Ryan Clark

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results

Airdate: Monday, November 6th, 2006

Location: The Nationwide Arena in Columbus, OH

Results by Gerweck.net

Live from Columbus, Ohio

– A graphic shows to announce K-Fed will be here tonight.

– Randy Orton, Edge and Lita start the show, Lita’s top is unreal. WOW. Edge puts over Lita’s title victory noting its her 4th reign, he goes on to put over his and Orton’s win over DX. He then shows footage of Eric Bischoff screwing over DX. Orton says its the fans own fault DX lost because they are teh ones who voted for Bischoff, Orton then brings Bischoff out. Eric thanks all the fans for voting for him and thanks Orton and Edge for putting on a great match against DX. Bischoff then announces that Vince is happy with him so he has made him GM again for one night only. He goes on to say he has given John Cena the night off and all DX signs are banned form the building. He announces Johnny Nitro vs. Jeff Hardy for the IC Title. Ric Flair and Roddy Piper then make their was out. They both rip into Edge, Orton and Bischoff and Bischoff makes Piper & Flair vs. Orton & Edge no DQ in the Main Event for the Tag Titles.

More “The Marine” hype.

(1) Intercontinental Championship – Johnny Nitro w/ Melina vs. Jeff Hardy. Like we haven’t seen this match before. The referee catches Melina interfering twice and so disqualifies Nitro. Bischoff then tells the referee to re-start the match and this time its no DQ. Nitro wins the match and IC title after knocking him out with the championship belt.

K-Fed up next.

Backstage Eric makes Spirit Squad vs. Hacksaw and Eugene and the loosing team must split up, and then makes Maria vs. Umaga.

In a pre-recorded section – K-Fed challanges Cena to a match! on RAW in Miami, FL on New Year’s Day he then says Cena can’t rap better than him and he’ll find out that when he fights K-Fed – he can’t see him. And your new WWE Champion. . . . . K-Fed!

(2) Spirit Squad (Kenny & Johnny) vs. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan & Eugene. Johnny pins Hacksaw with a handful of tights for the victory so Hacksaw and Eugene are no more. Eugene snaps and beats the hell out of Hacksaw.

Quick video package highlighting the past between Flair and Piper.

(3) Maria vs. Umaga w/ A.A. Estrada. Coach drags Maria to the ring and holds her in the ring for Umaga. Umaga destroys Maria until Cena charges to the ring and knocks Umaga to the outside. Todd Grisham tries to interview Cena in the ring. Cena says he cant make sense of anything going on around here – last time we saw Bischoff he was in a dumpster – Umaga has run out of apponants so he’s beatin up the Divas – and Grisham is in the ring which means he must wanna fight, he then FU’s Grisham. Cena goes on to say next time Umaga wants to try and beat someone up – try Cena, he then accepts K-Fed’s challenge and tells him to but an army, a navy and an air force with the money he stole from Britney coz he’s gonna need it. He closes with “I am the Champ and I am right here, so if you want some, come get some!”

Lita is talking to Bischoff backstage and whispers and idea to Bischoff about doing something controversial in her re-match with Mickie James tonight. Bischoff likes the idea and also makes himself special ref. in the Tag Title Match tonight.

Also backstage, Carlito and Shelton Benjamin get into an ethnic argument – Benjamin says he is an icon and all black men look up to him – Ron Simmons makes another appearance and yells “Damn” at Shelton.

This week in wrestling history – The Wrestling Classic in 1985 (1st ever PPV).

Chris Masters is in the ring waiting for his opponent. Bischoff comes on the screen and tells Jim Ross to face Masters. Jerry Lawler stands up for JR and so instead he takes JR’s place. Bischoff says if he loves his job so much and wants to remain color commentator he must wrestle the atch with one arm handcuffed to the top rope. After beating on Lawler, Masters tells the ref to undue the handcuff so he can put the Master Lock on for the victory.

Cryme Tyme come to ringside to do commentary with JR.

(5) Shelton Benjamin vs. Carlito. During the match Cryme Tyme distract Benjamin when they steal his shirt, sunglasses and pendant allowing Carlito to get the back-cracker for the win.

(6) Women’s Championship – Mickie James vs. Lita. Jonathan Coachman is now on commentary. Lita says the stipulation is that Mickie must wrestle the match with one arm tied behind her back. Lita plants Mickie with a DDT for the win.

Lita then brings out Bischoff to ref the main event which is up next.

(7) World Tag Team Championship – Edge & Randy Orton vs. Ric Flair & Roddy Piper. Bischoff is giving Orton and Edge fast counts and Piper and Flair slow counts. Bischoff gets taken out when Orton reverses the Figure Four and kicks Flair into him. DX then run to the ring. Shawn Michaels superkicks Orton and Triple H drags Flair onto him for the victory. Bischoff is left in the ring with DX. Trips then pedigrees him right in the middle of the ring. Hunter gets on the mic and says that tonight they’ve got 3 words for ya. . . . . Big Dick Johnson. Johnson then comes to the ring squirts himself in baby oil and DX shove Bischoff’s head up Johnson’s ass.

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