More Live Notes From WWE Judgement Day

Niel Stephens

Thanks to reader Mark Foster for the following:

Dark match: Matt Hardy over Simon Dean.

Dean controlled a lot of the match, plenty of back and forth action. Matt wins after Dean rolls through a Twist of Fate and Hardy goes for it again.


Tag Title match

Kendrick/London over MNM

MNM had major heat. I love their ring work, and they are definitely over as heels. Or, I guess, were over. Lots of back and forth, Melina made me wish I was Paul London. Honestly, I forget the finish to this, but the place went nuts. This was my first PPV but if ever there was a moment, to me it was almost like a WrestleMania moment, it was definitely the split between MNM. I had heard rumblings, but how fans loved this team being true tag team wrestling, and how fresh they are and need seasoning, it was just surprising. With Teddy Long firing Nitro and Melina, I guess they’re headed to RAW. Mercury. well, does he go back to Matthews and show up in ECW???

Benoit over Finlay

Pretty good match with a lot of back and forth. I was afraid they’d put Finlay over. But once the crossface was locked, it was all academic.

Jillian Hall over Melina

This match was good for a DIVA match. was pretty shocked with the bump into the steel stairs. But the ball was dropped on this. Given what happened earlier in the evening, I thought Mercury would come out and even the odds for Jillian. Instead, Nitro is ejected and that’s that.

Chavo is here!!!

Cruiserweight title

Helms retains over Super Crazy

Decent enough for cruiserweight action. Couldn’t say I didn’t see this coming, though.

Mark Henry over Kurt Angle

Via countout.

Again, I saw this as the outcome, not necessarily the countout, but I knew Henry would be going over. Good to see Angle explode afterward.

KOTR finals

King Booker over Lashley

This was a complete toss-up for me. I didn’t know who’d be going over. But, as a long-time Booker T fan, I can’t say I’m disappointed. Overall, great story here. Lashley is the dominator throughout, but thanks to Finlay, Booker T takes the crown. and a post-match beating by Lashley

Giant Khali pins Undertaker

Lets face it, the fans hate to see Undertaker lose, so no matter what , they won’t like this. Undertaker is dominated throughout with little offense. Khali pins with one foot. This leads to another PPV match down the road with Undertaker winning and, hopefully, Khali banished to wrestling oblivion.

World Heavyweight championship

Rey Mysterio retains over JBL

It really seemed as though JBL had this one. After the 619 and JBL dodging the West Coast Pop, I thought for sure it was over for Rey. Rey comes through and the crowd goes wild. Rey gets a huge pop and the show ends with him celebrating. Rey continues to celebrate, going up the ramp with Chavo. I really have to believe the crowd loved this PPV, they stayed well after it ended instead of the rush of people leaving during a RAW main event I usually see. They just would not leave. That has to say something good for WWE.

Honestly, I can’t even rank the pops. The crowd was electric all night. Even when it was quiet in the arena, it was still full of electricity.

Huge pops to:


Rey Mysterio


Matt Hardy

Heel pops




Mark Henry

(although, the last 2 definitely aren’t pops due to storylines, they are just hated)

Sign of the night:

“If Mark Henry is the worlds strongest man, why can’t he pick up a pen to sign an autograph.”

The fan who made this sign said they had bumped into Henry and he refused to sign, saying they can go to ebay and buy his autograph. What a chucklehead.

I feel the need to note this. Before the PPV, I found myself sitting next to a couple of kids, aged probably about 12. I had my replica World heavyweight belt with me, so I let them hold it and check it out. They were full of excitement, talking about wrestling. One of them gave me his history of Evolution. As I was sitting in the arena, there was a little girl 2 seats over from me, probably 6 or 7… and a small boy about the same age the row in front of us. for a little bit, I was able to remember what it was like being young and completely buying everything about pro-wrestling. Before the internet, before I knew what I know now. This little girl, she jumped out of her seat and was jumping around like crazy for a Lashley kick-out. it really made me smile, and if I had seen the father after the show, I would have thanked him for that. No matter how ling I’ve watched wrestling, no matter what I know…it’s about the kids. they are the ones that can still enjoy the magic and not be the doubting “fans” that many my age have become.

Overall, a great show live. especially for my first PPV.

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