WWE RAW Results (5/1): Joey Styles Quits RAW!

Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results

Airdate: Monday, May 1st, 2006

Location: The Nationwide Arena in Columbus, OH

Results by PowerWrestling.com

WWE RAW Opener:

RAW opened up with Vince McMahon’s face on the screen talking about defeating Shawn Michaels and God last night. He said tonight, he’s going to take a day off and sit back and relax. He said he announced five General Manager’s who will run things tonight and they are the Spirit Squad! The Spirit Squad come in and say it will be a honor to run RAW tonight. They said they are going to put the WWE Title on the line tonight with Kenny facing John Cena. Kenny says he will make Mr. McMahon proud. Mitch said we will kick things off with the Diva’s in a tag team match and they will be dressed as cheerleaders! The fireworks then went off in the arena as Joey Styles and Jerry Lawler welcomed us to RAW! We then go to footage from WrestleMania as Edge went one on one with Mick Foley, and tonight Mick Foley will be the guest on the Cutting Edge!

Referee: Jack Doan

Torrie Wilson and Maria vs. Victoria and Mickie James

The music of Torrie Wilson hit as she made her way down dressed as a cheerleader. Maria then made her way down to new music from the new Wreckless Intent album. Victoria then made her way to the ring and she will be teaming with WWE Women’s Champion, Mickie James.

The start:

Mickie and Victoria jumped Torrie and Maria from behind. Victoria pulled Torrie on her back by the hair and then dumped her to the canvas. Torrie came back with a drop toe hold and then worked the arm of Victoria before tagging in Maria.

Mid-match notes:

Maria went to the middle rope but Victoria made her way to her corner and tagged in Mickie who missed a clothesline and was then given a kick by Maria. Victoria came in and Maria sent both to the corner and then she whipped Torrie into them for a clothesline. Torrie then pulled up her thong revealing her no ass – we have 7 photos below and a mid-section slip. This is unreal!! and gave them the stinkface!

The Finish:

Maria then nailed the bronco buster on Mickie – Maria’s pink panties were visable, pics below as well! Victoria came in and tossed Maria out and then Torrie nailed the X-Factor on Victoria. Mickie pulled Maria onto the apron and gave her a suplex back into the ring but Trish came from out of nowhere and tripped Mickie and Maria landed on top of her for the win!

Winners – Maria and Torrie Wilson

The Aftermath:

Mickie was pissed as Trish Stratus laughed as she has one upped the Women’s Champion.

In the arena:

The music of the Spirit Squad hit as Johnny, Nicky and Mikey made their way down towards the ring. Mikey got on the mic and said earlier tonight they drew Spirit straws and Kenny will face John Cena for the WWE Championship tonight. He said as far as the three of them go, they don’t want the night off. He said they scheduled a six man tag for right now, because they’re the Spirit Squad! Mikey said their opponents could be called the Odd Squad!

Six Man Tag Team Match

Referee: Chad Patton

The Spirit Squad vs. Eugene, Snitsky and Goldust

The start:

Goldust and Mikey kicked things off and Goldust hit a shoulder block and then a pair of arm drags. Goldust worked the arm and then tagged in Eugene. Eugene was given a right hand but then Eugene came back with forearm shots. Eugene missed a charge in the corner and hit the ring post. Mikey pulled Eugene to his corner as McMahon was shown watching from backstage and Candice joined him, sitting on his lap.

Mid-match notes:

Johnny is in and he gave Eugene a suplex for two. Johnny tagged in Nicky and they worked Eugene over in the corner. Nicky nailed some right hands and covered for two. Mickey tagged back in and he nailed some right hands and an elbow to the head. Mikey hit some Crossface shots and then covered for another two. Mikey locked in a rear chin lock but Eugene came back, missing a dropkick, but then Johnny gave him a knee to the back on the outside. The Squad tossed Eugene back inside but then Eugene came back with a Rock Bottom. Nicky tagged in but Snitsky got the tag and he nailed the Squad with clotheslines but then Mikey pulled down the top rope sending him outside.

The Finish:

The Squad rammed Snitsky into the apron and tossed him back in but then Nicky ran into a big boot. Johnny tagged in as did Goldust and Johnny knocked him to the outside. Johnny pulled Eugene in and Johnny nailed him with the Johnny Go Round and then the other members gave Snitsky a dropkick as Johnny covered for the win.

Winners – The Spirit Squad

During the break:

During the break, Maria was out doing the Kiss Cam but then Mickie James hit the ring and attacked Maria. Mickie gave Maria a huge DDT and then screamed in her face.


Todd Grisham is backstage and he said the Squad insisted that he ask what it felt like to lose to them. Eugene said it didn’t feel good and his uncle Eric said that he thought him never to quit. He then changed his mind and said Eric was an asshole and always quit, and at least Eugene still has a job. Matt Striker then came out of nowhere and laid Eugene out with a dictionary.

Video Package:

Footage was shown, voiced over by Vince McMahon, of the McMahon’s against Shawn Michaels and God at Backlash, in “This Day In Wrestling History” style. Vince talked up the miracle of beating Michaels and being the superior being.


Shawn is backstage watching the monitor with Big Show and Charlie Haas. The Squad come in and say they are the General Manager’s tonight and what they say goes. Mitch says they are giving Michaels the night off…as a wrestler. He said Michaels will be a referee tonight for the next match, Rob Conway vs. Kane. Mitch said there is one more thing; he has a special gift, his very own referee’s shirt. He gave him the shirt and it was yellow with “May 19” in black lettering all over it. Michaels looked pissed as the Squad left.

Referee: Shawn Michaels

Rob Conway vs. Kane

Footage was shown from Backlash with Kane vs. The Big Show and the voices started up in the middle of the match and Kane went nuts until Show laid him out with a chair. The music of Shawn Michaels then hit in the arena as he made his way down in his May 19 shirt as the referee for this next match between Kane and Rob Conway. Michaels checked Conway for weapons and then gave him a low blow! Michaels then took off his shirt and put it on Conway and Michaels has a regular referee shirt underneath! Kane then made his way down, and Conway is a dead man!

The start:

Michaels tossed Conway to the outside at the feet of Kane. Kane started banging his head and he grabbed Conway and tossed him into the ring steps. Kane dropped Conway head first on the barricade and then sent him into the ring. Kane hammered away at Conway with shots to the head as Michaels sat on the top rope and watched. Kane kicked Conway in the head but then Conway came back with an eye rake.

Mid-match notes:

Conway rolled to the outside and Michaels began his count. Conway went to escape into the crowd but Michaels stopped him and tossed him back into the ring. Michaels waved the shirt towards Kane and he gave Conway a big boot. Michaels grabbed a trash can and leant on the ropes with it as a present to Kane and Kane took it and nailed Conway in the head!

The Finish:

Kane ripped off the shirt and then gave Conway the chokeslam. Kane then got out of the ring and started to walk off. Michaels then got on the mic and said May 19 repeatedly. Kane turned around and stormed back to the ring and gave Conway the tombstone and covered for the win!

Winner – Kane

In the arena:

Armando Alejandro Estrada is in the ring and said for everyone to listen to him. He then introduces us to the man who took down the sixteen time heavyweight champion, the man who destroyed the Nature Boy Ric Flair at Backlash, and tonight they go from Ric Flair to…some jobber is shown. Armando asked him if he was the Nature Boy and if he was nervous. He asked him if he was scared, and he better be, because he’s going one on one with Umaga!

Referee: Michael Chioda

Umaga vs. Rory Fox

The match:

Umaga splashed Rory Fox in the corner and then hit a choke into a suplex from the middle rope. Umaga gave Fox the running whiplash bump in the corner and then dragged him to the middle of the ring. Umaga headed to the top rope and came off with a splash and then hit the Samoan Spike for the win.

Winner – Umaga


Vince McMahon is shown in the back fondling Candice’s breast. Candice asked Vince if he could help her with her something or other. Vince asked if it was acute, and she said it was pretty cute. Vince started making out with her and then Triple H walked in. He asked if he had a flashlight in his pocket or is he happy to see him? Vince said he has a favour to ask of the Game. Vince said the Spirit Squad made a match, John Cena vs. Kenny, and he deserves a special spot on the show and offered him to be guest referee in the match tonight. Triple H asked Vince to make the match him vs. Cena for the WWE Championship. McMahon said he laid Edge and Cena out with a sledgehammer last night and gave a woman a spinebuster. He said he should be punishing him for it. Triple H said if he wants a favour, all he has to do is ask, they have always had a good relationship. Triple H said if Kenny happens to win the WWE Championship, then next week the Spirit Squad is banned from ringside as he faces Kenny for the WWE Title. Vince said he should take his advice and be the guest referee, because he’s the boss, and what was it he called him a few weeks ago? An old man? He said the next title shot Triple H will get is when he is an old man if he doesn’t take the referee spot. Triple H walked off pissed.

In the arena:

Lita is in the ring for the Cutting Edge and asks everyone to stand up and pay their respects to the most watched champion in the last five years, the Rated R Superstar, Edge! Edge made his way down to the ring and last night he came close to winning the WWE Championship, but tonight he will be interviewing Mick Foley! Edge got on the mic and said that when it comes to a show of respect for him, that is pathetic. He said it’s almost as shocking as him outclassing John Cena and Triple H last night, but he still has nothing to show for it. He said Cena didn’t pin him last night, he pinned Triple H, so that means he still has claim to the WWE Championship. Edge said he should be used to it, he doesn’t get any respect around here, just like at WrestleMania, one of the biggest victories of his career was tarnished because it was called by an ECW reject in Joey Styles. He said Joey sucks and despite all of that, Edge still stole the show at WrestleMania. He said right now, he’d like to introduce the man he destroyed at WrestleMania, the former Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley. Foley made his way down to the ring to a nice ovation from the crowd. A “Foley” chant started up as Mick got on the mic. Foley said it seems as if Edge has not forgotten their WrestleMania match, and he hasn’t forgotten either. He said for weeks that match was all he thought about. He said he watched the tape and searched his soul to figure out where things went wrong. He said things did not go wrong, things had gone very right. He said that at WrestleMania he was meaner, more prepared, focused and more hardcore than ever.

Foley said the more he watched the tape, he came to know that one that one night he knew that he’d been involved in the greatest Hardcore match in his career, but possibly the greatest in wrestling history. He said in that one night, he didn’t know he’d be face to face with the toughest son of a bitch in WWE. Foley extended his hand for a handshake and Edge shook, and then he shook Lita’s hand and gave her a kiss. He said just because he lost doesn’t meant he didn’t get that WrestleMania moment, because he did. Footage was shown of Edge spearing Foley through the flaming table. Foley said there it is, his defining WrestleMania moment! Foley said looking in Edge’s eyes and knowing he’d never be the same again and looking in his eyes and knowing it’d be all downhill for Edge and knowing he’d never want to go through that hell again. Foley said he does want to go through that hell again, and he wants to go through it tonight! Foley said he wants Edge tonight in a WrestleMania rematch right here in Columbus! Edge said very cute, he waits until he goes through a hellacious triple threat match and he conveniently shows up and challenges him to a rematch? You’re on…you’re on crack! Edge said no way, it’s not going to happen. Edge said that because Foley was stupid enough to come in here and challenge him, next week he will take Foley on in any match he wants. Foley said how fitting is it when he’s in the Cutting Edge when next week he will be cutting Edge with barbwire, thumbtacks and everything he can get his hands on! Foley said for Edge to rest up because he will need his voice to scream for mercy! Foley told him to think about that and try…try to have a nice day! Bang, Bang!

In the arena:

The music of Chris Masters hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring, and last night at Backlash he came out on the losing end against Carlito. Masters got on the mic and said last night was a fluke. He said Carlito had to cheat to beat him, and if Carlito sticks his nose in his business again, he won’t be spitting apples, he will be spitting teeth. Masters said moving on to RVD, that was impressive last night, not only is he Money in the Bank but he’s Intercontinental Champion. Masters said there’s one thing that RVD can’t do and that is break this mans Master Lock, so why doesn’t he come out and give it a shot. Rob Van Dam then made his way to the ring as the new Intercontinental Champion and Mr. Money in the Bank. Van Dam sat in the chair and Masters’ mocked him as he had his back turned. Masters locked it in and then Shelton Benjamin hit the ring and nailed RVD with right hands as RVD was in the lock. Carlito then hit the ring with a chair and nailed Masters and Benjamin and they scrambled to the outside. Nicky then came out and said to knock it off. He said as General Manager he’s written a special cheer just for them. There’s no need to scream, there’s no need to shout, the four of you are now wrestling in a tag team bout!

Referee: Chad Patton

Shelton Benjamin and Chris Masters vs. Carlito and Rob Van Dam

The start:

Back live on RAW and Masters is in control of RVD with a rear chin lock. During the break Benjamin nailed RVD with a cheap shot and Van Dam knocked him off the apron but then Masters nailed a powerslam. Back to live action and Masters continued to work over RVD with the rear chin lock as McMahon is shown undressing Candice in the back, and made out with her some more.

Mid-match notes:

Benjamin tagged in and he nailed a body slam and then a back suplex into a backbreaker. Benjamin stretched RVD and Van Dam fought out of it. Styles said he has to leave because he got a note from the Spirit Squad to leave. Benjamin tagged in Masters who nailed an elbow drop and then stomped away on RVD. Masters sent RVD to the ropes and he came back with a spinning heel kick. Masters tagged Benjamin as Carlito made a tag. Carlito nailed right hands and then a back body drop. Carlito nailed left hands on Masters and then a clothesline. Carlito hit a springboard back elbow on Benjamin but then Masters took him down from behind. Masters and Benjamin went for a double team but Carlito countered and hit a dropkick.

The Finish:

RVD came from the top with a kick to Benjamin and then Masters sent him outside. Masters went for a press slam on Carlito but he countered into the back cracker. Benjamin grabbed a chair and Charlie Haas came from nowhere and grabbed the chair. Carlito then rolled Masters up with a handful of tights for the win!

Winners – Carlito and Rob Van Dam


The Spirit Squad are backstage and they called Joey Styles in. They said that Styles has no spirit and he’s doing a lousy job. They said Kenny is about to become the youngest WWE Champion of all time and Styles is bringing him down. They said if Styles doesn’t do a better job, then they will tell McMahon that he has to wear a cheerleaders outfit next week on RAW. They said they want Styles to say the new WWE Champion is Kenny. Styles said it and they said that was pathetic and to say it with more spirit. Joey said it again and then Kenny wanted to show him how it’s done, and told Styles to get out there and do his job.

In the arena:

Jerry Lawler introduced Joey Styles back to the booth and asked him to say his line, “the new WWE Champion is Kenny”. Joey said how about if they just do their jobs and call a wrestling match. Lawler said if he was in ECW he’d be yelling it right now. Styles said if this was ECW, he wouldn’t be working with a hack like Lawler. Lawler said Styles is finally showing some spirit. Styles said Lawler wants to see some Spirit? And he slapped Lawler across the face! Lawler shoved Styles down and Styles got pissed and made his way to the back as the fans chanted “ECW!”

Back on RAW:

Lawler said he apologized to the fans during the break, and then he apologizes to Joey Styles and asks him to come back out and finish the rest of the show. Styles then made his way to the stage and said Lawler wants to apologize? Like he didn’t knock him on his ass in front of millions worldwide? He said he’s not coming back, and thanks to the magic of live television, he’s going to show the world why in ECW he was the loose cannon of commentary! He said six months again, WWE called him! He didn’t call this company, WWE called him because they had humiliated Jim Ross. He said he gets JR’s spot and from week on, he gets an ongoing lecture about the differences in professional wrestling and sports entertainment. He’s not allowed to say wrestler he has to call them superstars. He’s told to ignore the moves and the holds so he can tell stories! Well ignoring the moves and the holds is damn insulting to the wrestlers who leave their families 300 days a year to ply their craft! He said he’s not a sports entertainment story teller. He said he got pulled from WrestleMania because he didn’t sound like Jim Ross, and then he gets bumped from Backlash! He said he called PPV’s on his own in ECW and it hasn’t been done since, but he’s not good enough to call Backlash? He said he’s stick of sports entertainment and cheerleaders and bathroom humor and their own chairman who mocks god and talks about his semen and makes out with divas for his own ego, and he’s sick of the fans who buy into the crap! Styles said he never needed this job and he doesn’t want this job anymore…he quits! Lawler didn’t know what to say and then said they brought Styles up from the gutter and maybe he’d feel more at home in a bingo hall kissing Paul Heyman’s ass.

WWE Championship Match

Referee: Triple H

Kenny vs. John Cena (c)

Triple H made his way down to the ring as the special guest referee for this match between Kenny of the Spirit Squad against WWE Champion John Cena as we go to commercial.

The start:

Cena lays Kenny out with a right hands and then knocks him down with a back elbow. Cena hit a slam and then an elbow drop. Cena’s head is a mess from last night. Cena nailed more right hands and then gave Kenny a delayed vertical suplex. Cena kept staring at Triple H who just stood in the corner. Kenny came back and went for a cross body but Cena caught him and went for the FU but Triple H nailed Cena with a right hand.

Mid-match notes:

Kenny tossed Cena to the Spirit Squad on the outside and they went to work stomping away on the champion. The Squad tossed Cena back inside and Kenny went for the cover but Triple H ignored it. Kenny stomped away at Cena and then nailed some right hands and covered and Triple H made a two count. Cena came back with right hands and then hit a flying shoulder but then the Squad pulled him outside and stomped away at him. The Squad tossed Cena into the ring steps and then tossed him back into the ring. Kenny went for a cover but Triple H was busy with the Squad and Triple H made a slow two count. Kenny hit a huge back elbow knockdown and covered and again Triple H was slow to count. Kenny nailed a neckbreaker and made another cover and Triple H again made a slow count.

Cena fought back with more right hands but then Kenny nailed him with a DDT and again covered and Triple H again went through the motions with a slow count. Kenny shoved Triple H and then Triple H nailed him with a right hands. Mitch came in and was given the Pedigree and then the Game took off his shirt and made his way to the back. The Squad then got in the ring and hammered away at Cena. Shawn Michaels then made his way down in the referees shirt and he and Triple H stopped and stared at each other as the fans chanted “DX” at them! Triple H made his way to the back as Kenny nailed the huge leg drop from the top.

The Finish:

Kenny covered and Michaels made a two count and then stopped! Kenny got mega pissed and then Michaels nailed him with Sweet Chin Music and did the crotch chop. The Squad then hit the ring and Michaels and Cena fought them off. Cena gave Johnny the swinging powerbomb and then nailed the five knuckle shuffle. Michaels then gave Johnny the Sweet Chin Music and then Kenny stumbled into the FU and Cena made the cover to retain the WWE Title!

Winner and still WWE Champion, John Cena

The Aftermath:

Michaels shook Cena’s hand and then raised his hand and tossed him the WWE Title. Cena celebrated and what will be the backlash of Triple H walking out on this match and Michaels helping Cena retain?

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