WWE RAW Results – January 16, 2006

Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results

Date: Monday, January 16th, 2006

Location: The RBC Center in Raleigh, NC

Results by PowerWrestling.com

WWE RAW Opener:

The fireworks went off in the arena for the start of WWE RAW as Joey Styles, Jerry Lawler and The Coach welcome us to the show! Tonight, Edge puts the WWE Title on the line against Ric Flair in a TLC Match and the new World Champion Kurt Angle faces Shawn Michaels!

In the arena:

The music of Edge hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring as the WWE Champion alongside Lita. Edge got on the mic and said he understands that people are calling him a cheap champion, that he stole his victory over John Cena at New Years Revolution, but the fact is that he won the title fair and square. He executed his Money in the Bank at the right place and the right time, and now he stands before you as the new WWE Champion. Edge said being the champion; he does what he wants, when he wants. He calls the shots. Last week, he wanted to have a live sex celebration with his love kitten Lita, but apparently some people were offended by Lita and her incredible body being stripped down to it’s no essentials, and to those people he says too damn bad! He’s the Rated R Superstar and you better get used to it. He said their segment last week was the highest rated segment in over two years. He said over 25 million people got onto WWE.com, and that means that he is the most watched WWE Champion of all time! He said for those of you who don’t like that, there are consequences to pay. Just like the legendary Ric Flair tried to stick his nose in his business, he paid the consequences last week. Footage was shown of the one man conchairto that Edge gave Flair on the announce table last week. He said so much for Flair country. He said Ric Flair disrespected him and Lita, and bam, conchairto, he bashed his brains in! He said tonight, he will finish Ric Flair off in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match, but right now, he wants Lita to finish him off! He said right now, he wants to have live, uninterrupted sex. Edge got a chair and he sat on it while some cheesy music played and Lita got on top of him. Kurt Angle’s music then hit as he came down to huge pyro as the new World Heavyweight Champion!

Angle got in the ring with Daivari and Edge said in case he missed it, all the people are saying he sucks! Angle said that was funny, but he was listening to the crowd and he thinks they were referring to Lita! Angle said he thinks these cheap tricks make him a champion? He beat Cena who got his ass kicked for 45 minutes, and now he’s champion. But it’s ability that will keep him a champion. Angle said when he’s the ring, he’s the real thing. He doesn’t take the easy way out. He said his contract expired on RAW on January 1st, but then he heard about Batista’s injury and signed with Smackdown to become the new World Heavyweight Champion! Edge said Angle was embarrassed because he couldn’t get the job done against Cena, and Edge did so in two minutes, and if Angle won the Chamber, he would have done the exact same thing with him! Angle said let’s find out and unify the titles here tonight! Edge said not a chance. He said Angle is the champion of a second rate show, who the hell does he think he is coming out here and challenging him? Edge then went to nail Angle, but Angle gave him a German Suplex and Edge bailed to the outside! Vince McMahon then made his way down to ringside and got into the ring. McMahon said that he will not have two world champions beating the hell out of each other tonight, but what we will have is that they will both fulfil their obligations tonight. Edge will defend his title against Ric Flair in a TLC Match. McMahon told him to get out of here and get ready for the match. McMahon then congratulated Angle on his title win, and he is facing Shawn Michaels tonight, but he won’t be defending the World Title, but there will be a stipulation. He said if Shawn Michaels loses the match tonight, Shawn Michaels’ contract will be terminated immediately tonight. McMahon then told Lilian to introduce Michaels and this match is going down right now!

Non Title Match

Shawn Michaels’ WWE Career On The Line

Referee: Chad Patton

Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle

Michaels made his way to the ring and had a stare down with Vince McMahon in the aisle. McMahon made his way to the back as we go to commercial!

The start:

Back on RAW and we are underway with Michaels chasing Daivari on the outside. Back in, and Michaels nailed some chops on Angle and then took him down with a side headlock. Angle sent Michaels to the ropes, but Michaels came back with a shoulder block and then a side headlock takedown on Angle. Angle backed Michaels to the corner and gave him some shots to the midsection but then Michaels came back with chops to the chest.

Mid-match notes:

Michaels went to the middle rope and jumped off but Angle caught him in a belly to belly. Angle then gave Michaels the triple Germans and covered for two. Angle rolled Michaels up with a body scissors and then synched in the hold. Michaels elbowed out and then nailed another chop in the corner. Angle sent Michaels hard to the corner, and then did so again for a second time. Angle measured Michaels for the Angle Slam but Michaels reversed into a tornado DDT! Michaels rolled into a cover but Angle kicked out at two. Michaels hit a shoulder block and then went to run the ropes but Daivari pulled down the top rope and Michaels toppled to the outside. Michaels then hit the superkick out of nowhere on Daivari, but then Angle came out and gave Michaels the Angle Slam on the floor as we go to commercial!

Back on RAW and Angle is in control of Michaels with a rear naked choke but Michaels elbowed out. Michaels nailed some chops. Angle sent Michaels hard to the corner, flipping him upside down. Angle hit a body slam for a two count as Angle focuses on the lower back.

Angle hit some right hands in the corner and then perched Michaels on the top rope. Angle hit more right hands and then went for a belly to belly from the top but Michaels knocked him down and then Angle popped back up and went for an arm drag from the top, but Michaels knocked him down again. Angle came back again and this time hit the Angle Slam from the top! Angle makes the cover but Michaels kicks out! Angle mouthed off to Michaels, and Michaels went for the super kick but Angle ducked and locked in the Ankle Lock but Michaels rolled through into a roll up for two! Michaels hit some chops and right hands and then hit the flying forearm. Michaels nipped up but then Angle grabbed the Ankle Lock out of nowhere. Michaels kicked him off and then hit the atomic drop and then a clothesline. Michaels went up to the top rope for the elbow but Angle moved! Angle took down his straps and fired up and then waited for Michaels to get up.

The Finish:

Angle went for the Angle Slam but Michaels reversed into a sunset flip but Angle has the Ankle Lock! Michaels tried to make the ropes but Angle pulled him back in. Angle wrenched away as Michaels screamed in pain. Michaels slapped Daivari as he’s in the lock. Angle has the Ankle Lock still in and Daivari comes in with a chair. Angle gets in Daivari’s face and then Daivari goes to hit Michaels but he nails Angle and Michaels rolls him up for the win!

Winner – Shawn Michaels

The Aftermath:

Daivari started to stomp on Michaels and Angle is pissed. Daivari went to leave but Angle called him back. Angle said he had the match won and Daivari says it was an accident. Daivari went to leave again but Angle grabbed him. Daivari then slapped Angle and Angle levelled him! Angle gave Daivari and Angle Slam right to the outside of the ring! Angle is still pissed as he had this one won, and Daivari has cost him big.

Tables, Ladders and Chairs:

Footage is shown from WrestleMania 17 when Edge hit a spear on a dangling Jeff Hardy.


John Cena will take on Chris Master’s in the Master Lock Challenge.


Maria is in the back with Chris Masters. Maria asks him about the Elimination Chamber and how he and Carlito teamed for most of the match. We then go to footage of when Carlito turned on Masters during the Elimination Chamber to eliminate him. Masters doesn’t look pleased and Maria said that was mean. She said tonight he faces John Cena in the Master Lock Challenge. Masters said the only reason he didn’t beat Cena in the Chamber is because Carlito messed it up. He said Carlito will have to deal with him at the Rumble, but tonight he will make Cena pass out to the Master Lock. He said Chris Masters is going to be the youngest WWE Superstar to ever win the Royal Rumble, and John Cena is going to find out first hand that no body breaks the Master Lock.


Trish and Ashley are shown and Ashley isn’t happy about what happened with Mickie James last week. Trish says Mickie is over protective of her. Trish calls Victoria, Candice and Torrie the Three Skankateers. Mickie comes in and asks if they were talking about her. Mickie says she is obsessed, about what she did to Ashley. She said she’s sorry and Ashley said it’s fine. Mickie then grabbed them both, and said it’s time to deliver some Stratusfaction. Mickie slapped Trish on the ass, and said it was for luck. Pics below.

In the arena:

The music of the Masterpiece hit as Chris Masters made his way down to the ring for the Master Lock Challenge, which John Cena will be taking. Masters got on the mic and said it’s time for his Master Lock Challenge. He said the reason he issued the challenge is to show everyone that he would have defeated John Cena in the Chamber if it wasn’t for Carlito, and he will prove it tonight. Without further adieu, he introduces the former WWE Champion, John Cena. Cena’s over again? Masters says he wants to thank Cena for having the guts to take the challenge. The fans chant for Cena with a few boos mixed in. Masters said how about they do this right now. Cena took off his shirt and cap and sat down in the chair. Masters locked in the Master Lock and whipped Cena around the ring in it as the fans got behind Cena. Cena carried Masters on his back in the Lock and then backed Masters to the corner. Cena tried to break it one arm at a time but with to avail. Cena started to fade and the referee went to check on him but Cena is alive again and started to power out of it! Cena then hit the ring with the WWE Title and held it in Cena’s face while he was in the Lock. Edge then levelled Cena with the title and held it high. Cena is busted wide open as Edge and Lita make their way to the back.


Vince McMahon is in the back with Shawn Michaels, and tells him that his luck will run out sooner or later and has him escorted out of the arena. Vince then sees Ric Flair and said on any given night, lightning can strike and he can become a 17 time World Champion. Candice comes in and asks Vince to watch her match and critique it. Vince said after the match, they will have a little talk. He gets Candice to do the Go Daddy Dance and says he will see her later. He says to Flair that he feels better already.

Six Diva Tag Team Match

Referee: Jack Doan

Trish Stratus, Mickie James and Ashley vs.

Candice Michelle, Victoria and Torrie Wilson

Trish Stratus, Mickie James and Ashley make their way to the ring for action with Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle and Victoria. Footage is shown of Candice’s latest GoDaddy.com commercial.

The match:

Trish and Victoria lock up and Victoria works the arm and takes Trish down. Victoria sent Trish to the corner but then ate an elbow. Trish hit a victory roll for a two count and then nailed a Thesz press and unloaded with right hands. Victoria came back with a shot to the gut and then hit a right hand and sent Trish to the corner. Trish came back with a headscissors and then went for Stratusfaction. Candice comes in and Trish takes them down with a headscissors combo. Ashley tags in and Mickie gets knocked off the apron. Mickie then comes in and attacks Ashley! Trish gets her off and argues with Mickie on the outside. Victoria then hits the Widow’s Peak on Ashley for the win.

Winners – Victoria, Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle

The Aftermath:

Trish checked on Ashley and is pissed at Mickie. Mickie looked frustrated and glared at Trish.

Tables, Ladders and Chairs:

Footage is shown from SummerSlam 2000 when Edge pushed over a Ladder sending Bubba Ray Dudley over the ropes onto a stack of tables on the outside of the ring.

Rob Van Dam:

A video package aired for Rob Van Dam who returns at the Royal Rumble.

In the arena:

The music of Carlito is playing and he is in the ring. He said he doesn’t know why everyone is excited about the return of RVD. He said let him remind us what happened to RVD the last time he was on RAW. Footage was shown from June when Carlito took out RVD with his bad knee, and put him out even longer. Carlito said he made sure RVD stayed on the disabled list longer than he should have, and he won’t hesitate to put him right back on it. Carlito said he is on a roll as the fans chanted for RVD. Carlito said he came this close to winning the WWE Title at New Years Revolution, but it’s OK, because Carlito is going to win the Rumble and go to the main event of WrestleMania 22. Carlito said he’s better than ever, and there’s no one in the locker room who can throw Carlito over the top, and that’s cool. Kane’s music then hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring with a smile on his face. Carlito hit Kane with some right hands and went to clothesline Kane out, but Kane grabbed him by the throat. Carlito thumbed the eyes but Kane hit a boot to the face. Kane shoved the apple in Carlito’s face and then press slammed him over the top. Kane hit his pyro, and he has to be a favorite for the Royal Rumble!


Vince is shown in the back and a stage hand comes in and says there is a woman outside who wants to see him. He said he’ll be a few minutes. McMahon thinks it’s Candice as we go to commercial.

Back on RAW:

Back on RAW and Vince takes off his jacket and unbuttons his shirt and takes off his watch. There is a knock at the door and he thinks its Candice still. He said he just wants to feel her presence. He has no pants on. He then did the Go Daddy dance and its Shelton’s mom! She said “sooky, sooky Mr. McMahon” and said she has dollars ready! Shelton comes in and she wants to know why Benjamin isn’t wrestling today. Shelton said it’s OK, but she told him to mind his business, and grown folks are talking. McMahon gave Shelton a match and his mom told him to get ready. Vince said he had some business to take care of, and she starts to feel him up and tells him to look her up if he’s ever in need. Vince looked scared to death.

Tables, Ladders and Chairs:

Footage is sown of Chris Benoit crashing through a table from Smackdown! in 2001.

Referee: Jack Doan

Shelton Benjamin vs. The Big Show

The music of Shelton Benjamin hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring with his momma, and he is set for action here tonight. He awaited his opponent, and it’s the Big Show! Shelton and his momma looked shocked. Shelton told his momma to give Show a piece of her mind. She looked up at him and she backed off. Show lifted up the bottom rope to help momma out of the ring. She told Benjamin to do the best he can.

The match:

Shelton nailed right hands but Show came back with ahead butt. Show hit a side walk slam but he seems to have hurt his broken hand. Shelton raked the eyes and then slammed his broken hand into the ring post. Shelton then leaped at Show, but Show caught him by the throat. Shelton broke free but then Show nailed a fallaway slam. Shelton rolled to the outside and Show followed out. Show press slammed Shelton back into the ring and then Triple H came out of the crowd and Show nailed him! Show fought with Triple H to the back and Big Show has been counted out!

Winner by countout, Shelton Benjamin

The Aftermath:

Shelton was all happy that he won and jumped for joy and she celebrated with him in the ring.

Tables, Ladders and Chairs:

Footage is shown of Rob Van Dam hitting the Van Terminator on Kane from RAW in 2002.

Dancing With The Stars:

Footage is shown of Stacy Keibler on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, doing the Rumba.

WWE Championship Match

Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match

Referee: Michael Chioda

Ric Flair vs. Edge (c)

The music of the Nature Boy hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring, and the WWE Championship will be decided for the first time ever in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match! Edge then made his way to the ring with Lita as the WWE Champion. The belt was hung above the ring and we are set to go!

The start:

Edge and Flair locked up and Edge went for a right hand in the corner but Flair ducked and unleashed some chops and right hands. Edge came back with an elbow to the back of the head and then stomped away at Flair. Edge got a ladder in the ring and then rammed it into the head of Flair. Edge sandwiched Flair between the ladder and then grabbed a chair, and nailed the ladder with it, with Flair in between!

Mid-match notes:

Edge stomped Flair to the outside but then walked into a huge chop. Flair chopped Edge over the barricade into the crowd. Flair followed over and then charged at Edge, but Edge back dropped him over the barricade back to ringside. Edge gave Flair a suplex on the floor and then tipped over the ladder and grabbed a chair and tossed it in the ring. Edge grabbed a table and put a chair on top of it. Edge nailed some right hands and then laid Flair on the table and put his head on the chair. Edge climbed onto the announce table and went to give Flair another conchairto but Flair grabbed him by the balls and then tossed him into the barricade! Lita got on the back of Flair and Flair snapmared her off, but then turned around into a chair shot from Edge! Flair is busted open and Edge grabbed a table. Edge got Flair on the table and Lita held him in place. Edge then put a ladder in the ring and set it up near the ropes. Edge climbed the ladder and dived off onto Flair through the table on the outside! Holy shit!! Both men are down on the outside as we go to commercial.

Back on RAW and we are back in the ring, and somehow Flair is in control. Flair gave Edge a low blow and he is a bloody mess. The blood is shown on the broken table outside as he sets up a ladder in the ring and sandwiches Edge in between it. Flair grabbed a chair and nailed the ladder with Edge underneath. Flair nailed Edge in the head with the chair and then dropped the ladder on Edge. Edge hit the ladder again with the chair with Edge underneath, repeatedly. Flair set up the ladder and started to climb but then changed his mind and set up the ladder in the corner. Flair nailed Edge with a huge chop and then went up to the top rope, and then to the top of the ladder. Edge climbed up too and they traded right hands. Edge then nailed a superplex from the top of the ladder! Edge hit an elbow drop to the lower extremities and then ascended the ladder in the corner. Edge dived off with a missile dropkick but Flair avoided it and then flopped and both men are down.

The Finish:

Edge grabbed a chair and nailed Flair hard in the head with it and Flair tumbled to the outside. Edge set up the ladder and started to climb. Flair comes back in and Edge has his hand on the belt. Flair tipped the ladder and Edge went crashing over the ropes through a table on the outside! Holy crap! Flair set up the ladder in the ring and started to climb! Flair is steps away but Lita is in. Lita grabs Flair and pulls him down and hammered at him. Flair then put her in the Figure Four! The referee got rid of Lita and Edge is still down on the outside. Flair started to climb the ladder again as his daughter looked on from ringside. Edge is back up and starts to climb the ladder too. Edge and Flair trade right hands and Flair falls off. Edge reaches up and retains his gold.

Winner and still WWE Champion, Edge

The Aftermath:

Edge nailed the Spear on Flair and then grabbed two chairs. Edge went for the conchairto on Flair again but then Cena hit the ring! Cena speared Edge down and hammered him with right hands. Cena hit rights and lefts in the corner and Lita has a chair but Cena scares her off. Cena grabbed a chair and went nuts as Edge and Lita bailed up the aisle. Edge can run tonight, but he won’t be able to run at the Royal Rumble when he defends against John Cena!

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