Live News & Notes Report From WWE No Way Out

Andy Steven

– Reported by Joey Sowada of

Just got back from No Way Out at the First Mariner Arena and here are some comments and thoughts:

– Things started off around 7:45 when Tazz, Michael Cole, and the Spanish Announce Team were introduced and came out. Tazz got a pretty big pop when his music played. Michael Cole got a few “Sirus Radio!” chants and the Spanish team got a few “your table will be broken!” chants. What is sad is that Tazz actually got a bigger pop then most of the stars during the night.

– I don’t know if this aired on the show, but Simon Dean came out on a Segway scooter and started bashing the Baltimore Orioles to try and get heat. He mentioned that Raffy Palmerio could have used the Simon System and he would have stayed an Oriole. I know he tried to get heat, but no one really cared about the Orioles or Palmerio. Quite sad. However, when he challenged anyone to a match, the smoke started a bit soon. When the Boogeymans music hit, the place went nuts! His pop ranked up there with Tazz’s. Kind of a quick match. The main highlight was Boogeyman doing his dance while holding Simon on his shoulder for the slam and then dancing back up the ramp. Afterwards, Simon had to push his scooter up the ramp and he looked sad.

– The PPV started off with some videos. They showed a special Undertaker video before the PPV officially went live though. Pretty good stuff showing some highlights and some comments. The pyros were HUGE and LOUD when it hit as everyone was PUMPED UP.

– When Shane Helms music hit, some people got a bit quiet. It was sad. Funaki got the best pop for the cruiserwieghts. Good match though. Halfway through, everyone got up when the wrestlers did their moves and chanted along to Scotty’s “worm.” When they all attacked Helms, the place went nuts. Though when he won, everyone just kind of shrugged. Wasn’t as good as the Rumble match was. Afterwards, almost all the cruiserweights chased Helms up the ramp except Psicosis. He had to be helped to the back around the ramp as he was holding his head and was in a great deal of pain. He even came over by the barricade for a minute to steady himself as he almost fell. Kind of scary.

– I don’t know who the SmackDown announcer was that Finlay carried to the ring, but she was HOT! She got a big pop when he threw her down and you saw her thong. Oh yeah, Finlay is BIG in person. When Lashley ran down, no one really knew what to think, because we all knew he was facing Bradshaw, who finally came out. Ok match, though they seemed a little confused in the ring. Jillian got a LOT of chants directed her way that I probably can’t write on here. Other than that, they crowd was out of it, especially when Finlay attacked Lashley. Funny moment though: They had trouble backing up Bradshaws car and they ran over some pyro stuff that promoted some yelling.

– Batista was then introduced as a special guest and got the biggest pop of the night. EVERYONE stood up for him and a few of us bowed down. He went around and shook everyone’s hand that was by ringside and even all the announcers and ring crew. He seemed really into his speech. Lots of “You are the champ!” chants. After he left, everyone was still abuzz about seeing him. Great thrill.

– Benoit and Booker T had an ok match. No one was happy about Booker trying to give the title up, but everyone knew he wasn’t going to just quit. If Booker was supposed to still be injured, he didn’t play it up at all when he came out. Lots of chants of “ECW” during the match for some reason. The main hype of the match was Beniot getting in the crossface and Booker tapping. Lots of “You tapped out” chants afterwards as Booker had to be helped up the ramp by Sharmell. Big pops for Benoit for winning and Teddy Long for coming down, which was surprising (the pop, I mean.)

– Can’t really comment on the MNM vs. Hardy/Tatanka match. Took a food break when we found out it was Tatanka. MNM has a really nice entrance in person. Melina looks hot. We were joking around when we were getting food about Tatanka being Matt’s partner as we thought it would be Jeff. “Man, Jeff changed his appearance!” Then it went to “That’s not Hardcore Holly!” Came back in time for the end. Tatanka had his guy on his shoulders for a while before Matt got ready. Nice ending though. Not a bad pop for everyone.

– Rey vs Orton was…Well, annoying. Some guy behind us kept yelling out stuff about Rey. “Go back to Middle School!” and “Want some tacos?” We almost got into a fight. Funny stuff. Also, they had to set up a special ramp for Rey to do his jump thing and he came out in a black blanket to hide him. Orton’s dropkick when Rey came off the top was great in person. Not too much to say about the match other than there was a lot of “Eddie” chants. I don’t know how many people noticed, but the ref counted to 4. We saw a guy place the mic for Orton on the ramp and were hoping Teddy would come out to say something. Maybe on SmackDown…Maybe. Orton showed his prick side after the show though. Read the end for details.

– Angle vs. Taker. Two of the biggest pops of the night. Angle has a GREAT pyro in person. They had to raise the sign for the Taker to come out. He stood behind the fog for a minute or two before coming out and he is SCARY in person. Great match overall. We were joking that Angle had unlimited SmackDown (video game reference.) Angle messed up a throw off the top though and we thought Taker was injured. I don’t know if you could see it on TV, but Angle’s arm just kind of slipped off Taker as he tried to throw him. Lots of chants for both men. Our section had a competition. We would chant “Taker” and other would chant “Angle” to see who could keep going. We won. Lots of controversy at the end. No one knew what to think when Angle was announced as the winner. Everyone stayed for a few minutes to see what would happen and then kind of left.

– After the show (and after getting some stuff) we waited by the garage where some wrestlers had parked. Saw Mark Henry driving off. He looked funny crouched in his car. Booker and Sharmell were next. Then Orton. He showed how much of a prick he is. When he came out in his car, he was waiting to make a turn and guy in a wheelchair was crossing in front of him. Orton then proceeds to HONK at him and yell something out before speeding off. Since this was in Baltimore, a few people started to chase his car. I hope they caught him. Everyone was pissed and one of my friends, who bought an “RKO” shirt, zipped up his jacket. Good thing I got a Batista shirt. Kurt Angle came out in a soccer mom van. When he was about to turn, he waved to all of us on the corner (about 5) and said hi to each of us before leaving. He was cool. Undertaker drove a black town car. What was bad is that he doesn’t look the same. It took a few minutes for us to realize that it was Taker! They closed the garage afterwards so we headed off.

– Overall, it was an ok show. Orton got a TON of heat afterwards. Here are the biggest pops:

– Faces:

1. Batista by far

2. Undertaker

3. Tazz

4. MNM

5. Funaki

6. SmackDown announcer when her thong showed

7. Teddy Long

That is pretty sad. Lashley’s was ok but like I said, everyone was more confused than anything. Kid Kash had a mild pop and Scotty had an ok one.


1. Orton in the parking lot

2. Angle after the match

3. Bradshaw

4. Simon Dean

5. Orton when he won

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