WWE No Way Out Results – February 19th, 2006

Ryan Clark

Event: WWE No Way Out Pay-Per-View Results

Airdate: Sunday, February 19th, 2006

Location: The 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, MD

Results by PowerWrestling.com

WWE No Way Out Opener:

No Way Out opened up with a video package looking at the goings on between Kurt Angle and the Undertaker, as well as Rey Mysterio winning the Royal Rumble, and Randy Orton challenging him for the number one contendership by playing the Eddie Guerrero card. The fireworks then went off in the arena as Michael Cole and Tazz welcomed us to the show!

Cruiserweight Championship Match

Referee: Jim Korderas

Kid Kash vs. Psicosis vs. Super Crazy vs. Nunzio vs.

Funaki vs. Paul London vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Scotty Too Hotty vs. Gregory Helms (c)

The music of Gregory Helms hit as he made his way to the ring as the Cruiserweight Champion of the World. Scotty Too Hotty then made his way to the ring as one of the challengers, followed by Paul London and Brian Kendrick. Funaki then made his way down, as well as Super Crazy and Psicosis. Nunzio then made his way down to the ring, and then Kid Kash made his entrance. All cruiserweights will be in the ring at the same time, and the first man to score a pinfall or submission will be Cruiserweight Champion.

The start:

The cruiserweights huddled up waiting for Helms to get in the ring, and then they knocked him outside. We then split off with everyone going at it. Scotty hit some right hands on Nunzio and London worked over Kash in the corner. Helms waited on the outside as London hit the mushroom stomp on Nunzio. Kendrick and London hit a double dropkick on Nunzio and then London was tossed to the outside, followed by Kendrick. The Mexicools hit double planchas onto London and Kendrick on the outside. Funaki hit some right hands on Kash in the ring, but then Kash planted him. Kash went for a springboard moonsault but Funaki moved and then hit a bulldog and covered but Helms broke it.

Mid-match notes:

Helms stomped away on Kash and then Funaki, Scotty and Nunzio surrounded him and they levelled him with right hands and stomps. Helms bailed to the outside again as we split off once more. London hit a huricanrana on Psicosis and then Super Crazy nailed him with a missile dropkick. Kendrick went for a senton but the Mexicools moved and then hit their double team rolling powerbomb. Psicosis is sent to the outside by Helms and then London takes over on him. Helms came back with right hands in the corner on London but then London kicked away at him and hit some shoulders to the gut. Scotty hit a back suplex on Kash and then Helms nailed him and hit a facebuster and covered but Kash broke the fall. Helms and Kash went toe to toe with right hands and then Scotty rolled up Kash for two. Helms backdropped Scotty to the apron and then nailed him with a right hand. Helms is sent to the outside by Psicosis and then Scotty sends Kash face first into the turnbuckle.

Scotty hit a hilo off the apron to Helms on the outside. Kash avoided a Psicosis charge and he went through the middle rope to the outside and then hit a headscissors onto him on the outside. Nunzio hit a Sicilian Slice on Crazy and covered but Kendrick made the save. London launched Kendrick into Funaki and Nunzio sending them outside, and then went up top and hit stereo splashes onto everyone on the floor. Crazy then went to dive over but Helms hit a back elbow on him and went for the Shining Wizard but Crazy countered and hit a spin kick but Kendrick broke the fall. Kendrick hit Sliced Bread #2 for a two count on Helms, and then London hit a senton off the top onto Helms.

The Finish:

London gave Scotty some shots but then Scotty hit a superkick sending him out. Scotty nailed the bulldog on Helms and then called for the Worm. Scotty nailed it but Psicosis made the save on the cover. Psicosis then covered but Kash broke it up. Kash chopped away at Psicosis but Psicosis came back with right hands. Kash nailed a roundhouse kick and then nailed the Dead Level and covered but Crazy made the save with a moonsault and then Helms rolled into the cover and he’s stolen this one!

Winner and still Cruiserweight Champion, Gregory Helms

The Aftermath:

Helms gloated in the aisle and then everyone went in chase of him.


Booker and Sharmell are in the back with Theodore Long. Booker is saying he isn’t ready to compete at his best tonight. He said he’s the greatest United States Champion of all time, and no one wants to see him if he isn’t 100%. Long said Booker looks 100% to him, and he did so on Smackdown as well. Sharmell said that was a miracle on Smackdown, and Long said it looks like Booker can wrestle tonight. Sharmell got down on two knees and begged for more time for Long. Long said she didn’t have to do that. Booker said he would get down on one knee too. Long said alright, and he’ll give Booker a chance. He has one choice, either Booker wrestles Benoit tonight or he forfeits the US Title. Booker and Sharmell are pissed as Long left.


Kristal is in the back and Finlay comes in. Finlay grabs the mic and said he came all the way from Ireland for a fight tonight, and he doesn’t have one. He said if no one will take the fight to him…then he’ll pick a fight. Finlay picked up Kristal on his shoulders and walked off with her.

In the arena:

The music of Finlay hit as he carried Kristal to the ring. Finlay started to bully her around, and then Lashley’s music hit! Lashley went to work on Finlay with right hands and then sent him hard to the corner. Finlay hit a knee to the groin and then levelled him with a clothesline before the music of JBL hit!

JBL ran down to the ring and Lashley is coming back on Finlay with a belly to belly.

Referee: Nick Patrick

Bobby Lashley vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

The start:

Lashley stared down Bradshaw before they locked up. JBL hit a thumb to the eye and sent Lashley head first to the corner. Lashley came back with right hands and kicks on JBL in the corner. Lashley hit some shoulders to the mid section and then sent him to the corner and charged in but JBL got his boot up. JBL sent Lashley down but Lashley came back and knocked JBL down with a shoulder block. Lashley hit some knees to the mid section as Jillian watched on at ringside. Lashley hit a back body drop on JBL and then an elbow drop.

Mid-match notes:

Lashley hit his up and under back drop and then Bradshaw bailed to the outside. Lashley went after JBL but he put Jillian in front of him and then thumbed the eyes. Lashley blocked JBL trying to send him into the ring steps, and sent JBL into the steps himself. Jillian nailed Lashley in the back with the clipboard to no affect. Lashley hit a belly to belly on the outside and then sent JBL back inside for two. Lashley went for a suplex and had trouble getting him over but did so with raw power. Bradshaw came back sending Lashley through the ropes to the outside. Lashley got on the apron but Bradshaw hit a boot sending him to the floor. Bradshaw slammed Lashley face first into the ring steps as the crowd chanted “JBL sucks!” Bradshaw sent Lashley into the ring steps again and then got back into the ring to break the count. Bradshaw sent Lashley back inside, and then hit an elbow drop off the top rope for two. Bradshaw clubbed at the back of Lashley and then kicked away at him in the corner.

Bradshaw sent Lashley back inside, and then hit an elbow drop off the top rope for two. Bradshaw clubbed at the back of Lashley and then kicked away at him in the corner. Bradshaw nailed a swinging neckbreaker. The fans chanted “Let’s go Lashley!” as JBL went to work with a series of elbow drops and then covered for two. Lashley came back with a right hand, and they traded shots but then JBL grabbed a sleeper. Lashley backed JBL into the corner but Bradshaw kept a hold of the sleeper. Lashley faded and dropped down to the canvas and then rolled into a cover for two. Bradshaw kicked Lashley in the head and is in full control here. Bradshaw taunted the crowd to loud boos and then headed up top.

The Finish:

Bradshaw dived off but Lashley caught him with a powerslam in mid air! Lashley nailed a right hand to drop Bradshaw, and then knocked him down with a series of clotheslines. Lashley hit a belly to belly overhead throw and then another. Lashley nailed a third belly to belly, and now a fourth! Bradshaw is busted open and Lashley went for the Dominator. Bradshaw reversed and went for the Clothesline from Hell but Lashley blocked and hit a T-Bone for a near fall. Finlay then hit ringside and threw the ring announcer into the ring. Finlay hit Lashley with the shallaly and then Bradshaw hit the Clothesline from Hell for the win!

Winner – John Bradshaw Layfield

The Aftermath:

A bloody JBL made his way to the back as Lashley struggled to his feet and got a nice reaction from the crowd as he made his way to the back.

In the arena:

Tony Chimel introduces tonight’s special guest, the former World Heavyweight Champion, Batista! Batista, who now has a shaven head (16 photos posted at the link below), made his way to the ring looking in great spirits here tonight after his triceps surgery! The crowd went nuts for the Animal and then chanted “Batista, Batista!” Batista got on the mic and said it’s the thrill of his life every time he walks out that curtain. He said he’s making this real short and sweet so we can get on with the show, but he’s here for three reasons. First reason, he wants to see Kurt Angle against the Undertaker for the World Championship. Second reason, he misses the Smackdown! fans and the crowd and you have no idea how hard it is to sit his ass on the couch watching Smackdown, and it’s torture. The fans erupted into another Batista chant and he went onto reason number three…his torn tricep ain’t torn anymore, and sooner rather than later, he will be back. He said it doesn’t matter who is World Champion, Kurt Angle or the Undertaker, he’d love to face either of them for the World Heavyweight Title. He said they need to know one thing, he will be back and he will reclaim HIS World Heavyweight Title.


Kurt Angle is shown watching a monitor backstage and Randy Orton comes in. Orton said Batista is flapping his gums about who he will face, but it won’t be Undertaker or Angle, it will be him, and then maybe he will get some respect that he deserves. Orton asked Angle who the hell he thinks he is. Angle said he is the World Heavyweight Champion, and he’s focused on the Undertaker, not Orton.

WWE Tag Team Match (NON TITLE)


Matt Hardy and Tatanka vs. MNN (c)

The music of MNM hit in the arena as Nitro and Mercury made their way to the ring as the WWE Tag Team Champions with Melina, and they will be facing Matt Hardy and a partner of his choice here tonight live at No Way Out! Matt Hardy then made his way to the ring and you have to wonder who he has chosen tonight as his partner. Tatanka’s music then hit, and he is Matt’s partner here tonight!

The start:

Hardy and Mercury kicked things off and Melina is up on the apron. Mercury hammered away on Hardy from behind and then stomped him down. Hardy fought back with right hands and then nailed a big right to knock Mercury down. Hardy hit another big right hand before working over the left arm of Mercury. Hardy dropped his leg across the arm of Mercury and then made the tag to Tatanka. Tatanka took over on the left arm, and then nailed a chop. Tatanka hit a deep arm drag and then tagged Hardy back in. Hardy and Tatanka hit a double back body drop on Mercury, and then a double back elbow. Hardy and Tatanka hit a double inverted flapjack on Mercury and he bailed to the outside.

Mid-match notes:

Back in the ring and Nitro took over on Hardy with stomps. Nitro choked Hardy over the middle rope and Melina screamed in Hardy’s face. MNM went for a double suplex on Hardy but he countered into a double neckbreaker on MNM. Tatanka made the tag and hit chops to the head of both men, repeatedly. Tatanka hit a running Tomahawk on Mercury and he bailed to the outside. Tatanka followed out and nailed a chop to the chest and send him head first into the barricade. Tatanka then hit a chop on Nitro and Melina raked his eyes. Mercury then hit a dropkick off the apron to take Tatanka down. MNM worked over Tatanka in their corner and then Mercury gave him a snapmare and a knee drop for two.

Mercury went to work with a series of right hands and then tagged Nitro back in. Nitro hit a running knee to the corner and some right hands. Nitro distracted the referee and Mercury choked away at Tatanka. Tatanka fought back with shots to Nitro but then Nitro kicked him in the mid section and tagged Mercury inside. Mercury and Nitro hit a double elbow as Melina screamed her head off. Mercury locked in a rear naked choke. Tatanka fought out but Nitro nailed a neckbreaker and covered for two. Tatanka fought back and hit an atomic drop on Mercury. Tatanka then levelled Nitro with a clothesline and tagged in Hardy. Hardy hit right hands to both Nitro and Mercury and then hit a tilt a whirl side slam on Mercury.

The Finish:

Hardy hit a bulldog on Nitro and sent Mercury down too. Hardy went to the middle rope and hit an elbow followed by the side effect on Nitro. Hardy went for the Twist of Fate on Mercury but he countered and Nitro nailed a big boot. MNM took down Hardy with a double flapjack and he tagged in Tatanka. Tatanka hit a double Tomahawk from the top on MNM and then went for the Trails End on Mercury and covered for the win as Hardy hit the Twist of Fate on Mercury for good measure.

Winners: Matt Hardy and Tatanka

Immediately after the pin Michael Cole mentioned it was a non-title match.

United States Championship Match

Referee: Charles Robinson

Chris Benoit vs. Booker T (c)

The music of Chris Benoit hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for his shot at the United States Championship after being screwed out of the Best of Seven Series by the current champion, Booker T, who helped Randy Orton win the title on his behalf. Booker T then made his way to the ring with Sharmell, and he claims he is not 100% here tonight. Booker got on the mic and said before they ring the bell, he has made up his mind. There will not be a United States Championship match tonight. Booker called Long out and said he can beat Benoit any day of the week when he’s healthy, but tonight he isn’t healthy.

Long made his way down to the ring and Booker said we’re going to make this official. Booker said he is going to forfeit the United States Championship. Booker asked if Benoit was happy now? Booker went to walk out, and then stopped. Booker turned around and then got out onto the apron and started to leave. Benoit started to chant “coward” on the mic and the crowd followed suit. Benoit said there is no way in hell he’s going to accept the title by forfeit and to get his ass back in the ring and take his beating like a man. Sharmell got on the mic and said this is all Benoit’s fault and slapped him. Sharmell said Booker is more of a man than he will ever be, and that title means everything to him. Booker then hit the ring and nailed Benoit from behind and we are underway.

The start:

Booker went to work with stomps on Benoit and this was a straight set up. Booker nailed a back elbow knock down on Benoit but then Benoit came back with right hands and chops. Benoit sent Booker face first into the turnbuckle but then Booker came back with knees to the mid section. Benoit came back with more chops and right hands and Booker was sent to the outside. Benoit followed out and hit some chops before sending Booker back inside. Booker took control with a kick to the ribs and went for a suplex but Benoit blocked and hit a snap suplex of his own.

Mid-match notes:

Benoit nailed a back suplex and then hit some right hands and chops in the corner. Booker tripped Benoit and went for a rollup but Benoit rolled through and hit more right hands. Benoit hit a baseball slide to the back of Booker, sending him to the outside. Benoit sent Booker back first into the barricade and then tossed him shoulder first into the ring steps. Booker is grabbed his groin, and it looks like he has re-injured his groin. Booker told the referee that he’s hurt and to back Benoit off him. Booker was playing possum again and pulled Benoit into the ring steps and laughed. Booker sent Benoit back into the ring and hit a side kick to the chest.

Booker locked in a top wrist lock on Benoit. Benoit escaped but Booker with a go behind takedown on the Wolverine. Benoit went to escaped with a leg hook and Booker blocked an arm drag but Booker went into a full nelson. Benoit broke it and then Booker applied a hammerlock. Benoit elbowed out and then nailed a German suplex. Benoit went for the Crossface but Booker escaped and rolled through. Booker nailed a nice spin kick to the jaw and then covered for a two count. Booker locked in a sleeper and Benoit went down to one knee. The referee checked the arm but Benoit is alive on the third check. Benoit fought out and nailed a back suplex.

Booker nailed a nice vertical suplex and then scored with another for two. Booker nailed some chops but Benoit came back with some of his own. The two traded chops and Benoit came out on top. Booker hit a boot to the face on a corner charge and then went for the Scissors Kick but Benoit moved and hit some right hands and chops. Benoit hit a shoulder block and then a running back elbow. Benoit nailed the Three Amigos and covered for a near fall. Benoit hit some right hands and then Booker came back with a jumping leg lariat. Booker headed up top but Benoit cut him off and hit some headbutts and then nailed a superplex. Booker came back with a spinebuster and then headed up top and went for the Harlem Hangover but Benoit moved!

The Finish:

Benoit nailed the trifecta of German’s and then signalled for the end and headed up top. Benoit went up top and Sharmell got on the apron distracting Benoit, and Booker crotched him and hit the Scissors Kick! Booker covered but Benoit kicked out! Booker is pissed and chopped at Benoit and then went for a rollup in the corner but Benoit rolled through and went for the Sharpshooter. Sharmell got on the apron but got knocked down by Benoit when Booker shoved him off. Benoit then locked in the Sharpshooter on Booker and then jumped off into the Crossface for the win!

Winner and new United States Champion, Chris Benoit

The Aftermath:

Chris Benoit celebrated his huge victory and we have a brand new United States Champion! Sharmell checked on Booker and helped him to the back as the crowd chanted “You Tapped Out!” at the former champion!


Benoit is shown celebrating backstage and Rey Mysterio runs up and hugs him. Long congratulates Benoit, so do Matt Hardy, Tatanka, Lashley, Funaki, Pat Patterson and the Mexicools. Benoit then smiles and sees Chavo and Vickie Guerrero and hugs them. Benoit said a minute ago, Rey congratulated him on winning the title, but he will be congratulating Rey later. Chris said that he is doing this tonight for Eddie. Rey hugged Vicki as we go back to the arena.

Number One Contender Match

Referee: Jim Korderas

Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton

The music of Randy Orton hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring to face Rey Mysterio, and this one is beyond personal. Rey Mysterio is putting up the opportunity to main event WrestleMania, which he won at the Royal Rumble, in this match. Rey Mysterio made his way to the ring looking ready as ever, and we are ready to go.

The start:

The fans chanted “Eddie, Eddie!” as we are set to go. Orton and Mysterio locked up and Orton backed Rey to the corner and broke clean. Orton with a go behind takedown into a front face lock but Mysterio got his feet in the ropes and then Orton slapped Rey on the back of the head and Orton laughed. They locked it up again and Rey kicked the mid section and took Orton down with a side headlock. Orton sent Rey to the ropes and Rey came back with a bulldog and then cover for two.

Mid-match notes:

Rey hit some mounted right hands in the corner and then chopped away at Orton. Rey went for a springboard crossbody but Orton ducked and grinned. Orton choked Rey in the corner with his knee and then hammered at the back of Rey. The fans chanted “Randy Sucks!” as he took Rey down again. Orton slapped Rey around in the corner and then sent him hard into the opposite corner and covered for two. The fans chanted “Eddie, Eddie!” as Orton mocked him. Rey came back with a kick to the head and then a tilt a whirl headscissors sending Orton through the middle rope to the outside. Rey went for a running senton but Orton caught him on the outside and then swung him into the ring post like a baseball bat!

Orton went right after the arm of Mysterio on the outside and then tossed him back into the ring. Orton locked in an arm bar. Rey fought out and hit a kick to the face but Orton stopped him and got Rey on his shoulders and hit a sick neckbreaker and Mysterio was bent in half. Orton covered but Rey kicked out. Orton went back to the arm bar but Rey started to fight out with kicks to the hamstring. Rey nailed a huricanrana and both men are down. Orton knocked Rey down and stomped on the back of the head of Rey and sent him to the outside. Orton stomped on Rey’s arm on the ring steps and then slammed it right into the steel.

Orton sent Rey back inside and covered for two. Orton wrapped Rey’s arm around the bottom rope and yanked away at it. Rey’s arm is hurt bad as Orton gloated to the crowd. Orton got Mysterio on his shoulders but Rey countered into an arm drag sending Orton to the outside. Orton got back inside and Rey hit a flying forearm. Rey hit a drop toe hold sending Orton face first into the second turnbuckle. Rey went up top for a moonsault but Orton hit some shots to the back and got Rey on his shoulders and went to the second rope but Rey blocked and hit a sunset flip into a powerbomb from the middle rope for a near fall! Rey nailed a spinning heel kick and then danced around in tribute to Eddie Guerrero. Rey hit some right hands and then a low dropkick to the knee.

The Finish:

Rey hit a springboard seated senton and then a rolling neck snap for a two count. Orton picked Rey up but Orton reversed and went for a springboard moonsault but Orton caught him and then Rey countered taking Orton down with an inverted DDT for two. Orton came back with a thumb to the eye and then Rey kicked Orton in the ribs, and then the face in the corner. Mysterio went up top and dived off but Orton hit a dropkick in mid air on Mysterio! Orton is bleeding above his eye as he stalks Mysterio for the RKO. Orton went for it but Rey hit a dropkick to the face! Rey then went for the 619 but Orton ducked and rolled up Mysterio and grabbed the ropes for the three count!

Winner – Randy Orton

The Aftermath:

Mysterio is shocked and can’t believe it as Orton made his way to the back looking very pleased with himself. Orton is going to WrestleMania. Orton got on the mic in the aisle and said “Guess what? I am going to the main event of WrestleMania! Where are you going?” The announcers called Orton a jackass and Mysterio looked broken up and looks like he wants to cry. Look for a three-way match at WrestleMania just by the end of that.


Rey is shown backstage looking dejected and frustrated with himself. Rey says he is sorry to Chavo and that he let them down. Vicki is crying and Chavo tells him to pick his chin up and hugs him. Rey keeps apologizing and hugs Vicki. Chavo said he didn’t let anyone down and he tried his hardest out there. Chavo thanks Rey again and then Rey makes his way past the boys who don’t know how to act. Rey walks off down a hallway as we cut to a video package.

World Heavyweight Championship Match

Referee: Nick Patrick

The Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle (c)

The music of Kurt Angle hit as he made his way to the ring as the World Heavyweight Champion, and he has a tough task ahead of him as he puts his title on the line against the Legendary Undertaker! The bells tolled as smoke filled the arena and the Deadman made his way to the ring.

The start:

Taker went for a big boot off the bat but Angle moved and grabbed a waist lock but Taker grabbed the ropes and Angle broke the hold. Angle bailed the outside when Taker went for a right hand. Back inside and Taker grabs a side headlock. Angle sent him to the ropes but Taker came back with a shoulder block for one. Taker locked in a wrist lock and worked over the arm of the champion, slamming it into the top turnbuckle. Taker lifted Angle up by his left arm and dropped him before dropping a leg on it and locking in a short arm scissors.

Mid-match notes:

Taker keylocked the arm and forced Angle’s shoulders down for two. Angle fought out with right hands but Taker applied more pressure. Taker went for Old School but Angle blocked it and hit some right hands. Taker came back with a full arm drag and twist and then nailed Old School. Angle charged at Taker, but Taker nailed an STO for two. Taker sent Angle to the corner and then gave him Snake Eyes and went for the big boot but Angle ducked and nailed a German for two. Angle nailed some right hands and then some shoulders in the corner. Taker came back with a high knee and went for a big boot but Angle moved and Taker got hung up on the top turnbuckle. Angle sent Taker to the outside, crashing into the barricade as he followed out.

Angle sent Taker head first into the ring steps and then jumped off the apron with a double axe handle but Taker caught him and rammed him back first into the ring post. Taker got Angle on the apron, and nailed an elbow to the head. Taker then hit a dropkick across the neck of Angle on the apron. Taker sent Angle back inside and covered for a two count. Taker went for the chokeslam but Angle nailed a kick to the knee and then Taker levelled him with a right hand uppercut. Angle came back with a chopblock and then worked over the knee of the Undertaker. Angle sent Taker’s knee into the ring post, and then did so again.

Angle locked in a figure four around the ring post! Taker tried to get back in the ring but Angle stopped him and drove his elbow into the knee. Back inside and Angle covered for one. Angle stomped away at the knee in the corner and then hammered away with some right hands. Angle continued to work the knee, jumping right down on it while it was hanging over the bottom rope. Taker pulled Angle to the outside and followed out. Taker hit a knee to the mid section and then laid Angle across the apron and hit a running kick to the head. Taker went for the leg drop on the apron but Angle blocked it and locked in the Ankle Lock on the outside! Angle wrenched away at the ankle but had to break it to stop the count out.

Back outside and Angle locked in the Ankle Lock yet again! Angle got back in the ring at eight to break the count and then tossed Taker back inside. Angle hit some elbow drops to the knee and locked in a leg lace. Angle wrenched away at the Ankle of Undertaker and dropped more elbows to the knee. Taker fought out with some leg shots across the throat but then Angle took Taker down again and hammered away with right hands. Taker locked in a Triangle Choke on Angle but the champion made it to the ropes. Angle rolled to the outside and Taker followed out. Taker sent Angle head first into the barricade and then nailed a right hand. Taker tossed Angle right into the ring announcer and into the steel chairs.

Taker sent Angle head first to the apron and then hit some stiff right hands before taking apart the announce table. Taker stalked the referee and then went over to Angle but Angle exploded with the Angle Slam on Taker through the announce table! Angle rolled back inside and the referee began his count on Undertaker but Angle stopped the count at nine saying that they are going to do this in the ring! Angle went after Taker with uppercuts and shots to the back of the neck. Taker came back sending Angle into the ring steps and Angle’s jaw went right into the broken announce table. Taker sent Angle back inside and went up top but Angle cut him off. Angle went for a superplex but Taker knocked him back down but then Angle exploded and jumped up and hit a belly to belly for two!

Taker and Angle traded right hands and then ran right into a big boot for a near fall. Taker signalled for the chokeslam but Angle reversed into a rollup into the Ankle Lock! Angle wrenched at the ankle of Taker as Taker writhed in pain. Taker reversed into a triangle choke on Angle but then Angle rolled through into the Ankle Lock again! Taker rolled through again and then grabbed Angle with the chokeslam! Taker covered but Angle kicked out at two! Taker stalked Angle and hit a kick to the gut and went for the Last Ride but Angle rolled through into the Ankle Lock again! Taker tried to the make the ropes but then Angle pulls him back into the middle of the ring but then Taker powered out! Angle hit the Angle Slam and hooked the leg but Taker kicked out! Angle took down his straps but then Taker sat up!

The Finish:

Angle and Taker traded right hands and then Taker went for the Tombstone but Angle reversed and went for one of his own, but Taker reversed again and then Angle grabbed his ankle and locked in the Ankle Lock yet again! Angle wrapped himself around the leg of the Deadman as he writhed in pain! Taker started to kick at the hands of Angle and broke the grip! Angle then hit the Angle Slam for a second time and then went over to cover but Taker grabbed the Triangle Choke again! Angle started to fade and the referee checked his arm and it went down twice but Angle held on and rolled through and the choke is still on and Angle pinned him!

Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle

The Aftermath:

The Undertaker stalked the referee and he bailed to the outside. Angle grabbed his title belt and then Taker went over to Angle and looked like he was going to grab him by the throat but he helped him up. Taker said he has Angle’s number and he’s not done. Angle is going to WrestleMania!

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