Ashley, Vince, HHH, JBL & Show On CNBC’s Donny Deutsch

Andy Steven reader Wes Jones sent the following detailed recap of the WWE appearance on CNBC last night:

Several people from WWE appeared on Donny Deutsch’s “The Big Idea” last night on CNBC, namely Vince McMahon, Triple H, JBL, The Big Show and Ashley Massaro. The show primarily focused on their appearance in Afghanistan which Donny plugged several times. They did address a couple of other topics throughout the show.

-Donny begins by stating this is the third year the WWE has visited the troops during the holiday, the last two in Iraq and this appearance in Afghanistan. Donny states the representatives of the WWE ate with the troops, slept with the troops and performed military exercises with troops among other interactions.

-Showed a clip of Triple H stating that people in the U.S. take for granted what the troops do and need to support them.

-Vince, JBL and Triple H join Donny at the beginning of the show. Vince stated this is the second generation of The Three Stooges. Donny congratulates them for what they did and continue to do for the troops.

-Donny asked why they went to Afghanistan this time instead of Iraq. Vince stated that actually Armed Forces Entertainment decides where they go. Vince stated there was concern over going to Iraq as elections are up coming and there was fear for the WWE’s representatives’ safety.

-Triple H stated the troops in Afghanistan have been forgotten about as compared to those in Iraq. Triple H praised the work that the troops have done in Afghanistan.

-JBL stated that Chuck Palumbo’s brother Chris Palumbo won the Silver Star for his service. JBL stated the troops are the real heroes and the telecast tries to put as many of them on as they can so they will be honored.

-Vince stated the images on television do not capture all of what the troops do. Vince described a typical day that they had with the troops.

-Vince said the living conditions were difficult. Vince said there was not hot water in the barracks and they may get one hot meal over the course of a week.

-Triple H intervened stating the troops do not complain at all about the living conditions.

-Vince said on their flight out they stopped and Bagram Air Force Base and heard it was steak and lobster night for the troops. Vince joked how it was not what he was expecting and poked some fun at the quality.

-Triple H stated they ate with the troops and went out on helicopters to visit and go through some military exercises.

-Donny asked about the terrain and catching Osama. JBL stated that the terrain is barren and is not surprised they have not found Osama Bin Laden stating it is like finding a needle in a haystack.

-Upon returning from break Donny introduced Triple H as “the son-in-law of Vince McMahon.” Triple H joked that is his title in life.

-The Big Show joins the show from Tampa, Fla. Everyone jokes about the Big Show’s size and Triple H mockingly states how the camera adds ten pounds.

-Donny asked The Big Show about the air mattress he brought with him to sleep on. Big Show stated the mattress popped a hole in it and joked that Vince did it.

-Big Show described the terrain as vast and the landscaped is hard in appearance with no trees or shrubs in sight. Show stated how the human spirit can survive anywhere. JBL made some wise cracks about Show who responded stating b.s. rolls out of JBL’s mouth so much it could fertilize the terrain in Afghanistan.

-Donny asks Vince about the matches. Vince discusses how they had the first good Santa vs. bad Santa match. Vince stated the good Santa was Mick Foley and the bad one was JBL.

-Donny asks about backstage bickering in the WWE. Vince sarcastically stated no one in the WWE gossips about one another and no one has a harsh word to say about anyone. That conversation died quickly.

-Donny asks about disagreements between Stephanie and Triple H, in particular who wins. Triple H says Stephanie does what she feels is best for business and jokingly stated that always coincides with how Triple H feels what is best for business.

-Donny asks JBL if Vince ever asks him (JBL) for business advice going over JBL’s business background. JBL stated that Vince is the modern P.T. Barnum as he took a small company and made it into a national conglomerate. JBL stated Vince does not need his advice when it comes to business.

-Donny asks Triple H about the boot camp match against Shawn Michaels. Triple H stated how harsh the weather was as it was freezing cold by the end of the match. Triple H stated it was a difficult challenge to pull the match off.

-JBL discusses how during the trip Vince gave away his trademark hat to a troop as a souvenir.

-Donny asks how Big Show got into the wrestling business. Big Show stated he was working for Danny Bonaduci’s radio show in Chicago helping load equipment. Bonaducci was organizing a charity basketball game with Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart and introduced Hogan to The Big Show. Show stated he was not going anywhere with a career and Hulk got him into WCW and things went from there.

-Donny brings up the difficult challenges Show lives with mentioning how he had a tumor removed and how he suffers from “Giantism,” stating that is what Andre the Giant suffered from. Show states he always has a positive attitude and feels if it was not for his size he would not be doing what he is doing today. Triple H mentioned the difficult time Show had traveling and sleeping.

-Donny asked if they were scared while they were there in Afghanistan. Triple H stated they were on alert once as The Taliban set off bombs while they (WWE) were flying.

-JBL mentions all of the good things the troops have done in Afghanistan and how they mostly go unmentioned here in the U.S. The show went to another commercial.

-Ashley Massaro joins the show. Donny asked how she got to the WWE. Ashley stated she was in Las Vegas for a Hawaiian Tropic pageant and a casting director from the WWE was in attendance. Ashley stated it was always a dream to be in the WWE. The casting director gave her 30 seconds to impress her which she was able to do and she became a contestant.

-Triple H stated that it is the fans who voted for her to win. Donny asked how she won. Vince stated because she is charismatic and beautiful.

-Donny asked Ashley about her time in Afghanistan. Ashley stated that the visit to the hospital was very moving. She said she was honored and privileged to go. JBL described how U.S. doctors are taking care of the Afghan people as well as injured members of The Taliban and that has never happened in combat before.

-Donny asks Ashley about meeting female soldiers. She stated they were beautiful and she left with a lot of respect for them. Donny read an e-mail from a troop describing their experience meeting WWE stars and thanked them for coming. Another commercial break.

-Back from break Donny describes how during commercial Vince could not stop complementing Ashley. Triple H jokes how they have spent the whole show sucking up to Vince and now he is doing the same to Ashley.

-Donny mentions Ashley’s Maxim photo shoot and some pictures were shown. Donny asks Ashley to describe a Bra and Panties match. The guys joke how Donny really knows.

-Ashley describes how someone is victorious in the match. Vince jokes how The Big Show should be in one, joking Show wearing what Vince called “bloomers” or granny panties.

-Donny mentions that Ashley has a gymnastics background. Ashley stated how she hopes to improve in the ring.

-It is mentioned that Ashley has suffered a broken nose and recently had to be rushed to the hospital to have an MRI done. Donny asks Ashley if she could be with a normal guy after being around big macho wrestlers all of the time. Ashley stated she has a normal social life when she has time off.

-Triple H states how Stephanie married a wrestler and she did not do bad. Donny asks how Triple H how he and Stephanie became an item. Triple H described how their relationship really came about when they were doing the marriage angle on TV. Triple H stated that they worked together closely everyday and things went from there.

-Triple H stated he made the first move towards a relationship but would not go into detail as Vince was there. Triple H stated it took a lot to go after the boss’s daughter. Another commercial break.

-Returning from break Donny read an e-mail from a parent whose son is in Afghanistan thanking the WWE for what they did and her son enjoyed them coming. Vince stated that the shows in front of the troops are great as the troops are the most appreciative audience they perform in front of.

-Donny stated that every autograph was signed during the WWE’s trip.

-Donny brings on Art Myers of Armed Forces Entertainment and asked how all of this came about. Mr. Myers stated that in 2002 JBL was invited overseas for an autograph appearance with the troops and the troops loved it. He stated that JBL spoke with Vince about having a show for the troops and it has blossomed from there.

-Donny asked Vince where are they going next year and Vince stated he did not know right now. Donny asks how the winner of a match is determined. Vince pointed to himself. Triple H stated why do you think we have kissed his ass all night.

-Donny thanked everyone for coming on and plugged the show once again.

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