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Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results

Airdate: Monday, October 16th, 2006

Location: The STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, CA

Results by PowerWrestling.com


RAW; Sorry if this is out of order; Jade, Aaron, Beth, my brother, and I tried to go over these results in the car on the way home, lol.

The show opened to what appeared to be DX coming down from the stage, a closer look revealed that it was in fact Edge dressed up as Triple H and Orton dressed up as Shawn Michaels. Orton and Edge bashed DXâ<80><99>s entrance and pyrotechnics and they also insulted their jokes and games saying â<80><9c>only children think itâ<80><99>s funnyâ<80>. DX came out to a standing ovation to respond to these comments. They brought up a picture of Edge on the titantron from his and Litaâ<80><99>s sex celebration and pointed out the fact that Edge was fully aroused in that picture (his underwear was flat). They then said that Orton was the number one downloaded superstar of the WWE on the entire World Wide Web, this made Orton cocky until Triple H said itâ<80><99>s mainly from the gay community. They then brought up pictures of Orton in the shower (see at end) with only a towel on. Triple H, for laughs, brought up a one of Shawn Michaelâ<80><99>s infamous Playgirl pictures, in response Michaels said that he was young and didnâ<80><99>t know any better. Orton then told Triple H that he wanted a match with him tonight, Triple H gladly agreed and we now have a main event!

Spirit Squad came out next with many boos coming from the crowd followed by the premier of Cryme Tyme. This is a non title tag team match. Both teams botched a move right from the beginning, luckily this is not a live Raw taping. Cryme Tyme then quickly gained control, this created Spirit Squad to interfere. This led to helping Cryme Tyme coming out victorious, when the ref was distracted attempting to control the spirit squad the illegal member of Cryme Time came in and both members of Cryme Tyme used a neck breaker type maneuver on Kenny. While Cryme Tyme was celebrating, Kenny yelled at the other members of the Spirit Squad and stormed away separate from them.

Cryme Tyme defeated The Spirit Squad.

King Booker with Sharmell were shown backstage speaking with Coachman and Cryme Tyme joined in. The said they were huge fans of King Booker and Queen Sharmell and one of the members hugged Booker and left the scene. King Booker then began searching his jacket and pants for his wallet; he then realized one of the Cryme Tyme members stole it from him

Lillian then announced that there would be a 4 way match for the intercontinental title. Masters, Super Crazy, Shelton Benjamin and of course Jeff Hardy were in this match. This was your typical Mid-Carder intercontinental match. Jeff Hardy climbed the ropes and did a Swanton Bomb onto Masters, pinning him for the 1-2-3.

Jeff Hardy defeated Chris Masters, Super Crazy, and Shelton Benjamin.

Nitro and Melina came out and introduced their â<80><9c>special A-List celebrityâ<80> who was announced as the one and only Kevin Federline, the crowd booed him for the most heat of the night. John Cena came out with a huge pop from the crowd, he made fun of K-Fed with a freestyle rap including rude comments regarding Britney Spears. K-Fed tried to intimidate Cena, which just made Cena laugh. Cena turned around and chased both Nitro and Melina out of the ring then gave K-Fed the F-U.

Big Show and Booker T both come out and join Cena for a confrontation of the champions, followed by Vince McMahon. Vince McMahon announces that the fans will decide whether the WWE Title, the World Title, or the ECW Title will be on the line in the Champion of Champions match at Cyber Sunday. The voting begins tonight!

We are then taken backstage where Edge along with Lita are seen speaking to Vince Mcmahon about Cyber Sunday regarding the Edge/Orton and DX feud. Edge brings up the idea of the two teams having a match at Cyber Sunday with the stipulation that the fans choose the guest referee. He mentions it should be someone with complete responsibility, he brings up Coachmen, Eric Bishoff and Vince McMahon himself as choices for the fans. Vince praises Edge for this idea, and he says heâ<80><99>ll think about it

Rob Conway then comes out and claims that he is not been given the push that he deserves in the WWE. Carlito comes out to defeat Rob Conway in a complete squash match.

Steve O and Chris Pontius from the Jackass Part 2 film were in the audience and was allowed inside the ring. They begin talking about their movie and which is interrupted by Armando Alejandro Estrada. Estrada said that all of their daring stunts were just an â<80><9c>actâ<80>. He then implied that if they could do anything like they say they can they should prove it. Umagaâ<80><99>s music surrounded the building and he destroyed Steve O and Chris Pontius with body slams and the deadly Samoan Spike.

Next is the continuation of the womanâ<80><99>s tournament a bra and panties match. This match got a lot of boring chants. Maria was the first to lose an article of clothing, but she ended up coming out victorious.

The Womanâ<80><99>s Champion Tournament Simi-Finals are officially Maria vs. Lita and Melina vs. Mickie James

It is now already time for the main event, Triple H started out with some control causing Edge to attempt interference but Michaelâ<80><99>s stopped him. Orton almost achieved a RKO about half way through the match but Triple H got out of it. The ref eventually got distracted by Edge and Michaelâ<80><99>s on the outside which led to Triple H hitting Edge with a chair which then led to a pedigree. Triple H defeats Orton.

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