and express my feelings for Eddie 🙁

He is truly missed and will never be forgotten.

I don’t know what to say

There are no words that can express

The pain and sorrow felt today

And the cold, dark emptiness

You left so us suddenly

It was unexpected and it hit me hard

We have to go on without you now

I know that it’s going to be hard

You were always there entertaining

Providing the laughs and even a few tears

I want to take the time to thank you

For the memories you gave us over the years

I’ll miss you Eddie and it hurts a lot

It’s like there’s a hole inside of me

A part of me has been ripped out

My heart goes out to your family

The talent you possessed was endless

That was clear to anyone with a brain

I can’t help but feel torn apart

Knowing I’ll never see you again

You were an inspiration to many

You were definitely a hero to me

The personal demons, you fought them all

And became the best you could be

For the obstacles you overcame

You have my admiration and respect

We’ll never see you again in this life

But maybe in the next?

Maybe our paths will cross again

I can only hope and pray

That you know how much you were loved

And that I’ll see you again some day

You will be sorely missed Eddie

The whole world loved you so much

I hope you understood

How many lives you touched

I’m glad I had the opportunity

To see you and Chavo perform together

And I speak for every fan when I say

The flame of Latino Heat will continue to burn forever

I end this poem now

As the tears again begin to flow

It’s time for us to say goodbye

Now we have to let you go

By Lisa Wright, 17, Manchester, England

From: ladams3@axp.flcc.edu

The wrestling world has truly lost a great in-ring worker. Without

Eddie,the floodgates for Lucha-style wrestlers making it in the United States

would not even exist.

From: “Justin Kirby”

Eddie, I never had a chance to see you in person, but the way you carried yourself in the ring and out of the ring, the way you did your damndest every night to put smiles on the fans faces, are wonderful things. You’re one of a kind Eddie, we’ll all miss you amigo.

Justin Kirby

Sun Prairie, WI

From: “Daniel Walker”

Hi, I live in Watford (a small town in England), but news of Eddie’s untimely death filtered through round here like wildfire yesterday.

I cannot truely put into words the emotions I felt when I heard the news. It was a complete bolt out of the blue, and something I never saw coming. Eddie was one of the most charasmatic and most natural characters in recent WWE, and always seemed to have a smile on his face.

He beat everything life put in front of him, which is an inspiration for me, and and inspiration for millions of people around the world.

God Bless you, Eddie.

From: “Robert Yrlas” <
Eddie was an awesome wrestler and forever will be one of the greats. It

is just so weird how I feel about this considering I didn’t even know

him. I met him one time at an event and he was such an awesome person

and he took time to autograph and take pictures with all of his fans.


is kind of wierd cause we all just saw him wrestle on Friday. Eddie


be missed. I will pray for him and his family.


From: “Anderson, Douglas”

When my son called me from college with the news I was shocked. He was my son’s favorite wrestler and he took it hard. He was one of the best and he was a role model for being able to overcome all the bad things in his life. He will be greatly missed.

Douglas Anderson

From: “Luke Dobbins”

I was just listening to a song called ‘Gone To Soon’ By Michael Jackson


it was all to relevant to appropriate to what I was feeling.

It is about 26 Hours after I learned of Eddie’s passing and I still


believe it every time I see the WWE.com homepage. I was watching some

of the

Eddie video’s on WWE.com and I honestly could not stop crying because I


in a different light how good he was and entertaining and I never saw


that way until after yesterday. Eddie passing so suddenly has had a


impact on my own life as was mentioned in the forums and I realise now


life is too short and you must treat everyday as your last.

R.I.P Eddie Guerrero You had a positive impact on our lives in many


From: “isobel chesterfield”

Eddie was a true legend who will be sorely missed throughout not only the WWE, but the entire wrestling world. My thoughts are with his family and friends at this time.

Rob (Wales)

From: “Delfin Vasquez”

It’s a damn tragedy. A man haunted by gosts in his personal life but loved by millions for his great skill and charisma. A true master of the ring, and a fantastic entertainer. He got to see his kids, managed to overcome his addictions and he earned the heading of World Champion before his tagic passing. We loved him for what he did and how he did it. It’s a loss the wrestling world wont ever be able to overcome. We love ya Eddie. Viva la Raza!

We’ll miss ya man,

Delfin Vasquez

From: “Carol Mihail”

There are no words to express the shock that everyone is feeling. This man has a persona that very few people have. His personal and professional struggles made him even more of a man. My family and I will miss him deeply. The WWe has lost a phenomonal character as well as a great person. May his memory live on.

The Mihail Family

From: —

It is such a surreal feeling to know that one of the greatest wrestlers on the wwe roster is gone. My condolances go to his family and friends- heaven needed a champion like eddie guerrero.

-Anonymous, Philadelphia

From: “Dobry, Paul”




From: “ryan denno”

It is a shame what happens when a heroe dies. The

things that are out of touch appear in front of your

face. I have a friend that was addicted to pain

killers, after seeing the Eddie Guerrero DVD he

stopped “cold turkey,” Eddie Guerrero was a

inspiration to wrestling fans and people trying to

escape the devil that is pain killers and alchohol.

Eddie Guerrero was one of the finest wrestlers to ever

step foot in the ring. I think that the wrestling

industry will forever be changed due to his untimely

death. In closing I would just like to wish the

friends, fans, and family of Eddie Guerrero my


Forever a fan,

Ryan Denno

From: “albert cerda”

I’m pretty sure that your probably be getting tons of e-mail about eddie guerrero articles to day, but i just wanted to let u know that there’s an article in the el paso times, also this has been top story news on all the local news stations. even though, thats already been a day since this happened, im still in shock, i still can’t believe that this actually happening. I should be here instead writing about how on this monday morning, about how it’s so wonderful that they’re finally giving eddie guerrero another run with the tilte, life works in weird ways. I know everyone has been saying this, its so true, he was taken from too soon, but now we know that he’s in a better place, i wish that his wife and kids get through this real emotional pain. well, now Eddie Guerrero can lie, cheat, and steal in heaven. we love u eddie!!! Albert Cerda

From: “Roger Fence”

I am from El Paso,TX and I practically grew up admiring this man since

I can remember. He is the pride of our small nice city. He showed us what

hard work and dedication can truly get you. He didn’t get to where he was

by backstage politics or kissing ass but by working his ass off and going

out there day in and day out with the intent to steal the show. All he

ever wanted was to deliver a good show for the people who paid their hard

earned cash to see him. He is one of the few people I truly looked up to and

this has just been a very sad day for me. I got to train with his Uncle

here in El Paso and they are just an awesome wrestling family. He’s one of the

reasons why I want to become a wrestler and why I wrestled in high school.

I want to be like him and wish I can accomplish at least a portion of what

he did. I only regret not getting to meet him because I wish I could have

let him know how much he has meant to me. I never met him, but he is one of

the few reasons why I keep moving toward my goals and I now attend the University of Texas at Austin. I just hope he has inspired others and all I

can say in a selfishb way is that I will truly miss him. Everyone in

El Paso knows a Guerrero or at least knows who they are and he has always been looked at as the guy who made it. The guy who overcame obstacles and

went against a system that wasn’t set up for him and he accomplished so much.

I’m gonna miss ya Eddie, and this one’s for u buddy:) Viva La Raza!

Roger Corral.

From: “Sean Daniels”

I just want to say that I send my condolenses to Eddies family and that I know that I will see him again someday in Heaven because he gave his heart to the Lord Jesus. May GOD Bless Your Family, will be praying for everyone.

From: “Ben Jeffreys”

Words cant express the sadness that we have all felt after hearing about the tragic loss of Eddie Guerrero.From the bottom of my heart, I would like to send my condolences to the whole Guerrero family, and friends. He will be truely missed.

I think that Eddie is someone who we can all look up to. He proved that no matter how bad things can be, you can turn things around and make change. The way he turned his whole life around to become the WWE champion, and have a loving family, and so many friends truely shows that Eddie was a class act, and is someone who I will remember as a class act, and as a champion. Like Batista said, my one comfort is knowing that Eddie is at peace, and is happy. He is in good hands.Godspeed Eddie, until we meet again, thank you for the years of joy, amazing wrestling, and for proving what an amazing man you really were. Thanks also to www.thewrestlinganswer.com for the chance for me to speak this out. It means alot.

Ben Jeffreys.

Ben Jeffreys

Owner of BenManLTD


From: “Alexander Omolafe”


Thanks for all the good years of lying, stealing, and cheating. I only wish the Lord hadn’t stolen you away from us. God be with your family and friends and show everyone up there what it means to be cool. God Bless Always,


From: “Shaun Best”

Eddie Guerrero

Not since Owen Hart has a wrestler dying hit me so hard. After posting

my Rajah TV recaps I checked the internet for the daily wrestling news and

couldn’t believe it when I saw the headline. I thought there was a

mistake, I begged it to be a mistake but it was all very surreal. It was made

even more sad when I was reminded of the similarities with Brian Pillman’s

circumstances. I’ve never met Eddie on a personal level but have had the

pleasure of watching him perform live a handful of times. The very

first live event I went to Eddie was in the first match defending his US

Title against Rhyno and everyone loved watching him perform including me. He

was so good to watch and he possessed an aura of greatness like no other. I

have a lot of respect for Eddie as a man and a performer who had just passed

four years of sobriety in a profession where he faced his addictions and

beat them on a daily basis. Eddie went through a lot of personal pain and

torment to entertain us the fans and he gave his life literally to us. At 38

Eddie you have been taken away from us far too soon. I will watch Raw and

SmackDown! with a tear in my eye but am safe in the knowledge that you will

be watching in that big lowrider in the sky. Thank you for so many

memories Eddie. RIP. My sympathy goes out to your family.


Shaun Best

From: “Michelle Delgado”

I am writing to express mine and my family sadness over the loss of Eddie Guerrero. My family and I attended the Supershow in Minneapolis, MN and we’re heartbroken to hear the news when we arrived at the Target Center. Many tears were shed over this tragic loss. Being Latinos ourselves, Latino pride runs very high in our family. We were all very proud of the accomplishments of the entire Guerrero family and what they had acchieved. My son is 9 years old and it is his lifelong wish to become a famous WWE wrestler, much like Eddie. I hope that as he accomplishes his goal, that he will always remember the legacy that Eddie has left behind. Our love, prayers and good wishes go out to Vicky, the three girls and the rest of the Guerrero family. As Christians ourselves, we can be comforted knowing that he’s with the Lord now. Take care. Love, Derek, Michelle and Brandon Delgado and Kim Valentin.

From: TricepBar@aol.com

Eddie you will be loved in death as much as you were in life. You were a true inspiration to many. The name Guerrero and the word respect were synonomous with each other. God bless you, and God bless your wife, your children, your family and your loved ones. May you Rest in Peace.

Andy S, United Kingdom.

From: TSchmidt05@aol.com

Eddie was and forever will be one of the best wrestlers this industry has ever seen and ever will he trully is one of the legends of the industry and will be forever missed by every fan who ever watch him wrestle. Although i have not always been a fan of eddie i have always had respect for him and his talent. he truly was one of the last great mat and mike workers in the world

From: “Tamara Henne” <
When I first read that Eddie has passed away, I was shocked. I have been watching wrestling since I was a baby, and he has alwayz been one of my favorite wrestlers. He was a great wrestler, and you could see the love for the business in his eyes everytime he steped into the ring. Its sad that a guy that has survived everything that life has thrown at him, passed away just like that. Eddie, Im gonna miss you, and its gonna be really hard to turn on SD! and not see you there. My prayers go to you and your family. RIP Eddie.


From: DQuinlan87@aol.com

I just want to say how sad i am at this moment in time to hear about Eddie. Its truly tragic, and i send my best to all of his family. The greatest testament to his career that i can think of, is that so many people at this present time, feel drained, and devastated by his death, and we felt like we knew Eddie Eddie you are a legend

RIP Much love and respect


From: “ric flaires”

A tribute to a wrestler who was the greatest wrestler that ever lived , Eddie was the type of guy who could make me laugh every night and made every wrestler look good every single night . It’s a shame that he held the world title only once he should have had the title multiple times he was THE GAME not that other guy who shall remain nameless in this article .Eddie from your biggest fan without you SMACKDOWN JUST WENT DOWN THE TOILET.

From: JohnHaigney@aol.com

I’m truly saddened by the fact that Eddie Guerrero passed away. I was a huge fan of his and he was truly a great worker in business where no matter where he worked and the man is truly a legend. Not only has the WWE lost a great wrestler but the world lost a great man. I feel like someone close has gone and its very hard to take. This is even made worse by the fact that he was clean for 4 years but I guess the abuse caught up with him in the end. I give my condolences to his family and hope that he has gone to a better place. Thanx Eddie for all the memories. RIP.

From: “Steve Ketterer”

I’ve been watching wrestling, since i was about 5. Eddie Guerrero has always been there. Even at such a young age, I had respect for what he did. I was always a respectfal fan, and liked who i did based on ability, and not attitude. Even though they made Guerrero a heal, which he did right, I always looked forward to his matches. I’ve lost track of the time I was laughing at Eddie’s anticats in and out of matches. GIven, since alot of time has passed, it is becoming harder to recall alot of his matches, but I always remember that they were great. He has had several great fueds, and was one of WCW’s top competetors. I do recall some of the LWO segments, and recall those being golden.

I also remember Guerrero’s early days in the WWF(E). I don’t think any other competitor could have such rememberly segments with Chyna. Those were simply priceless. It just sucks that he, like alot of talent, appeared to be underutilized in the WWE.

It takes alot of talent to accomplish what he has done. He was a master in the ring and on the mic. His talent is simply unbelivable, and it sucks that he was taken so soon. Guerrero easly had several more years of wrestling in him. Given, many say you only have one time where you are at your prime, but Guerrero disproved this. He was at the top of his game back in WCW, but he was easily back up to that point over the past year or so.

Latino Heat will live on in our memories, and i hope i can be half as good as Guerrero in my wrestling career.

From: “Mike Arienti”

Eddie Guerrero’s sudden passing has left us all in shock. The last few years have been horrible for wrestling as far as deaths go. However, Eddie may have taught us all more than we learn in schhol. He taught us what dedication is, he taught us what family is, he taught us what entertaining is, and most of all, he taught us to have passion and love for those things we care about. We aren’t promised a tomorrow, and had Eddie been given one more day, I am sure he would have spent it as vicariously as the rest of them. Eddie was a winner – in the ring and in life. True he had his demons, but as he did so often in the ring, he overcame and pressed on.

November 13, 2005 will forever mark the passing of Eddie Guerrero the decent Christian man, husband, father, friend, cousin, uncle and wrestling superstar who stole our attention and our hearts in so many ways.

Vaya con Dios, Eddie! You will be missed!

From: “stuart mellor”

Id just like to say how shocked i was when i heard the news about eddie

passing away. I know everybody has been terribly shocked by this news and

however sad i feel, my heart goes out to all of the Guerrero family,

and anyone who knew him really well.

As a mark of respect to the late Eddie Guerrero i have scraped my

current college project which i have been working on for two months, and am now

going to be compiling an Eddie Tribute montage to show my respects for

such a great man.

I think one of the reasons it came as a blow to many people is because

of how young Eddie was, at 38 i couldnt believe it when i heard and

initially questioned the reliablity of the story, and then it really just hit me

and i couldnt believe it.

Never again will we see the Three – Amigos or the 5 Star, or his

cheekyness in lieing, cheating and stealing a victory. And no more low riders. Im

getting worked up just thinking about all of this, its very sad, its going

to be so hard making a montage.

Eddie i love you and wish you were still with us right now,


Eddie Guerrero

1987 – 2005

From: “Dave Ferla”

They say when one door closes, another one opens. Quite frankly I just want the one that closed to reopen itself. Losing Eddie Guerrero is something thats too hard to comprehend. Upon hearing the news, I’ll man up to it, I cried. You never expect to lose someone like him at such a time. 38 years old. 3 kids and a wife. This was a man. He was putting food on the table and taking care of his family and even if you dont like wrestling or him, you have to respect that. Eddie was a man who could make you hate him or love him but no matter what you always respected the fact that he made the attempt to turn his life around and make it better. Being taken from everyone seems like a big, cruel joke. Im still waiting to read the headline “Wrestler Fakes Death” but I know it will never happen. He gave us many memories and showed that its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog. God bless you Eddie Guerrero. Thank you for everything you gave us. You will be deeply missed and will forever be loved by myself and the rest of the wrestling world. Here’s to you main eventing in Heaven my friend. Viva La Raza mi amigo.

From: “jonnie sam”

I have been a wrestling fan for over 24 years and very few wrestlers have ever been able to keep me entertained as eddie. Not only would he be able to wrestle at the highest quality with any oppenant he would just be able to make you care about him and his match. Even when he was a “heel” you were hard pressed to cheer against him, and that is saying alot. Every wrestling show I watch from here on out will feel just a little less special knowing that eddie won’t be there. Eddie it’s been a pleasure and i hope to see you agin one day when my time is done on this planet. Thank You.

Jonnie S

Manistee, Mi

From: eric@bigepro.com

I was shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of Eddie Guerrero. I

always enjoyed watching him wrestle, from his days at WCW to jut last

week. I thought his recent push was great; my thoughts were, put him

backin the spot light where he belongs.

I loved his mic work and his promos – he pulled off his heel turns as

wellas anybody in the business and was always extremely entertaining. I

wouldfind myself laughing out loud at some of the thing he had to say. He


Right now my thoughts are with his wife and children, God bless them

allduring this very difficult time; I know they are missing a very great man.

From: “Jag Sangha”

Its so sad im from the uk and to hear he died has affected me cause

everyhas said he wasa likeable guy and i just wanna say eddie rest in peace

and ihope you go to a better place

From: Phillip.Thomas@gulfstream.com

It’s hard to believe that we have lost Eddie. I’m still not believing this it feels like a bad dream. We have lost a great wrestler, I have been following Eddie’s career for 8 years now. And when I saw the news of Eddie’s passing it shocked me and my friends. Eddie was a great performer love the matches that he had with Rey Mysterio in WCW and the WWE they where some great matches. Eddie will be missed. My heart goes out to the Guerrero family. RIP Eddie we love yah!.

Philip Thomas

Completion Center Hardware


From: “Arteaga, Manuel”

Hello there I am a big wrestling fan and we have lost a tremendous

wrestler who can never be replaced I am very sad that he is gone I am

here at work still in shock that he is gone when I heard the news

Sundaymorning I thought it was a mistake I could not sleep at all I misses

himit’s like it has not hit me yet that he is gone and never coming back

wewill not see him wrestle again, I also would like to send my sorry for

his wife and three daughters and the rest of his family I can only

imagine what they are going through god he was only 38 years old I have

so much to say I am in total shock its like when owen hart passed away

it took me a while to get over that I mean I still think about it you

never forget he was going to wrestle that night and I am 100% sure that

he was going to win the title from Batista. I know he is in another

place a better place he is watching down on us doing his little dance

and his wrestling moves like the amigos he was so entertaining he was

funny there will only be one Eddie may you rest in peace and I promise

to you that I and I hope all wrestling fans we will never ever forget


Viva la raza

Love manny from virginia

From: Thegame2818@aol.com

First and foremost i want to express my deepest condolences to eddie’s family. As a fan of the wwe the thing i will remember most about eddie is his passion for the business and the fans. i was really devastated and shocked when i first heard the news and i can’t begin to imagine what the guererro family is going through. The thing most i am going to miss about eddie is his ability to entertain the fans, he was one of the best if not the best at entertaining. My thoughts and prayers are with eddies family.


Mitchell Edwards

From: “Kenn Webster Porter Yard”

Eddie Will be sorely missed..He was one of the greats… Adios Senor Guerrero

From: “Shane Walsh”

My thoughts are with the Guerrero family and everyone at WWE. I will remember him as an outstanding performer.

From: “Alex Stefany”

Finally Eddie can go back to wrestling with Art, let’s not be selfish,

just remember him how he made us happy and how he lived, instead of how he


From: Mhomer87@wmconnect.com

This is a huge blow to wrestling and life in general, Eddie was a huge role model for me and a big inspiration to people who are going through or have gone through what Eddie did with his addiction, I can’t believe this has happened, I still thinking that I’ll tune into Raw and Smackdown! and he will be there, performing for all of us. I can’t believe how his family must fill and his 2 year old who will never know her daddy. If I were ever to get into wrestling Eddie Guerrero would one of the people I would want to have a match with. He will be sorely missed by all of us.

God Bless You Eddie, and your family and your friends. I will miss you!

From: “Kevin Ngoun”

This morning, when I was online, I was on my myspace webpage, and I found Daniel Puder post about Eddie Guerrero, and I thought it was a joke. But when I went elsewhere, and on Prowrestling.com, it was reveal that Eddie Guerrero had passed away. I was in shocked, and choked up when I found out about this news. My first thought was, “What happen?! and Why?! My emotions was running high, and I was almost in tears.

Then I went to wwe.com and it was all there. News, conferences, videos, and everything on wwe.com was about the loss of Eddie Guerrero. He was truly a great man, and very inspirational to many of us. Some us have gone through what he have gone through, and being able to overcome the odds, and demons that is in our lives. He made me and millions of fans laugh, cry, angry, and many other emotions that went along with the character that he play. I was a fan of his from the days of WCW, and how his style made me watch wrestling even more.

From the time that he left, WCW to WWE, I knew he would have a great career here because of all things WCW didn’t want Eddie or the younger talent to do. When he came to WWE, he was doing a great job, and deserving the fame that he deserve. From the time he came up with the Lie, Cheat, and Steal gimmick, it brought me some life and joy to see. It was one of those funny things that is needed in WWE. He made me laugh so much, that I couldn’t get enough of him. He is truly the man of the century, and he is sure will be missed. R.I.P Eddie Guerrero, and long live the memory of Latino Heat!

From: “Bryan Rockefeller”

I was shocked, like everyone else to find out about Eddie’s passing. Eddie was very inspirational, and very talented in the ring. He will be missed. And I will keep you and your family in my prayers and thoughts. If I’ve learned one thing from this, it is that you are never guaranteed another day. Rest in peace Eddie. I will miss you.


From: “Terrance Povey”

Eddie was a brilliant wrestler that will not be forgotten by the WWE

fans I still cant believe it myself

R.I.P Eddie Guerroro

From: “Paquin, Douglas”

I saw Eddie live this past Monday (11/7/05) at a Live SmackDown event, I got to pat his back and everything (as childish as it sounds) he looked great, it was a 3-way with Batista & Orton, I took some pictures in this match. Not knowing that this would be the last time I would see him. This was my youngest son’s first Live event, and he is a fan of Eddie also. I don’t know how to explain to him that when we watch RAW tonight and they do their Dedication that Eddie is gone. He is still young and won’t understand that it isn’t part of the show. After all he had been through in his life, this is extremely sad that at one of the best times of his life and career he is taken away from us. I pray for Eddie’s family & hope that they make it through this tough time. Incidentally my favorite incarnation of Eddie’s Character would be the Latino Heat era with Chyna. Nonetheless he was still entertaining no matter what his current character/storyline called for.

Rest In Peace Eddie, and God Bless.

Doug Paquin

Lexington Kentucky

From: “Ramzi El Rifai”

Eddie Guerrero was a great wrestler and human being, his life was taken

away from him at such a young age. If i was so sad that i actually cried

after hearing the news, i can’t imagine how his relatives and close friends

must feel. At least he died while living the life he always dreamt of, he

will be greatly missed.

R.I.P Eddie Guerrero


From: Bearseph@aol.com

When I think that Eddie has past away I still can’t believe it. He was an awesome performer in the ring, and I am not just saying that because of the what has happen. Before WrestleMania 21 one of the matches I was looking forward to was Eddie Vs Rey. After watching the match I wasn’t disappointed.

With that being said, I do think Eddie death was due to steroid use. I maybe wrong with the results of the autopsy still pending but, all one has to do is look at his body. He had a great body, which doesn’t necessarily mean he was using steroids, but look at all the acne he has on his back. Go back and watch Eddie Vs. Brock. he had zits covering his back and shoulders. You can also look it his match at Wrestlemania 21. You will see how bad his acne is on his back.

I know for the next week we will all heard how he was sober for 4 years and how he changed his life. Certainly he did change his life for the better, but for a lot of people, rather in his family and most definitely WWE won’t admit or specify that he was drug free from everything but steroids. In a business were your body image is a determining factor of our success It is easy to get hooked. I cant remember the last time WWE had a champion that was less than 210 pounds. And lets face it most of us won’t be as interested in the WWE if the had an average looking champion. which explains a lot considering both champions have tremendous physiques.

From: Melacquaah00@aol.com

Eddie Guerrero is a prime example that life is short and in a blink of an eye, someone sitting next to you can be gone tomorrow. Eddie Guerrero ate, sleeped and loved profesional wrestling. Hopefully he left knowing that he has fulfilled all he has done in the world of wrestling, just like all the legends that had pastaway in this business, Eddie Guerrero will be the ones truly missed.

God Bless Him

Mel Acquaah

From: Starrzdesire04@aol.com

I will forever remember watching you throughout your amazing career…I have laughed with you…Cried with you…prayed with you…cheered with you…Cheating Death and Stealing Life will go on forever…Rest In Peace….Viva La Raza!!!

From: “Rodney Davis”

Hi, My name is Rodney Davis, I am a 20 year old college student from

St. Louis, MO. Bottom Line, I am a wrestling fan, first and foremost, not

to mention a huge Eddie Guerrero fan. I been a fan of the business for

about 18 years and have been a part of many exciting times, as well as

many tragic times. Certainly the loss of someone, with the magnitude of

Eddie Guerrero fits right up there with losses such as Owen Hart,

Yokozuna, Rick Rude, Curt Henning, etc. What you did for this business will

never be forgotten Eduardo. I loved your ability in the ring, and I

certainly loved you as a person. I say to your wife, children, family and

WWE family thank you for the memories, and to all of you pray during

this time and continue to pray because as a Christian I know first hand

our lord and savior Jesus Christ can make a way out of no way as you

deal with this rough time. I’ll miss you Mr. Eduardo Guerrero. I love you


From: “Ron D’Anna”

Eddie passed far before his time as many great wrestlers have. He will be sorely missed all over the world. My condolences and deepest sympathy go out to his family and friends. WWE will not be the same without Eddie.

From: “Tracy L” eddie guererro i watched eddie since his time in the wcw

and even then he was a great proformer and a great guy.

im deeply sadend bye all of this and i wish the whole family

my simpotheiz and all the simpotheiz of the wkwa family as well.

From: “Steve”

eddie was a consumate performer. i have grown up watching him and his family in the business. it is a testament to him to see how he affected the guys he worked with. to see those huge mountains of men break down and cry when talking about how eddie touched them only shows that even more. he will truly be missed by this wrestling fan.

steve skillman

columbus, ohio

From: “Tom Waddington”

This will be one of a million emails and messages dedicated to Eddie,

as this is the most shocking news i belive since Owen Harts death. But as

a fan, i would like to say thank-you to Eddie for all of the great

matches and memories that you have left the WWE, WCW and ECW and its fans. Without

doubt, you are one of the greatest performers in the history of the

business, but i dont ever feel as if you were used to your maximum

potential. The Wrestlemania XX moment with you and Chris Benoit will be

remembered forever. And so will you Eddie. I never did meet you, but one day

i hope we can. Take a seat ringside and watch the action from the best seats

in the house. You will be missed more than myself or anyone else is able to

explain. Good Night Eddie. The Wrestling World will never ever forget you, you truly are one of the greatest of all time.

Shine down on us all Eddie and Rest In Peace.

From: “ant edge”

I could not believe what I was reading this morning. I had checked straight away to check how Christian had gone on in his debut at TNA. However, the big story was something so tragic there was no words. It took me back 6 years ago when Owen Hart passed away. That choked me up and this will be no different when I see the tribute shows. You watch someone every week and they become part of your life. That may sound a bit exaggerated but its true. When you loose them its a sad day. This is what it is. A sad day in wrestling.

Eddie had gone through so much in his life and we all know what had happened. In the past few years he had gotten himself back on the right track. I didnt know him, but the way he was. He was out there every week and loving it. He was a guy that gave 110% but did it so people would go home happy. It was something else to see Eddie become world champion last year. After all he had been through he never imagined he would make it to that level. He did and thank god he did. He deserved it.

So I want to say all these words but there isn’t one to give. Its a case of taking in the best memories of him and making us all smile. Thats the one thing that Eddie did the best. He made us all smile. Eddie will never be forgtten. Thoughts are with everyone close to him. We’ll miss you.

From: “Van Seggelen”

eddie was a big inspiration to me, he is one of the reasons that i have done drugs ever in my life, and although i am only 18 i will never ever do drugs because i saw the effect it had on eddie and i dont want that for myself.


From: “Nick Asamoah”

Eddie has survived drugs and alcoholic, he was inspiration, he was a born again christian, i respected eddie’s change in character, he was a role model for people who want 2 succeed and now my favourite wrestler (along with mysterio and cena) has passed away, God thank you for given us a fantastic entertainer like Guerrero, may You bless him and i send my condolance to the Guerrero’s family especially his wife, mum, brothers and children.

R.I.P Eddie Guerrero

Viva La Raza

Lie, Cheat and Steal

I love u man, u r my inspiration

Nicholas, London 16

From: “Kalon Willis”

Eddie Gurrero is one of the most dedicated wrestlers and people that I loved to watch on T.V. I loved how he handles things in the ring, and “outside the ring” (dealing with things in his personal life). I’m very sad that his life had to end this way especially since he’s still young. I send my prayers to the WWE, the Gurrero family, his friends, and everybody that loved him.

From: Bryn266038@aol.com

I’m still in total shock over this very sudden and tragic loss of one of the all time great performers, not just in the WWE but in this entire business. I still can’t believe Eddie has gone, especially so young and when his performances were right at the top of this game, but he’ll most definitely never be forgotten.

He’ll forever be in my heart as a wrestling fan, as i’m sure he will be in every other wrestling fan across the world. And that will carry his legacy as long as this business shall live. I’m just glad i had the privilege of watching you live in action, one of my biggest highlights as a wrestling fan.

God bless all his family and close friends in these sad sad days.

I love you Eddie and i’ll always remember you, may you rest in peace.

Bryn Cooper, UK.

From: JCGWPanther@aol.com

I loved watching Eddie. He always had a good time in the ring entertaining fans like myself. I got to see him live once or twice. One time I remember was at Judgment Day 2003. watching live was awesome. Eddie was in a tag team ladder match for the tag team titles. That night was one of the best nights in my life. Eddie puts on one heck of a show, win or lose. I will miss his lyin’, cheatin’ and stealin’. Eddie, you were the best, I’m gonna miss you. I hope to see you one day. Until that day, viva la raza homes.

I’d like to send my condolences to the Guerrero family. You are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless.


From: “tyler jump”

to eddie and his family, my son and i cry and mourn your loss. as a 45 year old man whos watched wrestling all over the world for over 40 years, eddie you ARE one of the top 3 performers of ALL-TIME. you will be missed but always loved. this comes from keith and tyler jump, much love, much sadness, much prayers, and the world of respect. to your wife and daughters, we pray for you, remember your husband and father of the last 4 years, but love him for all 38. he seemed to be a great man that I’D want my son to be like. thank you for all the memories. rest in peace, my fallen friend. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

From: Austone87@aol.com

My god rest his soul. No one will ever forget him. We will all truly miss you Eddie Guerrero.

From: “jimmy rad”

me and my friends were all shocked and upset when we hard the news. At least now he is in a better place

R.I.P. eddie

From: “Brian Webb”

Shock.That is what I felt first when I heard the news. I couldn’t believe it. It had to be some kind of sick joke. But I knew. I knew that it was true. I just didn’t want to accept it. I never had the privilege of meeting him, but even so, I feel like when he passed away I lost a friend. I will miss the joy he brought all us fans every week and I will always remember him.

From: “laura hager”

I have so many wonderful memories of Eddie Im also lucky enough to have met him 1 week ago today . My first and sadly my last time of being in the presence of such greatness. Last week in Lexington after the main event of Batista,Eddie & Randy. Eddie said they couldnt leave Lexington without having some fun , which he and Batista danced for us in the ring, classic Eddie…it still brings a smile to my face in such a sad time. When he and Batista got out of the ring I yelled I love you Eddie (i was ringside) which made him turn around and smile at me and said I love you too mami. Im so happy to have finally met him , He was not just another wrestler on television to me he felt and was to me my Uncle Eddie .

¡Véale en la próxima vida, mi amigo!

R.I.P Papi u will forever be rememberd and always be missed



From: “Jason Griffith”

Words can’t really describe how shocked and hurt I am that Eddie

Guerrero is no longer with us. As a life long wrestling fan, it hurts to see anyone

I’ve admired for so long pass away. Eddie has been one of my favorites for

years now. His in-ring celebration with Chris Benoit at Wrestlemania XX is

still and will always be one of my favorite wrestling moments. He was

certainly one of the very best at what he did, at being a complete wrestler and

entertainer. He could make us laugh, cheer, boo, even cry and he could do it

all while wrestling an amazing match. I wish I could have gotten to meet

him, I did get to see him wrestle at the one WWE House Show I’ve been to and I was so excited about seeing him that night. I offer sincere condolenses

for Eddie’s family and friends and his fans will never, ever forget him.

Rest in peace Eddie, we love you.

From: “?????? [alfonso] ????

well i just can say that Eddie’s dead is a huge lose to wrestling world and to his family who i send my respects and my condolence and just remind you all that ¡VIVA LA RAZA!

Alfonso Avila Mexico D.F.

God bless Eddie Guerrero

From: “Davik Informatique”

Eddie, you will be missed by so many people. You were an incredible worker in the ring and will never be forgotten.

My prayers to your family, especially your 3 kids. You can rest in peace ’cause we’ll never forget you.

Daniel Lacas

Montreal, Quebec

From: “Kevin Stoll”

I Still can’t believe it right now.. It is very sad what happend 🙁 I was crying when i was reading this.. Eddie Guerrero was a GOOD man.. his gimmick was cool, his persona was cool and i will miss him.. I would like to thank him for the fine moments in his WWE career.. And i wish all the best to his family.. VIVA LA RAZA Esse!!!! R.I.P Homey!!!!

From: “Lucas Mutschler”

Eddie was a true legend and will be missed by all

From: JazzSantoni@aol.com

Eddie was an incredible performer, of whom i loved to watch every week. I don’t think his charisma can be touched by anyone in the locker rooms today. I’ve followed Eddie’s career since his ECW days, and onto WCW with the LWO, and onto WWE current. No matter Eddie being a heel or face, he could get the crowd to pop. He could make you angry, smile, laugh….all at the same time. I will never forget Eddie and the impact he’s had in the business of Sports Entertainment. Everytime he performed, he looked like he was having a blast, and THAT’S what it’s all about in this world. I wish his family and colleagues the best on their great loss. Chavo, start hitting those frog splashes in memory of Eddie!


Charles Block

Gainesville, FL

From: “Eva Jornet” <
I just want to say Eddie was a great

friend,father,Uncle,brother,a great wrestler,and a

funny guy.He never let anything get him down and he

was always smiling.All I can say he is just one

special guy who will live in our hearts and minds

forever!Keep lying,Cheating,and stealing my friend!May

u never b forgotten and may u b loved forever by all

your family and friends!We love u!!!!!!!!Joan

From: “Anthony Putney”

Eddie was one of the few superstars that I really had a chance to talk to and get to know. He became a good friend of mine, and I loved being able to visit with him when he was in my home town. I myself am aspiring to be a profesional wrestler. To be exact… it was his words that made me decide to go ahead and go forward with it.. “If you work hard, and truely deep down in your heart want it… ANYTHING can happen.” And, I’m taking those words straight to the WLW Wrestling Academy in Eldon, Missouri to begin my wrestling training next summer under the instruction of WWE Legend and Hall of Fammer Harley Race. Eddie… I love you man… you inspired me to be the man I have wanted to be since I was a little kid watching WCW and the old WWF. I am going to dedicate this to you.

From: “Dominic Berner”

Eddie, Thank you for everything you did in this business and I will always miss you.

You will never be forgotten in the eyes of your fans.

Rest In Pearce


From England

From: “Joseph Brozoski”

We’re gonna miss you Eddie.

From: “Matt Edlin”

Eddie was a great superstar, and will be missed

Viva La Raza – R.I.P Eddie, we love you

From: “Joe Maley”

My name is Joe maley from Cincinnati, OH. I’ve been a huge wrestling fan since around 1993, and Eddie has always been one of my favorites. The very first ECW match I ever saw was the infamous Eddie-Dean Malenko match, and I was hooked from that point on. I always prefered Eddie as a heel, and I think the matches he and RVD put on were some of the best in WWE history. Just imagine the matches he and Owen are putting on in that ring in the sky right now. Rest in peace Eddie, we’ll never forget you.

From: “peter walker”

Dear All,

I just want to add my s and my families sympathy to the Guerrero family at this very sad time.

I sae Eddie wrestle in the U.K. a few months ago and it is no exaggeration that he was the best wrestler on the show.

I will be at the Manchester show on Thursday and will pay my respects accordingly.

In Peace

Peter Walker

From: “Daniel Plunkett”

Still can’t beleive he’s gone.

From: “steve jenkins”

Eddie Guerrero – One of the best EVER. Words cant describe how me and other fans worldwide are feeling with this loss. It tears me up inside knowing he’s gone. Rest in peace my man, you will be missed!

Steve Jenkins – Newcastle, UK.

From: “Devin Skaggs”

I just cannot believe what is happening. I cannot believe he is gone and my heart has grown a little darker knowing that once again a good man was taken. I cannot lie and say that my sadness is surpassed by my anger because it isn’t. This is one of those times where I just don’t know why Eddy Guerrero died or why a God in Heaven would allow a man like Eddy to pass on. It’s hard to see through the tears. My deepest condolences go out to everybody affected by this loss, this cosmic travesty. My thoughts will be with Vickie and the kids, the entire Guerrero family and all the people Guerrero’s passing will affect. I have a hole in my heart and this one hurts a lot more because Eddy fought through so much only to have this happen. Eddy will truly NEVER die in my mind or any fan’s mind that saw him work his magic.

Devin Skaggs

From: “jim malervy”

I was very pleased to see how every major news outlet has reported on the passing of Eddie Guerrero. From what I have read, it seems that the WWE has done a good job in paying tribute to his life with WWE programming and their website. Let’s just hope that this is the last death of the year.

From: “Jim Alvey”

I am shocked and saddened by the loss of Eddie. He was one of my top 5 favorite wrestlers in WWE. WWE, Smackdown! and even Raw, will never be the same due to his passing.

I wish Eddie the best of luck in the afterlife, and I pray to God his family will be able to go on without him.



From: reas11@supanet.com

Like everybody else i was in total shock and disbeleaf when i found out

that eddie had died.

I wish his family and children all the best in what of course is a hard

time for them and hope that eddie will not be forgotten.

Best wishes

Stephen Rea

From: “mike smith”

Great performer, manymany outstanding matches, truly charistmatic, cant believe he has passed. My deepest sympathy to the family

From: JlmTerminator8@aol.com

Eddie I will miss you so much. I work on independent shows in North Carolina and I learnt so much from you by watching old and new video tapes and all the times I seen you wrestle when you came to North Carolina. Eddie you did so much for the wrestling business and I have nothing but the up most respect for you and your family. Thank you Eddie Guerrero for everything, and you will be missed. The Guerrero family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Louis Moore

God Bless

From: “brandon harris”

i was shocked to find out that eddie had passed away. It’s just hard to believe. He was the only reason i watched Friday Night Smackdown! The moment he came to the WWE i knew that he was going to be a superstar. Eddie was one of the most entertaining superstars in the business. i will miss eddie and i just want to say thank you eddie for all the memories. He will truly be missed. Friday Night SmackDown! will not be the same without him


From: OoMuahahahaoO@aol.com

I was in total shock when I found out Eddie Guerrero passed away. When things like this happen though, I try to think of the positive as much as I can – that’s what helps me cope with these situations. I think Eddie Guerrero is at peace since he passed away being sober for 4 years. The situation would’ve been a lot worse if he would’ve died drugged in the car accident a few years ago. His family (and soul, if you believe in a heaven and hell) will always have the knowledge that he overcame all those obstacles and died truly at peace with himself.

Regardless, someone has to step in and do something about whatever is causing these wrestlers to die way too early in their lives.

May God be with Eddie Guerrero and his family.

Eddy S.

Miami, FL

From: “Dan Jackson” <
With the loss of Eddie Guerrero a lot of people lost a lot of things. Eddie was survived by a wife and three children whom my thoughts and prayers go out to. Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Rey Mysterio, Dave Batista and many others have all lost a close friend and myself and millions of others around the world lost a hero.

Myself, like nearly everyone who reads this will be, am just a fan. I grew up watching wrestling in the 1990’s in the middle of the Monday Night Wars it was a very exciting time for wrestling fans everywhere. I didn’t see too much of Guerrero in WCW, I wasn’t there biggest fan but what I did see I really liked. It was not until his debut in the WWE that I really became familiar with him, instantly as the Radicalz debuted I picked Eddie out as the stand out star with Benoit, Malenko and Saturn all very impressive as well.

As Eddie progressed in the WWE I became fascinated with his unique style and charisma, I saw his tapes from Japan, ECW and went back and looked at his WCW matches with classics everywhere.

I know about his personal problems, his alcoholism and drug abuse, but that is not what this man will be remembered for. Myself, and everyone I know, has commented on what an amazing athelete and character the man was. I myself am incredibly proud of man I never knew or will ever have the pleasure of knowing, for being able to overcoome these demons and get his life back on track, to become the best in the world.

How history will look upon Guerrero I don’t know, but to me he was the absolute best and while he had his troubles he was able to overcome them and that is the mark of a true man.

Daniel Jackson.

Eddie Guerrero R.I.P.

From: “Phil Ebner”

I am going to miss Eddie Guerrero so much. When i found out about his death i was totally speechless!

As a man who is only 5ft8, i have been told all my life that I am too small to be a footballer, but watching Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit (2 small men in the land of giants) stand at Wrestlemania XX holding the 2 heavyweight titles was truly inspirational to me, I will never forget it.

Eddie was definitely one of the greatest in ring performers of my generation, and I will never forget him.

RIP Eddie Guerrero, thank you for entertaining us.

From Phil (Glasgow, Scotland)

From: “S. Templeton”

Last night I watched the Smackdown replay where Eddie was wrestling Kennedy. He was in “True Eddie Form”. As I watched, it was hard to believe that no longer will we see his impish grin. We will no longer hear the chants of “Eddie, Eddie, Eddie”. I went to the WWE web site and watched all of the videos on Eddie from the time he was a young boy. Sure, Eddie made mistakes with drugs and other things, but who has not made mistakes in their life. He learned from his experieneces and turned his life around and came back to win the belt. He was a better man through his experiences because he learned from them. He will be surely missed, and my heart goes out to his mother and family. Thank you for sharing Eddie with us!

From: prdennis@bama.ua.edu

Eddie Guerrero was not only the greatest latino wrestler of our time,

but also one of the greatest people. His story touched so many people

and was inspiration to many. He will truly be missed. RIP Eddie

From: “chris”

hi would like to say eddie to me was the best wrestler around he was entertaining and could back whatever he said up to anyone on either roster of raw and for him to go through so much and come out better and stronger is a message everyone can use it was always a tough decision who the better wrestler was either austin or eddie, i feel genuinely sad for the loss of eddie to the wrestling world as i think he was one of the ones carrying the brand he will be very very missed, to his family i hope that the impact eddie made on the world helps dampen the blow of your loss he will be remembered for what he was an inspiration to us all

chris mason

From: “Dustin Hartman”

We can all learn a valuable lesson from Eddie Guerrero. When Eddie was

fighting his demons and addictions a few years ago, he could have just

given up and let those things take control of his life for good. But,

he kept fighting. He was determined to not let those things destroy

his life. He taught us that it’s never too late to get your life

together. There is always hope. The good lord will never turn his back on

you. You will always have a second chance. He not only turned his life

around for himself but for his family. He knew that those addictions

were hurting his family.

Well, Eddie has beaten those addictions. All of the pain that he has

felt is over. He is in a better place now and I bet he’s up there and

he’s still fighting away.

May God comfort his wife and daughters during this difficult time.

They should be very proud of the man that they called their husband and

father. He was a good man.

God bless you, Eddie. You were truly an inspiration to us all. You

kept fighting until the end and taught us to never give up on ourselves

and our dreams. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten.


Dustin Hartman

From: “pascual monge”

Both me and my family are shocked at the passing of Eddie Guerrero. Eddie was one of the most charismatic and funny wrestles ever to step in the square circle.Our thoughts and parayers go out to eddies family.He will be missed and we will always have a space in our hearts for eddie.EDDIE GUERRERO 1967-2005″ MAY HE REST IN PEACE”.

From: “em em”

eddie was an amazing wrestler i was totally shocked when i found out

yesterday hes going to be missed by everyone RIP eddie and condolonces

to his family and everyone in the wrestling business

From: “Pete Ralls”

I am shocked and saddened by the news that one of the greatest of all time is no longer with us. He was one of the hardest workers there ever was and gave his life and soul to the sport and to the fans. He is one of the few wrestlers who never had a bad match, and it was all down to him. R.I.P. Homes! Pete Ralls, Hampshire, UK.

Pete ;O)

From: “Ravi Pilaipakam” <
Hey I was A massive fan of Eddie………

He was one of th emost charismatic and natural wrestlers to grace my tv

set….. Im going to miss him so much…. My condolensce goes to his famly and friends…….

We will never forget you…Lie cheat and steal in heaven esse


From: Kruelintention69@aol.com

I was very sad to here of the death of Eddie my prays goes out to his family and friends. We have watched him for years he was great. Sandra

From: “John Latimer”

I was very sadden to see a banner on a website that I always visit. I had to visit a few others to see if it was indeed true. And yes the tragedy was too real, not scripted or rehearsed.

I first seen Eddie wrestle on WCW Televsion back in 1997. And boy can this guy do the job. Instantly, I loved watching this guy perform; he was one of the best “HEEL” wrestlers that I enjoyed watching. When I found out that Eddie was a good friend of Chris Benoit, I really payed attention to his wrestling performances. There are alot of Eddie moments, but there was a look in his eye the last time I seen him. If you pay attention to his eyes on last Fridays Smackdown, there is some kind of tinckle or birthday look in his eyes. Maybe inside he knew what was to come about.

In closing, my favorite Eddie Geurrero moment was indeed when he won his first major title, the WWE Heavyweight Champion of the world “Eddie Geurrero”. Bye Eddie. Your chant will be heard throughout the world tonight.

John Latimer

Port Simpson, BC


From: JonKev5562@aol.com

I think that the loss of Eddie Guerrero will effect the wrestling world because he had so much more to give the wrestling community, He was still in his prime and as someone trying to get into the profession I would like to say that he is someone that I look up to and will continue to look at as an Idol, May he be at peace and be surrounded by the great ones of the profession that passed before him

To: eddiegfeedback@yahoo.com

I work @ 106.9 fm in London Onatrio on the evening news and I have

sports casts and I have decided that I will be speaking a small bit

about Eddie’s passing. Everyone who knows anything about wrestling

let alone Eddie is deeply saddened whom I’ve spoken with. It feels

just like yesterday I was speaking with Eddie out back at a Sarnia

show…. It’s a tragic loss.

Chris Campbell

106.9 CIXX-FM

(519) 521-8253

From: “Luis Rivera”

As a latino as I am I will never forget the name of Eddie Guerrero.

He is a true inspiration to all of us latino and non latino. We will

miss a great wrestler. But we know that what he did for the fans

every time he step into the ring he gave it 110%. We Will miss you


From: Wrestlemaniac2k5@aol.com

I just want to offer my condolences to the family and friends of Eddie Guerrero. Thank you for all the memories Eddie, you will never be forgotten and will live on in all of us. Viva La Raza!!!!!

Adam Lawler, Birmingham, UK

From: “John Eirich”

On Sunday November 13th, One man was found dead in his Hotel room. His name was Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie was a great performer, and a great man. Beating Drugs and Alcohol, and having a family.

But sunday that all came to an end for the man who was 38 years young. No one knows how it happened, but its a tragic loss to all who’ve seen him in the ring, or knew him personally.

I for one am shaken about his death, and i’ve never seen him live at a wrestling event, just on tv and on ppv, but it hurts me to know he’s gone.

I heard them say, he died of heart failure while brushing his teeth. It doesn’t matter to me how he died. All that matters is that the World of wrestling lost a great man.


eddie Guerrero


From: “john”

I just came home from a weekend at my girlfriends

house and was completely shocked when I read the

news.It was like a punch in the gut.I haven’t felt

this since Owen Hart passed away.I will pray for the

Guerrero family and wish them the best of luck with

this horrible passing.Eddie was a great father,

wrestler, husband, and will always be one of the

greatest WWE champions.

R.I.P Eddie Guerrero

From: BiggJim77@aol.com

I just wanna say i’ve been checkin out this ProWrestling site for 3-4 years now. Im 28 years old and i’ve been watching wrestling since i was 4. I have even passed wrestling onto the next generation of my own family, as my son who is almost 8 watches it also. I’ve been a big Eddie Guerrero fan since i watched tapes of him before his WCW days courtesy of RF video. The guy was a phenominal athlete, and overcame alot of odds. Not just his past addictions but his size as well. The guy was only 5’8″. Thats amazing!! His wrestling abilities and his presence will be sadly missed. I was really looking forward too seeing Eddie perform at Wrestlamania 22. My prayers are with his family and friends. VIVA LA RAZA!!! RIP EDDIE!!!

Jim Schnur– BiggJim77@aol.com

Hoffman Estates,IL

From: “Al Gutierrez” <
I am at a lost for words…you know Eddie was one of my favorite

wrestlers of all time! My favorite moment of Eddie’s was when he broke character

at No Mercy in Houston! He said that he’d be nothing without his fans and

went on about how every time he would step out of the curtain he would give his

body to us! That meant so much to us at the time but now it means so much

more that he is gone! I know it shouldn’t but we take life for granted! So

now I would like to send out my deepest condolences to the Guerrero family

and take time to go and be with mine! Life is short so live it to its

fullest…just like Eddie did!! -Derek G.

From: “Trejo, Ausencio”

Yesterday night when I reading PWS and came across the link of the breaking news of the death of Eddie Guerrero I could not believe it! I truly felt a rush of blood to the head when I found out. Still today I think about it and I still can’t believe it, it just can not cross my mind that Eddie is gone, it’s like a bad dream or something, it truly is a sad day in the Wrestling business because of the loss of a tremondous wrestler, athlete, father and husband. My true condolences go out to all the Guerrero family, Que Dios los Bendiga mucho y estan en mis oraciones (May God Bless you all and you are in my prayers) even though I don’t know them personally but son mi familia, mi Raza. I will never forget Eddie Guerrero and all the matches that I was able to see him in, he was truly one of the best in the business. I love you Eddie and VIVA LA RAZA POR SIEMPRE HOMES?


Ausencio Trejo

Austin, Texas

From: “athar haseebullah”

This is a tragic loss to sports entertainment and mankind. Eddie was

truly a special person, both in and out of the ring. He had come so far

after becoming sober and drug free, and to have him lost at the prime of his

carreer is tragic. Eddie will be missed by this fan and many others. Eddie

had competed around the world in so many different organizations and

words can not describe how truly talented he was. Its just a terrible loss.

Not too many other ways to put it. His family is in my prayers and

thoughts and he will not be forgotten. RIP latino heat.

Athar Haseebuallah, Washington DC

From: “Walkie Bob”


From: “unknown”



From: “Smothers, Dustin E”

I got to work this morning and was shocked to learn that Eddie had

passedaway. I’m reminded of Brian Pillman today, this is just so sudden and

unexpected. I can’t even begin to imagine the grief his wife and children

must be feeling. Eddie Guerrero helped elevate the business on so manylevels, I am happy that he achieved what he did in 2004, Guerrero has

leftus so many memories, I’ll never forget Eddie Guerrero and everything he

didinside and outside of the ring for his fans. I hope he has found


From: Mlgsloan@aol.com

I just have yo say how confused, and saddened when I saw the news on wwe.com that Eddie Guerrero died in a hotel room. I thought that Eddie was one of the greatest entertainers and performers in the wwe to this date. I’ve seen Eddie Guerrero Perform at events like the Royal Rumble. I’m deeply concerned for Eddie’s family for how there going through this problem at this very second. I just hope that everybody including me can help out with this problem. All of us will never forget you EDDIE.

From: “Cory Askanazi”

I’m so sorry about the death of Eddie Guerrero. In my

ten years as a wrestling fan, he has always been one

of my favorites for his skill, charisma, and most of

all, his undying passion for professional wrestling.

There has never been and never will be another Eddie

Guerrero. I want his friends and family to know that

the wrestling community loves Eddie Guerrero and that

his legend will never, ever die.



my thoughts and prayers go out to your friends and family, I was very sorry to here of your passing. Eddie was a great enspiration to everybody, he touched so many lives and every week put on the greatest performance he could nobody had more heart and passion then eddie, he will be missed.

viva la razza!

Ryan M.

From: “carlito”

God bless u eddie well all will miss u no matter wat ull always be a

main eventer in our eyes. I’m feel so bless that I got the chance to meet

you and tell u how big of a fan I am and how big of a star u were and

always be. I really guess that heaven need a main eventer of that

caliber.my deepest condolence go out to his family and friends and to his

children. You guys don’t know wat a great guy he was wen he was on the

road. Always acomodating to the fans no matter the circumstances. We had

an incident at mania 21 where one of our friend almost drowned and later

that night he approached us to see how our friend was doing. Great guy

overall and he will truly be missed. Que dios te bendiga eddie and for

old times sake VIVA LA RAZA HOLMES

Well miss u

Carlos lopez

Astoria ny

From: “Brian Scholl”


From: “raysean reese”

eddie you will be missed but not forgotten. I have always been a fan of yours, and even had a couple of eddie action figures. the wrestling world has lost a great athlete as well as a great man you will be missed.LIE CHEAT STEAL

From: Ocb7779@aol.com

I personally believe that Eddie was one of the best performers in wrestling history. He was entertaining, clever, funny and a great athlete. It deeply saddens me that I will never see him perform live at Staples center in Los Angeles again. He brought so much energy to the crowd. “Eddie, Eddie, Eddie” the crowd would chant and go wild when he would walk down the aisle to the ring. He was a man that was proud of his ethnicity and culture and was not ashamed to display his mexican roots. I am a 27 year old grown man and I am proud to admit that he was my super hero. Eddie Guerrero will be missed but never forgotten. Rest in Peace Eddie.

Rene Bolanos

From: Rafathegaffer@aol.com

When i first heard the news i really could not believe it and it still hasn’t hit home that he is gone. He truly was a special person and an inspiration for others who have had problems in their life. He will be sorely missed not only in the ring but out of it. He will be remembered as an all time great and my condolences go out to Eddie’s family. Rest in peace Eddie.


From: EdwLath@aol.com

Eddie u where awalys be remeber in me.Your one of the greatest wrestler to watch and learn from. iam glad i got to meet you because now could say that i met eddie guerrero.Thank you Eddie Guerrero 4 everything rip

From: “John”

I have never been one to repond to things like this, I am the one who just sort of sits back and keeps updated. This, however, I had to respond to. When I got online last night, I was speechless when I read the headline on your site. It is like a part of my family died. Wrestling is such a huge influence on my, and my entire families life that it really has hit us hard. I am very anxious to see how it is played out on WWE TV, to see if they handle it like the Owen situation, if they are classy about it. There have been many times while, on tv, I would say “man I wish Eddie would just go away”, but that is what made him the character that he was. He was an incredible performer, one who I am proud to be able to say that I saw live and experienced him for myself. My deepest heartfelty paryaers go out to Eddie and his family, and would just like them to know that, even though we don’t know them, they are in our thoughts during this very dark time!

From: “Austin Osueke”

If anything Eddie… Mr. Guerrero, you taught me to be true to who you are. To be proud of your heritage. You made me realize if you’re confident in yourself and have great natural talent you’ll win the love and respect of many people. You taught me to never give up… Never settle. And always strive for the top.

Thanks to your legacy, Mr. Guerrero, I’m going to keep at my dreams and never give up.

Most of all, I want to become a decent man like you, Mr. Guerrero.

Austin Osueke

From: “bud” I would like to exprise my thoughts about eddie G. He was a

fantastic wrestler and it just about floored me when i heard

the news. I really feel for eddies wife and kids. We will

miss you eddie. Nina pipes

From: “Scott Lukesic” <
our thoughts goes out to eddie’s family. he will be missed by the wrestling world.i followed his career since the start.


Man I can’t believe one of the best professional wrestlers this business has ever known in the last 25 years is gone, especially (I know this sounds selfish ) at a time when professional wrestling cannot really afford such a loss. Eddie Guerrero was taken from life too early, cut down in the prime of his career, cause with the current situation with Smackdown, they were no doubt going put the strap on him. My heart goes out to his entire family, and I wish them well, and I would like to commend the WWE locker room for having the courage to go out there and perform in his honor after losing such a beloved man. I know I wasn’t close to him, not in the sense like people like Chavo Guerrero, or Chris Benoit, but I had the privilage of meeting Eddie, and he was an outstanding-world class performer, and he always gave the fans what they wanted whether he was being cheered or booed, I remember checking the wrestling boards on the 13th of November and seeing that Eddie Guerrero passes away, I thought no way that could be Eddie from Smackdown, and when it turned out it was, it was like being hit with a baseball bat, in the sense that it left you stunned, and I mean if it feels like that for me as a fan, I can only imagine what his friends and family are going through. Eddie, you were one of the best, there will never be another like you, and you will be missed.

From: Flair1238@aol.com

To a great man in and out of the wrestling ring; a true inspiration to anyone who ever dreamed being a wrestler. A true rolemodel who through it all came out on top not only in the wrestling buisness but also in the hearts of everyone who watches him every week on television. A true family man who cares for his family and will do whatever he can to put them first. I will miss Eddie every week on television. He was a great athlete and will forever be in the mind and heart of every wrestling fan. Eddie Guerrero inspired me to pick myself up after a bad car accident and a damaged knee; I will forever be greatful for being able to watch him every week and see what he has accomplished in and out of the wrestling ring. You will be missed.

Steve C

From: “lynette hacker”


From: “ChrisX237”

This blows me away. I met him two years ago at an autograph signing here in my hometown of Tampa, FL. were he and Big Show were promoting a future Smackdown! House Show Event.

It was my first time attending a WWE Event at age 21. Big Show was my first ever “Meet and Greet” Wrestling Superstar. Eddie Guerrero was my last and fondest memory of a “Meet and Greet” Wrestling Superstar that I will never forget.

He was such a nice dude….to me, my girlfriend, and my girlfriend’s sister. His daughters were there. It was not only a joy to watch him sign autographs and chat with fans, but it was really special to see him interacting with his daughters as well. When I saw this, I was thinking to myself…”Wow, It must be so awesome to be a Father.” I hope one day I can have that type of affection he displayed for his children.

It was my turn to “Meet and Greet” Mr. Guerrero. I told him: “It’s a pleasure to meet you, man”. He said: “How’s it going?” “Taking it easy? “Good”. I stood beside him as a fan was kind enough to snap some pics for us…I held a peace sign hand gesture as to illustrate that, “This is the coolest moment.” He put his arm around my neck. Pictured was taken. History was made for me. This was as close to Eddie Guerrero as I ever got to. It was a surreal moment. And one I will always cherish.

Simply put, he was one of the best pure athletes and entertainers of the WWE. From one fellow Latino to another: “Muchisimas Gracias, Eddie Guerrero.” “Nunca te voy a olvidar”. “Te Quiero.” Translation: “Thank you very much, Eddie Guerrero.” “I’ll never forget you.” “I Love You.” R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero.

Chris Q.

From: “cody drennen”

Yesterday Morning when I went to wwe.com I saw the shocking news of Eddie Guerrero’s passing. It is sad to think that we wont see him wrestle again but the memorys will still be there. He was great at what he did. Even during the Rey Mysterio thing ealier this year, he was still great at what he did. Even going back to ECW and his last match for that company against Dean that match would rank high in Eddie’s matches. I would rank Eddie up there with the best, every time I think of Eddie I picture him wrestling Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, and Chris Jericho. All four of them is great but Eddie had a upper hand because he Lied, He Cheated, He Stealed. Then finally at No Way Out in 2004, Eddie Guerrero won the WWE Title from Brock Lesner. I was sitting at home watching that and I could not bealive that Eddie was the champ. But he lose the title four months later to JBL in a awesome match. Even though Eddie Guerrero had it though and almost died twice he came back and prove to everyone that someone can recover from Drug Abuse and come back and become a champion. Last Saturday, November 5th, WWE had a Smackdown House Show in my town and I went to it. The main event was Eddie Guerrero facing off against Batista. It was not a great match, even the crowd was chanting “Boring”. With the crowd chanting that, Eddie still gave us a show that I wont forget. Even though he lost the match to Batista, he shook hands with him to prove that he was class and its ok to lose one. I will never for get the last time I saw Eddie live just last week. The Wrestling World loss someone who was great at what he did, and he had great matches with just about everyone. My fav Eddie Guerrero moment is every time he Lie, Cheat, and Steal, I am going to miss seeing that. I liked when Eddie toss somone a chair and then layed down and act like they hit him with the chair. Stuff like that wont ever be forgotten. Eddie Guerrero will be miss by the whole wrestling world, Eddie Guerrero, RIP, VIVA LA RAZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: TwoBallzand1Bat@aol.com

The wrestling world lost one of the best wrestlers in history. There will never be another wrestler like Eddie Guerrero. He made us laugh and he kept us on the edge of our seats with his matches. we going to miss you Eddie and you will never be forgotten

From: “Ray Zwicker”

i’ve been a wrestling fan for 15 years. i was brought

in to it by the flashiness of the ultimate warrior,

demolition, and the big boss man. that was when i was

9 years old.

as the years past i started to develop an appreciation

for those wrestlers who could draw a crowd into their

matches and keep them there for 20, 30, 45 minutes.

bret hart, shawn michaels, ric flair. these guys

became the reason to watch.

Then i discovered ECW and subsequently, the WCW

cruiserweight division. and there was eddie. goofy

mullet, funny tights, and not much in the way of mike

skills. but the second his match began, regardless of

opponent or WCW booking ‘adventures’, eddie had you.

his style was unique, yet reminded you of the greats.

you could tell this guy was suppose to be doing more

than he was.

towards the end of 1999, i was so sick of seeing him

get beaten up with his rag-tag LWO, that when he got

put into the Filthy Animals with other standouts like

Rey Mysterio and Kidman, and put in a feud with Ric

FLair, i thought progress was being made. i kept

hoping for him to get a shot at showing what every

intelligent fan could see: the main event.

then came january 2000. hallejulah! Eddie, along

with two of my other favorite, misused, underrated

talents finally arrive to the WWF. this was his shot.

him and the others.

then again, not everything works out the way you hope.

sidelined by an injury, then the drugs and alcohol,

some decent storylines, an IC title reign, then, it

was over. eddie got fired. man, that sucked!

but, then with the brand split, eddie was back. and

feuding with Austin, no less. well, until austin

left. eddie then got another crack at Ric Flair,

which started what i hope will stand out in the minds

of the fans as the greatest run of his career.

feuding with benoit, teaming with chavo (in arguable

the best tag team feuds of the past 10 years), cena,

feuding with chavo, and then at NO Way Out, finally

winning the WWE Title. there aren’t too many moments

that cause me and my freinds to jump out of our seats,

but that was one. everything he had worked for had

come to pass. unbelievable moment.

then at Wrestlemania 20, when benoit took the gold,

and he and eddie stood in the ring, champions at the

biggest event of the year. relishing in the moment

where all their hard work had paid off. i’ve never

been so proud of someone i’ve never met.

Eddie, your presence, your ability to captivate and

entertain, your persaverence, your charisma, your

matches, will always be special to all of us who have

grown up to appreciate what professional wrestling can

offer an audience. because you embodied that.

i know there’s a low-rider in heaven waiting,

hydrolics pumping.

you will be missed, but never forgotten. Latino Heat

forever, viva la raza!



From: “James Sheppard”

Eddie Guerrero was one of the all round great performers in the world

of wrestling. I first started watching wrestling when Eddie first came to

WWE in early 2000, and from following his career in that company, I decided

to look over his past matches, and saw in him an energy like no other. A

strong sprit who overcame challenging time to prove himself worthy of the WWE

Title, and a man who loved his job greatly, a love he shared with the fans

as well. I have had the oppurtunity to see Eddie perform live in person, as

have many many others, and I can say with no question that he will, and should be remembered, as one of the most charismatic, energetic, and downright great wrestlers of our time.

Viva la Raza – RIP Eddie Guerrero 1967-2005

From: “Daniel Andrews”

Eddie will be sorely missed. My regards go out to his family. I really

liked Eddie and it will be hard to watch wrestling knowing that Eddie won’t

be there anymore

From: “Euan Hay”

Another one of the true greats gone before his time. I had the priviledge of seeing him perform live several times and met him personally after one of those events, a class act all the way. He was a consumate professional and will be sadly missed. Rest in peace Eddie, you’ll never be forgotten.

Euan H

From: “stephen wild”

Eddie gurrero was one of the best wrestlers in the world and one of the most friendly people i have ever met i had the pleasure to meet him at two of the U.K shows and i ust say he was very kind and generous to give me his autograph and i would just like to send my heartfelt sympathy out to all of his family and all his friends in the W.W.E thanks liam bate


From: CERT1264@aol.com

Being a long time Indy worker, I have studied Eddie as well as several other wrestlers in order to keep my style fresh. Eddie had the drive and charisma to keep fans on the edge of their seats. I know Eddie was carrying on the legacy of the Guerrero’s. His family will be in the thoughts and prayers of my family. With his untimely passing, there is a huge hole in the world of wrestling today.

From the family of

the Golden Eagle

From: “Lindsay Smith”

I just wanted to say how shocked I was to read that Eddie pasted away yesterday. I came home from work, and did my usual rounds of checking info, and this just took me by surprise. Even my wife, who is a moderate wrestling fan knew this was devestating.

I have been following Eddie since his WCW days, and really closely since he joined WWE with Benoit, Melinko and Saturn. I, like many, have watched him battle his addictions, get seriously hurt, come back, get fired, come back and then win the ultimate prize, the WWE Championship. It was amazing watching this guy, whom many considered (like Benoit and Jericho), too short to carry such a Championship. It probably was one of my most enjoyable times watching Eddie, along with his bestfriend Benoit, carry the company.

We as fans lost one of the most charasmatic, energetic, knowledgeable and great entertainers and athletes of our time. Eddie Guerrero was truely an ambassidor the sport and to athletes accross the world. He is an inspiration to anyone that has hit rock bottom, or extremely tough times, to only come back and be a better person, friend, brother, uncle, father, and husband.

We all will miss Eddie Guerrero. There will NEVER be anyone like him, only ones that can aspire to be like him. I truely will miss this guy. I never knew how big a fan I was of him till now.

God Bless Eddie and his family and friends. We all morn in sorrow as we have all lost a truely great man. Yet, we all can hold the knowldege that we can all continue to watch Eddie via DVDs and specials. Eddie will live on forever in our hearts and minds, as well as our personal entertainment as we put in a DVD to watch one of the greatest performers/athletes/man of all time.

God Bless Eddie. You are in God’s hands now.

From: Mircleman09@aol.com

This is just a terrible tradgedy. I along with Eddie was a fellow addict and over coming that is something to be said. The hard part is that the damage was done. Even though we are clean, the drugs put so much of a stress on our hearts that we become ticking time bombs.

Hopefully in the future maybe a test could be done to determine if a persons heart is enlarged or damage by past drug use. I think evberydody should get there favorite hat and wrtite E.G. on it somewere in tribute to Eddie. I got the chance to meet him in Pittsburgh and he was great. He wsa truly the best Hispanic Wrestler of the modern era.

So if you see someone with E.G. on their hat just give them a nod and look up to heaven because that truly is were Eddie at.

E.G. rip.

From: Hatebreedrocks1@aol.com

RIP Eddie. i can’t believe he is gone. i have been watching eddie wrestle for years he has always been my favorite wrestler. i am very sad about his passing. he will be missed greatly. he will always be my favorite. i will see you in heaven man.

your biggest fan


From: tallguy028@aol.com


Like many other wrestling fans, I am still in utter disbelief that Eddie is gone and will no longer be bringing Latino Heat to the ring for all of his fans. Eddie was without a doubt one of the very best technical wrestlers to ever grace a wrestling ring. Not many men could put on a wrestling match with Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit like Eddie could. We have seen so many great talents go far too soon in the past several years. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends during this most difficult time. The WWE just won’t be the same. I am looking forward to the tribute shows this week. Rest in peace Eddie.

Ben Kerr

From: “Jon Osborne”

Eddie always had me entertained, he had my attention from the second he

walked out till he left. I always loved his ability in the ring to

bring his character out in how he wrestled. He was awesome and like i said always

entertaing, no matter if he was in a serious story line like with rey,

or doing side splitting promos with chavo, just amazing. There definitely

needs to be a dvd about his career or a best of dvd. I will miss him and the

wrestling community has suffered a greta loss, I will be praying lots

for him and his family, i just wish there was more I could do. R.I.P Eddie,

EDDIE, EDDIE, EDDIE. EDDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: “Pedro Baldaia”

I am a portuguese fan of WWE and I would like to exprees my fellings

for the death of the “Latino Heat” Eddie Guerrero. It was shocking learned he

died this way. When we don´t expect, life cheat us.In name of all portuguese Eddie fans our hearts scream in one sound: “Viva La Raza para Sempre!!!”

RIP Eddie…

From: “Xavier”

The loss of Eddie to the world of wrestling will be a huge one. A true wrestling fan loved watching him perform night in and night out, because in and out of the ring he was as entertaining as they came, he loved what he did and showed it to us each and every night,. He will be missed greatly and WWE and wrestling as a whole will not be the same without Latino Heat around.


From: “Chad Stevens”

hey yo.i just wanna say ever since i heard about his yesterday around

noon hour.its been on my mind.ive watched all the videos on wwe.com of him

dozens of times over and over.listened to his theme song many times as

well.and im very excited for raw and smackdown to see all the stuff that is going

to happen.i wasnt really an eddie fan honestly but i see now that i am

just cuz of how this effects me as a wrestling fan.i hope the wwe can move on from this lose and hope the guerrero family can in time as well.but like vince

said the show must go on and that it will.and i think a few matchs should be

made in memory of eddie.like chris benoit,chavo,rey mysterio and ric flair.he deserves a match in memory of him.sorta like benoit and bret hard had in wcw years ago in memory of owens death…

From: “Kelley, Ericolis J SKSN NAS Supply Dept”


I would like to express my deepest sympathy to the family of Eddie Gurrerro. We was an excellent in ring performer who knew how to get over with the fans. It’s a shame how you are here one day and gone the other. Just saw him on wrestling Friday taking the chair shot from Mr. Kennedy and now he’s gone. It’s tragic and there will never be another performer like him.


From: “Omar Taveras”

You will truly be missed, definitely of the greats. R.I.P. Eddie



From: “Thomas Cox”

Eddie Guerrero was, hands down, the best Hispanic wrestler on the active WWE roster. I don’t believe Eddie’s death was cut short, nor was his life too long. He had done pretty much everything he wanted to do concerning his wrestling career. He had numerous titles, including a reign as the WWE Champion for most of 2004. He had fun with his nephew, fellow WWE Superstar Chavo Guerrero, Jr. teaching him and training him. Chavo has really come into his own now. It’ll be interesting to see where his “middle-class white American” gimmick leads him now. Eddie also had, as his DVD title mentions, “cheated death and stolen life.” Eddie had battled and overcome his drug addiction and was clean and sober for four years, almost five. I seriously hope that everyone in the WWE sees this as a celebration of life through the mourning of death. Eddie’s life and career need to be cherished through any way possible. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Eddie Guerrero inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006 or 2007.

(Thanks, hope this makes it into the list!

Thomas Cox, Beeville Texas

From: “Mike Farrick”

Back in the late 60’s and early 70’s, wrestling was territorial. Up here in the Northeast, we didn’t have as much access to different wrestlers across the country like we do today. Being a true fan, I couldn’t wait each month for the new wrestling magazines to be published. Bill Apter and his publications kept me informed. I started reading about Chavo Guerrero wrestling in Los Angeles. Thus the start of my interest in the Guerreros.

Skip ahead several years. Wrestling interest boomed and I was able to see many new and different wrestlers. Over the years I was able to see such great Hispanic and Mexican wrestlers as Mil Mascaras, Manny Fernandez, Pedro Morales… Still no Guerrero. When Eddie Guerrero finally came to WCW, I was elated. I had heard of him in ECW, now I could see him. He quicky became one of my favorites. Then the jump to WWE with the Radicalz sealed my respect and enjoyment of his abilities. Face or heel, Eddie was always entertaining. He put his all into every match, even if his role was to avoid the big face. Man, if only other wrestlers could work the way he did.

Today’s wrestling product will sorely miss Eddie. I will miss all of his antics. Be with God. You have earned the right to rest. You have meant so many different things to many people. May your family find happiness in the short time they had with you.

Viva la Raza!

From: lbyrd93@comcast.net

One of the greatest performers Ive ever seen was Eddie Gurrerro, a

performer who I was shocked to hear had passed away in the prime of his

life and carreer. I remember the first time I ever saw Eddie Gurrerro

compete. It was an early edition of WCW Monday Nitro. I cant recall his

opponent, but I remember knowing that he had the “it” factor with the fans

the moment he walked through the curtain. I will never forget seeing

the finish to the match, it was the first time I ever saw a frog spalsh

performed with such persicion. Eddie wasnt the biggest wrestler, like

say Triple H, nor was he the smallest like say Rey Misterio, but I

remember a friend of mine saying that he would never be a huge superstar

because he was so small. And I remember looking at him with a big grin on

my face when he won the WWE championship a few years later. I will

always remember his athletisim and sportmanship in the ring. I didnt know

the man personaly but what I could see was that he loved his family, the

bussiness and his fans. Sure he will never be remembered for being the

biggest, but he will be remembered for having one of the biggest hearts

in the bussiness. Weither as a face or a heel Eddie Gurrerro will

always be remembered as one of the greatests. God bless you Eddie Gurrerro,

tell Andre, “Hawk”, Brian, Owen, and all the greats that have passed

that we said “Hi”. Its your turn to perform for God. You will be missed,

by your family, friends, and especially your fans.

D. Byrd, Laurel, Md

From: “sheila chilton”

ever since i started watching wrestling i followed eddie guerrero even when he was in wcw i followed him even though i would still what the wwe, and to see him win the wwe title was a brilliant moment for me as i had followed him in his career for 7 years and to see him gone just like that has deeply upset me, my thoughts go out to his family and his friends,


From: tlandrosh@morganlewis.com

I don’t even know if anyone will even read this or care, but I want you


know that there are a lot of people that care about Eddie Guerrero (WWE

star that passed away yesterday morning). Regardless of what you or


listeners think about professional wrestling, it does not change the


the Mr. Guerrero was a human being and to be so ignorant (Colin) by

disrespecting him or his job a day after his death is borderline


I am a 32 year old male that (as most men in my demographic) spends a


portion of time watching Sportscenter, College Game Day, and NFL Sunday

Night to mention a few shows on ESPN and its affiliates. I want you to

know that the actions that your Radio hosts has just caused you a


and listener. I also intend to post this on many other sites, so


can see how disrespectful you really are.

FYI- The disrespectful comments were made on the Colin Cowherd show


morning on ESPN Radio, accusing Eddie and other wrestlers of steroid


making mention that “who cares that he died” this isn’t even


and speculating as to the “unknown causes” of the death.

Thank you for your time.

Anthony Landrosh

From: “Chuck Brandt”

Favorite Eddie moment:

The first time I saw Eddie wrestle live was in the spring of 95. It was

at a local high school outside of Philly. It was Eddie vs. Dean Malenko

for the ECW TV title. There was maybe a 100 people in the gym and these

guys gave it their all for 30 minutes. I took a friend of mine who

isn’t a wrestling fan and he was amazed out the sheer athleticism of Eddie.

I saw Eddie wrestle many times after this but this was always a special

memory for me. Eddie will be missed. I can’t even begin to comprehend

this right now. These wrestlers become part of our extended family and I

feel like I just lost my cool older brother.

From: “Matthew Demeester”

I am deeply saddened by this, I really, really am. I am a 24 year old

husband that has been trying not to cry all day. I heard the news late

last night and I was in complete shock. I have been watching and

following wrestling since 1987 and I can honestly say that Eddie Guerrero is

one of the best I have ever seen. I live in Detroit and have tickets

to SS this month and one of the main reasons I bought a ticket was to

see Eddie Guerrero. I have always wanted to become a wrestler myself,

however I am only 5’4″ and guys like Eddie Guerrero, Rey Jr., Chris

Benoit and HBK (who are hands down the best that the WWE has to offer) are

inspirations to me. They are proof that size doesn’t matter and that

talent and desire are what fuels this business. I can honestly say that

you ARE still loved and you are one of the best of all time. Rest in

Peace my friend, you are in a far better place now. I thoughts and

prayers are with you and your family. Why does it always take a tragedy

like this to realize who and what are truly important.

From: Starliteyes861@aol.com


My name is Dennis and I’ve been following wrestling ever since I was 3 or 4 years old. I’m deeply saddened to hear the untimely passing of Eddie Guerrero I’ve followed his career ever since he and Chavo where both in WCW. Eddie was a great face in the wrestling business he will be missed dearly by everybody who follows the wrestling business. I send my thoughts and prayers to the entire Guerrero family. I will indeed be watching the tribute shows that the WWE will be putting on in his honor. The wrestling world has lost a great wrestler and most of all an extraordinary human being.

From: Charles.Huesers@HeartHospitalofLafayette.com

my thoughts goes out to his family he was a true champion, he was always liked as a good guy and a bad guy i sure did like him


From: “Vahan Tchrakian”

This is EASILY the hardest I’ve ever taken a death of someone who I

never knewpersonally! Eddie Guerrero was a wonderful wrestler and a marvelous

man, who I will miss anytime I watch any action in the ring. When I first read

this news on Sunday evening, I was gutted and found myself praying for this to be

either a mistake or some sick joke! The fact that this has come after a great

four years (off drink and drugs) makes it even more heartbreaking! We’ll

miss you Eddie! You are a true legend of the sport! Viva La Raza…

From: “Jamie Lahey”

Wow… I still can’t beileve your gone, Eddie. I can’t beileve we will never be able to see you ride out in a low rider on SmackDown! ever again. Can’t beileve we will never see another Frog Splash, or be able to see you fake a chair shot and get the DQ win. When I woke up yesterday, the last thing I expected to see was that Eddie Guerrero had passed away. My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, daughters and entire family.

R.I.P. Eddie, the flames of Latino Heat will burn forever.

Jamie Lahey

From: Ustrong33@aol.com

Eddie Guerrero was one of the best and most entertaining wrestlers ever in the history of the business. He will be missed but not forgotten.

From: “RJB”

I can not believe eddie has passed on in life,the way he turned his

life around.it was just wrong for his life to be taken.he was a great man

who loved his sport.he will be missed and a box of tissues will be needed

during raw tonight

R.I.P Eddie

Richie Brienza

From: “Perhach, Andy”

My heart just aches for Eddie’s family and friends at this time. As

fans, we only know the wrestlers from what we see on the weekly shows

and on any DVDs that are released where the wrestlers step out of their

on-screen roles and open up about their private lives. Eddie is a man

to look up to and admire, he conquered a lot in his life and was


no matter what program he competed in, one of the top three performers

on the show, always giving us 100%. The fact that he became saved is

something that his loved ones can take comfort in – he waits for his

friends, family, and fans in a much better place than this. We love


Eddie, and will miss you always. Thank you for all that you gave us.

LATINO HEAT FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andy Perhach

Pittsburgh, PA

From: “Phillip Greenfield”

Eddie Guerrero was one of my all-time favorites. He had overcome so much over the last few years. He was and still is an inspiration for millions of people. When he won the WWE title at No Way Out 2004 it was so emotional. I think that when he and Benoit were celebrating together at the end of Wrestlemania 20 is the greatest moment in Wrestlemania history. Rest in Peace Eddie. You will be dearly missed.

From: “Andrew Hambridge”

It is almost surreal to see a professional wrestler of Eddie’s caliber and status pass away in the prime of his career. He was one of those guys who just got better with age. I would put him in a class with very few wrestlers of this generation, namely Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle or Chris Benoit, who could have a great match with anyone. He defined sports entertainment, putting that comedic spin in a stellarly athletic match. Though people like me only know him as an in-ring performer, he will be missed.

From: Stephjovi@aol.com

Everyday I log on to PWS to read the latest news. But, when I logged on yesterday morning, I saw the headline that was breaking news: “Eddie Guerrero has passed away”. For the rest of the day, I was so saddened and it made me remember how precious life is. Like many others, I will miss seeing Eddie on Smackdown every week. I will especially miss the way he made his entrances on the show driving the classic cars down the ramp. The one match that always sticks in my mind is the ladder match he had with Edge a few years back. That match was completely insane and one of the best matches ever! In close, I would like to say this: Eddie, thanks for the memories! You’ll be missed by many, but never forgotten.



From: NRTheRockQT@aol.com

i’m gonna make this short and sweet…eddie guerrero was awesome i loved him and this was so unexpected and tragic, he was amazing to watch and a great showman…he will be dearly missed

nick rueger

From: Rdubkcfan@cs.com

Eddie was one of the greatest ever, i dont think theres anyone who can argue against that. i met him backstage at SummerSlam 2000 in North Carolina and he was a class act and funnier than i could have ever guessed. he just had an awesome energy around him that just grabbed you and took you on a ride with him. so out of all my Eddie memories, watching him play backstage will always stand out. he even signed my “Cheech and Chyna” sign i brought with me after laughing and showing it to a few wrestlers near by.

Eddie was a class act and a true inspiration to never quit, no matter how low life gets. Ill miss you Eddie. Thanks for the memories and say hi to my grandmother for me! 🙂

From: “The Jennys”

let me start off by giving my heart felt feelings of remorse to the Guerrero family and friends

eddie eddie eddie will be really missed

he will be remembered as one of the greatest performers ever!!

i am sure going to miss latino heat every week

i will watch RAW and SMACKDOWN this week but after that i don’t think i can watch after that it’s not the same without eddie around

i really feel for the locker room

he is so close to my own age of 36 and i also have a wife and 2 kids

it’s feel strange today knowing that he is not around anymore

you will be missed dearly by all

Latino Heat will live forever!!

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