Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results

Airdate: Monday, May 8th, 2006

Location: The Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim in Anaheim, CA

Results by PowerWrestling.com

WWE RAW Opener:

RAW opened up with a video package looking at the events of last week with Vince McMahon making Triple H the Special Referee for the WWE Championship match between John Cena and Kenny. Triple H went on to assault John Cena and then walk out of the match, and this can’t have made Mr. McMahon happy, but on the way to the back, Triple H shared a stare with Shawn Michaels who made his way to the ring to referee the rest of the match. What backlash will there be on Triple H for walking out tonight?

In the arena:

The fireworks went off in the arena for the start of the show as Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcomed us to the Pond in Anaheim! Tonight, Kane will face the Big Show in a rematch from Backlash and Edge will take on Mick Foley in a Hardcore Match. Lawler welcomed Ross back to the announce booth as the music of Triple H hit. Triple H got on the mic and said he didn’t come out here to be the special referee of fight with Vince McMahon over what he deserves. He said he came out here for one reason and one reason only, the WWE Championship. He said he’s heard the arguments that he’s had his chance, but he’s the exception to every rule. He said in this arena, he has beaten everybody there is to beat, and tonight will be no different. He said he wants John Cena and he wants the WWE Championship and he wants it right now. The music of John Cena then hit as he made his way down as the WWE Champion. Cena said to wait one second. Cena says that he’s going to try and explain this to him. Cena said Triple H has had 10 championships. The New York Yankees have had like 27, but that doesn’t mean at the beginning of the year they get the easy pass to the World Series. He said the title isn’t about what you’ve done, we all know what you’ve done. They all respect him for what he’s done, but the title is about what he’s done lately, and lately Cena has pinned him and made him tap out. Cena said that’s not exactly a reason for the King of King’s to be demanding to be back on his throne, but Cena said if he ignores Triple H and pushes him to the back of the line he’ll be out here every week getting in his business. He can either listen to him and get drilled in the head by the sledgehammer, or there’s another option, have a match for the WWE Championship right here and right now, and Cena is taking that option!

Triple H called for a referee and said to ring that damn bell but then Mr McMahon’s music hit! Vince strutted down to the ring and said there is no reason to have a referee out here right now, because there will not be a WWE Championship match here tonight. McMahon said Triple H keeps asking for the match yet he keeps defying McMahon. The fans chanted asshole at McMahon. Triple H said to hold on a second before they get off on the wrong foot. He said he knows he wanted Kenny to win the WWE Championship last week, and he’s sure they get together every night and pump each other full of the Spirit, but if Kenny becomes champion, he’ll be replacing a cheerleader for a poser. Cena said there is nothing wrong with being a poser and showed his poses after he beat Triple H! Triple H said the best pose he does is when Triple H knocks him flat on his back! Triple H said to Vince that it’s a proven formula; he wins championships and makes Vince lots of money. Vince yelled to shut up and said his name is not Vince, his name is Mr. McMahon, and if you’re thinking for one second that he’s anyone’s friend, that’s not the case because he’s the boss! He said he’s appreciative for what Triple H has done for him in the pass, and he has his championship match, just not tonight. He said he’ll give him one in the future, but tonight he has the rest of the night off. Triple H looked pissed and Vince told him not to make him change his mind, and Triple H had a stare down with Cena before leaving. Vince said John Cena will be in action tonight. The last he remembers was him and Shawn Michaels mixing it up with the Spirit Squad, to tonight we’ll have the entire Spirit Squad against Shawn Michaels and John Cena! McMahon said he can do him the favour of leaving the ring. Cena said no thank you, and Cena told McMahon to kiss his ass. McMahon yelled to cut the mic, and there will be an Intercontinental Championship right now, a special fatal four way match. Here we go!

Intercontinental Championship Match

Fatal Four Way Match


Shelton Benjamin vs. Chris Masters vs. Charlie Haas vs. Rob Van Dam (c)

The music of Rob Van Dam hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring as Intercontinental Champion and had a stare down with John Cena as he made his way down the aisle. RVD got on the mic and said before he defends the Intercontinental Title he has something to say. He said the way everything went down with Joey Styles was a bunch of crap. He said he agrees with everything Styles had to say about Sports Entertainment. He said they share the same views and he respects that Styles had the balls to share them. He said he gets a lot of energy when he hears his initials, but he wants to hear three other letters here tonight, and they are ECW! We go to commercial.

The start:

We’re underway with Masters pairing off with RVD and Benjamin working over Haas. Masters tossed RVD to the outside and then Masters helped Benjamin with Haas and they took him down with a double shoulder block. Masters held Haas while Benjamin nailed some right hands. Haas fought back with a shot to the gut of Benjamin but then Masters and Benjamin nailed a double suplex. Benjamin covered but Masters broke it and tossed Benjamin to the outside and then made the cover for himself but RVD made the save. RVD nailed some forearm shots to Masters and then gave Masters a boot in the corner. RVD went up top and hit a side kick on Masters and then nailed Haas with a stop over heel kick. RVD gave Benjamin a heel kick and RVD is in full control as we go to another commercial break.

Mid-match notes:

Back on RAW and Masters is in control with a delayed vertical on RVD for two when Benjamin broke the fall. Benjamin stomped on RVD and then nailed Masters but Haas came from behind and got two on Benjamin. Masters sent Haas to the corner and charged in but Haas moved and rolled up Masters for two when Benjamin broke the count. Benjamin hit a dropkick to the knee of Masters and then RVD nailed him with Rolling Thunder. Benjamin took over on RVD with right hands and then choked away at him. Benjamin gave RVD a back suplex and covered for two. Haas is back up and he nailed Benjamin and hit an elbow in the corner and then nailed a second rope clothesline. Haas hit a dropkick on RVD and then a butterfly suplex for a two count. Haas kicked RVD in the spine repeatedly and covered again for two. Masters is back in and he was tossed back out by Haas. Benjamin is up and nailed Haas with a roundhouse kick to the head. Benjamin covered and got two when RVD broke the count.

The Finish:

Benjamin went for a powerbomb on RVD but RVD reversed into a rollup for two. He then got an inside cradle for another near fall but then Benjamin came back with a modified backbreaker for two. Haas is back in and he sent Benjamin to the corner and hit a running shoulder to the mid section. Haas hit some knees to the head but then missed a boot and Benjamin nailed a Samoan Drop. Benjamin went up top but Masters pulled him down to the outside and hit a clothesline. Masters got in the ring and got Haas in the Master Lock but RVD came from nowhere with a springboard into a rollup for the win!

Winner and still Intercontinental Champion, Rob Van Dam

In the arena:

Luke Perry is shown in the front row watching RAW and then Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top is also shown enjoying the show.

See No Evil:

They showed some scenes from See No Evil saying how Kane was a problem to work with and he’s always going too far.


Toss Grisham is backstage and says we’ll see Kane in action tonight with the Big Show, and we are then joined by some of the stars from the movie. Grisham asks one of them about Kane’s attitude on the set, and she says he had the most horrible attitude and didn’t see him smile once. The other chick said he was really horrible. The dude then mentioned May 19th a bunch of times and then Kane showed up behind him and grabbed him by the throat. Kane said to never say that date again and the chicks ran away screaming.

Referee: Mickey Hensen

Carlito vs. Matt Striker

The music of Carlito hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring for action with Matt Striker.

The match:

Carlito and Striker locked up and Striker hammered away at the back of Carlito. Carlito came back with a reverse elbow and then a dropkick. Carlito nailed some left hands but then Striker hit a modified neckbreaker. Striker hit some right hands and then a sledge to the back. Striker locked in a neck vice but Carlito fought out. Striker nailed more right hands but ate an elbow in the corner and then the two traded shots and then Carlito hit a series of clotheslines and then a springboard back elbow. Eugene then hit the ring and started to hammer away on Striker!

Winner by disqualification, Matt Striker

The Aftermath:

Carlito pulled Eugene off and asked him what his problem is. Eugene went back after Striker but Striker hit a jawbreaker and then Carlito hit a facebuster on Striker. Carlito helped Eugene up and then gave him the backcracker! Carlito laughed and then made his way to the back.

Hardcore Match

Referee: Chad Patton

Edge vs. Mick Foley

The music of Edge hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring with Lita for this WrestleMania rematch as he will face Mick Foley in a Hardcore Match! Edge has a trash can in hand and Lita has a baseball bat as Edge got on the mic. He said Mick Foley is a lot like these California airheads. They walk around with a stupid expression on their face like life is some kind of movie. Edge said he beat Mick Foley in the greatest Hardcore Match ever at WrestleMania, and tonight in the sequel, there’s not going to be a happy ending, it’s going to be Rated R! Mick Foley’s music then hit and he came down with his baseball bat covered in barbed wire. Foley got on the mic and said what Edge just said was exactly right, they did have the greatest Hardcore Match in wrestling history, which means the winner of tonight’s match has the right to be considered the greatest hardcore wrestler today. He then said we can’t crown the greatest Hardcore Champion without the initials ECW, and Edge said last week that he can have any match he wants, and he wants triple threat! Edge vs. Foley vs. Tommy Dreamer!

The match:

Edge slowly got back in the ring as Foley nailed Dreamer in the back with his barbed wire bat. Foley and Edge then had a face off and Edge threw down his bat and then handed Edge his barbed wire bat! Edge nailed Dreamer with the barbed wire bat to the face and then Foley took it back and hit a diving shot to the bloody face of Dreamer with the bat! Foley and Edge are working together! Edge hit a leg drop to bat and the groin of Dreamer as he screamed in pain and he’s bleeding profusely. Foley then pulled out Socko and Lita and Edge held Dreamer and Foley slammed it down the gullet of the Innovator of Violence. Edge then nailed the Spear on Dreamer and the referee made the count and Edge is the winner.

Winner – Edge

The Aftermath:

Foley and Edge shook hands, and then kissed the hand of Lita, and I can’t believe what we’ve seen here tonight.

Non Title Match

Referee: Jack Doan

Maria vs. Mickie James (c)

The music of the Women’s Champion, Mickie James, hit in the arena as she made her way to the ring for action with Maria, who has Trish Stratus by her side.

The start:

Maria and Mickie locked up and Trish got on the apron and distracted Mickie allowing Maria to get a roll up for two. Mickie came back with stomps to Maria and then slammed her face first into the mat. Mickie pulled at the hair of Maria and then an elbow to the back. Mickie nailed a knee to the lower back and then taunted Trish, but Maria tried to come back and then Mickie went nuts on her. Mickie nailed the huge DDT on Maria and covered for the easy win.

Winner, the Women’s Champion, Mickie James

The Aftermath:

Mickie invited the injured Trish into the ring and then turned her attentions to Maria and Trish got in the ring and nailed some forearms to Mickie but Mickie nailed her with a shot to the shoulder. Mickie removed Trish’s sling and then this blonde chick tackled Mickie and a bunch of security hit the ring and grabbed this crazed fan. Mickie screamed that she always ruins everything. It looked like Beth Phoenix.

Handicap Match

Referee: Mickey Hensen

Umaga vs. Tommy Wilson and Kevin Martinson

Armando Alejandro Estrada is in the ring and he says he has two special people in the ring with him. He asks their names, and if they have wives and kids, and more importantly health insurance, as tonight they must face his Samoan bulldozer, Umaga!

The match:

Umaga nailed one of them and sent him under the bottom rope to the outside. Umaga took over on the other one with a chop in the corner and then choked away at him. Umaga took him hard down to the canvas and then slammed him into a tree of woe position in the corner and then hit a diving headbutt to him. Umaga went to the outside after the other guy and whacked him into the guardrail like he was a doll. Umaga went to get back in the ring but then charged at the guy on the outside and hit the butt bump into his head against the wall. Umaga did the same to the poor schmuck inside the ring and hit the Samoan Spike before covering for the easy win.

Winner – Umaga


The Big Show is shown walking backstage and he’s headed towards the arena, and he faces Kane next!


The Big Show vs. Kane

The music of Kane hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring for this rematch from Backlash against his former tag team partner, the Big Show.

The start:

Kane stared at Show and then Show offered a handshake, and Kane took it. They locked up and Kane with a go behind but Show reversed and then took Kane down to the mat. They locked up again and Kane grabbed a side headlock but Show sent him to the ropes and nailed a shoulder but neither budged. Show hit a drop toe hold as the fans chanted “May 19” at Kane. Show called for a test of strength and they went at it with Show powering Kane down but then Kane powered back up and then Show hit an up and over slam and worked the arm. Kane reversed and then Show rolled out and tripped Kane up.

The Finish:

They locked up again and Kane grabbed a hammerlock and Show reversed. Kane reversed again and then Show hit another drop toe hold and then grabbed another side headlock. Kane went into a hammerlock again and Show backed him to the corner. Show sent Kane to the corner and charged in but Kane moved and hit a drop toe hold of his own sending Show headfirst into the middle turnbuckle. The lights then went all red again and the whispers started up as Kane went nuts. Kane grabbed a steel chair and nailed Show in the mid section and then right in the head. Kane went nuts on the Show with the chair.

Winner – No Contest


The Spirit Squad is backstage and Kenny said last week Shawn Michaels cost him the WWE Title and he wants to pin Michaels tonight. The rest of the Squad said Cena is theirs as they made their way towards the arena.

This Week In Wrestling History:

This Week in Wrestling History aired looking back at May 11, 1985 with the first Saturday Night’s Main Event. The main event saw Hulk Hogan with Mr. T defend the WWE Championship against Cowboy Bob Orton with Roddy Piper. We also saw Piper’s Pit with Paul Orndorff.

In the arena:

Lemmy from Motorhead is shown in the front row enjoying RAW as they played Triple H’s King of King’s music.

Handicap Match

Referee: Michael Chioda

The Spirit Squad vs. Shawn Michaels and John Cena

The music of the Spirit Squad hit as they made their way to the ring as the World Tag Team Champions, and they will be facing Shawn Michaels and WWE Champion John Cena in this five on one Handicap Match! The Squad did some lame ass chant before the match as per usual. Shawn Michaels’ music then hit as he made his way down to the ring, followed by John Cena. Cena and Michaels hit the ring and the Squad bailed to the outside.

The start:

Kenny started things off with Michaels and Kenny slapped Michaels but Michaels slapped him right back and tagged in Cena. Kenny backed off and tagged in Nicky. Cena and Nicky locked up and Nicky with a go behind and took Cena down with an arm drag into a one count and then a nice roll up. Cena then nailed Nicky with a clothesline and then the rest of the Squad came in and Cena gave them all right hands. Cena pulled Kenny in from the apron and then Michaels and Cena tossed Kenny flaying over the top onto the rest of the Squad on the floor as we go to commercial!

Mid-match notes:

Back on RAW and Cena is in control with clotheslines to Johnny and then a flying shoulder. Cena hit the spinning power bomb on Johnny and then nailed him with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. The crowd is hot for Cena, they were booing him earlier. Cena went for the FU on Johnny but the Squad hit the ring and Cena fought them off but then Johnny hit the Johnny Go Round for two. Johnny tagged in Mikey who worked over Cena in the corner. Mikey hit some right hands as the fans chanted for Cena. Cena was sent to the outside and then the Squad worked over him and Johnny hit a flying clothesline off the trampoline. Back in the ring and Mikey got a near fall on Cena. Kenny tagged in and stomped away at Cena and covered for two.

Kenny hit a spinning elbow on Cena and again got a two count. Kenny locked in a head vice as the fans got behind the WWE Champion. Cena fought out and then went for a crossbody but Kenny ducked and tagged in Nicky. Nicky nailed some right hands and covered for two. Cena fought back with a right hand but then Nicky locked in a sleeper. Nicky tagged in Mikey who nailed more right hands to Cena. Mikey hit a knee to the head for two and then locked in a neck vice and drove his forearm into the face of Cena. Cena fought out but Kenny hit a cheap shot on the outside and then the Squad all stomped on Cena while the referee was with Michaels. Johnny tagged in and he and Mikey gave Cena a double suplex for two. Mikey tagged back in and hit a running headbutt for two and then a scoop slam and headed up top and came off with a senton bomb but Cena moved!

The Finish:

Cena made the tag as Kenny tried to stop him. Michaels hit right hands to all of the Squad and then tossed Kenny to the outside. Michaels hit the flying forearm on Johnny and then nipped up as Cena was sent into the ring steps on the outside. Michaels hit the chin music on one of the squad on the apron and then Kenny came from behind Michaels and hit him in the back of the head with the Tag Title belt and covered for the win!

Winners – The Spirit Squad

The Aftermath:

Kenny knocked down the referee and took off his belt. Kenny then whipped the back of Michaels repeatedly. Kenny continued his assault on Michaels and then Triple H stormed to the ring! Cena is back up and fought off the Squad and cleaned house as Triple H got in the ring and gave Cena the Pedigree! Triple H held his arms high and then did the DX chop towards Cena and made his way up the aisle as RAW went off the air!

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