Super Dragon Talks About PWG Coming To Europe & More

Daniel Edler

  • The following is a promotional interview with Super Dragon from the promotion Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG), speaking about the two-date mini-tour of Europe they are embarking on in February. Full current cards can be found on the official PWG forums, linked at the bottom. Please be advised there is some profanity involved in this interview:

    It has been a while since your last interview; what have you been up to, on the whole, in short?

    I’ve been taking over the world of wrestling, of course. Haven’t you noticed?

    So, you wrestle for PWG, and are current tag champ. Who are you champs with, and who have you killed recently?

    My partner is a wrestler by the name of Davey Richards. He’s actually a really good wrestler, which is why he is my partner, we are champs, and the reason he is coming to Europe. We killed Excalibur and Disco Machine recently. He also likes to smash faces, so I told him ” Hey, I like your style”. Then we became a tag team. Exactly how it went. I promise.

    Simon Dean stole your Curb Stomp. So did some guys with light tubes. Did you see that, what do you think? How did you come up with it? Did you copyright it?

    It’s pretty funny how revolutionary that move is. It’s made it’s way from 100 people at Revolution Pro where I first did it, to different backyards around the world, to a curb with light tubes in who knows where, onto to the WWE. I actually came up with the Curb stomp on the spot in a match with Scorpio Sky at a Revolution Pro show. I had him in a submission, and I decided it would be a good idea to smash his face into the mat. It turns out that it was a great idea. I did copyright the move. Ever since then, I have been raking in the money. Literally. Every month, a truck arrives at my house, and I rake the money into my apartment. As far as Simon Dean stealing it. I think everyone knows about our past as best friends. So everyone should know that he is obviously just paying homage to his favorite pal in the world. I guess it’s not much of a surprise he stole it. It’s a cool move, and he has nothing unique to do. It’s kind of like Cancer. You never think it’s going to affect you, and then one day you wakeup, and some fag is doing your shit in front of 1000’s of people. I doubt he even does it good. (I’ve never seen him do it, because I don’t like bad wrestling). That’s just how life works. Not sure what that has to do with Cancer, but I hope my friend Simon Dean has gotten checked recently. I would miss him dearly L. Stay strong. You’re a fighter.

    Vegas or Essen?

    I’m going to go with Vegas. Even though the Etap hotel in Essen, Germany is just as good as the MGM Grand.

    Why do you love Chris Sabin, in 15 words.

    He has this cool Led Zeppelin shirt. Led Zeppelin is my favorite band. Cock. Balls.

    You’ve been over to Germany and England quite a lot recently; how have you enjoyed your trips? How did they originally come about? And who is awesomely responsible, in general, for them?

    I assume Mr. Daniel Edler (not to be confused with Daniel Elder, who I spent 3 weeks IM’ing about doing a show in England, and he had no idea what I was talking about. Which made me think that this show in England for IPW:UK didn’t exist, until I realized I was talking to Daniel Elder and not Edler) is looking for some compliments here. Well, he is definitely the worst promoter in the UK, and had nothing to do with me coming to Europe. Don’t support his fed. Daniel Edler is a bastard. He doesn’t even know his real father! I kid, I kid. My first show in Europe was indeed for IPW:UK, and because Mr. Daniel Edler brought me in. I had a great time, and got to work Jonny Storm in an iron man match, which fans considered to be an England “EM OH TEE WHY CEE” or even “EM OH TEE WHY CEE”. Definitely a cool experience since it was my first time working in England. I preferred the second crowd I worked in front for IPW. It was amazing how fast the promotion grew. From working in front of 100 people the first show, to working in front of 300 people the second. 1 fan actually offered me donuts mid match. Very interesting. I also prefer the 5 star hotel I stayed in the last time to the hotel I stayed in originally. I’m convinced this hotel was built for midgets and possibly the homeless. That’s not very important, but if you are small or homeless, I know the perfect place for you. I recently did a show for WZW in England as well, which was a lot of fun. We almost started a riot. Fans were pretty crazy there. Got to do some stuff with Mick Foley. He put a sock in my mouth. It was good fun. Germany is just on a whole other level. It’s pretty much the wildest crowd I’ve ever wrestled in front of, where no riot is about to breakout. They stand on the mat banging the whole show, and never really let up. It’s a lot of fun to work in front of a crowd like that. Fans probably don’t know this, but wrestlers don’t like to wrestle in front of crowds that are silent. It doesn’t give them much motivation. In fact, next time a crowd is quiet. I will leave the ring, building, and country. I will then go back to my country(unless this happens in my country, then I will just go home), and enjoy reading how pissed you are at me for being an asshole! Not that it would happen, because the English/Germany fans are both excellent to wrestle in front of. All my best matches have been in front of really great crowds. It definitely motivates every wrestler to try a lot harder.

    Speaking of Sabin, and Essen, and England, you guys are having a crazy wild EUROPEAN VACATION on February 18th (Essen, Germany) and February 19th (Orpington, Kent, England) with a unique one-time only chance to catch a FULL PWG show from the balls to the brains. Plug it!

    It’s definitely going to be an experience for a lot of people who wouldn’t otherwise get such an experience. I’m talking about wrestlers and fans. A lot of the wrestlers have never really been out of Southern California, let alone the country. We’re going to put on 2 amazing cards for everyone. It will be a chance to see an actual PWG show live. Not just a few wrestlers from PWG coming out for a show. It will be something special. It’s going to be interesting to see how it all goes down. I’ve never seen any other fed do this kind of thing, really. I know Michinoku Pro did it back in the day. I basically woke up on my plane ride from Australia while The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was playing on the screen, and decided to take everyone to Europe. Maybe the traveling pants have motivated me more than I know? Thank the traveling pants, mates.

    Will we see CM Punk or Steve Corino added to the card? How bout any Brits? Or any Germans?

    I think the chances of seeing Steve Corino or CM Punk on these shows are probably in the negative 1000’s. Maybe millions. There will be some British talent and ZE GERMANS will be on the shows for sure, though.

    What’s your opinion on Internet fans? Does PWG have a good set of fans in the states, on the whole?

    Well, I can’t say I hate Internet fans, although I kind of do hate some of them. There is one type of person I especially hate on message boards. The ones that really go out of there way for no reason to talk shit on someone, or make someone look bad for no reason. Those are the fans that make me hate wrestling. I try not to read message boards as much anymore. It’s frustrating to see people saying negatives things when you put so much effort into what you do. It used to bother me a lot more when I was coming up in wrestling and really wanted to impress people. I only read them now to see what people’s opinions are on certain stuff relating to PWG and the shows we do. It helps me see what works and what doesn’t work, even if I disagree with it or not. I know a lot of young wrestlers really get emotional over what people say online. I used to as well. It’s only natural to get upset when you have such a passion for something, and to see someone trash you like it’s nothing. These posters have no idea how they affect wrestlers. Like I said. I don’t really care what anyone has to say about me as a wrestler anymore, good or bad. I got an x-box 360 today, and it was sold out everywhere, so I consider myself to be in the top 17 people on the planet. Anyone that disagrees with that is obviously an idiot, and they should eat their own face. Even if someone doesn’t like something, they don’t have to drive it into your head every time they put their ugly fat fingers on a keyboard. I understand that not everyone has the same taste, but sometimes people are just assholes. That’s my job. Stop trying to make me look bad. I am asshole of the year. Don’t try to contend with that. I know, I really seem like I hate all the net fans. It’s not true though. I love every internet fan that buys our DVD’s. No, seriously. Give me your address, I want to send a Christmas card. Any fan who supports PWG or indy wrestling is okay in my book. Oh, and when we announce a really good card, or a trip to the UK. Please don’t say ” Where’s this guy?” or ” You should have run in my town” because it makes me want to stab my own eyes out, and I really don’t want to stab my eyes out. I like my eyes. So for the sake of my eyes, can we please just appreciate the fact we’re taking so many people already and running a show there for you? Thanks! *pinch cheek*

    What do you say to people who don’t think PWG is funny, and watch your DVD’s with the commentary off?

    Again, everyone has different tastes. Unfortunately the people who don’t think our commentary is funny are idiots and they have a taste for man dick. That’s why PWG is the greatest fed in the world, because we’ve spent 1000’s of hours of trying to find out a way to bring you the option to listen to it without our amazing commentary. It’s called the “man dick” option. If you choose to use this option, you are probably dumb. Not 100% sure, but I’d say there is a 78% chance you’re dumb. Then again, maybe I’m dumb, but I’d say there is a 1% chance of that being true.

    Speaking of DVD’s, how are your personal DVD’s, the Evolution collection, selling? Can fans still purchase them? Which one is the best would you say?

    People can buy it still. I like Evolution 4 the best, personally. I think I get better every year, as I become more of a super genius every year. Plus the production on 4 is off the charts. I had the George Lucas Special Effects team do some work on it. I think when you put more effort into making the quality of your DVD’s top notch, the less you have to worry about people bootlegging them. I know it will happen no matter what, but when something is good quality, people have more of a reason to buy it. So go buy mine, cause if you don’t, you will probably die.

    What’s your favourite PWG show overall, if you could recommend a new fan to check one (two, or three) out?

    All Star Weekend and Zombies Shouldn’t Run are good. Battle of Los Angeles is our best show for sure. Best wrestling show we’ve ever put on. The production on this is also off the charts. The quality of that DVD is even better than Evolution 4. Peter Jackson did some work on it before he started production on King Kong. He said he liked the gorilla in our logo.

    Why aren’t you in RoH?

    I get asked this question all the time from people. I don’t really have an answer. I guess neither side is that interested.

    Why aren’t you in TNA?

    I don’t know. I think it probably has to do with World War 2 though. Maybe the answer to this question is in the hatch on “Lost”.

    Why aren’t you in WWE?

    I was going to go to WWE. I decided to play Half Life 2 for the last 2 years with the bear instead.

    Why are you in CZW?

    Sometimes Half Life 2 gets boring. No, I’m lying. It never gets boring. I just like to go to Philly, because it’s a really beautiful city, especially where the Arena is at.

    What’s your deal with the IWS – you use Kevin Steen and El Generico from there, anybody else ever maybe?

    No deal with IWS. Kevin Steen and El Generico are under a 50 million dollar contract with IWS. They are nice enough to let them come play at PWG.

    Who do you most want to kill/wrestle in the world living today?

    I really hate the band System of a Down. That singer guy makes me really angry every time I hear him. Seriously. Every time that asshole comes on the radio, I smash my radio almost, trying to get him to stop. Just stop it asshole. No more noise. Don’t be a dick.

    You went on that huge Australian tour, right? How did it go? How did that come about – it seemed to be mostly former WWE names.

    It was cool. I hadn’t been to Australia since 1999, which was my favorite wrestling tour ever. Going back was cool. They had a few really big shows. 2,000 people a show at both shows. I got to wrestle my old friend (or enemy) TNT. He’s the one that got me on the shows, which is why I was like the only non TNA, ex WWE guy. It’s actually where I went that made me realize PWG should do shows out of the country. I got a really good reaction from the crowd, and I really felt like without PWG, who knows how many of them would know me. I couldn’t believe that so many people in Australia knew who I was. Then I threw another shrimp on the barbie! It was great.

    Who will you be wrestling in Essen and Orpington respectively on the PWG EUROPEAN TOUR TICKETS OUT THIS MONDAY?

    You will have to wait and see when we announce the card! I can tell you that the main event will be Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles though.

    Will we see Christian or Vader in PWG any time soon?

    We actually looked into using Christian. I liked his glasses that one time when I last watched WWE like 3 years ago, so I thought he would come to PWG, and possibly…wear his glasses? I don’t see Vader being in PWG ever, although he is my favorite “big man” wrestler ever. I especially liked when he made his eyeball come out. Do it again!

    Who would you say has been the biggest loss to the PWG roster due to moving, retiring or signing elsewhere?

    Probably Ricky Reyes. He was having great matches every month right before he moved. Our biggest problem isn’t people moving, or getting signed. Our biggest problem is wrestlers doing other shows ahead of ours, which makes it impossible to run storylines with them. What can you do? Some feds are priority, and that’s understandable. It just makes it harder for us.

    Who’s the dumbest guy in PWG?

    Me! I spend 100’s of hours every month making and shipping PWG DVD’s. It’s like having another full time job, which means I have no free time.

    Why no Human Tornado coming to Europe man!?

    He’s a movie star now or something. He makes us bring a directors chair for “his black ass” at every PWG show, so he can sit in it for no reason at all.

    Why is it that you don’t seem to have great chemistry with guys like Samoa Joe and Low Ki, FOR EXAMPLE (and i’ve heard you give an example like that for at least one of them before), but do with others? What are YOU doing wrong?

    It’s funny you choose these two. I had really good matches with both of them, and they’re two of the more “known” guys I actually had my type of matches with. The main reason I would have bad chemistry with someone would be if we were on completely different pages. That sometimes happens when people have different ways they think wrestling should work. It all depends who you were trained by. Your style really depends on your influences I think. Sometimes I will wrestle someone who thinks wrestling should be worked in a completely different way than I do. That results in average matches. My best matches are always with guys who work a similar style. If not, they are always with a smaller guy, who does good flying.

    Would you curb stomp Simon Dean?

    If by curb stomp you mean hug, then yes, I would curb stomp him.

    What’s your modern goal and aim for PWG in the next 12-24 months?

    I’m really just looking to continue our streak of really good shows. Making sure we are successful with this trip to Europe, and maybe going to some other places we haven’t been. Possibly Africa.

    You mentioned once a while back you’ve “never” had a PWG show filmed just the way you wanted. Have you had that yet?

    Not really. I’m convinced there will always be some sort of problem with it.

    Any thoughts of running PWG elsewhere in the states? Japan? Will you personally go back to Japan any time soon?

    I think it all depends on how well these Europe shows go for us. I know our biggest audience outside of the states would be in England/Germany. I’m not too sure any other place would draw people. Possibly on the east coast? I think there are too many shows there for that at the time though. As far as going back to Japan. It’s a possibility. I have a real job right now, so getting the time off to go would be really hard. It could happen, but the chances are slim.

    Why the weird show names…?

    Don’t you mean “Awesome”?

    Your policy on drugs is?

    My only addiction is Half Life 2. If that’s considered a drug, then I should have probably been dead from an overdose already. If not, then I don’t do any drugs. Straightedge army marches on. Penguins are also straightedge.

    When’s the next PWG show aside from the Euro vacation, and who’s on it?

    Our next PWG show is on Dec 3rd. We have our normal crew on the show. AJ Styles VS Chris Hero will be one of the bigger matches. I am wrestling with Davey Richards against Two Skinny Black Guys(El Generico/Human Tornado).

    Where can fans get the new PWG DVDs from (and any final plugs?) Come to the England show. It’s going to be great! Tickets will be on sale Monday. Get them fast, cause it’s going to sellout!

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